Friday, 29 November 2013

NICE ? No, just plain horrible people.

Smoking bans kill businesses-FACT!

     So we now have the people who purport to act on behalf of NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellenc) deciding what hospital policy/ies should be with regard to smoking. Since when have they been a legislative body I ask?
     These are the people who decide whether cancer sufferers live or die - ccording to cost etc. If the life extending drugs seem to cost 'too much' then they refuse to supply the necessary drugs and the patient dies earlier than would probably have been. It's easy to see where the medical world have coined the phrase "premature death" from isn't it-they've created the situation! So, in effect, the horrible people at NICE are Godlike in deciding who lives & who dies.
Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag NICE Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag NICE Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag  

     It seems that horrible, horrible NICE have now decided that all smoking on hospoital grounds be banned, patients no longer allowed outside for a NICE relaxing cigarette, staff no longer allowed to smoke on their breaks and, worst of all, this is all to be policed by staff who have to supposedly run around after smokers to inform them to stop smoking. I thought medical staff were medical staff, trained to treat people that were ill - not bullyboy style doormen/women that harrassed others because of a lifestyle chosen by them! This is one step too far. Far from helping this smoking situation NICE are simply going to cause more hospital admissions as nurses (m/f) are assaulted by smokers who are fed up of being harrassed by illegal 'doormen'/smoke wardens. Yet the answer is so simple! CHOICE.
Measures should be implemented to help patients stop smoking while they are being cared for and “preferably help them to stop for good”, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) said.
These people truly do live in a separate world to the rest of us. Why would a patient, who thoroughly enjoys smoking, want any 'implemented measures' to stop smoking? Forget all that blarney about 80% of smokers wanting to quit, that is simply another 'pie in the sky figure' from our friends at ASH. The imbeciles at NICE need to take something very basic on board here: people are either born to enjoy smoking or not-simple as that.
 smoking, nice, NHS, quit, hospitals, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Professor Mike Kelly, Cambridge,
 Professor Mike Kelly, director of the Centre for Public Health Excellence at Nice, described the guidance as a “culture shift” as opposed to creating a "penal culture" and said it is needed to end “the terrible spectacle of people on drips in hospital gowns smoking outside hospital entrances”. (Let them get dressed first then Mike!)
What about the terrible spectacle of patients being refused expensive drugs and left to die???
     Professor Mike Kelly is another who believes that this should be looked at as a culture shift and not  bullyboy tactic, but then he would as he wants to be seen as "being for the greater good" etc. We must also remember that a condemned man is allowed a last cigarette before execution and it seems that Mike Kelly would deny dying patients their last drag as well-what a cretin! To suggest that people be fined for smoking on hospital grounds is totally absurd and merits absolutely no consideration whatsoever. The normal set of estimated figures are banded about as usual - 80,000 estimated deaths per annum attributable to smoking & now we may have up to 5,000 pregnancies 'gone wrong' because of smoking! Hang on a minute here, does that mean they only counted the pregnant ladies that smoked or did they actually find 20,000 pregnant females and then waited until a conclusion for each one? And we must remember that SIDS was also incorporated in their silly anti smoking statistics when SIDS cannot possibly be included in any other criteria..... except SIDS statistics!
     Another interesting fact is that  NICE now declare that smokers should not receive treatment, yet 'Nai' Bevan set up the NHS FOR ALL PEOPLE, not just those who sit on the sanctimonious bench! Perhaps we shouldn't treat all those that eat mushy peas in future because their breath stinks and the gases exuded are atrocious! What do you think Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagAdolf Kelly?Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag 
Aneurin Bevan 1945.jpg 

Bevan was a lifelong champion of social justice and the rights of working people
     Patients who smoke have every right to wander off to have a cigarette if they so desire and the HORRIBLE people at the so called NICE place have absolutely no right to say otherwise. Yet again, the nastyness of a few should see an increase in smoking! 
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A murder, lies & deceits aplenty

    Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT!

     Good afternoon folks, nice to be back at home after another trip to the 'meat slab' which has enabled breath to continue being drawn, I'm very happy to say! It's amazing what you can learn in a hospital-and not just about hospitally things either! For instance, a young gentleman was brought onto the ward heavily sedated after an operation and heavily chained as he was still serving a prison sentence across the road. The two warders made me smile as they discussed the rota for toiletries etc - as climate change of extraordinary proportions was needed for this young man to evapourate to escape his shackles-even though he was comatose!
I asked one of them about the POA asking for the smoking ban in prisons and he surprised by stating that the prison officers themselves didn't want a full ban 'inside', it was the Prison Service that had demanded such. I informed him that there could be no claims for any health defects courtesy of SHS because 
a... SHS was non carcinogenic
b... the EU had already decided such in the Mdme Labate case
     To say he was dumbstruck would be an understatement for he informed me that as far as he was aware, SHS was more toxic than 'sarin gas' and no one had ever told them (the PO's) about the Labate case! (A little underhand to say the least methinks!) I just winked at him and said, "see how deceitful your mob really are? what a fine, upstanding & honest organisation you work for" and laughed. Well at least it gave him and his 'oppo' something to chat about as they waited at the bedside of the extremely well chained hospitalised prisoner.
     One of my favourite nurses espied me and came to say hello as she went for her cigarette break-tea break actually but she took her flask outside with her so as to be able to enjoy that which she enjoys with her cuppa. Resourceful girl she is, bless her. On her way out she winked at me and dropped an article in my lap for me to read. Amazing! About a woman in her forties, never smoked, did everything by the health book (long before the 'health book' even evolved) and promptly died from lung cancer. Just goes to show what a complete bollox this smoking ban really is-full of lies.
Michael R Bloomberg.jpg
Happily this creature is now out to grass!
     And now we have the extreme pleasure of Bloomberg (ex Mayor of New York) finally proving that senility has caught up with him as he has declared that smoking at a young age causes a lack of fertility. Apparently "It's not sexy" to smoke! Being in his seventies and having survived those terrible post war years where 'everyone' smoked I am astounded that this idiot can state such a thing when he has clearly survived all that smoking, SHS, 3rdHS, cooking fumes from old wood stoves, cheap gasolene fumes from aeroplanes etc etc! Obviously he retired on the advise of his psycho Doctor.
     As the spin machine of the anti smokers continues to run at a slower & slower rate we now find that if you walk within 30ft of a smoker you are at extreme risk! Dear oh dear me, just where do they dig this utter bilge up from and, more to the point, who the hell is paying for it? (Sorry, of course, Big Pharma are paying). It transpires that being within 30ft of an actual smoker is so damaging that I am amazed that the streets are not littered with dead bodies..... from all the vehicle exhausts created by people going about their daily lives.
Andrea Crossfield, of Tobacco Free Futures, said: ‘Everyone has a right to breathe clean air, whether you’re in a house, a car or walking down the street.
Andre Crossfield-overpaid, over inflated stuck up jihadist!
     Why is this woman being paid anything at all? She is clearly deluded if she thinks that a whiff of cigarette smoke is more harmful that exhaust fumes and has obviously NOT been updated about the WHOs latest carcinogenic revelation re the very air we breathe. It really is time these silly people were put out to pasture. There you go..... they could all be "Bloomberged" and plonked in the retirement homes for sick & twisted minds. Just look at what common sense has brought in that silly land 'down under'! Listen to the screams already folks!
Talking of air pollution, look at the latest figures for London alone! More than 50% of the London Boroughs are in trouble thanks to rising pollution levels declares the L.E.Standard. This bit is priceless folks (I quote)
Green peer Baroness Jenny Jones said: “It is extremely disappointing that so many Londoners are being exposed to even higher levels of pollution from vehicles. The Mayor tells us he is acting to reduce pollution, but whatever he is doing, it’s clearly not enough. He must act now to bring effective measures to protect Londoners from excessive, dangerous and illegal levels of vehicular pollution”.

Pollution-it's simply a daily part of the pace of life nowadays!
     Now then Baroness Jenny Jones, just WHAT do YOU expect poor old Boris to do about this situation? More to the point Jenny baby, WHAT would YOU do in this situation for it's very easy to criticise when in opposition! I know, let's double the congestion charge shall we? Hammer the motorists even more for going about their daily business. let's take half the black cabs off the roads, half the delivery vans/lorries, half the draymen's vehicles and better still let's take half of all those dirty great big stinking, ever polluting buses of the roads. There you go Baroness 'wonderbrains' you've just removed 50% of the pollution problem in one fell swoop-the only problem being of course is that you would bring London to a standstill within a week! The more people you allow into this country the more pollution there will be: simple fact of life woman. Over to you Baroness.
The Scots have not shirked the issue of pollution either as Michael Matheson (another anti tobacco crank) is adamant that Plain Packaging will be the scourge their country's of ill health. Perhaps he has not heard about the air pollution either though Scotland suffers equally as badly as London according to this report! Perhaps the fool hasn't realised yet that PP makes no difference.
“I am determined to see Scotland remain at the forefront of those countries committed to bold action to reduce the harm to our health caused by tobacco." 
     Obviously this fruitcake doesn't read his own countries tabloids and has no idea that pollution may occur from elsewhere.Still, they shouldn't have to worry too much north of the border for the way the jobs sector is shrinking I doubt there will be any heavy industrialisation left to cause any pollution in a decades time-what will they do then I wonder when the financial well has completely run dry?
Whilst Matheson is bleating on about the success of PP in Australia, the Australians are now concerned that PP has failed thus far! Cigarette sales have not nose dived, in fact people are smoking more thanks to nanny driven idiocies AND, to compound matters, the illegal trade is flourishing like never before!
"That report states that ­tobacco consumption in Australia will rise this year for the first time since 2003."
     Congratulations to the anti smoking Jihad in Australia, you simply confirmed what we all knew in the first place, which was: make a scene, create a 'no go area' (tobacco) and you will draw folk in like bees to a honey pot! It has been calculated that illicit tobacco is 13.3 per cent of total Australian sales and getting towards a market share enjoyed there by the world's biggest manufacturer, Imperial Tobacco. 'Way to go' you Aussie AT nutters, just look at all that lovely tax you may well have collared had you not interfered-what a tribe of plonkers Rodney!
Meanwhile, a little bit further up the globe we find that a self styled cigarette extinguisher has claimed self defence after shooting a smoker! Yes, unbelievable but true I'm afraid:-
Police said bar owner Chris Ferrell, 44, said he shot Mills in self defense.
A group of Ferrell’s friends were at the bar when Mills began smoking a cigarette in a nonsmoking area, prompting an argument between him and Ferrell, police said. Others left and heard gunshots from outside the bar and called police.
     Ferrell says he shot the smoker in "self defense" ! defending himself from what I ask-SHS ? Is this really going to be his defence when he is tried in a court of law ? Is this fool going to expect the lunacy of corrupted law to 'back him up' when it comes to cold blooded murder over a cigarette. I think we need our good friend Audrey Silk to keep her eye on this case for I am pretty sure that 'they' will try to smother this.

               "Smoking Gun" anyone ???
     And just to finish on a high note, it would appear that smoking bans are no longer needed as scientists (proper ones I hope) have now conquered the "Everest of all cancerous genes"! According to this report "ras" has been nailed-and about time too is all I can say. So it's time to wrap up all these money grubbing quangos, send these fruitloops back into the real world and let the proper scientists do what they get paid to do-find cures. And then we'll start talking compensation for all those who have lost out thanks to the biggest con of all time-and all from a government that are suposed to protect & care for their electorate!
Funny how murder, lies & deceits aplenty seem the par norm these days yet TRANSPARENCY has to be observed in all other matters!