Monday, 31 August 2015

The Wheels on the bus go............ !

Smoking Bans KILL businesses - FACT!

     Our time has come folks..... and we should surely set out to enjoy our long awaited triumphs - for there will be many I can tell you. Let me explain.....
Those lazy, hazy days of pollution!
.....We have reached the merry stage of Health & Safety & Environmental Safety (ie, hazards to be reported) have virtually conjoined. Look at America where it is now illegal for your BBQ smoke to waft over to a neighbours house (you have to train ther smoke, somehow, to rise at least 100ft into the air!) lest you get a 'ticket' (fine). Now how ridiculous is that I ask?
Smokers in Los Angeles now have to walk round with a tape measure as they have to be 20ft away from any entryway .
The law, which went into effect with the new year, prohibits smoking within 20 feet of a main entrance, exit or operable window of a public building, including state university and community college buildings. Violation of the law is a misdemeanor punishable by a $100 fine.
Now how are you supposed to know what is 19ft, 20ft or indeed 21ft I ask, but the yanks have decreed that a wisp of smoke is so dangerous that even the merest whiff is going to strangle people on the spot. So, they bring in these silly 'ordinances' to protect the people, including smokers apparently, but they don't keep indoor cooking stinkers 20ft away from any entrance or campus do they! Now that the World Health Organisation has deemed cooking & household odours/fumes more dangerous than that dreaded wisp of smoke why are the bans not coming in?
     More so, if these disgraceful pollutants are now being persecuted it's definitely time for every smoker, non-smoker & libertarian to report every single bus to every single Environmental Health Authority for they are the very worst on our roads today. They are, without doubt, infringing our rights to breathe good clean, refreshing, quality air!  
Now they all scoffed at Dr Kitty Little last century, but they're not laughing now are they! They bang on about 'quality of life' but only want to pick on a minoroty of people, doing what they prefer to do - yet they are NOT harming anyone! There's a brilliant article out today detailing all this: well worth a solid read.
     Again there's mention of the big threat..... "PREMATURE DEATH". I've said time & time again that there is no such thing and now, through great persistence, some Drs are beginning to agree with me for the term is simply a nonsense strategy employed to instill fear of missing an extra few seconds, minutes, hours, dats etc of life! Scour you mortal selves and tell me when you find your D.O.D stamped anywhere about your person..... end of subject!
     As you are now allowed to report any Environmental Nuiscances (because they are injurious to your health) simply phone your local EH office and report the offending vehicle immediately and tell them you want a prosecution brought against them under the public health act - by continuosly driving them around our towns & cities the drivers are wilfully & purposely polluting our air, causing many breathing illnesses! You are saving many people from the much increased chance of a heart attack so you are well within your rights to ring in and report.
     Leicester City Council: Environment - 0116 454 1001: To report environmental problems including noise nuisance, dog fouling, fly-tipping, pollution, blocked drains, accommodation certificates, highway repairs - street lighting:
     Leeds City Council:  Environment: - 0113 222 4444 : Smoke control, air quality, pollution and odour. Use this page to find out about smoke control areas in Leeds, report a bonfire, and report issues with air quality, dust and smoke.
     London: A comprehensive list of all 32 London Boroughs for you to have fun with - let's make our streets safe to walk in and parade our children! You can have as much fun as you like in London because the happy-chappy place has failed all EU pollution level targets!
     Liverpool: (really rip into these cretins as they love smoker bashing!): 0151 233 3055 and have some fun.
Breathe it all in baby, breathe it in!!!
     The reverse stupidity of smoking bans has become all too evident thanks to the unadulterated honesty of  Eleanor Purcell, who runs Cahill s in Wickham Street, Limerick, IRELAND’s oldest dedicated tobacco shop. Sadly it is to stop selling cigarettes from Monday, with its proprietor saying the move is necessary to remain in business. Now you might think that this is a major victory for the anti-tobacco mobsters but in actual fact it is a monster slap in the face for Eleanor has stated that the the truth be that because smokers are now buying smuggled tobacco goods at a mere 40% of the shop price she simply cannot survive as a tobacconist! So, yet again, the government finish up with egg all over their pompous, bloated faces as crime wins yet again over stupidity in government - and who can blame the 'criminal' for making an honest living on the back of crooked laws? Another shop they will lose revenue from for tobacco sales yet smugglers are 'coining it in' with great aplomb - I wish I were 30 years younger for I know what my present employment would be!
     Looks like Pakistan's efforts to curb smoking are failing miserably too as a most reputable survey firm (No, not YouGov) has found that :
"Over the last six years, the illicit trade has grown by 43.5% and the tax-paid cigarette volume has declined by 11%,” says Nielsen, a global market research firm.
Neilsen, which documents consumer behaviour in over 100 countries, know exactly what they are talking about and you can rely on their totally impartial reports 100%  as opposed to such as ASH, FRESH, CRUK (CROOK), BHF etc upon whom you can have approximately 1% confidence! In fact, as soon as you 'smack some of these organisations with irrefutable proof they have sudden "phone calls from America" or "the kettles boiling over" ! Awful isn't it when your supposed upstanding doyens of society get caught with their pants down!
     Meanwhile, back in Limerick, the local hospital is up in arms (yet again) because hundreds of smokers are defying the 'hospital grounds smoking ban' - which of course they are fully entitled to as outside is outside! This column always writes to these silly hospitals etc to point out the error of their wants & ways but we seldom get a reply - truly bad manners methinks!

And just for all those "Doubting Thomas's" out there, here's a headline of sheer truth - NOT FICTION!

Study finds NO link between Second Hand Smoke and Cancer!
..... and this link lays it all out folks!


  1. Well, once again we are getting the Truth about air pollution, for years we have had nothing except the so called "Health lobby " telling us that a whiff of second hand tobacco smoke being the "cause" of just about all of life's ills, now the real cause and truth is being told.

    We have waited many years for this and the law abiding, taxpaying smoker should make the most of this truth.

    The smokers way of life and social meeting places were made to be out of bounds and no longer welcoming to the former customers and all based on a false "claim". We now know that those claims have been proven Wrong. It could never be proven that the smell of second hand tobacco smoke was indeed a danger to non smokers, so no need for a ban in the first place.

    The time has come to Demand an end to the Discrimination of smokers and for smokers to be treated with equality.

  2. Yes, all very true and all very pertinent. I would point out, however, that the linked article from Australia 'out today' is in fact dated 2011. Good article, mind you, but a little dated. And it obviously didn't have much impact, judging by the way the Australians are aiming all their heavy artillery at smokers without giving an iota of leeway. They really do believe they have a God given right to persecute those of whom they disapprove.

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