Thursday, 24 May 2012

The truth will out!

At long last we have a Councillor who is not afraid to speak the truth-that smokers are being relentlessly victimised by a government that suddenly feels nothing for the 25% now discriminated against. Councillor Ann Holland spoke out as council members discussed whether cigarette packets should be put in plain packets to put children off smoking.
To start with, what the hell are council officials doing wasting public time & money debating something that is already being ‘debated’ by Lansley’s chosen acolytes from the anti tobacco colony of termites. I say termites because they run around each other in every direction possible, supporting whatever the latest anti tobacco strategy/statement or flight of fancy that comes along. Indeed, they are ‘consulting’ on plain packaging right now, but consulting with whom? Fellow termites that’s who for they don’t allow any other into their ‘public consultations’ except those already highly overpaid & underworked in the tobacco arm of the Ministry of corruption Health! The fact that Lansley has already declared his hand makes the consultation irrelevant, as does hiding cigarettes behind shutters and sliding doors for now, apparently, plain packaging is the topic of utmost severity-so I ask again, why are Thameside Council even discussing the subject?
The good Councillor then declared, 
I did smoke while pregnant. I am really sick and tired of the smoker being victimised all the time. I have got two kids that I smoked with and they were in my company until they went to school. Not one of my children ever had a bad chest and still don’t, they are both healthy kids.”
 Oh dear me, I can easily visualise the shock/horror she caused with that statement, I’ll bet the medical profession were coming out of all possible holes in the woodwork! And they did.....
Prof Ashley Woodcock, a consultant respiratory physician from Wythenshawe Hospital, said Councillor Woodcock’s statements were not based on facts. He said, 
 “I would say that statement is irresponsible. Babies whose mothers smoke are smaller and they have more pregnancy complications on average. The children whose parents smoke often have respiratory diseases – it’s an inarguable health hazard for children. I’m pleased her children are OK but they’re lucky if they are.”
Let’s also consider these facts then Professor Ashley Woodcock:
Ann Holland, who retires in 3 years time is one of those 1950’s ‘Baby Boom’ children. Now it seems to me that there an awful lot of us around, which is exactly why government is poo-ing it’s collective pants & panties over the burden on the Welfare State. I may also draw the silly professors brown nose to the fact that smoker prevalence was at its highest (about 71%-72%) in the fifties but has been declining (naturally I might add) decade after decade since then. I don't smoke ff away to their hearts content.....and I'm still here! Both of Ann’s offspring are healthy (I'm healthy), Ann is healthy and has been a Councillor for 23 years. In all that time people have been smoking around her yet she’s still here. 

I happen to know plenty of non smoking mothers who have produced weedy, sickly little babies; the professor is trying to play the numbers game here! I also know plenty of non smokers who suffer from asthma and some from bronchitis-again the professor is simply playing the numbers game; but then the anti tobacco loons are excellent at cherry picking figures to suit-Jill Pell springs to mind!
I shouldn’t need to remind the absent minded professor but I will; 'the inarguable health hazard for children' is that which belches out clouds of filthy, dirty, toxic exhaust fumes at toddler & pushchair height 24-7! Yes, diesel exhaust fumes, which contain a million times more poisonous toxins than any cigarette and from their first journey outside of delivery room pureness. For those that want to know the truth I suggest they familiarise themselves with the lifelong work of Dr Kitty Little who found that cancers accelerated with industrialisation and the increase in diesel usage-now there’s a thing!
And then we have the obligatory 
I’m pleased her children are OK but they’re lucky if they are.”   
This is the now typical medical ‘tongue in cheek’ threat that conveys the wonder of anyone surviving being remotely near a lit, burning cigarette. Well, as a non smoker I can confirm that this indeed total utter hogwash/crap/bilge/rubbish or whatever terminology you may want to use. We also have the idiot Dr Douglas Noble’s absolutely priceless contribution to savour
it would be safer to have your exhaust pipe on the inside of your car than smoke a cigarette, in terms of fine particulate matter released. And evidence suggests rolling down the window doesn't eliminate the problem." ( Dr Douglas Noble, from the BMA's public health committee)  
Stupidity doesn’t come much better or desperate than that! What a wonderous advocate for tobacco control-and so well paid for idiocy too!
Dr Kailash Chand, who actually qualified in India, but the chairman of NHS Tameside and Glossop, said: 
“A woman who smokes when pregnant has more chance of miscarrying, more chance of having a baby with problems, more chance of having a child with health problems when they’re older. It’s lucky if one person doesn’t have problems, or their children don’t have problems – just luck.”
 Then please tell me Dr Chand, just why was there such a baby boom in the 1950’s when over 70% smoked, why are we all living longer (much to the chagrin of the governments welfare state finances  and why, apart from immigration, are we now seeing another baby boom even though 25% still choose to smoke? Dr Chand describes the same natal problems that stress brings-and just how much stress are these lunatic lifestyle guru’s heaping on people just because they choose to smoke or eat kebabs/burgers etc or even have the temerity to drink four or five pints of a night? Amazing also is just how much a cigarette can relieve stress!
The bottom line is that this brave lady spoke out against an establishment hell bent on dictating lifestyle choices. There are many more that dare not speak out for fear of retribution of one form or another so applaud  Mrs Ann Holland for speaking the truth for she raises one very important question:
 “If everyone gives up smoking and alcohol where’s the government going to find the £46bn in tax that they get?”
 Her comments received a mixed response from council colleagues, with some criticising (just look at some of the pathetic comments underneath the article!)and some applauding her speech.
 Indeed, what would all the health loonies do without that £46bn each year?

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  1. I will sit in a car with the windows shut smoking for 1 hour and Dr. Noble can sit in another car with the windows shut with an exhaust pipe.

    I wonder which one of us would walk out of the car alive ?