Saturday, 26 December 2015

A New Year, but is it a new begining?

Smoking bans kill businesses-FACT!
(the EU too!) 
(If you can't stand the truth then don't read this!)

     Well folks, we've had to put up with all Camoron's bluff and bluster regarding HIS negotiations with EU supremo's, HIS re-negotiations and even HIS re-re-ngotiations..... all of which have been totally and utterly fruitless: the EU juggernaut of self destruction is refusing to bend and will continue to non-bend. In short they are putting their might against the wants of our (supposed) Prime Minister and the will of our people! To them, we don't matter as a nation. To them, our finances & businesses do! All they want is our wealth, which of course they will keep on wasting until we are all in the same old "EU SS Titanic", doomed to sink just as surely as that super-liner of 1912 did.
Did that caMORON just ask for something?
     Apart from the financial aspects of our destruction it seems that the EU is hellbent on destroying the very fabric of our society with the introduction of 'Schengen', the so called treaty/agreement that allows complete freedom of movement between countries of anyone, anywhere and at anytime! No wonder arms dealers went on bended knee to thank the heavens for this unbelievably liberal piece of stupidity. Not only arms dealers, but child traffickers, eastern european female trafficking (into prostitution) and more, less than salubrious activities, have been welcomed to move as freely as they wish!
Where to start with the plan to stop the self destruction of this once noble country?
The un-delightful migrant camp in Calais
     Schengen? We simply DO NOT need to entertain this 'silly-arsed' Schengen for it has no purpose in our world (British way of living). Thank the Lord above that we have 22miles of water between us and 'that camp' in France for look at the brutal approach (by the migrants) to our lorry drivers refusing to carry truckloads of these people into our country. Conversely, look at the stupidity of our legal system when they find illegal immigrants in the back of any British based lorry and issue totally unwarranted fines on the company/companies involved. Same old British legal system:- "if you can fine it/them, then do so and get whatever money you can back off the people!" ( "the people" are the only one's that can get this country out of the gi-normous financial abyss we are in) more on this later.
Into Britain at any cost. 1 driver v 100 migrants!
     The establishment (by that, I mean the idiots in Westminster) seem to be totally behind mass immigration to fill the 'employment gap'. What employment gap I ask? There IS NOT an employment gap and that is a cold, hard fact folks. let's take Leicester, Nottingham &; Derby as examples [last Jan/Feb figures]:
Unemployment: (L) 10, 280....... Vacancies: 2,380
                           (N)    8,970 ...... Vacancies: 1,942
                           (D)    9,742 .....  Vacancies: 1,893
Now this seems to me that, as per usual, our dearly beloved Government is lying through its back passages to the people once again! Amazingly, in only three (3) Midlands cities  we have 28,992 unemployed persons yet there are an incredibly huge amount of  6,215 vacancies! Wowee, that's it folks, economic crisis averted, we're saved! Now expand these figures nationwide!
Something slightly wrong here folks - the figures just happen to be the wrong way round, again! And do you know why this is - nationwide? (Two clues, yep, just the 2!)
     No1: The EU interfering in everything we do-look at the fishing industry for starters! Then look at the bribery going on; ie, the Transit plant was in Southampton employing more than 500 workers but now it sits in southern Turkey after an £80m 'resettlement' loan from our ever so friendly EU.(excuse: cheaper production costs..... apart from the small matter of the £80m of course!)
     Funnily enough Nottingham also suffered in excess of 500 job losses thanks to the EU and their 'ever so aggressive' stance on smoking bans (our ban is the harshest in all of Europe!) as the much famed Imperial Tobacco cigarette factory was forced into closure courtesy of excessive taxation, increasing regulations & the fantastically monstrous growth of 'Black Market' tobacco sales! (all three reasons are courtesy of an overbearing EU body of unelected muppets-yet they cannot see the truth to save their miserable, overpaid lives!)
     The EU put methods of enforcement into action that were well beyond any reasonability, which is why two good men ended up in prison for a short while. Nick Hogan & Chris Carter both fought the absolutely stupid implementation of the smoking ban law only to end up behind bars-the establishment cared not for, in their eyes, the law had been upheld. It was the generosity of smokers nationwide to pay the necessary monies to gain their release again. I remember quite clearly the Liverpool lorry driver wrongly accused of smoking a cigarette in his cab (on his dinner break). The EHO (one vicious bitch I might add) ensured he was sacked from his job (before any court appearance I might add) and the ensuing legal proceedings cost the lorry driver more than £1,200 - and they call that justice! His biggest mistake? he believed that truth in our courts would suffice - mad fool! When Chris Minihan told me that he had defended himself I was absolutely appalled for I knew that the magistrates would take no notice of him whatsoever for what he didn't know (and millions of others didn't either) is that the EU sent through a 'silent ruling' that all EHO's are 'to be deemed more reliable/truthful than any accused'. That basically means that no matter what your defence in a court of law, the EHO's concocted story is always more reliable! 
     Here we are, 81/2  years down that particular road, and we seem to have lost 15,000 pubs, clubs, Bingo Halls etc - simply because of an extremely poorly implemented smoking ban. That, in turn, creates 200,000+ unemployed persons that have very little chance of being employed elsewhere-as the required jobs market is continually shrinking! Amazingly the government keep on telling us that the the unemployment figures are shrinking, which must surely mean that job vacancies are increasing!
     Redcar, already a largely unemployed town in the NE saw its colossus close a few weeks ago with the loss of 1,700 jobs, condemning the town to the graveyard of mass unemployment. Strangely enough, only the week before, our leading 'caretakers' had visited foriegn parts and signed deals with China:-
"The closure of the plant follows chancellor George Osborne’s visit to China last week. The steel industry has blamed the dumping of cheap steel from China partly for the near-halving of the price of steel in the past year."
Oh well, just another one gone!
     You seen how it works yet? 1,700 jobs gone 'here', 500 jobs lost 'there', another 500 over 'that way', 150 lost 'down that way' etc etc and you can easily see that WE DO NOT NEED 20,000 immigrants to 'do the jobs the British people won't', because the jobs just aren't there! (Another 'working' statement employed by the government, just like the idiotic 'premature death' cobblers!) In truth, when scouring through all the distorted figures & plethora of paperwork that categorizes various forms of unemployment etc, we find that we have approximately 5,000,000 unemployed in this country - so why the bloody hell do the government think we need to take in thousands of migrants-95% of whom will simply add to the unemployment figures, abuse their hosts & wreck everything around them!
Invasion - not migration!
     No 2: The second part of the downfall of this once great nation is the influx of migrants (most of whom are fit young men) of whom the majority are Muslims. Now I have no preferences for any religion but it strikes me that most of the worlds problems are being caused by these fanatical Muslims, who seem to think that "their time has come". We can only take it, from their actions thus far, that 'their time' equals world domination!  Even Archbishop Welby has seen the light and stated that Islam is trying to eradicate Christianity! We even had one Australian idiot so brainwashed that he now has a 6 yr prison sentence to contend with for 'giving his 12 yr old daughter away' in some form of paedophilic, Islamic wedding ceremony!
What is behind that clothing? man, woman, child...or simply a  terrorist?
They (Islam) have followed a very clever & duplicitous path for they have amassed hordes in each of the countries they have settled in, asking only for small changes, bit by bit, so as to allow them to reside 'as they would'. It has been a magnificent 'salami slicing' piece of work as they now have Sharia courts in most Western countries, violent activasts & hate preachers in all! The paris shootings should have alerted all that have eyes..... but no, we still have idiots in Westminster who believe that we should assist ISIS by allowing 20,000 migrants into this country 'on humanitarian grounds'! If a mere 2% are Islam fanatics then we have imported 400 complete fruitcakes that believe that if they wipe out 'infidels' (non Islam believers) they will be going to a place where 72 virgins await them! Now I would have thought that with their cult (not religion) believing that it was OK to 'take child brides' from the age of 6yrs upward it simply proved that Islam is nothing more than a satanic, paedophilic cult that has no place in our modernistic Western World-and there certainly won't be 72 virgins left! They have never been a democracy and never will be, especially when statements like this emanate from the lips of those who rule - Iyad Madani, secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has said that "freedom of the press and expression is an important issue as it expresses the heartbeat of citizens and their concerns, but such freedom of expression as a way to offend religions and their symbols, is totally unacceptable." (in other words, freedom of speech is bang ok UNLESS it offends any muslim!
It appears that Somalia, another nation enjoying great poverty & war, has now declared itself a Muslim State where Christianity is virtually forbidden! Director General of Somalia's Ministry of Religious Affairs, Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow, warned that security forces would break-up any gatherings held in the capital Mogadishu. He said: 
"All events related to Christmas and New Year celebrations are contrary to Islamic culture, which could damage aqidah (faith) of the Muslim community. There should be no activity at all." 
     Apparently, they think exactly the opposite to us and attack everything Westernised, showing that they simply want to reduce everything to rubble and the way of living 2,000 years ago! (Look at Syria present day!!!) However, strangely enough, they are not adverse to employing all the Western technology (computers, emails, guns, explosives etc) to annihilate the 'infidels'! We have Imams stating that it is now worse to wish our friends & families "Merry Christmas" than to murder someone! Unbelievably, whilst on the subject of 'White Christmas' we have a bunch of totally 'dumbed down' students who have willingly signed a petition to ban the famous Bing Crosby song because it only states white-no other colours and may, therefore, be offensive to those who are not perfectly white! (It was a complete 'send up' but they still willingly signed!!!) Probably includes the little green men from Mars too! How can the youth of today be so criminally stooooooopid? I suppose that the song "Black is Black" by Los Bravos (1967) should now have multicoloured versions of the original version so as NOT to upset some 'wilting flower'! Where does the lunacy end I ask, and, more worryingly, it is these students that may possibly end up in government-God forbid! Incidentally, Irving Berlin, who wrote the song, had no affinities with Christmas at all, no religious meanings or anything like that-it was simply a song to remind American servicemen of home! 
Do we need another one of these I ask?
     Even more ridiculous is the fact that Darius Rucker sang "White Christmas" at New York's tree lighting ceremony and caused a 'social media outrage' - just how stooooopid are people becoming? But back to our own problems.....
      We have gangs of Muslims roaming the streets attacking our girls & women because 'they' think that our females are not dressed appropriately. Women are nothing to them so slapping them, punching them, beating the sh*t out of them is nothing to concern themselves with. FGM is rife in this country yet what do we do about it? Nothing, for we are frightened to death of being accused of racism!! We have areas where our police have to ask permission to patrol the streets - totally unbelievable but true!
     We need a government that has balls (and I don't mean Ed Balls either!), a government that can simply say the the EU monsters in Brussels, "Sorry, but we are no longer interested in watching poverty loom large, we are no longer interested in Schengen which invites terrorism into our country, we are no longer interested in migrants as we haven't got any jobs for them,. We are no longer able to support incoming migrants and the twenty family members that will surely follow. 
     We have a world renowned NHS which is crumbling at its very foundations because we are giving money away to God only knows how many countries (one of which simply refurbishes its palace!). We are full to bursting point with 65,000,000 people already ensconced on this tiny island. Our welfare system is facing financial ruin because so many people have the audacity to live beyond retirement age (was 65!) - the influx of migrants strains this already overstretched facet to bursting point. We no cannot afford to be giving away £60,000,000 per day to an undemocratic organisation that wouldn't know democracy if it jumped up and smacked them in the face. We certainly don't need to be 'ruled' by a bunch of power crazy lunatics who seem to want to destroy the very fabric of this country as they have a good number on the continent; ie Spain = bankrupt, Italy = bankrupt, Greece = penniless, Portugal = bankrupt, Britain = bankrupt (your gov't just hasn't told the people the truth yet!), Eire = bankrupt, Croatia = bankrupt before/when they entered the EU, France = teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and so on! The latest newspaper poll shows a staggering 91% wanting OUT/LEAVE, so what is the caMORON wasting more time doing?
Should the UK remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?
  • Remain 9% 2,450 votes
  •   Leave 91% 24,122 votes
Now what is your opinion?

     We have one great advantage over the rest of Europe..... 22 miles of water between us & them and if there was ever a time we needed that 22 miles of water folks..... THIS IS IT! Of course the other bonus ball from the channel is the much cheaper tobacco purchases on the other side of it!
     Can 2016 be a new beginning? Can CaMORON and his Cabinet, Front bench, Back bench  & acolytes see the light and get us out of this EU toilet, close the doors on this migration problem and the marauding hordes of women hating (except when they want sex) sub-humans? We don't need the EU to trade for they will trade with us anyway, in fact trade with the EU diminished by 18% last year!
Vote to leave the EU, it is a quagmire of lies & deceits that will, ultimately, totally & utterly bankrupt this country. THEY ONLY WANT GB FOR ITS WEALTH, they always have and nothing is ever going to change that! 
Be warned!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Power to the People - at last!

Smoking Bans kill Businesses - FACT!

     Much to the chagrin of such as ASH, FRESH, CRUK and all those other smoker haters (and they come by the bucketful I might add) Brighton Council looks very much as if they have suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the very people they are there to serve - JOE PUBLIC.
     Earlier this year, 20th June actually, Brighton glibly announced its intention to ban smoking on beaches and other public places, fully expecting a riotous approval from the the populace of course. With the attitude that fairness must be seen to prevail the council advertised its own online 'public consultation' never expecting the result that arrived. This blog, Justice4Smokers & FOREST all rapidly circulated this happening, urging all smokers & non smokers to complete the consultation for it was fairly obvious to at least a few that this was merely the starting point of complete annihilation for smokers outdoors.
Sunbathers on Brighton beach 
Sun, sea & a fag..... perfect!
The results were published yeaterday.
     Almost 2,000 responses came in, flabbergasting the council with a massive majority AGAINST such a ridiculous measure, although many did agree with banning smoking at school gates. 
"Responders against the proposals said the ban, which would have been voluntary, would have a negative effect on to the local economy and the move impacted on their human rights."
     In a further damning of the councils ideas re smoking:- “There is support amongst Brighton and Hove non-smoking residents for restaurants and pubs to have smoke free outdoor spaces and the majority of all residents who responded agreed that it was antisocial to smoke where people are eating and drinking", however, this does not mean that sitting outside one of the many cafes in Brighton causes you to be smokefree for no matter what is said, OUTSIDE is OUTSIDE and if people object then they simply need to go and sit inside! Should a cafe owner decide to implement an outdoor ban on smokers then it is up to the smokers whether they actually frequent that cafe or not. Personally, although a non smoker, I would not entertain any cafe/bistro that demonstrated such hatred toward his/her fellow man and would leaflet the entire area warning of the cafe's intolerance! 
     You really do have to smile at the continuos bilge used by these newspaper 'dicks'; eg, " Smoking is the primary cause of premature death and preventable illness in the UK and accounts for more than 80,000 deaths a year." Have they researched this so called fact at all? I very much doubt it because if they did they would soon realise that there is no such thing as a premature death! Was Helmut Schmidt's (60 a day smoker) death (at 96) a premature death or was Pat Eddery's (super fit non smoker) death at 63 more, less or equally premature? And the BHF maintain most vehemntly that STRESS is the biggest cause of death in this country-so who do you believe? The press bods get quite excited by all this premature nonsense yet none of them can explain it correctly!
Ayr smokers can continue to enjoy a fag & a coffee
     In an equally splendid day of news we find that the other end of the country has seen similarly to Brighton - only this time it is the council themselves that have seen sense! Ayr council has rubbished plans to ban smoking OUTSIDE cafes & bistro's etc as they have realised that such a move could cause hardship to businesses. Now hardship to businesses causes business closures - which in turn causes more people to be claiming benefits - which causes less revenue going to councils in rents/rates etc. It seems that Ayr council have at last begun to realise just how costly this war on toabacco could really be-unlike many other idiotic smoker hating councils I could mention! Remember many moons ago this blog actually worked out that the smoking ban was costing £1/2bn every single month (and rising)? .... well this is why. Brighton stated that 23% of their populace still smoked - a far cry from what CRUK/Gov't would have you believe. ASH, of course, will refute such a figure as they couldn't live with themselves thinking that all their efforts were in vain!
To me it is crimminal that these parasites are still receiving public funding for all they are doing now is spreading more and more lies about a subject that 25% of the people enjoy and that has created a massive illegal market in..... a Black Market!
     On that subject and although being a generally law abiding citizen, I have to say that I give almost full marks to the BM trade in tobacco-but not the filthy crap-made cigarettes from the eastern bloc which, quite frankly, have been found to have all manner of turd in them! No, I'm talking about the cheap tobacco brought in from abroad at vastly reduced prices and 'shared' among the 'gentle folk' of this country. This saves the 'gentle folk' considerable amounts of money, makes the holidaying importers a few quid for their efforts & denies our super greedy, short sighted Gov't an absolute fortune in lost revenue (tax). And so it should because they should never have attacked smokers as they have done and certainly should not have been hoodwinked by an old drone such as Arnott! The government are a total contradiction because they spout all the bilge about smoking costing lives yet they absolutely cringe at the mention of an ageing population-which costs more and more each year. Just think about this 'you happy campers', you'll be allowed to work until you 90 years of age soon-but not allowed to smoke, which would supposedly kill you and save the government money!
     Spread the word of happenings in Brighton aqnd use this knowledge at every opportunity for this is/was a landmark victory for the people - Power to the People!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

STOPtober & cars-oh what fun we can have!

Smoking Bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     You have got to hand it it to our most erudite MPs as they have (supposedly) vaingloriously saved the human race (well, most of those under 18 at any rate) from a fate worse than death..... or should I say 'instant death! The new and totally ridiculous law, enforceable from today actually) states that from today it is illegal to smoke in YOUR OWN CAR if you happen to have a child in the car with you - child being someone UNDER the age of 18! yet they want 16 yr olds to vote so is this not somewhat hypocritical I ask?
Under the Smoke-Free (Private Vehicles) Regulations 2015, it will become an offence to light up in any enclosed vehicle that is carrying people aged under 18.
      Just to prove to all that this is not just another money-making scheme we also have the following proviso's: In cases where the passenger is the smoker both they and the driver will have committed an offence (easy double money is it not?). In an interesting quirk, the legislation bans lighting up in a caravan or motorhome only if it is moving - meaning that all you have to do is stop every 10-20 minutes, somewhere on the public highway, stick your feet up and smoke away to your hearts content! I can see it now.....
plod, "tap, tap, tap, why are you parked here sir?" 
Driver, " had to pull over mate as it was fagtime, I'll be done in a few minutes (hearty wink employed)". 
plod, " but traffic is backing up behind you sir"
Driver, "did I make this stupid law? I don't think so (another hearty wink) good day to you!"
     It is also not a crime to smoke in a convertible with the top down or for a 17-year-old to smoke while driving without anyone else in the car aged under 18. (hang on a minute-wasn't this law supposed to be all about protecting our young and innocent-the under 18's..... even though they old enough to legally drive a motor vehicle?)
     Electronic cigarettes are not covered because they do not emit toxic fumes. But motorists who hang their cigarettes out of the window will still be committing an offence. Now of course the burning question is..... "who protects all motor vehicle users from the highly toxic fumes from all the other motor vehicles on our roads?"
     Yet again, the idiots that WE vote in (God only knows why, for most of them have the common sense of a dead gnat) have put unenforceable laws in place with a police force, that is being streamlined for financial reasons, being expected to drop everything and simply watch out for 'smokey motorists'. I doubt that Enid Blyton or JK Rowling could make this stupidity up if they tried! But, there is a beautiful sting in the tail for these buffoons as I have a very simple way by which the whole pack of cards will start to teeter & fall - child-like dummies!
Which one is real???
STAGE 1: All anyone need do is to nip out to a toy shop and buy a child sized dummy, dress it in baby clothes and secure in a baby/child seat, preferably with a nice little woolly hat on its head so that a little of the face is visible but not too much. Most dummies can be bought with the appearance of being asleep - perfect! Ensure you take photographs at each stage and have them authenticated by someone 'of standing'.
STAGE 2: Drive where ever you want to go, smoking whenever you feel the urge to smoke! This article here will prove my point perfectly!
Now this has a two-fold victory sign attached to it, you'll see why in a minute..... Image result for smiley faces
a)... If plod decide to pull you over simply let them rant on at you and accept the ticket gracefully, smile nicely and bid the officer a 'good day' before you toddle off, smiling from ear to ear. Be careful to preserve each & every ticketIt doesn't matter how many tickets you accrue for none of them will cost you a penny, and here's why folks. When a ticket is rated as non payed, court proceedings are initiated and when the call to appear in court arrives please make sure that you do actually attend. After all this is your moment of glory for after the usual bollox that initiates a court hearing are over and done with the magistrate will ask you if you plead guilty or not guilty - and to everyone's astonishment you will plead NOT GUILTY (for the simple reason that you are absolutely NOT GUILTY). The simple truth is that you cannot be 'ticketted' for smoking in a car with a 'minor' present when there is NO MINOR in the bloody car! In evidence all you need to do is to produce your authenticated photographs, showing all stages of 'dummies' dressed & semi-dressed state. Then you simply ask the prosecuting creature one simple question, "did the officer attempt, at any time during the ticketting procedure, to satisfy himself that what he saw was an actual real live human being?"
Bang Bang - end of case! Valuable court time taken up by idiots following the procedures laid down by elected idiots who have far more pressing matters to deal with than someone smoking a cigarette in their own vehicle! Perhaps I could suggest the migrant crisis???
b)... Should you have a nosey neighbour or suchlike, they will probably try to tell you all about the new law: smile nicely and wave them away as you would an irritating wasp. After their third attempt to intervene between you and your (dummy) child you can simply inform them that if they dare to intercede again in your private affairs you will report them for harrassment ..... isn't it nice to have a double edged sword . This will, in time, severely clog up the court system and create the mayhem that this imbecilic law richly deserves! I doubt that plod will bother too much with this stupid, stupid law. How so many of us survived the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's etc is totally beyond me !
     Whilst on the smoking theme..... you have to cast a wry smile at the terrible state of affairs in Cambridgeshire as Addenbrokes Hospital is under the severest of financial stresses and has been placed under "special measures" as it doesn't have the resources to pay the staff it needs..... yet they complain about the 11,000 incidents where smokers have ignored the hospitals ridiculous claims that 'no-one can smoke on the hospital grounds'! It just goes to show you the lunacy that Blairs government introduced on the people of this land when someone have a quiet smoke gets the same newspaper space as a majorly bankrupt, high profile hospital does! The lunatics truly are running the asylum!.
  "McNeil (Addenbrokes) announced last week that he was leaving the trust after almost three years in the job, so that a successor could address a number of very serious challenges here in Cambridge, including a growing financial deficit. The trust is losing £1.2m a week." I can really see why they are concerned over someone smoking on the grounds..... can't you?
     Meanwhile, according to a most reliable source, most of the worlds smokers have no plans to quit something they enjoy - and who can blame them? This poor old world of ours gets more oppressive every day so if a simple smoke is your stress reliever then so be it - 'carry on smoking sire'! 
Bessie Nolan, 103 yrs young and enjoying smoking everyday!
Over in America, the place that is no longer 'the land of the free' there are plans afoot to repeal a smoking ban - yes, I said repeal as Casper City are looking to help businesses instead of killing them off. Let's hope that they keep their nerve and vote for common sense so as to allow bar owners to make their own, informed choices!
     It also seems that despite the ghost of the tyrranical ex Mayor Bloomberg hovering over the city, New York's smoking rates are on the rise again! So much for the nanny brigade 'war-whooping' on every sidewalk & junction! The figures show a  14 % increase from 2010, which was the city's lowest recorded rate ever.
     Over at the BBC there was much wringing of hands & gnashing of teeth as iconic rock star Keith Richards sat on the Andrew Marr show being interviewed ..... WHILST SMOKING! They even provided him with an ashtray no less. How could it possibly be that a 70 yr old smoker was still alive, still spoke eloquently and was in a building smoking? Wow! Truth is that Keith refused to interview without his beloved fag in hand..... and the BBC backed down. Sadly I have to report that during the making of the programme no one died.
     Bizarrely enough, as more and more of the lies from the anti-smoking basturbators unfold we now find that more & more non smokers are contracting lung cancer. Now there's a thing!
     And another recognised study has now declared that smoking does not always curtail/dictate lifespan - now there's another thing! Apparently, genetics have a lot to do with lifespan and for once 'UCLA' failed to mention those much favoured words that they simply love to chuck into the mix: "Premature deaths", I wonder why not? 
     Back in Blighty an in depth study in Bradford has revealed that traffic fumes cause babies to be underweight at birth - so we already know what is going to be introduced 'scientifically' over the next few years don't we: "traffic fumes now associated with certain types of cancers" (Dr Kitty Little anyone-from the 80's?) 
     On a slightly different tack CRUK (CROOK  ) have been taken to task as to whether they are actually a pharmaceutical front or a serious charity after several rather pithy questions were asked by Chris Woollams. One thing is for sure and that is that they are now such a massive financial organisation they simply cannot afford for a cure-all to cancer being found/announced or put on the market! After all, when a charity declares that "every penny donated goes directly to research" one has to wonder why at least £108m is spent out of an income of £433m + approx another £10m on anti smoking canpaigns! Doesn't sound much like "every penny donated goes directly to research" to me - does it you?
Same difference!
     Whilst on about the lunatics now being in charge of the assylum one surely has to wonder at the possibility of the Labour party disintegrating under the leadership of the geriatric 'meat-head' duly elected to serve? After all, Bin Laden was a hero, Twin Towers was America's fault, we need to induce several million more migrants into this country, scrap Trident but not obliterate ISIS (???), and best of all this complete twerp WANTS us (that's me& you and a dog name Boo) to stay in the crumbling, all but sunk EU! Thankfully this loon will greatly enhance the kNOw vote (OUT vote) when it actually comes to referendum time.
Camoron has now been informed that the EU want yet another £365m for some reason or other-perhaps it's simply that the EU are running out of money to bribe our very own Brussels Broadcasting Company with - after all, what better way to financially kill a country than to bribe a nation with its own dosh!
     And finally, just to cap it all off and thanks to an abysmal bit of photographic imagery and media sympathy hype, we have been hit with the news that this country is to be invaded by at least 20,000 'refugees', including of course, as many ISIS headcases as can arrive here. Still, now that smoking in your own vehicle has become illegal this country is saved!!!

Monday, 31 August 2015

The Wheels on the bus go............ !

Smoking Bans KILL businesses - FACT!

     Our time has come folks..... and we should surely set out to enjoy our long awaited triumphs - for there will be many I can tell you. Let me explain.....
Those lazy, hazy days of pollution!
.....We have reached the merry stage of Health & Safety & Environmental Safety (ie, hazards to be reported) have virtually conjoined. Look at America where it is now illegal for your BBQ smoke to waft over to a neighbours house (you have to train ther smoke, somehow, to rise at least 100ft into the air!) lest you get a 'ticket' (fine). Now how ridiculous is that I ask?
Smokers in Los Angeles now have to walk round with a tape measure as they have to be 20ft away from any entryway .
The law, which went into effect with the new year, prohibits smoking within 20 feet of a main entrance, exit or operable window of a public building, including state university and community college buildings. Violation of the law is a misdemeanor punishable by a $100 fine.
Now how are you supposed to know what is 19ft, 20ft or indeed 21ft I ask, but the yanks have decreed that a wisp of smoke is so dangerous that even the merest whiff is going to strangle people on the spot. So, they bring in these silly 'ordinances' to protect the people, including smokers apparently, but they don't keep indoor cooking stinkers 20ft away from any entrance or campus do they! Now that the World Health Organisation has deemed cooking & household odours/fumes more dangerous than that dreaded wisp of smoke why are the bans not coming in?
     More so, if these disgraceful pollutants are now being persecuted it's definitely time for every smoker, non-smoker & libertarian to report every single bus to every single Environmental Health Authority for they are the very worst on our roads today. They are, without doubt, infringing our rights to breathe good clean, refreshing, quality air!  
Now they all scoffed at Dr Kitty Little last century, but they're not laughing now are they! They bang on about 'quality of life' but only want to pick on a minoroty of people, doing what they prefer to do - yet they are NOT harming anyone! There's a brilliant article out today detailing all this: well worth a solid read.
     Again there's mention of the big threat..... "PREMATURE DEATH". I've said time & time again that there is no such thing and now, through great persistence, some Drs are beginning to agree with me for the term is simply a nonsense strategy employed to instill fear of missing an extra few seconds, minutes, hours, dats etc of life! Scour you mortal selves and tell me when you find your D.O.D stamped anywhere about your person..... end of subject!
     As you are now allowed to report any Environmental Nuiscances (because they are injurious to your health) simply phone your local EH office and report the offending vehicle immediately and tell them you want a prosecution brought against them under the public health act - by continuosly driving them around our towns & cities the drivers are wilfully & purposely polluting our air, causing many breathing illnesses! You are saving many people from the much increased chance of a heart attack so you are well within your rights to ring in and report.
     Leicester City Council: Environment - 0116 454 1001: To report environmental problems including noise nuisance, dog fouling, fly-tipping, pollution, blocked drains, accommodation certificates, highway repairs - street lighting:
     Leeds City Council:  Environment: - 0113 222 4444 : Smoke control, air quality, pollution and odour. Use this page to find out about smoke control areas in Leeds, report a bonfire, and report issues with air quality, dust and smoke.
     London: A comprehensive list of all 32 London Boroughs for you to have fun with - let's make our streets safe to walk in and parade our children! You can have as much fun as you like in London because the happy-chappy place has failed all EU pollution level targets!
     Liverpool: (really rip into these cretins as they love smoker bashing!): 0151 233 3055 and have some fun.
Breathe it all in baby, breathe it in!!!
     The reverse stupidity of smoking bans has become all too evident thanks to the unadulterated honesty of  Eleanor Purcell, who runs Cahill s in Wickham Street, Limerick, IRELAND’s oldest dedicated tobacco shop. Sadly it is to stop selling cigarettes from Monday, with its proprietor saying the move is necessary to remain in business. Now you might think that this is a major victory for the anti-tobacco mobsters but in actual fact it is a monster slap in the face for Eleanor has stated that the the truth be that because smokers are now buying smuggled tobacco goods at a mere 40% of the shop price she simply cannot survive as a tobacconist! So, yet again, the government finish up with egg all over their pompous, bloated faces as crime wins yet again over stupidity in government - and who can blame the 'criminal' for making an honest living on the back of crooked laws? Another shop they will lose revenue from for tobacco sales yet smugglers are 'coining it in' with great aplomb - I wish I were 30 years younger for I know what my present employment would be!
     Looks like Pakistan's efforts to curb smoking are failing miserably too as a most reputable survey firm (No, not YouGov) has found that :
"Over the last six years, the illicit trade has grown by 43.5% and the tax-paid cigarette volume has declined by 11%,” says Nielsen, a global market research firm.
Neilsen, which documents consumer behaviour in over 100 countries, know exactly what they are talking about and you can rely on their totally impartial reports 100%  as opposed to such as ASH, FRESH, CRUK (CROOK), BHF etc upon whom you can have approximately 1% confidence! In fact, as soon as you 'smack some of these organisations with irrefutable proof they have sudden "phone calls from America" or "the kettles boiling over" ! Awful isn't it when your supposed upstanding doyens of society get caught with their pants down!
     Meanwhile, back in Limerick, the local hospital is up in arms (yet again) because hundreds of smokers are defying the 'hospital grounds smoking ban' - which of course they are fully entitled to as outside is outside! This column always writes to these silly hospitals etc to point out the error of their wants & ways but we seldom get a reply - truly bad manners methinks!

And just for all those "Doubting Thomas's" out there, here's a headline of sheer truth - NOT FICTION!

Study finds NO link between Second Hand Smoke and Cancer!
..... and this link lays it all out folks!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

You reap what you sew..... !

Smoking bans kill businesses - FACT !

     Laugh? I laughed my socks of at the total absurdity of what is now emanating from the worlds smoke ban capital..... California! They are so nuts over there that smokers have virtually been branded as witches, warlocks, devil worshippers & anything else that comes to mind.
     Remember when the smokers said that there were more dangers in a BBQ than in SHS - even though SHS was deemed the worlds greatest known killer (!)? Remember when it was proven that the dioxins from a BBQ amounted to the equivalent of smoking 200,000 cigarettes but the the anti smoking brigade scoffed & derided such claims?
     Remember (and I truly wish I could find the report/picture) when that stupid woman complained about cigarette smoke from her neighbour yet she was standing amid untold amounts of BBQ smoke?
     Well folks the time has come for great rejoicing & much stamping of feet in jubilation for  all this ridiculous 'stink' & 'disgusting pollution of the air' has now come back to haunt the neer-do-wells of this world!
     Enter Mr Scotty Jordan, a simple Florida home owner & keeper of the peace-but watch this video for you will not believe you eyes/ears!The video shows Pinellas County Environmental Specialist Joe Graham discussing the alleged infraction with Jordan and friends after a nearby neighbour alerted the county office. His most heinous crime? Using his BBQ to cook some food! 
     Now surely, you would think that the common sense factor regarding human v human cannot sink any lower..... but it does my friends as this idiot goes on to explain that perhaps Scotty Jordan should move his BBQ position if the wind happens to be blowing in a different direction (0.44 into video)! How do you move a brick built, concrete based BBQ as many are conformed these days? And of course, who knows from one day to the next where the wind will be coming from?
     Then we have the 'observation' from Pinellas County Environmental Specialist Joe Graham that he can see lethal, all pervading BBQ smoke! OMG-yes-SMOKE (2min:50sec in)-call the fire department immediately in case a burger gets cooked(neighbour already has done apparently on previous occasions!) It transpires that smoke on your own property is fine but should it drift over to a neighbours property (even the other side of the street apparently) it becomes an environmental issue, which means that the state can get money out of you..... for a perfectly normal everyday activity! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
     Now the burning question here (no pun intended) is, how high does the smoke have to reach before drifting across any other properties so as to be deemed "NOT A NUISANCE". Do all BBQ'ers need 20ft high chimneys, 50ft chimneys or even 100ft chimneys to be safe from misery guts neighbours & idiots like Joe Graham.
They came for the smokers..... who did nothing
They came for the drinkers..... who did nothing
They came for the fatties......... who did nothing
Now they come for anything & everything, the age of intolerance is upon us!
     Now what strikes me quite clearly is the following:
     As we are now allowed to take legal action against all these things that cause public nuisance and we actually have Environmental Officers like Joe Graham, can we not lay a complaint against every dirty stinking bus, every dirty stinking lorry, every foul fume emitting car simply because they are invading our space with their intoxicating & suffocating filth? Where is the difference?
Neighbour lights up BBQ - call an EHO out: they cause an odour you dislike!
Neighbour starts up the car - call an EHO out: they cause an odour you dislike!
Bus trundles past your property -  call an EHO out: they cause an odour you dislike!
     You see folks. you always reap that which you sew, only this time what 'they' have sewn is going to bite 'them' on the ass! We all now know that smoking bans were nothing to do with health and that the only argument they had left was the smell of burning tobacco (much arm waving & wrinkling of faces etc) so laws were brought in whereby people indoors were smoke free-but now they want outdoors to be smoke-free as well. I can see a whole heap of fun being had with this latest 'property line' v smoke situation..... can't you???
No difference eh, but let's moan anyway!!!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Does Brighton still Rock?

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT! 
A little note to Brighton's 'Consultation Chairman'

Dear Daniel,

    I have read, in total disbelief actually, the proposal to 'ban' smoking on Brightons famous pebble/stone beach. The actual composition of the beach is immaterial but the proposed ban is not! Allow me to quote from a daily newspaper if you will?

a)... "Cigarettes could be banned on beaches in Brighton to keep the seaside smoke-free"
    Smoke free Daniel? How is Brighton 'smoke-free' when the place, like all busy towns/cities, is inundated with road traffic-both petrol & deisel? have you fallen for the simple histrionics created by such as ASH, CRUK, FRESH et al and consider that the merest whiff of cigarette smoke will kill - and ignored the fact the exhaust fumes do! Even the World Health Organisation has backed down from the lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science used to inaugurate these bans in the first place-simply because THEY are now in place! SHS is harmless.

"It is part of a consultation asking residents if they would support a move to extend smoke-free outdoor areas..... "
    And may I ask the obvious question regarding this 'residents quiz', "how skewed is such a questionnaire when it is known that 75% of the residents are non smokers in the first place?" Also, how you guarantee that won't get involved to ensure that the figures are even more skewed in their favour? You might not have seen the twists & turns these people are capable of (outright lying is only one of them) but I have..... on numerous occasions!

Board chairman Daniel Yates said: 'We're keen to keep people safe from the effects of smoking in public areas, especially children who are most vulnerable...."
                                                       2 weeks old & already smoking!
                                                                   (says it all really!)
     'Safe from the effects of SHS/smoking in public places???' You have already fallen into the chasm of anti smoking rhetoric as you actually think there is harm from smoker emittences whilst in the open air! Let me ask you a simple question Daniel:- "when are you going to ban buses from entering Brighton's town centre or close Pool Valley Coach Station so as to avoid all those coaches from belching out life threatening exhaust fumes? Do you, personally, have any idea how many carcinogens/dioxins burst forth from the exhaust pipe when a coach/bus is actually started up Daniel?

d)... "
Smoking is one of Brighton's leading causes of premature death, and the proposed smoke-free areas are the places where children are most likely to be present ."
   i)... Daniel, this is so easy to destroy my friend and if you are a principled man you will convey this to your committee-who obviously need educating with truth! To start with there is no such thing as a 'premature death', the reason? Simple. Look very carefully about your person Daniel, and your partner as well (with a microscope if necessary) and tell me where abouts on the body it states your predetermined D.O.D (date of death). I'll give you 100 years to find it, knowing full well that it does not exist. What does exist is a medical/mathematecal trickery of figures which has everyone thinking that if they 'peg-out' before their "three score & ten" they have been cheated of life! This of course is utter hogwash as not one person in this land has a predetermined lifespan-any of us could die at any time. Therefore the myth that smoking/SHS causes premature deaths is simply that - a myth. Ask your committe this simple question Daniel please: "why were/are the six longest ever living people on this planet smokers?" You could also ask this rather unsavoury question too: "why did Mr & Mrs Smith's baby only live for 3 minutes-even though birthed in the most sterile situation possible?" You see Daniel, no single person knows, at birth, just how long another person will live but 'the myth of those two words (premature death)' is very, very useful to all anti smoking zealots but also something that Arnott & Co won't discuss with me at length!

                                                            A truly gruesome sight!

    ii)... "where children are most likely to be present". Now Daniel, please don't tell me that you have been sucked in by the anti smokers last resort - using the 'cheeeeeldren'! let me ask you another question Daniel: "why are we living in an age where our welfare costs are reaching such monumental proportins that soon we won't be able to retire until we are actually 100(!)?" The answer my friend is very simple. All those very naughty babies born in the aftermath of the war (late 40's & 50's) have had the audacity to continue well past their aforementioned three score & ten! In other words, all those naughy babies growing up when smoking rates were in the 70% regions (oh yes they were my son) were basically immune and that is why we now have more than 10,000 centenarians in this country! The Thalidomide drug caused far more havoc than any smoking did! The 'cheeeeeldren' are trotted out at every single opportunity nowadays-and they always will do as they have nothing left in their armoury simply because no bar-staff ever dropped dead (as supposed by ASH et al initially) and never will!

e)... "
The proposed plans appear designed to make the places like parks and and beaches, often very busy during school holidays, a safer place for children to play." Note the words 'appear designed', one of their favoured buzzwords akin to 'could be', probability of', 'maybe', 'possibly be', might be' and a whole host of others designed to bend the mind! Note again, as above, the use of the 'cheeeldren' - they never stop!

Brighton and Hove's director of public health Tom Scanlon said: "Tobacco smoke typically contains more than 170 toxins including carcinogens and air pollutants." But has he told you or stated the number of such in a single 'blast' from an exhaust pipe or of the 200,000 dioxins emitted by our much loved BBQ's during the summer months? has he told you of the arsenic or formaldhyde in our drinking water or even the chlorine? I'll bet not! Mr Scanlon simply trots out the age old 'safety net' answers when needed, nothing more nothing less. he knows just how gullible people are thus talking in BIG numbers is an easy game to learn & play! One quick question for the most eminent Mr Scanlon, Daniel: "could the most honourable gentleman please tell me exactly how many people have died from actual smoking, in Brighton, in the past 100 years; ie, how many death certificates can he produce for me?"

      g)... Mr Scanlon continues with the most feeble of 'finishers' by stating: "Outdoor tobacco smoke dissipates more quickly than indoor smoke but in certain concentrations and weather conditions it still poses an additional health risk to non-smokers.' Pray ask him what these 'certain concentrations' might be and also what 'weather conditions' we might be talking about because more than 50 years of thorough research has only ever proven cigarette smoke to rise vertically and disappear altogether! The second strange thing being of course that the World health Organisation have now classified SHS as HARMLESS! Now there's a thing, for a decade ago it was deemed more toxic that 'sarin gas'-which of course is used extensively in germ warfare etc!

So Daniel, as your survey of local people continues, even though skewed, and your anti smoking/anti tobacco mobsters force regulation after regulation upon the poor beleagured smokers have a quiet word with yourself and ask the question: Can Britain/Brighton afford to lose anymore businesses (pubs, clubs, coner shops etc) and can Brighton afford to see it's valuable tourism trade diminishing on a yearly basis. Just think Daniel, this idiotic smoking ban now costs this country in excess of £1/2 bn every single month - now what could that do for the  Royal Sussex?

How many nurses/doctors could that buy? How much more urgently needed equipment could that buy Daniel? You embrace people of many sexual orientations in your town yet you wish to demonise 25% of your population simply because they choose to smoke. When do you start demonising the 99.2% that choose to enjoy sugary foods, sugary drinks, sugary sweets etc? Will they no longer be allowed to sprawl out on the stone/pebble beach that Brighton is famous for?

As for the law, well, the law clearly states that smokers must NOT smoke indoors or inside of any business premises. Therefore they have to be outside, in all elements, to enjoy their chosen smoke. I do believe that Brighton Rock beach be an outside area so how are you proposing to police such a ridiculous proposal? To police such a creation will detract from your decreasing police force from catching criminals worthy of catching! Do you reaqlly want to leave the good people of Brighton open to mass criminal abuse?

Now I know the question that is burning with you Daniel so I am sorry that I am going to disappoint you somewhat but I am a non smoker, I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and yes, I defend smokers rights to exert their freedom of choice. Smoking doesn't bother me in the slightest-even though the anti smoking lobby whipped up a frenzy of hatred against smokers. People still think we live in a democracy but I'm afraid that the unforgivable Mr Blair changed all that in 2006 when the so called "free vote" was forced/whipped through parliament.
I do hope that you don't succumb to the fraudulent claims of ASH et al as they have only one agenda: the complete eradication of smokers & the tobacco plant. People will still smoke if they want to, no matter what the substance used and don't forget that the war on drugs has now officially ended as the authorities have found they could not win-despite throwing some $50trillion at it.
Such a shame that Brighton might not be rocking anymore Daniel.
Perhaps more of you might like to voice your opinions to Daniel!
Best wishes

Phil Johnson

Update: we now have the link for the council consultation: