Monday, 28 July 2014

The Totness "Fat Controller" is breathing heavy!

Smoking Bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     You see folks, we told you that once 'the state' got its grubby digits into our personal lives there would be no stopping them-and, sadly,  so it is proving to be. The latest meddlesome MP to arise from the restrictive practices pile of dung created by the health lobby is Dr Sarah Wollaston, a Conservative MP and former GP. Dr Sarah Wollaston MPHow can you be a 'former GP' (unless you have been struck off by the medical council?) for once qualifying as a GP you are always a GP surely! Anyway, that bit aside, she says, quite pompously, that the  state had a “duty to intervene” to protect current and future generations from unhealthy habits threatening to shorten their lives. (Letting in too many immigrants is most certainly unhealthy!) Again we see that this well intentioned (ex) Dr has decided that she knows everyones D.O.D otherwise she wouldn't declare that she had a duty to intervene to save people from shortening their life spans. This must be the case for how else would she know that her proposals were 'fast & true'? I must write and ask this silly woman to explain her brilliance in this field of personal longevity!

“There is far more we could do; we are going to have to get tough with some of these very big vested interests in unhealthy foods.” 
     Wow, 'this biatch is on heat'! Look out McDonalds, 'yo is in de firing line babycakes!' Mind you folks, McDonalds is already in the deep fat fryer in Russia! (this is priceless coming from the Russians!  )

The former GP called for a direct ban on “supersized” foods and drinks, so that manufacturers would be restricted to producing chocolate bars, junk food meals and fizzy drinks in standard sizes.
     Two things have emerged here folks: she has already stated that not only can 'Big Government' intervene - already proven via the disastrous smoking ban - they can also wield the power to enforce manufacturers to lose profits, lay off workers, create more unemployment & close businesses. Pretty clever for an ex GP eh?

If action was taken to introduce standard sizes, the controversy would quickly be forgotten, she believes - much as it was in the years after smoking in public places was banned, and seatbelt laws introduced
     Does this silly woman seriously think that the effects of the smoking ban have been forgotten by 10-12million people? Does she seriously think that the government could forget that an atrocious act of parliament is costing this country £1/2bn every single month it is in force or that a complete factory has been closed down because of it? If she does then she seriously needs to go and see a still practicising Dr - of the mind! You can e mail your thoughts to her here.
     The idiotic smoking ban law is put firmly into context (as a waste of space), as is her equally idiotic 'food war' when you read of sad times like this. Only 45 years of age, a 'master chef' who probably knew more about food than Woollaston ever will, Ross Burden died of cancer in New Zealand.
     Back to this 'fat controller' biz folks: For a start, people would simply buy 2 drinks of the favourite 'fizzy' instead of one! If, say, 20 oz cups were made illegal then the manufacturers would simply resize @ 19 or 19.5oz and carry on as before. If 'Big Govt' stated that all fizzy drinks could only be sold in, say, 12oz containers/cups/beakers/cans, then the manufacturers would simply introduce a 2-4-1 situation and leave the prices about the same - so how is this fantastic, restrictive campaign going to solve the so called obesity problem?
     Of course one has to ask the question of who actually allowed all these very naughty people, like McDonalds, Chinese take-aways, Kebab shops, even greasy Fish n Chip shops etc into our High Streets? I mean to say, how totally careless of them to do so! How uncaring were these people that introduced such empires to settle in this health crazed country........ oh sod me me yes! Of course, it was 'Big Gov't', whilst all the time thinking of "Big Revenues" from the "burger-bar-craze" of the late 60's. I remember the first Wimpy Bar opening in Rugby (could still show you exactly where it was positioned-though it has long since gone) in 1962/63, and I can honestly report that from 'Day 1' it was packed out at weekends and always sprung into life after school hours-such was the craze for 'hanging out' with a burger and a milkshake! Heavy socialising stuff in those days I can tell you folks-jeez, we had it all- and some of us plonked the old school jacket & tie in the duffle bag and enjoyed a fag as well! Shock, horror, yes, a fag - and it was lit; happily smoked too! 
Image result for McDonalds sign
     From the lowly Wimpy Bar emanated the mighty McDonalds, the leviathon of child obesity, the leader of all evils foodwise, the cause of all this obesity that affects 33% of our child stock.
"Given that one in three children is obese or overweight by the time they leave primary school, with far greater obesity among the most deprived, the scale of marketing of unhealthy foods towards children is wholly unacceptable,” she says.
     Aha! so we are back with that particular band of people, the 'most deprived'. Those people that have little money or hope to live on & on & on, little enjoyment and little wish to exceed their three score & ten! 'Dumping on the underclasses' is a simple but nasty form of control in my experience and Dr Woollaston is another fool that thinks everyone wants to extend their lifespan, when living in poverty, possibly squalour and almost certain unhappiness-just where do these people come from I ask?  Why is it that these people with a modicum of power and a grossly excessive wage packet feel the need to dictate lifestyles to others? Does the 'good book' not teach us to live and let live? Does it not decree that there will be fat years & lean years and therefore it naturally follows that there will be fat people and lean people? 
 Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP And what is she going to do with her fellow Tory Mr Eric Pickles who must take up half of his Brentwood & Ongar constituency with his vast girth? Pot, kettle, black anyone???
     You see folks, the other argument is of cost to our crumbling NHS - so why do Woollaston and her cronies not get us out of the EU and do the Image result for Pictures of larry grayson Larry Grayson bit and  "Shut that door". What could our NHS do with £55,000,000 per day to spend? What is the matter with these toffee-nosed persons that purport to know best for us? How much in back-handers are they all getting from the Bilderberg group and/or the NWO ........ because they must be drawing wedge from somewhere to keep selling us down the old swanee river!
     Image result for Pictures of Tony BlairDon't you think that it is time for change? Don't you think that after the B-liar years and the useless bumblings of a totally inept coalition that we, the British people, had a complete change of power base? Did you know that Labour & LibDems just killed off the referendum bill in the House of Lords, acting on the instructions of their masters in the Commons? How can you continue to vote for this shite? Have you got the balls to take your chance to upstage these power crazed loons because if you have then the only way you are going to do it is at the ballot boxes whenever a local election comes round. Yes folks, I'm talking UKIP votes - the only party that deals in common sense and applying it to the common man! 
     July 31st sees a little by-election for Charnwood Borough Council (Leicestershire). The Tory councillor stepped down (had enough basically) so there is an excellent opportunity to vote in a UKIP representative by the name of Thomas Prior who happens to be a local chap, who knows the area very, very well and not some high flying 'political manbird' flown in especially for the occasion. Thomas is a very sensible chap who is very aware of the local issues and does a very strange thing for a would be politician (albeit at local level)..... he talks a whole heap of common sense! Can't beat that in my book.
     And, just before you go huffing and puffing at me, just remind your good selves what happened in Doncaster a couple of days ago - the Milliband stronghold if you don't mind. Very interesting to see that

the Tories only got 16.2% of the vote which shows that in the north they are like the LibDems..... defunct, kaput, finito etc! People are getting tired of the 'SAME OLD-SAME OLD", they are voting for change, but they need to start voting more consistently for that change. To the people of Charnwood I say vote UKIP, vote Thomas Prior, vote for common sense and the party that's growing in stature on a daily basis, lets start the move to get all these fat controllers moved to one side. They've had centuries to kill off this country and they're doing a damned fine job of it, so let's vote in the 'new kids on the block' and allow common sense to prevail!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Desperation stakes-bring in the clowns

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     I suppose that when you are a committed Camoron you sit and wonder which calamity will appear next on your prime ministerial agenda. Today we will find out as Camoron fully announces his 'Cabinet reshuffle' and 'sends in the clowns'. Now I don't say that to be derogatory to the fairer sex for many of our gentle sex are razor sharp on politics and can, verbally, cut a conversation like a knife through butter-but there is one exception I'm afraid as 'call me Dave' wades in with the fairer sex. The "Beast of Broxtowe"
Cabinet reshuffle: Anna Soubry tipped for promotion and Ken Clarke's future in doubt
                   Retiree, Ken Clark is now gone & "The Beast of Broxtowe" (Anna Soubry) is in!  
     Why named as such? Simples! remember when this former newsreader had position in the Health Dept and suddenly took herself off to Luxembourg for some Tobacco Control meeting? Remember when she went uninvited, by Britain or Camoron, to add 'OUR' vote to ever increasing pressures on OUR government with regard to TC? Remember how quickly she was shuftied out of the Health Dept after that disgraceful, self serving action (no doubt chivvied on by ASH)? Well folks, yet again Camoron has shown that he cannot be trusted and simply doesn't listen to the people as this ex-newsreader is now (we assume) about to take a cabinet seat with her only credentials being that she is eloquent on occasion but nothing more than a self serving busybody! This is what British politics has lowered itself to become - gutter government ruled by wastrels & political climbers. God help us is all I can say. However, there is a margin of hope for us all as the 2010 election result shows:

Anna Soubry (Cons) 20,585 (+1.8%) [39.0%]
Nick Palmer  (Lab)   20.196 (-3.4%)  [38.3%]
Forget the rest as the LibDems were 12,000 votes adrift in 3rd!

     For once in my life I am going to plead with Labour voters to stick with their candidate in 2015 and to also urge enough of the ex LibDem loons to vote labour as well (or better still, thousands of disenchanted Tory voters simply turn to UKIP)-it doesn't matter if they (Labour) simply dress a baboon in red-vote for it for this woman is pure poison for 25% of the people of this country!
Imperial Tobacco 
Bye Bye Love, Bye Byer Happiness-hello loneliness
     Above is a picture of the soon to be defunct Imperial Tobacco factory in Nottingham. A place of work where 7,000 happy souls once enjoyed employment but a place that is now to close, throwing thousands of people onto the ever expanding dole queues in the city. Anna Soubry is all in favour of such events, she is everything anti-tobacco could wish for & Deborah Arnott could not wish for a better 'bed partner' at the very heart of our British joke of a Government to manipulate! In fact, the Arnott must be almost orgasmic at the prospect of getting right next to Camoron's earholes! However, with a 'majority' of just under 400 votes it should be a simple matter for Labour, providing 'Multibrand' doesn't lead the crusade, to regain Broxtowe and get rid of this vile person-fancy having to rely on the Labour party, the party that deserted the working classes, to do one a favour-dear oh dear me! It is a sad truth that despite UKIPs meteoric rise in popularity they are hardly likely to pick up 20,000 votes in the next election so as to oust BOTH major contenders.
     Over in America (the so called 'Land of the Free' [what a joke that statement is now!]) New Jersey voters approved the legalization of gambling in Atlantic City in 1976. At the time, Nevada was the main competition in legal casino gambling, and Atlantic City kept its lock on the industry in the northeast for years.
               Punters:       Now you see them          -        Now you don't!
     But you can guess what has caused the great decline in business as yet another major casino/hotel closes its doors forever. Yup, it's the smoking bans that seem so prevalent at the moment.  "Showboat" will be the second casino to close this year, joining the Atlantic Club, which closed its doors in January. Two other casinos have stopped operations in Atlantic City since 2000.Amazing the amount of revenue that can be removed from an area that no longer wants them (smokers)! Atlantic City, once the north easts jewel in the crown looks to be heading Detroit style where the city has actually filed for bankruptcy! This 'gem' shows how "Motor City" delved into the recesses of poverty-an $18-$20m dollar recess! We're following the same route as we are borrowing more than we can afford-mind you, we have idiots in charge that simply refuse to get out of the financial deathtrap that is the EU. Only two weeks ago we were 'Junckered' for the second time in 70 years!
     On the home front the cheering news is that, despite my predictions (some 12 months ago) of a possible dozen seats for UKIP in the 2015 elections, Mr Farage has gone for 20 (twenty) possibles! Sorry Nigel, I admire your generous nature but I'll stick to the dozen and happily eat my words in the event of the twenty! However, having said that, looking back at the Newark by-election, it was an incredible feat by my good friend Roger Helmer to frighten the life out of the Tories - when was the last time you ever heard of the PM ordering Cabinet Ministers to 'walk the walk' & 'talk the talk'? I don't think I was born then! The amount by which the Tory majority was reduced (9,000) was astounding really and truly shows that UKIP have landed and are here to stay-thank the good Lord for that I say as this country plummets deeper & deeper into the financial quagmire of obscurity.
Quick question for you all: What do David Camoron & Kenny Rogers have in common??? They're both cowards!

Obviously the word COWARD but the top 'owner' of the word is a major flop and the lower 'owner' was a major hit!
     Let's be absolutely clear folks, there is absolutely no point wasting votes on either Tory clowns, witches & bitches or Labour misfits, idiots & health freaks (who now want Sugar Puffs advertised only after 9pm!). Where has all the common sense gone in this now lunatic country? 
Why are we letting all and sundry into our lands, the lands that we fought two great wars to preserve? 
Why are we letting these incoming migrants rob our welfare system blind when we we have geriatrics left out on our streets? 
What has gone wrong with this country?
We need common sense returning to government, not some puppet government dictated to by the Bilderberg group or the New World Order. These people already have £bns, they don't care about ordinary folk (eugenics yes, but not us!) - UKIP do! UKIP provide one thing the others are totally blind to......