Sunday, 31 August 2014

How costly the lies have become!

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT!

     Several matters have come to a head over the past couple of weeks, not least the cost to Camorons party thanks to the lies & deceits from the man himself! Remember this from the 2010 election campaign..... 
We plan to change Britain with a sweeping redistibution of power: from the state to the citizens: from the government to Parliament: from Whithall to communities: from Brussels to britain: from bureaucracy to demoicracy. Taking power away from the political elite and handing it to the man and woman in the street.
(Conservative party manifesto 2010)

 That'll be a triple FAIL then Dave!

"We will hold an in/out referendum on our EU status should we be elected into government in 2010"
Epic FAIL there then Dave!
     In actual fact 'the Camoron' has done absolutely nothing to ease the fears of the born & bred British people since he came into power - except listen to and act upon Bilderberg instructions (and, no doubt, a few from the New World Order!) Both organisations are obviously hell-bent on a United States of Europe for some weird reason which is far beyond this humble writers mental capabilities. It came as no surprise whatsoever that one of the most honourable politicians in government (and there aren't that many to choose from I can tell you) when Douglas Carswell decided that enough was enough, deserted Camoron and linked arms with Monsieur Farage. The shockwaves are still ricocheting through the Tory stockade as they must be wondering how many more might 'defect' and follow 'DC' to the ranks of the "Peoples Party", seemingly the only party in Britain that actually puts the people first!
Let's look at the facts shall we? 
 Image result for Pictures of cameron   Tories: useless bunch of 'tossers' with Camoron now declaring that 'HE' thinks we should be aboard the EU (SS Titanic) and sink with the rest of europe. You simply cannot believe a word the man says.
Image result for Pictures of miliband   Labour: complete waste of space as the Milliplank has openly declared his allegiance to the above and has now conceeded that Labour 'got it wrong on immigration' - well there's a thing Ed! So you agree with being part of the "European dream" but object to open border policies-righty ho then??? Let me give you a crystal clear reason why Labour got it wrong, for in Leicester alone, last Jan/Feb, it transpires that there were 2,340 (ish) job vacancies yet the city alone sported more than 10,000 jobless persons -so why on earth do we need more immigrants? Answers itself methinks! Diane Abbot (loathesome creature that she is) demanded more migrants come to this country - and look where she be now: dumped, despatched, forgotten & somewhere near the dustbin section of the totally dysfunctional Labour party. Milliplank also declared that al sorts sponsorship by drinks firms (£300m per annum) be banished.....  new laws to curb the amount of sugars/fats/salts etc in foods..... minimum pricing on alcohol 'to stop youngsters pre-loading' - as if that will stop them!
Image result for Pictures of clegg    LibDems: Thankfully they are at the bottom of the grave, nicely dug for them by the 'boy in long trousers'! Yes, the Cleggeron has virtually killed his party off single handedly..... and bloody good riddance to a bunch of trousering no-marks that I doubt have even come up with one reasonable policy!
Image result for Pictures of farage  UKIP: Bouncing from success to success after remarkable results in a multitude of local elections, some near misses in by-elections and a thunderous victory in the EU elections - much to the chagrin of the other two parties. My good friend Roger Helmer, a lifelong Tory, departed the ranks a couple of years ago and now the most eminent & honourable Douglas Carswell has seen fit to do likewise as the Tory party are just as big a lying, cheating & manipulating tribe as their Labour counterparts!
     Another organisation that are just as described as above (lying, cheating & fabricating) are the WHO (World Health Organisation) who, with no evidence whatsoever to back them have called for a complete ban on e-cigarettes indoors! Fury has erupted from the healthcare sector as many see 'vaping' as the solid alternative to actual smoking - but then you see, it was never about health in reality, it was always seen as a necessary societal change. NRT rubbish has now been ignored for the rubbish it truly ever was as more & more people take to vaping to control their smoking habits-and find it just as enjoyable too! No wonder Big Pharma want vaping banned too.
1,000 seater but only 11 players!
     There is no need for the likes of ASH to remain in business; they have done all their dirty work in getting the legislation through in the first place-in fact, Arnott & Co should be charged with fraud & deception for what they've done to this country!          Denormalisation??? The only thing that needs "denormalising" is/are ASH for they are simply a motley crew of abnormal souls that revel in others displeasure in the first place! The other question of course is 'just how much have they cost this country in terms of revenue?' Prime example being that Bradford have now stopped wasting tax-payers money on logging supposed smoking cessations.
      The base cost figure from a couple of years ago of £1/2bn per month has certainly now increased as more people are jobless and more businesses are no longer in business - thus rewarding government with much needed revenue! As I stated from 'Day1', economically, total smoking bans can only be a financial disaster for whichever country is daft enough to impose such bans. Isn't it strange that our european neighbours all have healthy social situations but we are losing 31 pubs/clubs per week again! Cheltenham are about to lose their last Bingo hall courtesy of the declining number of customers since 2007. Isn't it strange that the Dutch have outed "Stivoro" (ASH) as they are now surplus to requirements yet we continue to fund these anti-tobacco jihadists.
The other thing they have created through their "infinte wisdom" (sic) is the most thriving black market ever as foriegn tobacco gangs fall over themselves to import thousands of tons of fake fags into this country - from which they make vast fortunes. Who can blame them when you have a government that continuously rapes the consumer through taxation and then imposes laws to stop them smoking? In Australia it has been reported by reliable sources that Aussie teens are buying more 'black market' cigarettes than ever and totally ignoring the idiotic, so called, "Plain Packaging" imposed by their government. Legal actions will be closely monitored on this daft PP situation.
For those who follow the action closer to home you may remember that Justice4Smokers took up the case for Alan Auld, the Aberdeen pensioner that wants to sue the Scottish government for £1,000,000 because "they have wantonly caused the destruction" of his social life - fair play to the man too I say. Governments have wantonly caused the destruction of approximately 12.5 million people, cause 14,000 businesses to founder & close and put thousands out of work, so legal redress is only right. We have been in constant touch with Mr Auld and have dissuaded him  from taking on a corrupted Scottish court for we already know what will happen if he does-he will lose, for the EU have already declared that every effort must be made, through legal channels, to subdue any possible smoking related cases (LACORS anyone???) Alan is now sifting through a minefield of information that he has been presented with as he begins to realise the enormity of what he is proposing to do. have set up an appeal fund to help Alan Auld fight his case and this will be the most important legal challenge to our ridiculously implemented smoking ban since July 1st 2007 (March 2006 Scotland). alanauldappeal All monies are held by PayPal thus if Alan decides that he is not taking any action all monies will be returned immediately to the donors. This is the golden opportunity for all smokers to have their say as it looks like we will be heading for the European Court of Human Rights - the only court where the absolute truth WILL be heard..... so it will be exceedingly interesting to see what 'BS' ASH decide to present as their evidence regarding the necessity for smoking bans!
European Court of Human Rights in session
     And while all of this is going on folks, remember one very important thing: UKIP oppose the total smoking ban in its entirety and will scrap this idiotic law, replacing it with the law of choice, the law that should have been implemented in the first place! As Nigel Farage has always stated, the smoking bans are wasteful and unworkable.

     So good people, if you are a true Brit, you believe that this country has a future, believe that Camoron & Milliplank are a disgrace (neither of whom have ever held down a proper job!) and being led by outside forces and want your country back as the once great democracy it was, then simply vote for the 'People's Party' at every opportunity especially in Clacton in a few weeks time when the most honourable gentleman in politics in this day & age asks the people of that goodly area to vote him back into parliament under a different coloured coat.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tottering, teetering and soon collapsing!

Smoking Bans KILL businesses - FACT!
     Only a shortie today as Paul Nuttall has eloquently stated the obvious in the wake of the Publican's announcement that we are back up to 31 pubs a week CLOSING. It's not difficult to see why now is it! Ever since this ridiculous ban has been made into a law the industry has gone downhill, a bit further down hill and is now in full descent as people finally get fed up of eating out. 
 Image result for Pictures of Paul Nuttall 
Paul Nuttall - him speaketh the truth
     It had to happen. The novelty of beer companies falling all over themselves to provide cheap meals, so as to woo patrons back through the doors, is wearing off. In other words..... the full horror of the thing has hit them!
And do I care?
And do I give a crap?
And should I care?
     Well, that'll be three emphatic NO's then for I have no sympathies with any of the masterminds behind this beer/pub/brewing lark as NONE OF THEM had the balls to say NO when this stupid law was presented to them. Instead they all jumped on the supposed gravy train of "millions of clean air drinkers just waiting to invade the pubs". Sorry to say but the clean air drinkers are nowhere to be found because the rule has been the same since time began: if you drink you use a pub and if you don't ..... you don't! My local typifies the present day situation as there is an abundance of 'clean air' in the building but no punters!
     What this spiteful, retsrictive & socially destructive law did was to effectively ban 68% of drinkers from their local boozers (thousands of which have since closed [Linda Bauld lies at will to keep her job folks] ), never to be replaced by those 'hillside waiters' the "clean air drinkers"! But then just how many lies did Mr B-Liar tell the people? but then..... he still is!
     Paul Nuttall is only echoing what hundreds of thousands of people all over the country have been saying for 7 long years-provide CHOICE! Look what happened when braveheart Kerry Fenton did-the authorities nearly wet themselves in horror.
     This supposed to be a democratic country isn't it? Well, it was once at any rate. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, the smoking ban was the result of corruption, lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & total utter junk science (any snotty TC employee want to take me to court over that statement? Carry on then!) Using contemptible lies etc, TC appealed to the indignant side of the 75% that don't smoke to whip up a storm of protest against those who do choose to smoke. My God, they even had an idiot public doctor who was prepared to state that exhaust fumes were safer than SHS - Dr Douglas Noble still hasn't accepted my challenge, I wonder why? Very ignoble of him really
They steadfastly ignored Dr Kitty Little's marvellous work on cancer v deisel fumes etc, but look what the EU have just come up with regarding deisel exhausts-well, well, well, who'd have thought it?

Hit me with that stinkin' shit, hit me,,,,, hit meeeeee!   
    The spineless MPs that voted through the smoking ban should all be horse whipped, every single last one of them because they did not know the subject they were voting on, they hadn't got a clue about Arnott's "Smoke & Mirrors" campaign and worst of all, not one of them even considered the catastrophic cost to this country!-and it looks very much like there's more to come .   Oh yes, due to the hysteria whipped up by Big Pharma & TC many of our totally gullible MPs who didn't smoke couldn't wait to do their 'public duty' and vote for a totally discriminatory law but their time is coming as May 2015 sees another round of elections - a General Election..... and if I were Camoron or Milliband I would be looking over my shoulder continuously, not to mention sleeping with one eye open.
     My old man used to say that "you could only piss for so long" and I never really understood what he meant..... I do now!
The health lobby have held such a hold on the politicians of this country that people have lost sight of reality! Some people will die shortly after being born and some may live to be 110 yrs old but the vast majority of us will 'peg out' somewhere in between. What the health lunatics have done is to creat a shroud of fear by telling everyone that they could (note the word could) easily die 10 years before their due date..... so obviously Eric Sykes should have lived to be 99! 
     Err, excuse me. Where, about our person, is the Date.Of.Death stamped? I can't find one can you? Ask any Dr when we are going to die and what of and he/she won't have a clue - therefore there can be no such thing as a premature death caused by...............!
Similarly, Godfrey Bloom asked the EU parliament for 3 names of persons actually killed/murdered/choked to death by SHS. Again the answer came back unanswered - why?
     Now is the time to fire on these malingering no goods sitting in Westminster trying to get by on £70,000 + expenses per annum.      Now, as the health loons start the assassination of drink (what hope do the pubs have I ask), by stating a blatant lie  (£21,000,000 cost per annum-how ridiculous) we have to ask ourselves the question: why are there no members of the Common Sense party actually sitting in Westminster? Come next May, I think there will be-and about time too for this country is tottering, teetering on the brink and it will soon collapse unless Common Sense prevails!
I'm in..... are you?

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Scotland - the Auld braveheart !

Smoking band KILL businesses - FACT!

     Well folks the day has come at long last where a harmless, 69 year old angry smoker has actually got to the stage where he is sick to death of his social life being completely ruined - and has, accordingly, set about suing the Scottish government for doing just that: killing off his social life! Enter the arena Mr Alan Auld esq:
     Now as many of my readers, who know me well enough, will know..... I fully support him in this endeavour to get justice for himself and for all other smokers so disproportionately treated by (as I've said many, many times) the worst law implemented since the Clockmakers Tax of the 1790's. You may, or may not remember that clockmakers simply stopped making clocks and the idiotic law was quickly repealed. This law (SB) was inroduced to (hopefully & purposely) stop people from smoking and it has also failed abysmally as the same number of people smoke now as did pre-ban! 
     So what has it achieved? Answer is nothing of course, excepting misery for all those who exercise their freedom of choice to smoke. Oh yes, sorry, I forgot that the smugglers & dealers in tobacco contraband are having a field day - literally raking in the old wedge, the wonga, the moola, the dosh! Old mate Barry down the road here is absolutely 'upping his lifestyle' on a monthly basis - fair play to him for that I say !

     Simon Clark picked up on this story first after being contacted by the Scottish Sun (who failed abysmally to report the whole story) but has failed to advance any positivity whatsoever. Now Simon has stated: "Alan Auld has a serious point but legal action – in this instance – is a mug's game". Sorry but I totally disagree with Simon on this point for the simple reason that the smoking ban HAS crippled millions of smokers social lives and that is a very serious point indeed! The law states that discrimination is illegal yet it clearly discriminates against smokers. There were plenty on Simons blog over at Taking Liberties that wanted a fight, they wanted to help this brave man and so do I. (and I thank Simon for printing my response even though at odds with his own view)
     Take a little trip over to our sister site at where the full story (so far) is already online. Justice4Smokers are fully prepared to support Alan Auld and to that end spoke to the  gentleman, by phone, last night. Alan is absolutely delighted that we will support him in his legal quest for justice and is also very excited by the prospect of a 'smoking fund' as was raised when we freed Nick Hogan & Chris Carter from the evils of our prison system, courtesy of this repugnant law. 
     We have already proven that we can do it and we have already proven what a colossal  weapon blogosphere truly is when used correctly so let us band together folks, smokers & non-smokers alike to help this man in his brave fight against a corrupt government that produced a corrupt law and discriminated against the people in Scotland from 2006 onward.
 Image result for pictures of tilted scales
     We know it will be a long and protracted legal battle but we also know that we are right and that all these bans were brought in on the back of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & total utter junk science. The problem the Scottish government will have is proving otherwise-especially now that the WHO have declared Second Hand Smoke to be harmless!
The true cost of smoking bans-no customers!
     We also know that legal battles cost money, lawyers don't play ball for nothing, but this is a magnificent opportunity for the smokers (all 12-14million of us & supporters of freedom of choice) to get together and create a fighting fund that the Scottish government will struggle to match. This is the opportunity that we have all been waiting for, the opportunity to prove how falsehoods caused a law to be enacted that purposely set out to discriminate against 25% of the population.
Are you IN..... I AM! .......
for those that remember the Chris Carter collection, there was an £11.21 overflow so that is the kickstarter for the Alan Auld legal  support fund. I will keep you all updated with matters.