Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Plain Packaging is just plain nonsense!

It is unbelievable that such a furore has been caused by such a ridiculous notion-that of plain packaging for cigarettes. Why? They are already behing giant sliding doors in supermarkets so that not even  a one day old baby might see them and think 'ooh, ga ga boogywoogy, I'll try one of them next week!' such an intricate web of lies & deceits that only 50 out of 650 MPs have signed a letter to  Herr Hitler Lansley expressing their "serious concerns" should this lunatic measure go forward. But, ladies & gentlmen, we have a serious problem.
Not too long ago Simple Simon informed those that read this blog that Herr Lansley was the most dangerous man in the country, if this measure is forced through parliament then that forecast will indeed be true. This measure has absolutely nothing to do with 'protecting the chiiildren, it is simply, as Arnott puts it, "the next logical step". The next logical step to what I ask? Herr Lansleys dream of a tobacco free nation-something he hadn't thought of 3 years ago! How much pomp & circumstance has he been promised by the WHO? Exactly what do his '30 pieces of silver' comprise of?
Let's just say that tobacco is banished from this country, courtesy of the fool Lansley. It is a possibility as so many MPs are brown nosing the health lobbyists in the hope of getting a slice of the pie, for it is not only Big Tobacco that doles out trips to flower shows etc, Big Pharma are quite capable of doing exactly the same!
If tobacco is banned then the next logical step is to ban alcohol and although I loved (pubs don't really interest me anymore, since they died) my pint as well as the next person I will join in the anti-alcohol frenzy just to watch the purists send this country 'down the Swanee'!
Just think, as our highly intelligent and respectable Labour councillor told her 'so PC comrades' in Manchester,
“If everyone gives up smoking and alcohol where’s the government going to find the £46bn in tax that they get?”
Indeed, where will Herr Lansley and his tribe of illiberal sidekicks regain their £46bn from? Councillor Ann Holland shocked her fellow Councillors when she told them that she smoked during both her pregnancies and shocked them even more when announcing that both her children had now reached a very healthy, mature status! Rather knocks the propaganda machine to one side does it not?
But back to the point at hand, Plain Packaging, a subject that is completely trivialised by the serious financial state this country is in/heading toward. We sit here day after day, leaking money to the EU like a one hole colander yet we have hundreds of  MPs who have nothing better to do that sit about discussing the colour/non colour of a packet of fags. They say that proof is out there-where? Mars, Pluto, Uranus? Most of ASH's study figures produced come from an anus! Pretty packets have never been unequivocally proven to have forced a child/teenager/adult into a life of pleasurable smoking. Fifty years ago my old man happily puffed his way through 20 'Senior Service' per day
Can you see the dramatic rainbow of colours that would draw any person into rushing out to buy them and start smoking? I am truly stunned by the light gold strip between the two narrow bands of navy blue at the top of the packet-that must have been a magnetic strip that drew people into the 'smokers web'-rabbit-headlights'gold strip'smoking springs to mind! What an utter load of hoo-haa!
People smoked because it was highly fashionable, but over the decades it has become less fashionable as education has prevailed and people have made their own choices not to smoke. The saddest thing is that the WHO, having completely failed in their so called fight against illegal drug trafficking have resorted to alleviating countries of hundreds of millions of dollars in order to implement anti smoking measures that will most certainly bankrupts nations one by one! S Ireland is already out of the game, Greece will almost certainly follow. Spain & Italy now need to be bailed out and how close to bankruptcy are other countries in this EU dungheap? Nigel Farage sums the dungheap very nicely!
Despite all of these financial problems, there are approx 600 MPs more worried about signing a letter to Herr Lansley to stop plain packaging than they are the worsening economic plight of this once proud nation! Earlier this year there was an  'Early Day Motion' in support of plain packaging . It attracted the support of only four Conservative MPs - Peter Aldous (Waveney), Bob Blackman (Harrow East), Fiona Bruce (Congleton) and Oliver Heald (North East Hertfordshire). That monstrous figure (4 whole Tory MPs) just about sums up the worth of this ludicrously expensive exercise. Talk about 'fiddling while Rome burns', dear of dear me.
I have got to an age where I don't care about this tinpot nation anymore, why should I? The nation (the government) don't care about the well being and harmony of its subjects anymore, if they did, they certainly wouldn't keep handing us over to Brussels - and we have a queen that is nothing more than a puppet for she now has no powers whatsoever! The 'do-gooders' got a foot in the door many years ago and this country has been sliding downhill ever since. The health lobby? well, they will just finish the job off for apart from smoking, the scientific world is falling over itself to tell us that virtually everything we eat & drink causes some form of cancer and that we shouldn't eat or drink too much of this or that. But when it comes to smoking, apparently you only have to see a gaily coloured cigarette packet now and you might become infected.....they'll dream something up for you to be infected with by the way!
The reality is this folks. Plain Packaging will diminish tobacco revenues drastically and  our local, friendly 'man wiv van innit' will merrily make his fortune, until he spends a few months in prison for earning lots of money on the QT!
And that is exactly why PP is PN!

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