Saturday, 12 May 2012


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The anti tobacco lobby mouthpieces fell short in an interview on "Voice of Russia" (London) radio programme hosted by London's Juliet Spare on the so called 'public consultation' by Lansley's layabouts on plain packaging. As my title may suggest to you, defending the rights of everyone but smokers is that queen of vitriol Amanda Sandford, whilst opposing plain packaging is Amul Pandya ("Hands of our Packs" campaign), Chris Snowdon (author, Velevet Glove, Iron Fist) & online guest Mark Littlewood (Director General IEA). Formidable opposition to the terrorist leader of Britain's foremost state funded, internal economic self destruction unit: ASH.

Needless to say the government funded terrorist came out with the par normal garbage that "we think the colourful packaging removal will make a difference..." but what else could she say? It's Lansley's dream that a country of 65million people has no smokers and it's Lansley's government that are funding her terrorist group! Of course there is 'evidence' to back all this bilge up but of course the question, as always, is where has this wondrous evidence landed from this time? Is it Kellners over at YouGov, is it from CRUK or from one of their infamous "Smoke Free regions" who are quite adept at providing results to order-mind you, so are the other two! And again she made reference to the tobacco advertising ban in 2003-something that ASH et al are immensely proud of and mention at every opportunity.
Amul Pandya weighed straight in with the obvious hammer blow response that the only people who would definitely benefit from this ludicrous proposal would be the highly organised criminal gangs, many of whom have switched to tobacco smuggling from their original nefarious activities-and who can blame them! Criminal gangs don't give a hoot who they sell to and they certainly know that with their much cheaper wares they have a ready market in selling to kids. Absolutely bang on the button!
The female terrorist then declared that hiding cigarettes (that children can't buy!) was not enough of a measure as children could see the cigarette packets in all their colourful splendour as smokers pulled them out of a pocket to produce one and light it. Now I can't see how that works when smoking JP Specials or Senior Service. One is black the other almost totally white!
She then goes on to tell us that half of all smokers will die prematurely-how does she know that half of of non smokers won't die prematurely? the question of course is 'who determines any ones lifespan'? Does SHE know on what date she will die so that we can determine whether she has died prematurely or not? 'Prematurely died' is a fantasia created by the medical profession to justify a cause, an ideology-nothing more, nothing less. Clare Squires sadly died within sight of the winning line of the London Marathon two weeks ago; she was 30 years old. She was fit, a perfectly competent runner (she's even climbed Mt Kilimanjaro) yet it was obviously 'her time'. Of course my heart goes out to her family and friends but there is no other answer-it was simply her time. Why can the terrorist C-I-C not take this simple fact onboard and accept that we are all different? Note: Definition for premature death:
Web definitions:
(premature deaths) deaths that occur before they need have done. Avoidable premature deaths are those that might have been prevented by.........

Now this very cleverly worded statement simply covers a 'multitude of sins' for just how many deaths 'could' have been avoided. Clare's death simply proves that: is no guarantee of longevity & b...running is a very deadly sport!
The terrorist C-I-C also fails to mention the diabolical AP (Air Pollution) we are subject to on a daily basis. Only last year we were warned about such by a committee of MPs and more recently Camer-Cleggs have been dodging £300m in fines from the EUSSR yet don't bother to inform the general public about such trivial matters as infecting their lungs 24-7.
Chris Snowdon promptly dismissed Sandfords claims as ridiculous and that the evidence is worthless and to be fair I've never known anyone start smoking because of the colour of the packet!

Picture of Christopher Snowdon
 Chris Snowdon
And, as Chris further states, this government have promised and evidenced based consultation but there is no evidence to consult over so it will be 18 weeks of fantasy island scenario's again!
Mark Littlewood then pointed out that it was indeed a ludicrous notion and that it would not stop anyone nipping into a shop, buying 100 cigarettes and then passing 10/20/50 onto under aged smokers! Hmmm, I wonder what the C-I-C thought of that one? 

Mark Littlewood: The new Director General of the IEA has a history of clikmate change denial
Mark Littlewood
Mark then progressed to the setting of the principle of 'nanny' banning that which is bad for you; ie, beer, wines, spirits all going into plain packaging, even sticky sweets full of tooth rotting sugars going to plain packaging-where does it stop?
Then the bomb flight path was laid out by the terrorist queen as she stated that there was "no evidence whatsoever of the 'domino theory'-where's this going to go next?"
Chris went straight in for the kill with, "Well it's a shame that this is radio as I just saw Amanda's nose grow about 3" there for as we sit here there is a Parliamentary Select Committee investigating alcohol and written down in black & white is "plain packaging". Well, upon my soul, she who commands great fees from government funding lies like a pig in mire to back up her own arguments-and blatant lies too! It truly is time for these terrorist quangos to lose their funding, as Stivoro did not so long ago, before they totally bankrupt this country. The Netherlands decided that adults could make informed choices, what is wrong with our governments mentality that it fails to allow us that right? What is wrong with our government that it allows a state funded quango to dictate policy that affects approximately 25% of the people it governs?
So not only have ASH admitted publicly in the last few weeks that the ultimate aim is to remove smoking from the British way of life but now publicly lie to suit their purposes. Only one question really applies now. Why are our government spending our tax money on these self confessed social destroyers? Over to you Dave! 


  1. "Is it Kellners over at YouGov," ----- not forgetting Mrs Kellner - Baroness Ashton so there's a touch of EU pressure as well.

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