Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Smoking Bans KILL businesses - FACT!

     So, the great white wonder (Camoron) has charge of the power in this country, he doesn't need any help from anyone else in decision making or 'banging' laws through, so what can we expect I wonder? Judging by the first salvo of welfare crimping, not a lot I suspect! The poor will end up destitute, the not so poor will end up poor and more of our ex-servicemen will end up living/sleeping on the streets of the country they fought to protect from marauding masses, whilst our "foriegn aid" allows far off kingdoms to buildrockets & furnish palaces!
The saddest news for all the poor & underpriviledged in our society is that the gleaming pate of that insidious individual known as 'IDS' looms large once more as he keeps his position as Works & Pensions Secretary; ergo, another £12bn in cuts! It's easy to see where this will all end up isn't it..... but 'they' will keep letting endless streams of immigrants into this country..... because the EU says so! And that is all we are going to hear from now until the day our spineless nematode of a leader stands up for HIS people and not that 'make believe powerhouse' across the water - and delivers our much needed referendum. Juncker, Barosso, it doesn't matter who sits in the chair, the EU are NOT going to listen to any demands from Britain - so WE need to be out of the financial cesspit they have created. We certainly don't need the EU, in fact, they need us because we have a government that is stupid enough to give away £60,000,000 per day to this self imposed bunch of legal thieves. Just think what this country could do with that £60m per day saved!!! I do think that Camoron is finally getting the message:- "We vil not be bending for anyvun". Merkel is simply Hitler in knickers!
     Look at our housing situation. Apparently, if we keep letting in allcomers worldwide we will need to build a new Leicester every single year (330,000 population-approx). lovely-jubbly..... but where are we going to site all these 'new' Leicesters? You see folks, as long as the idiot factor rules we will be swamped by more & more hapless souls from anywhere on this planet! There is no hope for the born 'n bred people of this country anymore. There used to be pride, respect & politeness in this country but that has all changed now-and changed for the worse. The "do-gooders" got a foothold in the late 60's and just look where it has got us now as a judge has ruled that a Christian-run bakery discriminated(?) against a gay customer by refusing to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan. Now I ask you, just how ridiculous is that? How can the views of Christian religion (of thousands of years) be held to be inferior to the views of a gay person when 'gaydom' is NOT a religion?
 The judge said Ashers is "conducting a business for profit", and it is not a religious group. The firm was found to have discriminated against Mr Lee on the grounds of sexual orientation as well as his political beliefs. The judge said she accepted that Ashers has "genuine and deeply held" religious views, but said the business was not above the law. Mr Lee was assisted in taking legal action by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.
     This idiotic ruling has opened the floodgates for compensatory claims as it now seems that anyone can sue anyone else for any form of discrimmination-religious beliefs stand for nothing anymore so we might as well rip up the jolly old bible (where women are 'begatted by men', not men begatted by men' or women 'begatted by women' and do whatever we feel like doing for it seems that there is bound to be a law onside-somewhere! What happened to the old edict, insomuch that: "anyone has the right to refuse the whole or part of any commission"? Would a Muslim bakery bake a cake for an 'infidel'? I don't think so, do you? Would a Jewish bakery bake a cake for a neo-nazi party? I don't think so! The world has turned upside down, it really has.  
     The ruling in America is simply beyond belief as a bakery (now an ex-bakery) has been told it must pay $137,000 compensation to a gay couple (lesbians this time) as they refused (on religious grounds again) to bake a cake for a female/female couple as it didn't 'sit right' with their beliefs. Not only have 'Melissa & family' lost their bakery business but this penalty will literally bankrupt them - good, honest, hard working people that have done nothing wrong except object to anothers strange ways of living. Camoron was in favour of gay marriages - just look where this is going to lead us.
     Another part of Camoron's slobber in the run up to the 2010 election was a 'bomb-blast' on quangos, who simply milk the system for every penny they can get. Err, why are ASH (not a charity at all), FRESH, et al still in business and sucking on the teat of public money? What actual use are these quangos anymore? They have wrought all the havoc they are ever going to wreak on the British people so they have no need to be in existence anymore. They have proved that they are liars & fraudsters in getting the smoking bans enacted the way they did, providing as much junk science as possible and completely bombarding MPs with nonsensical jabbering that none of them would have a hope in hell of understanding. Happily, some of the anti smoking zealots have lost their wealthy positions in the HofC and I am absolutely delighted to say that Stephen Williams is one of them! You only have to read through his completely discriminatory blog (against smokers) to see why the world is a better place without low-life, small brained, egotists like him who cannot accept anothers preferences. We have thanked him personally for being comfortably ousted by the Bristol voters!
     On the bright side of things an amazing occurrence happened in Lafayette as the local Parish Council voted AGAINST smoking restrictions for bars & lounges! Despite the anti-smoking brigade having kids dressed up & banner waving they voted 5 v 4 to allow bar owners to choose for themselves.  
Are you reading this Camoron & Co? 
This means that people like Robin McMillan, owner of McMillan’s Pub on Simcoe Street who said most of her customers are smokers, and she fears she might lose them if they can’t light up in her bar, can keep her smoking customers - and so she should be able to. The old story of freedom to choose how you run your business successfully rears it's 'ugly head' yet again - and triumphs! Now why can't all the MPs see that in this country-are they terminally retarded or do they still believe that SHS kills barworkers? Perhaps the Honourable Members for nonsense land need to watch last nights .Tonight' programme (ITV Central): "The Air We Breathe": Amazingly it portayed everything that Dr Kitty Little said in the 80's, but of course all her work was suppressed as it didn't suit the anti-tobacco mobsters at all! See what I mean folks... liars, liars, pants on fires!
     I've found that despite all the research I've done on this subject, the medical profession can still only use the words like: 'maybe' or 'could be' or 'is possibly' or even 'the probability is', and that is because they cannot categorically state that all lung cancers are caused by smoking since 80% of lung cancer patients ARE NON-SMOKERS! Now there's a thing for you all to learn and repeat when necessary. Smoking is so bad for you that ONLY 49% of lung transplants come from smokers! They cannot dispute these facts yet they treat smokers like lepers. Aren't fatties like Eric Pickles going to be a terrible strain on our beloved NHS in years to come!!! Image result for pictures of winking smiley Honestly the kidology employed by these people is a joke. In Leicester we have an 'elected mayor' (another Labourite) who is adamant that the EU is where we need to be, immigration is just what we need and we can cope with it. Wrong, wrong & wrong again Mr Crappy mayor for we have 10,000+ unemployed in this city with around 2,300 job vacancies: ergo we DO NOT need any more immigrant labour prancing up the motorway thank you! We have a housing shortage and approximately 26,000 children living below the poverty line in this city yet we are wasting £6.6m on silly cycle lanes and nice flat slabbed walkways. we have a shopping centre which used to be thriving but after years of Labour mismanagement we find that a) we need to cut £millions from expenditure & b) 30% of city centre shops now lay empty as the £350m 'tin foil' covered monstrosity now houses all the big names - and the saddest thing of all? We watched in horror as all three Leicester MPs were returned to Westminster with one of them, Liz Kendall, declaring that Labour may never rule with a majority again! and then she declared her position for the vacant leadership seat - you really couldn't make it up! let's hope she has got that right!
 Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall says that Labour should support an in/out referendum on EU membership, although she is a passionate European (file photo)
     I suppose that we have to be grateful that so many people voted for UKIP and that we do have more local councillors than ever before because that is the signal that the 'people's army is on the march. Obvious that the LibDems have been totally destroyed (and rightly so too!) which leaves UKIP as the only party with any new ideas, fresh minds and the will to salvage whatever can be salvaged from this country. The rot has set in, the prof is in the bakers story above, so there is only one party that can turn this country around so stick with the UKIP plan and use every opportunity to empower their representatives in any forthcoming elections. Remember that Lib/Lab/Con need to be taunted to the grave with "Liar, Liar, pants on fire" jibes - for the truth is out!

Friday, 8 May 2015

The Aftermath... and what it means!

Smoking Bans kill businesses - FACT!   

     The deeds have been done, the votes cast and what looked to be a disaster for this country turned into what can only be described as the better of two evils! Let me explain from the humble seat at which I sit.
You look at Miliband (if you feel the need) and what do you see? I see an insipid, characterless mpuppet who would have little to say if his hands were tied behind his back. A party leader so desparate to gain power that he even tried to influence the Muslim vote with his ridiculous promise that he would criminalise "Islamaphobia"! I wrote to this fool immediately and offered to be his first prosecution (in the horrible circumstance that he did move into No10) for how the bloody hell can any one be prosecuted for having a fear of anything? Now we all know that the courts have been corrupted to enforce the smoking ban but surely to God they cannot sink so low as to declare that an age old word no longer means what an age old word has always meant? Anyway, thankfully, the Milipede is now not a threat to the sanity of this country. Image for the news resultHappily, nor is Ed Balls as 'Morley & Outwood' decided his time had come-so to speak! In 'Outwood Ed B became Deadwood! Oops..... update..... "BBC learns that the Labour leader is to stand down". That's the Milipede gone into the annals of history/time, probably never to be remembered! And that's the double act (Ed&Ed) gonski-how terribly sad that a pair of europhile imbeciles have disappeared from the political map of this country - yawn!
There is great pleasure from this writer as my prediction some 5 years ago has worked out very nicely indeed; well, in one respect at any rate as this mob saw an 87% DROP in voters! I firmly stated then that Clegg would lead the then supremely victorious LibDem party into the greatest political decline ever seen - anyone remember this interview regarding smokers & drug users with Alex Stevenson? That was, after only 2 days in (part) power and I said then that he had just cemented his demise as a political power..... and dragged his miserable, lifeless, il-Liberal mob down with him. The 'boy in long trousers dun bad'! I congratulate you, the mighty Cleggeron, on completing the demolition..... the only sad part being that we still have to observe you in the HofC, but with only 7 of your compatriots! Happily I can report that one of the biggest 'slug-pellets' to be removed from office is Mr Stephen Williams (Bristol West). A man that has selflessly persecuted smokers from his very first day in office, in pursuit of accolades & cheap plastic gongs from those despicable people at ASH and, of course, the unelected body known as the WHO. I have asked Mr Williams on many occasion just how many lives this disgraceful smoking ban has actually saved (?) but in 5 years of his persecution he still hasn't managed to provide me with a number! Is it 1 whole person or is it 50million people, indeed is it any? Of course Stephen Williams cannot answer the question, so avoids further contact with this writer. The LibDems have provided cataclysmic losses (in percentage terms) in many seats - some as much as 22% & 27%: they are finished. To all of them I have the pleasure of allowing to listen to this... at long last!
The story north of the border is a complete disaster for the once mega strong Labour party as the SNP have rampaged, winning 56 of the 59 seats, which, with 'Mein Herren Crankie' (Nicola Sturgeon) at the head of affairs, is a possible disaster for the good people of England as she simply wants to break up the 'union' and go it alone as she is another that sees the EU as a saviour-not realising of course that Scotland would be virtually bankrupt in 6 months (as were Eire)! Sturgeon/Merkel = no difference in my mind. The magical thing of course is that Labour have been obliterated in Scotland & the ilLib-unDems likewise in England but (thankfully in this aspect at least) the Tories have gained a clear working majority which means they don't need "Mrs Crankie" or her marauding minions when important votes are to be held. She would have been happy to prop up ANY Labour administration so as to gain a foothold in the corridors of power but the Tory majority has rendered them virtually ineffectual - thank the good Lord for that!
Plaid Cymru and that silly woman Leanne Wood gained... err ... absolutely nothing out of the elections, yet declared it to be a "good foundation"! Foundation? foundation to what? PC are no better/no worse than they were at 8am yesterday morning!
The saddest result was one of the last returns, that of Thanet South where Nigel Farage's bid to oust the Tory candidate has sadly failed..... by a couple of thousand votes! The Labour supporters (who's candidate could not possibly win the seat) failed to switch and vote for the greatest natural politician since Sir Winston Churchill. Camoron must be the happiest man on the planet today as the news came through that Farage would not be challenging him in Westminster, but, Farage WILL still be ripping into the EU and the much needed referendum to get us OUT of that corrupt pile of dung! I can only echo some of the greatest ever man's words:
"We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender..." Winston Churchill
     And that is exactly what we must do! We must defeat the all encircling arms of the corrupt & spendthrift EU for they seek only to envelop and destroy all in its path. Why do we need an 'EU army' when we have an army of our own? Why do we need our 'Marigold gloves' altered to suit some idiotic EU diktat or a certain type of light bulb (which opticians say will damage our sensitive eyes!)?  We need to be grateful that Nigel Farage will remain in the EU to cause havoc where ever possible thank God for that as well.
     The people's party have risen to over 4 million votes, yet collected only 1 seat, but the writing is on the wall..... UKIP are on the march! Hallelujah for that I say.
Stop Press: 11.20am...Nigel Farage resigns as party leader.
Where do we go from here I ask? Well folks, the answer is simple. The elderly, the infirm, the physically afflicted, the mentally afflicted, the terminally ill and the low paid will all suffer from this new government for as long as we remain in the disastrous EU and allow unlimited immigration we will all suffer from the overload of foriegn nationals. This government will not & cannot reduce the national deficit whilst the floodgates are open! 
     The British people have got to realise just what a distasteful, disgusting behemoth the EU really is - but we are about to learn as Camoron gets his arse smacked at every turn. Juncker/Merkel, it doesn't matter which, they will not bend. They have already stated that they will not bend so I don't see what Camoron thinks he can achieve. We need out - no other option but OUT!

UKIP need to fight for this 'OUT' as no one else will, certainly not Labour, certainly not the SNP, certainly not PC and highly doubtful that the Tories will so we have to support UKIP for they are our only hope of salvation and of the keeping of our island independence. I understand the voting pattern, I understand that people wanted to keep Labour/Miliband out but what I can't understand is that a strong political party collects 4 million plus votes yet only returns one single MP. There is no democracy in that and the one thing for sure now is that having been born into a democratic country I shall not die in one! However, it does show that the people of this country are learning that UKIP are to be admired & not feared!
     Keep the faith and let's look forward to massive gains in the local elections and let those gains start in this disgracefully dictatorial city of Labour controlled Leicester!