Monday, 14 May 2012

Bulgaria sees economic doom advancing

With the full smoking ban only days away Blagoy Ragin, the Chairman of BASHRO (Bulgarian Association of Hotel and Restaurant Owners) has forecast dismal times for the Bulgarian economy-which is already struggling. Blagoy has obviously taken a very close look at this idiotic country that has been blinded by the spin from the zealots, so much so that the economy continues to nosedive while we waste £millions on consultations that are not actual 'both sides debated consultations'. Still, Nero fiddled while Rome merrily burnt!
Of course the WHO will be orgasmic on June 1st, 2012 as that is the day the ban becomes a total ban-exactly 5 years after ours which has seen a cataclysmic decline in our social sector as more and more people find other ways of socialising. Fewer and fewer people go to the pubs anymore on a regular basis as pubs no longer captivate: the atmosphere has gone. They are now merely places where one can get a cheap meal and then go home again, they are not places where one wants to stay and socialise all night anymore.
Realising that something needs to be done to halt the onslaught of smoking ban the Bulgars held a protest rally last Sunday to bring attention to the damage the ban will cause to their own fragile economy. It will fall on deaf ears as this world crusade on the poor old smoker is non stop, economies simply don't seem to matter anymore. Blagoy is deadly serious about the forecast doom ahead and, as result of the losses, sees 20% of Bulgarian restaurants, casinos, and night clubs will be forced into bankruptcy by March 2013! Congratulations Blagoy, a man of position who actually applauds tobacco control yet sees the economic stupidity of such a ban-shame we haven't got a few of them over here!
It is totally beyond this writer how countries can willingly follow the WHO's Tobacco Control programme knowing that we are in an economic abyss, yet the WHO happily ignore the starving millions in Africa! The WHO seem quite at ease ignoring these people, even knowing that they are starving to death: Actionaid say, "Food is a human right, but there are more hungry people now than at any time in history. The causes of hunger aren’t natural, they’re manmade - and we can fix them." They're manmade - and we can fix them - really? Then why are the WHO forcing countries to waste £billions on smoking cessation programmes when people, who's only joy might be a cigarette are simply starving to death on a minute by minute basis?
Bulgaria will suffer, just as this country has but the WHO will be back-slapping each other at yet another success. It won't matter if another country sees 20%-30% of its economy disappear from view, the WHO will still expect their yearly contribution, as they do from Britain, who for some weird reason donate approx £26m per annum to be told how to bankrupt ourselves!
ASH are unelected busybodies, the WHO are unelected busybodies and between them most countries will be bankrupted because they are killing off the internal economy of each country bit by bit as the bars close one by one. Why on earth do they think we want to live longer?

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