Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Dutch courage or just simplicity

Yet again the Dutch have decided to lead the way, much to the horror of all the anti tobacco merchants in this country. The Dutch, being a tolerant nation and not full of 'do-gooders' and 'do even better extremists' who simply want to control YOUR lifestyle have all but booted out STIVORO who happen to be the Dutch equivalent of our very own, intrusive & destructive bunch of lifestyle setters-ASH.
Just look at the names attached to this report in the Lancet: Deborah Arnott, John Britton, Luke Clancy & Robert West to name but a few, all protesting at this outrage-but why would they do this? why would they give a hoot about what the Netherlands are doing when ASH rule supreme in this idiotic, cow-towing country now ruled by the health lobby? The answer is very simple my friends - MONEY-MONEY-MONEY, it's not funny, they took our cash away (Hum along to ABBA!) They just might start wondering how much longer our government is prepared to squander £billions on a programme that will, utlimately fail & suffer the ignominy of not being able to prove it saved 1 miserable life!

Smoking Permitted Signs (SF-013)

Let us go through this  pathetic attempt by those named above to condemn the courageous Dutch government:
The Government of the Netherlands has announced that it is all but closing down its tobacco control operations. It has already weakened its existing smoke-free laws. It will reverse a previous decision to ensure that smokers who want to stop but cannot do so by themselves receive evidence-based treatment to help them. And it plans to close down the world-renowned national centre on tobacco control, STIVORO. This at a time when smoking prevalence in the Netherlands is relatively high among western countries at 27%, resulting in an estimated almost 20 000 premature deaths per year.
 "It has already weakened its existing smoke-free laws." Why? Answer, quite simply because the implementation was costing the Dutch government too much in lost revenue. They realised, unlike our brainwashed pair of 'heelers' that bars losing money, bars closing down and thousands being rendered unemployed, equalled not only a lack of incoming funds/taxes but a need to pay out benefits to those now rendered unemployed!
" It will reverse a previous decision to ensure that smokers who want to stop but cannot do so by themselves receive evidence-based treatment to help them."
Now this is truly hilarious for what 'evidence based treatment' can they possibly be babbling about? Would it be the fantastically successful NRT products that have shown a remarkable 98.4% FAILURE rate? or could it be that wonderland drug known (variously) as Chantix, Champix, Varencline & others that sends people into hallucinatory worlds of dreams & self destruction? There is only one certain method-it's called willpower!
"And it plans to close down the world-renowned national centre on tobacco control, STIVORO."

 Stivoro? World famous? in who's eyes? Only famous in the eyes of anti smoking zealots who seem to want supreme power in every country possible. As 27% of the Dutch people still prefer to smoke, even after years of oppression (ASH/Stivoro) it would seem that Stivoro are a complete waste of time & money and that a government is sick to the back teeth of funding these self styled life stylists! Halle-bloody-lujah baby, the message is finally getting through!
"...resulting in an estimated almost 20 000 premature deaths per year."
Aw bless! Resorting to the same old heart-tugger as always, but notice the word 'estimated'-used again because they cannot prove the figure quoted and nor can they differentiate between smokers deaths and/or air pollution deaths, but of course you don't see them mention air pollution do you! And then we come to the grand-daddy of them all, that word 'premature' . I will ask those that presume to know, "who holds the book of life that has it written when each of us is going to die?" Who knows, when we are born, whether we are going to live for one hundred seconds, minutes, days, months or years? now I appreciate that due to technological & medicinal advancements over the decades, people are starting to live longer-which must mean that the baby boom of the 1950's was an exceedingly healthy time to have babies! I can see certain sections of our society cringing at the very thought of that but why else would this government be 'wetting it's collective knickers' over its welfare state budgets. You see, if so many people are still alive after 60 years of non stop bullying from the health loons then it must mean that smoking aids longevity and not, as they claim, abbreviates life somewhat!
Then we get:
"...findings from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project show that Dutch smokers are the least knowledgeable or concerned about the harms of smoking and second-hand smoke of all the 12 countries covered"


Can anyone imagine that anyone in the civilised western world could possibly be 'least knowledgeable' about the possible harms of tobacco, tobacco control, lifestyle bullying, government funded terrorist groups etc; it simply defies comprehension! They are not least knowledgeable, they just choose to ignore it all and do their own thing.
"It recognises that tobacco is lethal and addictive and that society as a whole has a responsibility to encourage and help smokers who want to stop and to prevent young people getting addicted."
The difference between the two countries is quite simple actually: the Dutch respect the rights of every one of their citizens to exercise their freedom of choice, whereas this now health beleagured miserable, killjoy government of ours doesn't! If they did, there would be smoking pubs & non smoking pubs, there would be licensees exercising their own preferences, smoking customers or/and non smoking customers. There would be money pouring INTO the treasury - not pouring out like a chicken wire'd sieve! And of course the anti tobacco loons pounce on the fact that the Dutch are now leaving their young, innocent and defenceless offspring to an almost certain life of smoking, drugs, alcohol and whatever else they can dream up-yet again ignoring the fact that all humans have the right to exercise their own freedom of choice. ASHites, worldwide only have one idea, that being 'you are free to choose, non smoking or..... err, non smoking'
And just to round things off the 'generals of the Lancet epistle' place the deaths of all future smokers on the shoulders of not only the tobacco companies but also, now, the liberal minded Dutch government! Pathetic! Pram - dummy - out of ???
Again I ask: if smoking is so bad for you why is it that we are now panicking about our welfare system in the light of all those fifties children who are now looking at claiming their well earned pensions? In fact, Denmark are in a similar position to us-almost potless! Funny how smoking bans cost countries so much money.....I wonder why?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Dumb & Dumber watch us sink!

It is incredible to think that 2 years ago I actually waived my growing respect for UKIP to one side and voted for Mr Dumber (on the right) as I truly believed that his party would enjoy a massive majority and repeal the worst of Labours stupidly implemented laws, after all Mr Dumber had been enjoying a gigantic 20pt lead at one stage yet, on the day, his party only just managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

The Coalition weakens the link between voter and Government

In doing so Mr Dumber had to cosy up to Mr Dumb (on the left) and his tribe of illiberal eejits, which of course was never going to be a harmonious relationship nor a scrap of good for the general public at large!
Having watched this joint performance from Day1 I can honestly say that I now know how those trapped below decks on the Titanic felt a century ago-beyond despair.
They had no hope of salvation and nor do we for we have a government scared shitless of saying no to Brussels ....."We will ensure that the British people hold a referendum concerning entry into the EU....." we won't because it now seems that Mr Dumber and his sidekick treasurer want to be 'europhiles' for reasons best known to himself-and possibly the New World Order? One thing for sure is that most of the 'vote me in spin' has proven to be equal to Blair's spin factory-and that was no mean machine I can tell you.
 The Daily Telegraph today highlights why so many of us don't bother to vote at all anymore. It makes disturbing reading as it points to the fact that we are being governed by a party that hasn't even got a 'people majority', ie, not elected with 50% of the votes from those eligible to vote. Worse than that, according to Hansard,
 only 24%  of those polled think the way we are governed works “reasonably well”.
Now I might well be a simple soul, but to me that just screams off the page, 
"76% of those polled think the way we governed stinks!"
 and they would be right.
Mr Dumb committed political 'Hari-Kari' within weeks of stepping up to the plate as he dismissed smokers as irrelevant. The schoolboy in long trousers, an occasional puffer himself, declared, 
"one of the first principles, if you are a Liberal is that (pause) is that you (pause), in a sense, allow people to do what they want, as much as you can, so long as it doesn't harm others.........and smoking is one of those classic examples where it's not a harm free activity because it harms others around you ......"
Now of course it MAY only cause harm if those who don't wish to be involved in smoking are forced to share the same airspace but of course Mr Dumb has totally ignored the fact that all pubs & clubs should have CHOICE. Being liberal minded also means that CHOICE comes into the equation-but not according to the schoolboy in long trousers! You see, CHOICE works both ways:-
a)... a licensee has the choice to welcome smokers and ignore food 
b)... a licensee can ban smoking and cater for eaters only
c)... a licensee can simply section one room off completely for smokers and/or those that wish to enjoy a smoke filled 'good old British pub' environment.
Now wasn't that simple! You see Messrs Dumb & Dumber, you only had to implement the smallest of liberal mindedness and everyone would have been happy-apart from those poor (literally) licensees that had already been bankrupted by Blairs ignorance & Donaldson's petty tantrums.
Now the second part of Dumb & Dumber's failure is on the economic front, though I'll grant you that Blair/Brown's spendthift policies left them with little room for manoeuvre. Having watched a few thousand pubs & clubs close courtesy of the smoking ban and having watched the torrent of revenue pouring into the treasury rapidly dry up you would have to think that sane men, yes, even Dumb & Dumber would want to increase income not decrease it. By allowing more businesses to close they are only decreasing that income and to my utter amazement I find that Mr Dumber studied economics at Oxford! Now I have only experienced the 'University of Life' so I can't hope to match his awesome mathematical brilliance, but I sure as hell know what would kick start the internal economy again! I sure as hell know what will stop businesses closing (for good) too! So why does 'call me Dave', who never calls back by the way, not see the blindingly obvious and pave the way to opening the  internal 'economic growth' doors and start to claw back revenue? The answer my friends is not 'blowing in the wind', the answer is over in Brussels because they are the prats that are endorsing the WHO's "FCTC" as they see smoking as the biggest killer on the planet and are making a complete song 'n' dance about it-probably hoping that everyone will completely forget the £billions they wasted on controlling/eradicating illegal drug trafficking!
With 75% of the nation being non smokers, myself included, it makes you wonder at the intelligence factor of some of these elected representatives for basic common sense seems to evade them. Just think how much extra revenue this cash strapped government could rake in between now and Christmas by simply allowing choice-£billions! It won't make a scrap of difference to the death rates and even if it did it would suit government as they would save a fortune on welfare payments. People die when they die, not when ASH, CRUK or even the WHO say so. It is highly hypocritical to assure people that you are doing something for their own good, longevity of life when, at the same time, they are telling you they can no longer afford for you to live past retirement age so in order to ensure that a few million more don't cause a financial problem they simply put the retirement age UP! 
I have sent a very polite letter to Mr Dumb, Mr Dumber & Mr Bunter, all of whom have steadfastly either ignored my missives, refused to reply for fear of incriminating themselves or both!
Needless to say I have absolutely no time for those illiberal so-called Liberals, who wouldn't understand liberalism if Jo Grimmond rose again and smacked them in the face with a book on the subject. Jo Grimmond suffered from a rare political disease-the ability to communicate & listen!
As for the Tories led by Mr Dumber, well, it seems that he has failed on all eight (yes 8) counts with Jeff Randall and I'm afraid that I have to agree! 
The positive side of Mr Dumbers appalling performance to date is that my friend Roger Helmer has finally capitulated and deserted the Conservatives in favour of UKIP, who seem to be 'on message' with what the British people actually want:
a)... out of this diabolically restrictive European Union
b)... stop the appalling number of immigrants 'drowning' our country
c)... amend the smoking ban to allow CHOICE
Now they are only for starters, I could easily list twenty more ideas that make perfect sense but I'll bore you no more.
When this charade called the Coalition Government have disappeared, like the Titanic 100 years ago, it can only be hoped that more and more people 'see the light' and start looking at the sense & sensibility emanating from "UKIP Towers"
Labour ensured this countries economic doom. The Conservatives give £134m away because it rained somewhere & the  illiberal Liberals are now dead and buried thus can no longer be considered as the 3rd party (more like a distant arm of the Third Reich!
We can only hope & pray that we have a country left that is worth saving by the time dumb & dumber have finished brown nosing the european dictators for all I can do at this time is to watch us sink deeper & deeper into the mire!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The truth will out!

At long last we have a Councillor who is not afraid to speak the truth-that smokers are being relentlessly victimised by a government that suddenly feels nothing for the 25% now discriminated against. Councillor Ann Holland spoke out as council members discussed whether cigarette packets should be put in plain packets to put children off smoking.
To start with, what the hell are council officials doing wasting public time & money debating something that is already being ‘debated’ by Lansley’s chosen acolytes from the anti tobacco colony of termites. I say termites because they run around each other in every direction possible, supporting whatever the latest anti tobacco strategy/statement or flight of fancy that comes along. Indeed, they are ‘consulting’ on plain packaging right now, but consulting with whom? Fellow termites that’s who for they don’t allow any other into their ‘public consultations’ except those already highly overpaid & underworked in the tobacco arm of the Ministry of corruption Health! The fact that Lansley has already declared his hand makes the consultation irrelevant, as does hiding cigarettes behind shutters and sliding doors for now, apparently, plain packaging is the topic of utmost severity-so I ask again, why are Thameside Council even discussing the subject?
The good Councillor then declared, 
I did smoke while pregnant. I am really sick and tired of the smoker being victimised all the time. I have got two kids that I smoked with and they were in my company until they went to school. Not one of my children ever had a bad chest and still don’t, they are both healthy kids.”
 Oh dear me, I can easily visualise the shock/horror she caused with that statement, I’ll bet the medical profession were coming out of all possible holes in the woodwork! And they did.....
Prof Ashley Woodcock, a consultant respiratory physician from Wythenshawe Hospital, said Councillor Woodcock’s statements were not based on facts. He said, 
 “I would say that statement is irresponsible. Babies whose mothers smoke are smaller and they have more pregnancy complications on average. The children whose parents smoke often have respiratory diseases – it’s an inarguable health hazard for children. I’m pleased her children are OK but they’re lucky if they are.”
Let’s also consider these facts then Professor Ashley Woodcock:
Ann Holland, who retires in 3 years time is one of those 1950’s ‘Baby Boom’ children. Now it seems to me that there an awful lot of us around, which is exactly why government is poo-ing it’s collective pants & panties over the burden on the Welfare State. I may also draw the silly professors brown nose to the fact that smoker prevalence was at its highest (about 71%-72%) in the fifties but has been declining (naturally I might add) decade after decade since then. I don't smoke ff away to their hearts content.....and I'm still here! Both of Ann’s offspring are healthy (I'm healthy), Ann is healthy and has been a Councillor for 23 years. In all that time people have been smoking around her yet she’s still here. 

I happen to know plenty of non smoking mothers who have produced weedy, sickly little babies; the professor is trying to play the numbers game here! I also know plenty of non smokers who suffer from asthma and some from bronchitis-again the professor is simply playing the numbers game; but then the anti tobacco loons are excellent at cherry picking figures to suit-Jill Pell springs to mind!
I shouldn’t need to remind the absent minded professor but I will; 'the inarguable health hazard for children' is that which belches out clouds of filthy, dirty, toxic exhaust fumes at toddler & pushchair height 24-7! Yes, diesel exhaust fumes, which contain a million times more poisonous toxins than any cigarette and from their first journey outside of delivery room pureness. For those that want to know the truth I suggest they familiarise themselves with the lifelong work of Dr Kitty Little who found that cancers accelerated with industrialisation and the increase in diesel usage-now there’s a thing!
And then we have the obligatory 
I’m pleased her children are OK but they’re lucky if they are.”   
This is the now typical medical ‘tongue in cheek’ threat that conveys the wonder of anyone surviving being remotely near a lit, burning cigarette. Well, as a non smoker I can confirm that this indeed total utter hogwash/crap/bilge/rubbish or whatever terminology you may want to use. We also have the idiot Dr Douglas Noble’s absolutely priceless contribution to savour
it would be safer to have your exhaust pipe on the inside of your car than smoke a cigarette, in terms of fine particulate matter released. And evidence suggests rolling down the window doesn't eliminate the problem." ( Dr Douglas Noble, from the BMA's public health committee)  
Stupidity doesn’t come much better or desperate than that! What a wonderous advocate for tobacco control-and so well paid for idiocy too!
Dr Kailash Chand, who actually qualified in India, but the chairman of NHS Tameside and Glossop, said: 
“A woman who smokes when pregnant has more chance of miscarrying, more chance of having a baby with problems, more chance of having a child with health problems when they’re older. It’s lucky if one person doesn’t have problems, or their children don’t have problems – just luck.”
 Then please tell me Dr Chand, just why was there such a baby boom in the 1950’s when over 70% smoked, why are we all living longer (much to the chagrin of the governments welfare state finances  and why, apart from immigration, are we now seeing another baby boom even though 25% still choose to smoke? Dr Chand describes the same natal problems that stress brings-and just how much stress are these lunatic lifestyle guru’s heaping on people just because they choose to smoke or eat kebabs/burgers etc or even have the temerity to drink four or five pints of a night? Amazing also is just how much a cigarette can relieve stress!
The bottom line is that this brave lady spoke out against an establishment hell bent on dictating lifestyle choices. There are many more that dare not speak out for fear of retribution of one form or another so applaud  Mrs Ann Holland for speaking the truth for she raises one very important question:
 “If everyone gives up smoking and alcohol where’s the government going to find the £46bn in tax that they get?”
 Her comments received a mixed response from council colleagues, with some criticising (just look at some of the pathetic comments underneath the article!)and some applauding her speech.
 Indeed, what would all the health loonies do without that £46bn each year?