Friday, 29 June 2012

And the beat goes on...the beat goes on.

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Yes, the beat does indeed go on, it's the beat of the incessant bilge drum from the anti smoking Jihad, this time in the form of Professor John Ashton, Director of Public Health for the North West who was invited to speak on radio Cumbria this morning, against well known anti prohibitionist Mr Steven Simon. I must say here that the presenter, Richard Corrie, got quite excited when the good professors words were dismissed by Steven-you can listen for yourselves here (approx 1.41 mins in).
It is well known that Steven wants to open a 'pro-smoking shop' in Kendal up in Cumbria, and why shouldn't he? (for the idiot factor that seem to be rife in this country, this does not mean he wants a shop full of people actually smoking!) What is wrong with such an action? 

CAMPAIGNER: Steven Simon says smokers should fight back
(Steven Simon being denied his freedom of expression)

What is the landlord doing in these frugal economic times, refusing to allow the empty premises to be rented out? Has the man more money than sense? As far as I am aware Steven does not want to sell explosives or cannisters of cyanide gas or even pornographic magazines so what is the problem with a 'pro smoking' shop-after all, we have to put up with pro Labour or pro Conservative shops/stalls dishing out tons of literature come election times! We have to put up with smelly fish n chip shops, hot doughnut stalls/kiosks etc assaulting the nostrils so what is wrong with a clean, fresh smelling pro-smoking shop selling T shirts and other pro smoking items. Repeat, it's not even as if Steven is wishing to fill his shop with smokers, he merely wants to put the other side of the story to the people.
I have no doubt that the landlords reticence will be on morality grounds, if so 'he's a complete plonker-eh Rodney'! Just because ASH, CRUK and others want to stigmatise smokers, denormalise their way of life and generally turn them into an underclass it does not mean that they are morally right to do so.
But back to the interview itself: Apparently there has been a 17,000 reduction of smokers in Cumbria (how did they arrive at that precise figure when we know that as many as 33% of smokers no longer declare they are smokers? Did they count them all?) and Prof Ashton immediately waded into the 'dramatic' heart attack reductions-obviously due to the smoking ban, even though all H/A studies have been dismissed as junk science by highly reputable statisticians!
He then went on, of course, to tell the world (or Cumbria at least) that we need to stop smoking cars or near children, as if the baby boom of the 1950's is not already costing us a fortune (and 70% smoked then-it was most fashionable indeed!) Remarkable that it suited him NOT to mention the WHO's latest addition to the carcinogenic factory of goodies-car exhausts! Nor does he mention the manufacturing of evidence to suit the cause. Perhaps we should mention Dr Kitty Little's life's work where she drew a direct correlation between industrialisation, increased usage of diesel and the rapid rise in cancers! The anti tobacco lobby have steadfastly ignored her brilliant work for years-as it doesn't suit their purpose!

Episode image for 05/07/2012
(another one 'blinded by the light'!) Richard Corrie

Then this prize prune informs us that Steven SHOULD NOT be allowed to advertise his shop or his ideals, similarly to pornography. So, the 'good professor' does not believe in freedom of choice, freedom of speech nor freedom of expression-now there's a thing, yet another one (tyrant) sits in judgement. Now he mentions that heart attacks have dramatically reduced in numbers-no they haven't, yet he lies with the ease of an accomplished conman. Shall we remind him that the BBC HAD TO APOLOGISE, live on air, over the total misreporting of heart attack statistical engineering?
When Steven states that what has been said is absolute rubbish Richard Corrie starts getting really excited and almost shouts down the microphone that these are 'hard facts'-NO THEY ARE NOT and for all the reasons stated above! When are the normal people of this country going to realise that with the vast resources behind them, the anti tobacco war machine can trot out whatever it feels like trotting out and the non smoking fraternity will easily believe it! Yet again the power of the anti smoking machine and the media control are pushed to the fore and used as "HARD EVIDENCE" and as usual, an ill informed radio presenter swallows it hook line & sinker!
Professor Ashton is obviously seen as the good guy in this interview and Steven Simon the 'baddie'. If he wants to protest against the smoking ban then that is his absolute right, who are these lowlife people that think that only their opinions and thoughts should be heard?
It is well known that Simple Simon does not smoke, but he cannot possibly support the atrocity being created by the anti smoking brigade is which sending this country downward, into the abyss of dictatorship!


  1. Dear Sir,

    I wish to register a strong objection to this characterization of Prof. Ashton in your blog:

    "Then this prize prune informs us that Steven SHOULD NOT be allowed to advertise his shop or his ideals, similarly to pornography."

    The Prune is a valuable and noble addition to the human diet. If Antismokers ate more prunes maybe they would get rid of some of the unpleasantness that fills so many of them and forces its way out of their oral orifices.

    Please refrain from further derogatory comparisons with the Noble Prune!

    Michael J. McFadden,
    Founder of PPPPPP (People for the Preservation of Pithy Prune Pudding Pronouncements)

  2. I humbly apologise for insulting 'the Noble Prune' and will duly take more care in the future. God save the noble prune!

  3. ::adding Phil to mailing list for the "Proud Pickled Prunes" bikini swimsuit calendar::

  4. I hadn't noticed it on my first read through, but I just picked up on the name Richard Cory and thought to myself, "Haven't I heard that name in a song somewhere??" See:

    The Simon and Garfunkle version is very haunting.

    - MJM