Monday, 23 July 2012

Plain nonsense - the proof.

h/t to Dick P:

Would Herr Lansley and all his little 'Eva Brauns' , Milton, Arnott, Bauld, Farren and all the other members of the 'monstrously raving looney banfag party' please take severe note of the following information - information from a most honourable source to boot!

"Eva Milton Braun"                

 "Eva Farren Braun"

 Q.1 Please rank the following issues in order of how serious you think they are for young people (under-18s) today?

People asked...2472, Total respondents...2472
Drugs........................ 1056
Smoking.................... 158..... (6%)
Binge drinking..........  683
Bullying....................  575

Q.4 Do you believe both adults and children under 18 have access to illegal or black market cigarettes?

People asked...2472, Total respondents...2472 
Yes............................1848 (75%) 
No...............................123 ( 5%)
Not sures...........................(20%)

Q.6-9 Please say whether you think plain packaging will or will not cause the following to happen?

People asked...2472, Total respondents...2472
Make it easier to produce counterfeit cigarettes because all packs will look the same
Think will happen 2243........... (91%)
Think not happen    229..........  ( 9%)

These figures make pretty sad reading for the anti tobacco loonies - and you can peruse the rest of this very well laid out (unbiased) survey indicated above. Out of 2,472 people asked, a grand total of 158 reliable, general public invitees declared that the dreaded smoking was the most serious of the problem facing our younger generations. Hardly inspires confidence in the anti tobacco lies that abound the planet does it!

On the subject Illegal/black market tobacco products the general public were almost adamant that both adults and children under 18 have access to illegal or black market cigarettes? Amazingly, 5% (and there is always a small percentage of crackpots who don't accept reality) thought that there was no access to illegal tobacco! There must be someone, somewhere who firmly believes that Elvis will return to this mortal hell hole married to Marta Hari! The 5% figure hardly inspires any confidence in the anti tobacco propaganda of border control either!

As for 'Q6-9', well, what can one say? I think 91% says it all. The good citizens of this once fair country have spoken the absolute truth - plain packaging will increase the flow of illegal tobacco products (it's  GOLD plated is that!). There can be no arguing about that for if all packets are green or brown, do this idiotic government seriously think that counterfeiters will worry about a small matter such a 'government stamp/mark' on the packets? Not in the slightest. And when all fags reach a minimum of £6 per pack the illegal traders will rake in even more monies-and bloody good luck to them! Hardly gives one cause to have any faith in the antics of tobacco control fanatics like ASH et al!

In fact, when you actually  sit back and consider the evidence, it simnply points, yet again, to a very few smoker haters creating an awful lot of fuss over something that is declining naturally anyway! Indeed, they have played a very crafty game for they have got Big Pharma & Big Gov't backing them against 25% of a population that believe they have the right of choice-it's no wonder that they come up with so many lies & fabrications to keep justifying their miserable existences!
The question now arises of just how quickly and by which devious methods will ASH, Gilmore, Bauld et al dismiss this most credible survey, which tells it as it is!
'Little Eva's', you'd best do the locomotion on this one :)


  1. The thing that's most despicable about all this is that the tax increases and the plain packeting scam BOTH obviously make it easier for "the children" to buy cigarettes.

    And yet the Antismokers support both measures vigorously!

    They support the tax measures both to simply attack smokers AND because it will ultimately bring more money into their own greedy pockets,


    they support the plain package measures because it fits in with their psychotic view of the world that says smokers are abnormal and should be labeled as abnormals in every way possible.

    So when it comes to the interests of "the children" the Antismokers simply say, "Screw the kids! Give us what we want!"


  2. Now that the kids cannot see cigarettes in supermarkets (and soon all tobacco outlets will have to be hidden from view) what is the point of this plain packet nonsense ?
    So he under 18's can neither be able to see cigarettes or buy them, but they must be plain packed ?
    Call me thick, but am I missing something here ?
    These 'children' should not be going in pubs (not many smokers there anyway) and will not see them there.
    So something that kids can't see will have to have plain packets ????