Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Tories pathetic Begging Bowl is out!

Smoking Bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     This morning I opened up my mail box to find this little gem awaiting my attentions:-

   It was a form of survey from the Tories but the contents mean very little to the common working man, the common unworking man, the ethnic communities now settled, sufferers from the 'bedroom tax', disallowed disability people, street sleepers nor the host of other people struggling to make ends meet! It was, basically, an exercise to lead you believe that millionaire Dave was interested. He's not!

Q1... Which of the following issues are most important for you and your family? (Please select a maximum of THREE responses)

It is full of the obvious questions..... the questions that the Tories are doing nothing about, like removing us from the evil clutches of the EU, Immigration & the NHS. It merely wants us to signal (to them) what matters most to us, the people). It doesn't ask what we want to be done about these matters, only what concerns us.

Q... 2. Which of the following issues are most  important for the country as a whole? (Please select a maximum of THREE responses)

Exactly the same questions as the first barrage! So how do they expect the answers to be different?

Q4... (no, I haven't missed out Q3, it's simply not worth mentioning) Thinking ahead to the next General Election, what are the chances of you voting for each of the following parties? (0 = no chance; 10 = absolutely certain to vote for that party)

Low and behold, guess who has been named/included.....
as a party I would vote for’?- Yep, UKIP. Sure fired proof that the Tories have at last come to realise that ‘the upstarts’ of British politics are a serious threat to them. It has taken these numpties four long years to realise that they may well not be in a position of power after the next election. Four years to realise that the people now know that they are liars, cheats & charlatans. Remember the “Great Repeal Survey” of 2010 anyone? Remember the top request? Remember what Clegg said about in his infamous interview where he made a complete fool of himself by stating the ‘brainwashed version’ and not the truth? Funny how he was happy to ‘follow the science’ when it came to drugs!
 Goodbye political career of honesty etc
     I would imagine that the Tories will get a whole heap of responses similar to mine-Immigration, NHS, the EU but I doubt they will take any notice for they have money already, they don’t need to worry about such matter, ‘like what we does mister’. 

     It doesn’t actually ask which way your thoughts run concerning the EU, just whether it matters to you or not. To me, this is just another sham poll to get the great unwashed to believe that they care about what you think – “Bah humbug!”

                Note that the smoking ban featured not at all in this so called ‘public interest survey’ and when you see idiotic reports like this where a silly woman has complained that ‘her’ bus station is NOT smoke free it does make you wonder where the common sense in this country has gone? What is her problem? Does she have to stand next to a smoker? Does she not realise that SHS is totally harmless or is she just another of that evil bitch Arnott’s followers? 

     And talking of said evil bitch, she stated on the 11th Feb that banning smoking in the home was NOT feasible or right”. Righty-ho then ‘oh evil mistress of misery’, I don’t believe a word that comes out of her distorted mouth and I’ll bet that her and her coven are already working on ways to do just that! Thanks to the lies & distortions perpetrated from Shoreditch High Street they have managed to ruin the lives of 25% of the British people and close 13,500+ once flourishing businesses-and they haven’t finished yet! That’s not right either, for they are killing off the economy, the very economy that treats them so well financially. And, by killing our economy they are the perpetrators of treason, for they are plotting to bring this country down through the insane persecution of smokers! If anyone should sport the red dot on the forehead, Arnott should - perfect target for someone with a good aim.
The truth about the lies!

     Another unbelievable fairy-tale emerged from the ‘science for money’ brigade as it was revealed that exhaust fumes COULD be more dangerous for pregnant women than cigarette smoke. (Note, yet again, the word could!)Now just how stupid a statement is that I ask? 

Don't worry mummy, I'm not pregnant!

     Of course exhaust fumes are considerably more dangerous than SHS, for SHS has already been proven to be harmless! And why only pregnant women? Do exhaust fumes not be inhaled by any other person? Are the exhaust fumes inhaled by normal, un-pregnant mortals, of a different type to those quoted? Exhaust fumes ARE poisonous….. end of story, but no one in power wants to do anything about that situation because that would cause total economic collapse if exhaust fumes were banned.
        The other topic that is ‘hot to trot’ is the Plain Packaging row that is still going on and it is almost certain that ‘PP’ will be brought in because that is what ‘the coven’ are demanding as the next logical step. It matters not that the Australian attempt failed abysmally to cut smoking rates or that the Aussies saw a colossal upturn in smuggled tobacco products (hence a loss in revenue) - ‘the coven’ have decided that it must be-to protect the chiiiildren of course. They say that brightly coloured packs of fags entice the young to start smoking-what an absolute load of b****x that is, but it seems that MPs are oblivious to anything anyone says to the contrary-which of course is why this country is virtually finished as a democracy. 
The 'magnetism' of brightly coloured white packeted Senior Service cigarettes
     Most of the MPs in Westminster were either 50’s/60’s children who have survived that colossus of a smoking era or were brought up by parents that smoked or also lived through that same era-they have short memories.
        So, folks, what was the silly little survey in my inbox from the Tories worth? Absolutely nothing, nada, zilch, ‘sfa’. They merely use such options to try and estimate the level of support that has gone from them to UKIP, the party they reckoned was full of fruitcakery & loonytoons etc. Not so ‘loonytoons’ now are they Dave as they have forced YOU to get a poorly disguised begging bowl out kiddo!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Milibands misery

Smoking Bans KILL businesses-FACT!

I really do understand why Ed Miliband looks so miserable after Labours landslide victory in the Wythenshawe & Sale by-election yesterday.
Happiness does NOT appear to be a cigar called Wythenshawe!
Quote Miliband: Ed Miliband: "We saw a Labour party expanding and growing its support". Now just how does he work that out?

Let's sneak back to the 2010 election shall we?


Paul Goggins   Labour                    17,987            44.1%
Janet Clowes  Conservative            10,412            25.6%
Martin Eakins LibDem                    9,107            22.3%
Bernard Todd  BNP                         1.572              3.9%
Chris Cassidy  UKIP                        1,405              3.4%             
Turnout 54.3%

      Easy to see that Wythenshawe & Sale is just another one of those "dress a monkey in red & people will vote for it" constituencies. Yet again the people in the north have proven that there are still certain areas so unbelievably steeped in the old Labour values, even though Labour has thrown all its working class values out of the window, that they will vote Labour no matter what. Rather sad isn't it!
      Now lets have a look at yesterdays results-nothing remarkable you might think, but you would be very, very wrong!

Mike Kane                          (Labour): 13,261
John Bickley                       (UKIP): 4,301
Reverend Daniel Critchlow (Conservatives): 3,479
Mary Di Mauro                   (Lib Dem): 1,176
Nigel Woodcock                  (Green Party): 748
Eddy O'Sullivan                    (BNP): 708                

Turnout 28%

Easy to see some rather dramatic changes here as the turnout was very poor at 28% (54.3%, 2010 Gen Election) which clearly shows that people cannot be bothered with elections, politicians, Westminster etc these days. Labour, naturally, maintained their stranglehold on the constituency (would not have expected any other) but have a 'butchers' at the rest of the result if you please!
      No wonder Camoron wasn't overly chuffed at the result as his share of the vote plummeted to a mere 3,479 from the heady number of 10,412 in 2010. Approximately a 60% drop!
Now look at the UKIP vote and you will see that they have increased from 1,405 votes to 4,301 - and with only slightly more than half the 2010 voters voting this time! That is a massive percentage increase and as newsworthy as the Tories abysmal decline. Put simply, this means that the Tories have shot their bolt in the north, the extremely ilLiberal-unDemocrats lost their deposit (again) and the silly, waste of space BNP mob saw their support more than halved. So, on that basis,  and other by-elections around the country last year, it would seem that the Tories are now under severe pressure and this writer cannot see them winning a clear majority at the next general Election. In fact, this writer cannot see them winning the next general Election!If we look at what they have achieved (admittedly with the onerous burden of Cleggs mob on their backs) we don't actually see a lot.

"Roll back Labours most unpopular laws?" - That'll be a NO then!
Get britain out of the financial crisis left by Labour?" - That'll be another NO then!

"Give the people the referendum they demand and richly desire?" - That'll be another NO then!

     How does he (Camoron) bounce back from this disastrous 3 out of 3? He doesn't. He simply moves out of Downing street next year and sticks his sweaty paw out for his PM's pension-let's hope he doesn't become a centenarian or he'll bankrupt the welfare state on his own!
     What can we hope for? This is the $64,000 question unfortunately for if Cameron is deposed then all we will get is moronic Miliband (another who has never had a proper job) and the imbeciles that skint this country in the first place! What can we hope for? It's simple really folks. UKIP are on the up and the ilLib-unDems are most certainly on the 'down' as yet again they lost their deposit yesterday-they must be getting a bit sick of doing their dough so easily. Clegg is a prime suspect for the chop as well as Camoron. The news, and the obvious news at that, is that more & more people are seeing sense and listening to Common Sense. This swings more & more people to actually thinking about voting for the only party that wants to WORK FOR THIS COUNTRY. And what is wrong with that idea for we have defended these shores through two World Wars yet we now have politicians giving bits of everything away every single time that Brussels say they should. UKIP want us out of the EU disaster. UKIP want the immigration door shut. UKIP also want to save the NHS - that's enough reason itself to vote for the new kids on the block, who happen to be celebrating their 20th anniversary!
     We need to get some UKIP MPs into Westminster and I ventured a dozen of such a year ago. Rather hopeful I know but now I firmly believe that a dozen purple rosetted MPs is a real possibilty-the people are waking up at long last. 
You know it makes sense!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The day the state took over!

Smoking Bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     We knew it would come, we knew it would happen and we knew because the state has spent so much of our money on these quangos, such as the supposed 'charity' ASH, that this result was always inevitable! Governments don't waste £1/2bn per month on a regular basis NOT to have their own way or the way their minds have been corrupted by pseudo science - and a propaganda mission that Goebbels would have bewen proud of. Yesterday proved that what we send to Westminster in the guise of erudite, moralistic, true bloodied British citizens are in actual fact spineless, blinded, sheep (most of them) happy to follow the demands of 'he who pays the piper' - Big Pharma.
     As expected, our dunderhead leader switched sides prior to the vote (although not actually voting - he was observing unchartered waters in the Sth West), showing conclusively that he has no mind of his own and exactly why he is the head sheep (barrrr-ram-u) of this intolerant society we are creating. It was the day the state took over!
     It was also the day when this writer gave up all hope for this country and welcomes an early release into whatever world awaits us after this one.
 The move was approved by 376 to 107, a majority of 269, in a free vote which had divided the Cabinet.
     That means that there are/were 376 elected MPs who were quite happy for the state to intrude in parental responsibilities. That means that there were 376 elected MPs quite happy to remove personal freedoms & liberties. Worse still, it means that there were 367 MPs quite happy to open the floodgates to what I described six years ago as the "Stepford Syndrome" - our very own version of the feared & hated File:Flag of the NSDAP (1920–1945).svg "SS" of Nazi Germany File:Flag of the NSDAP (1920–1945).svg. Having taken our responsibilities under its wing there will be no stopping the health freaks now as obesity, then alcohol come under the hammerThankfully Steve Baker MP has already seen what is occurring here-well, one is a start! 
           No doubt the portly Eric Pickles will lead the charge on obesity for the Tories. Alcohol will undoubtedly become 'another tobacco' whereby even non alcoholic drinks will be curtailed and in a centuries time (if we haven't been wiped out by disease) everyone will simply sit around drinking purified water with a twist of lemon in it! After all, we have now lost 13,434 businesses thanks to smoke ban laws-where will it end I ask?
     The most farcical point about this situation is that the majority of MPs were born in the era of 'smoking muchness' and if they didn't they were produced by parents who did, so how on earth have they survived?  So it easy to argue the point that smoking, being a smoker, being around smoking/smokers does NOT have a great effect on one's lifespan. Of course the medical brigade will leap up and down in a frenzy and quote such as:
Dr Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, expressed her delight at the vote, which came in a Labour amendment to the Children and Families Bill. She said: “The introduction of a law that would help prevent hundreds of thousands of children from being exposed to second-hand smoke in the car is now within reach."
Where is the law that protects babies from this?
     Of course this silly woman has completely ignored the total hypocrisy of her statement as she mentions not the highly toxic emissions from the very cars being travelled in or the cars travelling in similar fashion. They only speak about that which they want to impress. They say that:
  The charity estimates that more than 430,000 children aged 11 to 15 are exposed to second-hand smoke in cars every week in England.
Where is the law that protects babies from this?
     But they don't say how many children are exposed to highly toxic exhaust fumes each week as they go about their daily business! It doesn't suit them you see, it debases their argument. Also, please note that the word "ESTIMATES" is in there again-they have no true figures but use generally vague lumps of numbers instead. In fact, they tend to ignore the great possibility that babies/infants lungs are damaged within days of being born...... 'because that simply wouldn't do would it'!
 Where is the law that protects babies from this?
     We couldn't possibly have a law that prohibited such things as exhaust fumes polluting the air we breathe as government couldn't possibly ban transport-the whole nation would grind to a standstill in hours-probably not a bad idea actually! Instead, governments find it far easier to discriminate against 25% of the population to appease the avaricious little gnomes of Big Pharma. As smoking rates were already on the great decline there was absolutely no need for this heavy handed approach to a problem that wasn't really there.
     One of the problems quoted by such as ASH was that smoking curtailed peoples lives somewhat. So what! It is each individuals choice as to how they wish to spend their mortal days on this now  forlorn planet. Eric Sykes reckoned that he had got through 500,000 cigarettes until he died aged 89-I can't see that his life was curtailed in any way..... can you? And anyway, who determines who should live for what length of time? I wonder how Arnott, Duffy, Sandford, Dockrell etc will explain the fact that they have contracted some form of cancer-especially when they are such anti tobacco advocates? Don't think I am wishing such a disease upon these destroyers of our freedoms, it is simply a statistical certainty that two or even three of the four terrorists will-according to the studies  they have produced themselves!


     I wasn't born with a date stamp on my forehead, was anyone else? Can your GP tell you when you will die and what of? The only certainty of such predictions occur when terminal disease sets in and an already well established pattern is being performed. In other words, great as the medical profession are at saving people from nasty illnesses etc, they cannot determine your exit from this world by looking at you when you are (say) 16 yrs old. What they can do, and do brilliantly, is to use words and play on peoples fears of death (estimated, could be, attached to, maybe, statistically possible, might well have etc etc)-just look at the results so far!
     I visit cancer wards/units on a regular basis and I see the misery there, but it's not the misery that you would expect! I see many people there that have never smoked, never drank (certainly not to excess) yet they still be plagued by this terrible disease. Why? If they have never imbibed nor inhaled why do they have cancer? the answer is simple my friends..... cancer is in all of us, it just needs something to trigger off the cell mutations. I see plenty of cancer patients toddle off outside for a relaxing cigarette (one smokes his pipe in all weathers!) and they do this because they enjoy smoking. Who is to say they should stop smoking and die in misery? Any of the above four pictured will for they cannot envisage the joys gained from inhaling tobacco smoke. I wonder if they have chosen to be cremated? Who knows, the pictures above (exhaust fumes or the four anti tobacco uglies) might well be that trigger - exhaust fumes more likely but you never know! Dr Kitty Little, although quietly hidden by anti smoking organisations, was convinced that cancer rates increased with industrialisation and also whilst smoking rates decreased at a great rate. She was absolutely right.
     The other most profound absurdity is the fact that whilst government is telling us that we should all lead 'healthier lives' they are bemoaning the fact that the state welfare bill is rising each year as we all live longer! How ridiculous is that? Add to that little problem the fact that Blair opened the immigration floodgates and it is easy to see where many of our problem lay-IMMIGRATION. For every immigrant that comes into this country we have yet another burden to our welfare state somewhere along the line. 
 If people were respectful of this countries needs they would all celebrate their 65th birthday and then roll over and die, thus saving the nation paying reteirement monies, care monies, medical costs etc until death do occur!
Add to all the above that the EU now virtually control our everyday lives and you can see why we will soon be bankrupt. The EU only want US for OUR MONEY, nothing else - the problem for the EU is that some 60% of British people DON'T want the EU, their idiotic rules & regulations, their interfering laws, their human rights cobblers that allows terrorists to stay here and most of all their general interfering in our daily lives-as with our bananas!
     To save this country??? Is it worth saving after all the damage caused by fruitcakes & loons (and I mean Lib/Lab/Con fruitcakes & loons) ? Well, yes it is for we do have a "Common Sense" party that is severely on the up and hopefully, come May this year, the people of this country will see the sense of voting for us to be OUT of the EU and plump solidly for UKIP

     The EU will certainly destroy this country, for that is what it has set out to do from the days of the silly-arsed Common Market agreements. We need OUT with a capital 'O' and fast. We need to get back on our own feet, trade as we have always traded and as 'Everard' famously said on many occasions... "oooooh, shut that door!" We don't need immigrants here. Officially we have 2.42m people unemployed (4.78m in truth) yet only 181,000 job vacancies - why do we need to import labour from countries poorer than us? We don't. The simple answer is to get the people already here into work not admit more that want to doss about forever and a day. If there is one main message everyone needs to send to Westminster it is the May Message - get us out of here. This might be the day the state took over but if we don't get out of the EU soon the day will come when the superstate takes over - and then we will all be puppets of that shambles headed by Barosso & Co.