Sunday, 30 September 2012

CRUK & Crooks

What is going to be written here really does take some believing but I can assure you all out there that the facts and figures are absolutely true for the figures are published on their own website! 
Cancer Research UK are/were a noble cause without doubt as they accepted donations from north, south, east & west in the pursuit of finding a cure for cancer. Indeed, they have created marvellous slogans that tug at the heartstrings; ie, "together, we can beat cancer" & "race for life", but so far have not saved all those lives taken by cancer. Their latest slogan on the website is "UNITED WE ARE STRONGER THAN CANCER". All very fanciful, but in actual fact they are not and we are not!
There were 493,242 deaths registered in England and Wales in 2010, (a rise of 0.4 per cent compared with 2009) and we are lead to believe that cancer is the biggest single killer yet only 157,275 deaths were from cancer in the UK! So just where did the other 335,967 come from? I think they simply play around with words and omit the ones that lessen effect. They also  adore the words 'may', 'could', 'possibly', 'maybe', 'estimated' etc (I think you get the general idea by now!) in their summarisations.
Curing cancer is no longer a fanciful notion for it has become big business, so big in fact that last year CRUK raked in £433,000,000 to play about with! Now, one would have thought that you could cure almost anything with that sort of money - but apparently not as the adverts urge us to throw even more money into their ever greedy 'research' pot. Indeed, so greedy are they that they sent my mother-in-law a nice little begging letter just before Christmas (3 years ago) urging her to 'add a little more' to her monthly donation as 'Christmas is a special time for cancer sufferers'. I have absolutely no doubt that the mother-in-law would have been daft enough to do so too from her meagre pension..... had she not already died from stomach cancer on October 10th of that year! A strongly worded letter received no apology but at least they must have removed her name from their lists of 'possible mugs'. 
The problem we find with the cancer industry is that it is mostly fraudulent-yes-I can see the shock/horror on most of your faces as I dare to insult such a 'charity' but we all know where charity really begins!

The vast majority of so-called scientific studies focused on cancer research are inaccurate and potentially fraudulent, suggests a new review published in the journal Nature. A shocking 88 percent of 53 "landmark" studies on cancer that have been published in reputable journals over the years cannot be reproduced, according to the review, which means that their conclusions are patently false.
'ooh, err missus!' that's obviously not what the people at CRUK want to hear as it rather  muddy's the waters of all their bleating about more funding needed. If they have coined in £433,000,000 yet 83% of 53 'landmark studies' cannot be reproduced then there is something seriously wrong here folks as many, many people employed in the 'industry' are living the dream at the expense of everybody else's donations-and that includes those pondlife, amoebic souls over at ASH who happily feed off CRUK.
But then, when you look at the basis of the smoking ban there is something seriously flawed there too. The junk science for a start, never mind the frauds & deceptions created to enforce its passage through parliament! CRUK, despite numerous complaints, still insist on stating that 11,000 deaths each year are attributable to SHS-something that simply cannot be proven! They still maintain that SHS is a causation of SIDS-again a most scandalous accusation that cannot be proven and if you think about it the situation for a moment you will quickly realise what a spurious claim this really is for SIDS has, by definition, no known cause of death-so how the hell can SHS be attributed to SIDS? But, they are the leviathon, they have public sympathy and the public are oh so gullible!
It is interesting to look at the wage scale of CRUK, especially when you think of all those little collection tubs & buckets they have laying around this country. Especially when they 'con' people into trotting round a muddy field a few times, coercing sponsorship money from people ignorant of the truth. Especially when they have OAP's sending them £2 per month and ask said OAP for more after their death! It is big business. They have one donor who gives £1,000,000 per annum - I'll bet they send a new pair of slippers to that donor every Christmas-not a begging letter! Now, to that pay scale I mentioned, this is all the proof you need that CRUK is simply a business!
Top earners pay-scales (take a deep breath folks!)
£60,001 – £70,000          = 48  
£70,001 – £80,000          = 35  
£80,001 – £90,000          = 36  
£90,001 – £100,000        = 12  
£100,001 – £110,000      =   8  
£110,001 – £120,000      =   5 
£120,001 – £130,000      =   2 
£130,001 – £140,000      =   6 
£140,001 – £150,000      =   4
£150,001 – £160,000      =   3 
£160,001 – £170,000      =   3 
£170,001 – £180,000      =   1 
£210,001 – £220,000      =   1
£220,001 – £230,000      =   1

Yep, that equals 165 people employed by CRUK being paid in excess of £60K per annum from your donations-serious monies indeed!
Wages and salaries on the balance sheet for 2011 actually read as £108,933,000.

Harpal Kumar CEO of Cancer Research UK
Harpal S Kumar Chief Executive (no wonder he's smiling!)
Our picture of Mr Kumar shows a very happy Mr Kumar, well who wouldn't be in his position for he is 'trousering' probably £220/230,000 per year for doing what exactly? Sitting in meetings? Deciding where to open a shop next? Listening to area reports of who raised the most money-it truly must be a stressful position urging all those volunteers to get more donations in so as to furnish one's own pockets by approximately £4,230.00 per week, especially when knowing that 430 people per day are dying from cancer during this trousering! Perhaps Mr Kumar inspired the TV show!
We also have to remember that, according to their own words, 

"When the public donates to us, we pledge that their donations will strictly go towards researching cancer".
Oh! Righty ho then, that's that sorted then-so where do all these wages come from then? Where do all the funds for ASH (scroll down a tad for the proof) and other anti smoking/smoker organisations? I'll repeat - 
"When the public donates to us, we pledge that their donations will strictly go towards researching cancer".
... except of course when it is funding other anti smoking organisations or paying £108m+ in wages (for 'fat cats' to sit around deciding which fundraiser to promote next), or wasting donors money on days in Westminster lobbying MPs so as to be able to advance their anti tobacco, anti democratic process even further. And remember that 83% of the 'kosha' studies quoted are now baseless as they cannot be replicated/substantiated yet I'll bet they don't harp on about that to their lapdog MPs!
So next time you see a pleading sign from CROOK CRUK, don't bother to dig deep for a few pennies or some silver to chuck in the bucket, find a more worthwhile charity, one that actually helps cancer sufferers - 'hands-on' style - and doesn't utilise the unemployed as 'volunteers' whilst it begs money to pay more than £108,000,000 in wages/salaries etc. Next time you decide to "Race for Life" simply pay the entry fee (they earn out of that!) and then raise money for other, far more worthy causes. And remember this as they plead for more donations, the causes of cancer are multifactorial, it's not just the pleasures of the living that bring about cancer. Sex, drinking & smoking may (see how easy it is to slip one of their 'buzzwords' in) have something to do with cancers developing but cancer is already in your cell structure-it just needs something to trigger it! 
The biggest con of all though is the fact that whilst the 'crukers' rail against smoking/smokers they financially feed off the tobacco taxes provided by those very members of society - isn't there some weird form of hypocrisy there somewhere?

Perfect message from CROOK CRUK whilst reaping the financial harvest of Tobacco Control !

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Conservatives + Cameron = Calamity!

I'm not one to get involved in politics but the past decade has seen more and more 'little people' like me do so for we can quite clearly see this country going down the pan!
We've had the Blair years, probably the most disastrous 13 years of power held by any party in this country as this idiot amended the human rights laws which allowed untold numbers to flood into this country and also denied us the rights to send them back! I am reliably informed that he did this purely to 'piss the Tories off'. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if that was the actual truth. We now have a country over-run with immigrants, a welfare system stretched to the limit and another crackpot leading the charge to self destruction!<-- (Almost got the Nazi salute off to a 'T')
Yes I'm talking about dear old "Call me Dave", the man full of election promises (pre election) and full of crap since (post election). First we had the great reform promise where the most popular choice for reform was, of course, the Draconian smoking ban but we had the illiberal Liberal telling us that there was no chance of reform as the 'proven' risk of SHS was too great to ignore-yet he never offered any proof! Strange.
And then we waited with baited breath for the referendum promised to us concerning our participation in the EU-the so called European Union. Union of what I ask ? I think the answer is pretty clear-it's the union of financial disaster. So where is our referendum 'Dave', why haven't I got a ballot paper in front of me so that I can ponder long and hard just to see if could find any possible reason to stay in this calamitous conundrum of countries. I would certainly fail to do so.
"call me Dave" is adamant that we need to be in this calamitous union of countries that seems to lurch from one financially embarrassed nation to the next yet it costs us £53,000,000 per day to be part of this continuous downhill slide-why? What do they do for us? What do we gain from the EU-apart from endless bureaucratic crap and removal of whatever powers we have left. We are running out of 'stuff' to give away to Brussels who boast democracy yet fine one Nigel Farage (UKIP) $4,000 for  stating:  

Herman Van Rompuy had ‘the charisma of a damp rag’ and the ‘appearance of a low-grade bank clerk’.
Fining Mr Farage for speaking truthfully is proof enough that we really do need to get out of this joke of a situation for it proves that freedom of speech is now a thing of the past. Couple that situation with Barroso's desperate plea for a "Federal Europe" and we can see that this bunch of loopy Europhiles are simply running out of gas!
Happily for this country Mr Farage continues to denounce this euro fanaticism that seems to have gripped so many nations-probably because they can only earn out of becoming a member state! 
It seems that unless something dramatic occurs, Turkey will be the next country introduced to the 'circle of life' in Brussels. Now what the bloody hell have Turkey got to offer a rapidly foundering EU? The answer is absolutely nothing-except the first 10,000 of them will land in Britain as fast as their swarthy little legs can carry them here, for once the deal is done and 'yarar giro arazi' beckons (Translated: the land of the benefit giro), they will be here.
Where is our referendum Dave?
It seems that many Tory supporters are thinking the same as yet another high profile member, Lord Stevens of Ludgate, has deserted the Sinking Ship Cameron in favour of a political party that rejects the EU altogether. He has followed my good friend Roger Helmer who defected in March of this year after a blazing row with the super snobby Baroness Warsi - oh, where is she now I wonder? (Actually she has been demoted to minister of state at the Foreign Office with responsibility for faith and communities if you please. She'll be cleaning No 10 next I imagine!)

Roger Helmer speaking at Skegness Conference
Most noticeable too was the disappearance from the Tory ranks of  Christina Annelsley (former Conservative Chairperson) who also happened to feel that "call me Dave" was leading us down the garden path!
And today we have the news that Lord Stevens of Ludgate has finally had enough of 'dithering Dave' and has also packed his bags and headed for UKIP. David Stevens Can all these eminent political people be so wrong? I for one certainly don't think so!
A survey by the ConservativeHome grassroots website last month suggested 60 per cent (60%) of Tory activists favoured an electoral pact with UKIP. Now THAT is something to 'savour the flavour' with because it shows conclusiveley that the 'schoolboy in long trousers' has finally scuppered the illiberal Liberals-they might as well retire from politics and go home to 'suck eggs' as our American friends are wont to say.
When you sift through all the reports, the hearsay & the gossip from down there in deepest, darkest Peru Westminster, it is not too difficult to see that Cameron is facing a magnificent revolt within his own party. Good. The only question I have (and probably many other normal everyday folk like me) is what carrot has Cameron been promised as the prize for continuously selling us out to the USSR EU- the SS being Sinking Ship of course!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Just who the hell are the WHO?

The 'WHO' are probably more dangerous than any 'Don Corleone', more vile than Charlie Manson's (Maddox'family' and probably more egotistical than any other being (with the exception of Michael Bloomberg) on this planet! They babble on about world poverty, an emerging third world, helping under-developed countries on the one hand and inform the world at large that due to their anti tobacco strategy (which I assume is to seriously reduce the number of cancer cases worldwide [yeah, righty ho then]  ) they want to stop the production of tobacco altogether!
Now I ask you this: what is the most well regarded path to prosperity? and the answer, quite simply is work; ie, a nice steady, regular income. Right, that's that sorted then. The WHO also state that they want to 'help' developing countries-so where, in all of this master plan, do they see that making the dependence of the livelyhoods of 30 million tobacco farmers worldwide  disappear to be a good thing?

Saturnino Distor, PTGA (Philippine Tobacco Growers Association) President, said the Filipino tobacco growers are going to fight for the survival of the tobacco industry, vowing to join the global protest against the proposals of WHO-FCTC.

Halle-bloody-lujah baby! At long last a serious organisation is going to stand up to these idealogical, unelected  bastards who are hell bent on destroying the pleasures of roughly 33% of the worlds population. People of all nationalities have sat back for far too long while country after country have been coerced into agreeing with the "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" (FCTC) as if it is the absolute cure for all illness that man can contract. The WHO have created a wondrous veil of 'trying to better this world' in pursuit of actually crucifying a fair proportion of it! From humble beginnings the anti tobacco industry is now probably the biggest global business of all time!
  ( Pablo Escobar)
Now why didn't they enact this same programme with the poppy fields in their feeble attempt to eradicate the global drugs problem? The answer is quite simple: they would have been met with enormous firepower as the drug barons 'protected their investments'. You can't really see the WHO 'top table' marching into Columbia and telling the first drug baron they bumped into that they are now banning all illegal drugs can you (?) for they would simply be executed, chucked in a hole and forgotten about-and 'Mr Drugs Baron' would happily continue plying his trade.
But, with humble smokers it is a completely different kettle of fish as all smokers want is to be left alone. There has been no 'up front' confrontational war on smokers because they don't want to 'rile the natives' too much. Instead, bit by bit, smokers rights have been eroded until smokers basically have their own homes to smoke in-oh, and the street, though some imbecilic fools are objecting to even that miniscule offering! But back to the beautiful islands of the Philippines!
“Tobacco growing has been and will always be the main source of our livelihood. Our forefathers passed this to us and this is the only job we know. We will perish if the Aquino government decides to agree with the proposals,” Distor said.
Distor also urged the Philippine government to join hands with other nations in fighting the repressive proposals being pushed by WHO-FCTC. “Now is the time for governments to act and oppose these draconian measures,” Distor said.
For information purposes, destroying the tobacco plantations in the Philippines alone will render approximately 2.7million people destitute and with very little hope of re-employment. Does that sit right with you? It certainly doesn't with me! Is this the way to prosperity for under-developed countries? I don't think so. Something has got to give soon as the WHO, in all its miserable, life threatening glory is starting to become a dictator; a dictator far worse than the many singletons that have roamed this planet over the centuries! They have convinced idiots (video below for one perfect example!) that SHS is a verified killer and therefore people must be protected from this newly identified version of sarin gas: we have a prime example here in this country!
(The schoolboy in long trousers-Nick Clegg)
Clegg's speech on the need to 'protect' non smokers was pathetic and proved that he had been totally brainwashed by the anti tobacco legions. It also proved, conclusively, that he was not fit for purpose as he could not consider 25% of his possible electorate. Listening to this pathetic effort it is easy to see why the illiberal Liberals are finished as a political force in this once great democracy.
Worse is to come from the WHO as countries like Malawi depend on tobacco growing & exportation for their living. With 75% of the countries wealth relying on tobacco farming, what exactly are the WHO doing to ensure the economic stability of this country? The short answer is that they are not! They have one core issue, that of eradicating smoking/smokers. The economic cost is immaterial to them as nations like ours are donating approx £26m per annum to these jumped up  'saviours' only to be told what we can & can't allow!
It matters not to the WHO which countries survive and which prosper for they are another bunch of 'feather thine own nest' merchants (ASH/CRUK being prime examples)-why else would they ignore the 4,000 children said to be dying every day in drought ridden Africa? How much of what the WHO are spending (and directing others to spend) on anti smoking crusades; eg Stoptober, could be spent on pipelines, irrigation and providing fresh water for these people-or don't they matter? Is this the simple way for the WHO to cut world population figures, to end up with a scenario whereby only nations "WORTHY" (in their eyes) of their administrations are allowed to survive? 
If this is the case then in another 50 years, when thankfully I shall be long forgotten, the world will be a place governed totally by the medical people, in all their already proven corruptness,  with all profits made in any industry going back to the medical people. The WHO will simply be one big, legalized Mafia outfit where anyone who dares to speak out against them will quickly & silently disappear from this world.
Saturnino Distor needs to be listened to, he speaks a great deal of sense for he has realised just what a leviathon of destruction the WHO really has become! The Bulgarians are listening too! How long before other nations start listening because at the end of the day just who the hell are the WHO?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

As time goes by-Smokember

It is incredible that the anti smoking brigade have resorted to pinching a month of the calendar to promote their silly 'quit smoking' campaigns when, by now, it is fairly obvious that after 5 years of persecution, those who wanted to quit ..... err..... would have quit.
(read on for the explanation folks!)
So, they came up with "Stoptober" whereby each one of us was supposed to stop for 28 days-but there are sinister reasons behind such a move-and again, it's all to do with money & targets!
Rose says: (from Frank Davis's blog)
“Britain’s eight million smokers will be encouraged to kick the habit for 28 days from October 1 as part of Stoptober, the Department of Health announced.”
Gosh I’m slow -
Why only 28 days? 28 days – 4 weeks – the time it takes for a smoker to be classed as having successfully quit smoking. It’s all about targets.
And then we need to think back to just after the smoking ban was enacted:-  "Government targets fostered £90,000 NHS fraud – 2008"
“Harry Singer, 54, took advantage of the Government’s smoking cessation programme which pays doctors, pharmacists and community groups £45 for every patient they convince to give up for four weeks.”
Jailing Singer for 18-months, judge John Hillen said the antismoking scheme was “amateurish” and “cavalier” and blamed the Government’s target-driven culture.
“To pay lay people, albeit briefly trained, as stop smoking counsellors for recruiting and spending a few sessions with smokers is an astonishing way to spend public money,” said the judge.”

And then, to top even that, we have the Guardian claiming a £61,000,000 fraud going on-courtesy of this idiotic smoking ban!
“Counter-fraud specialists are investigating claims that pharmacists are stealing money from the NHS by fiddling figures on the number of people they have helped to give up smoking.
The Guardian has learned of inquiries in five primary care trusts in London into allegations that chemists have fraudulently claimed thousands of pounds, claiming cash rewards of up to £85 for each patient they help to stop smoking for at least four weeks.”
Leave us alone.
So we can clearly see what "Stoptober" is all about. It is simply another pathetic waste of tax payers money (our money) on trying, yet again, to achieve that which they have patently failed to do over the past 63 months-force all smokers to quit smoking! Set against that, thanks to good friends Chris Snowdon & Patsy Nurse, we have an antidote to this silly nonsense:
Now I have another idea, riding on the back of the anti smoking brigade..... why don't we claim the month of November all to ourselves and we'll call it Smokember!  

Now what could possibly be wrong with that I ask? The anti smoking campaign ask you to quit for 28 days, yet there are 31 days in October-so I assume they allow you to smoke for the other 3 days! We'll have November and even throw in Bonfire night where every single person ingests SHS in voluminous amounts and calls it fun!

I am greedy really so I am asking you to follow the November/Smokember campaign for the full month-yes-all 30 miserable days of having to smoke your cigarettes, pipes, shisha pipes, bongs, roll ups, in fact smoke whatever 'rocks your boat' for it is the merry month of  Smokember
I somehow don't think that the anti smoking mob will be able to claim much success, for even before this 'Stoptober' campaign gets underway it seems that they have decided that there are only 8,000,000 smokers left (the other 7 ,000,000 seem have mysteriously disappeared at the stroke of a pen!)
Now I am fairly confident that, with enough media exposure (blogs, facebook, Twitter & perhaps even a brave newspaper) we can beat the other mob hands down! After all, I'm sure that we can all be brave enough to smoke for the entire 30 days of Smokember and not just a paltry 28 days as required by 'them'! We have stamina, we have commitment, we can 'go the distance! And, better still, we won't be claiming any money from the government for lasting the entire 30 days! 

To me it is a win, win, win situation for us and a severe smack in the proverbial kisser for them!
It even occurred to me that printed T-shirts could be well in order for the month-anyone interested?

Monday, 10 September 2012

A true and just court - incredible!

At long last, as sense and sensibility seemed to be going out of the window, the American Courts have ruled against the all powerful health lobby-and all by the law of TRUTH!
For so long the anti tobacco league have 'thrilled us all' (sic) with their array of fantastical claims whereby they manage to indoctrinate a good proportion of the dumb & dumber out there but this time they have come unstuck-BIGTIME!
As our friend Dick Puddlecote has already mentioned:
 "The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington announced it upheld a decision barring the federal government from requiring tobacco companies to put large graphic health warnings on cigarette packages to show that smoking can disfigure and even kill people."
Shall we run that through again? 

Nope, there is no need too for it is fact. The Appeals Court has, gloriously, upheld different courts ruling that all these silly manufactured pictures have no need to be plonked on every single pack of cigarettes sold in the USA.
 Rumpole of the Bailey
The appeal failed on the most basic of all principles - there was no evidence - there was no evidence - there was no evidence - there was no evidence. There, I think that has got your attention folks. Even anti tobacco warrior Michael Siegel explains the defeat quite succinctly over at his place. Now when a man of the stature of MS starts announcing the FDA does not even provide a "shred of evidence" to support its position there seriously cannot be a single scrap to be found.
So why did the FDA decide to appeal if there is no concrete evidence? The answer my friends is literally "blowin' in the wind" because it is YOUR money they are playing with, it simply does NOT matter to them! All your tobacco taxes being used to further stigmatise you and the product you choose to enjoy. They are so used to getting everything their own way that they 'went to war with no ammo'. Now I am bound to say that if that had been the case in this country, I surely do think that our legal system would have capitulated to the anti tobacco mobs claims and granted everything they asked for. 

Indeed, the legal system in this country has sold itself totally to the whims of our European masters for it is they who asked our nation to enforce the smoking ban through our legal system. It is them that suddenly decided that law is of little importance when it comes to enforcing a European directive at the behest of the WHO. Simply look at these cases if you don't believe me:
Nick Hogan refused to send his elderly & frail customers out into the cold - outcome? PRISON.
Chris Carter refused to bow to this totally illiberal law, fought the courts for 4 years - outcome? PRISON
The courts are punishing people that are innocent of all charges simply because they deem the 'word' of an EHO "more worthy" than anyone accused of any smoke/smoking related offence. People in Liverpool, Leicester, Kettering, London, Portsmouth etc have all been humiliated by our now corrupted legal system simply to suit our EU masters. It has reached such a stage that a simple request for a "non smoke ban corrupted legal mind" was put on facebook for a week yet not one legally qualified person came forward. How sick is that? What does that say about our legal system today? The obvious point to all this is that, if accused, do not even bother trying to obtain expensive legal advice-represent yourself and/or get free legal advice on such matters at where you will at least get honesty!
The FDA appeal failed because there was no evidence that all these silly pictures have made a ha'peth of difference to smoking rates yet the Aussies have seen fit (in their now crooked courts) to trample all over tobacco manufacturers rights and ordain plain packaging with big pictures - but no good will come of it whatsoever as smugglers will simply rub their collective hands together with delight. Any amount of crap (literally!) goes into some of their cigarettes, purity means nothing, profit is everything. The other problem of course is that once this sort of behaviour is sanctioned by the courts, what is next on the prohibitionists list? McDonalds beefburgers? Kentucky Fried Chicken meals? All alcoholic beverages? All sweets that rot teeth? Where does it end?
A rather startling find was this little gem that rightly claims: 

"Cancer industry total fraud exposed"

The vast majority of so-called scientific studies focused on cancer research are inaccurate and potentially fraudulent, suggests a new review published in the journal Nature. A shocking 88 % of 53 "landmark" studies on cancer that have been published in reputable journals over the years cannot be reproduced, according to the review, which means that their conclusions are patently false.

Now that is some sort of percentage of 'wrongness' to contend with and I, for one, have absolutely no doubt that this 88% is spot on for having admitted that the war on drugs is lost, the WHO have resorted to persecuting the next best thing-tobacco. And we know that many of their studies are conducted to suit the results they want so as to 'face the world' with 'compelling evidence'! Just look how 'compelling' Jamrozik's 'evidence' was-dear oh dear me- but the SCOTH Committee grasped it with both hands as that was all they had! Look at the multiple bogus 'heart attack studies' employed through the media so as to get dumb & dumber on their side. Is it any wonder that 88% can't be repeated when, only a couple of weeks ago, the scientific world declared that the first man to live to be a thousand years old may already have been born! (another favoured phrase of the scientific mob) I think a donkey might be giving birth to a chicken first-don't you?
Of course, despite all this media hype about the evils of smoking (drinking & filling your face) you have to ask the simple question - Do smoking bans really save lives? On the one hand we have Geoffrey Kabat who is a cancer epidemiologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the author of “Hyping Health Risks: Environmental Hazards in Everyday Life and the Science of Epidemiology.” therefore an expert in his field, whilst on the other we have an expert in engineering by the name of Stanton Glantz glantz_stanton who has, somehow, got himself on the anti tobacco gravy train!

I think I know which of the two I would prefer to believe but then the anti tobacco league don't work that way, they only believe what suits them. So we are back to where we started-TRUTH. I can't begin to imagine the anguish caused by this appeal court ruling, the gnashing of teeth will be heard for years to come as 'legal law' has finally shone through and 'junk law' has been pushed to one side. For once the scales have been balanced again, but for how long?

Monday, 3 September 2012

Anti tobacco groupies

If you look back at nearly all radio & TV reports you will find, somewhere, the shock statement of smokers dying earlier than their non smoking counterparts. It is also bandied about quite freely in 99% of  newspaper reports on smoking and health, lifestyles etc. It is not something the media ever bother to check out - but they should. 

In it's ever increasing Nazi styled approach to outlawing tobacco users there is no end to the unsubstantiated bilge emanating from the bowels of tobacco control (TC) and it is obvious why the media fail to attack any of it - revenue. Pure and simple, it's money. The government spends vast amounts of OUR money on anti smoking thus the journalists print anything & everything blindly so as to keep their wages coming in. Honest, truthful journalists are a dying breed.
The American Lung Association quite clearly state that 
" Smokers die significantly earlier than nonsmokers: 13.2 years for men and 14.5 years for women."
Now you have to ask the obvious question, "who holds the great book of deaths, where it is preordained which of us die on which date?"  Without such a directory, statements such as the above cannot possibly be made! Nobody, but nobody has a predetermined D.O.D that we know of, therefore the above conclusion is utter cobblers! Let's look at a few 'early deaths' from smoking shall we:-
(h/t to FORCES)

115 yrs young! August 28, 2006 -A story of the ex-smoker, never-drinker who was already six when the U.S. seized Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898. "I never damaged my body with liquor," said Mercado, who quit a 76-year smoking habit when he was 90. Happy birthday, Mr. Mercado del Toro!

113 yrs young! This is the case of the late John Mcmorran of Lakeland, Florida. He smoked cigars, drank beer and ate greasy food –and now he has paid the dear price for a life turned that stands as an insult to the health crusaders. John was born June 19, 1889, in a log cabin in Michigan, and he was the oldest American living – but he could have lived longer.!

 113 yrs young! 30 July 2009: People pay their last respects to Henry Allingham, a British first world war veteran who, before he died, was the world's oldest man. He has attributed his longevity to "cigarettes, whiskey & wild, wild women!"
Turin tobacco toters! In February 26, 2003 in Turin, Italy, Out of a population of 2.2 million in that city, there are 646 people whose lives will, inevitably, be cut short – shortly after they turn 100. Two of them are already 110, five are 109 and 12 are 106. Another 217 are only 100, 167 just turned 101, and 115 are 102. But that’s not all  some of them even “do” cigarettes, having indulged in the deadly habit for over 94 years.!

101 yrs young! United Kingdom morns the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother who died 30th March 2002.  The mother of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother was a bon vivant who loved horse racing, gin cocktails and.....  you guessed it.....  cigarettes.  It was the latter, the beastly coffin nails, that did her in.  She was 101 years old.

104 yrs young!  (Cut Down By Tobacco Before His Time) - Gregorio Fuentes, who skippered Ernest Hemingway's fabled fishing boat, the Pilar, for more than 20 years and is said to have been the writer's inspiration for the embattled fisherman in "The Old Man and the Sea," has died. He was 104. Fuentes died of cancer Sunday at his home in Cojimar, the quiet Cuban fishing village about 10 miles east of Havana where Hemingway used to dock the Pilar. Smoking until the end, Fuentes is sad proof that tobacco kills.

122 yrs young!!! Mme Jeanne Calment (died on August 4, 1997), who was listed as the world's oldest human whose birth date could be certified, died at 122. She had begun smoking as a young woman. At 117 she quit smoking (by that age she was just smoking two or three cigarettes per day because she was blind and was too proud to ask often for someone to light her cigarettes for her). But she resumed smoking when she was 118 because, as she said, not smoking made her miserable and she was too old to be made miserable. She also said to her doctor: "Once you've lived as long as me, only then can you tell me not to smoke." Good point!
Believe me when I say there are many, many more, too many to mention, especially as we now have 10,000 centenarians living in our country alone! You see folks, 'it was them darned 1950's wot dun it guv'!  Back then we were in the grip of a tobacco smoking epidemic when approximately 70% of the population smoked, so it is obvious that, with all that smoking & SHS going on, people would die young! Not even non smokers would survive such a battering. A nifty bit of research gives us all the answers we need:
In 1968 fourteen hundred British civil servants, all smokers, were divided into two similar groups. Half were encouraged and counselled to quit smoking. These formed the test group. The others, the control group, were left to their own devices. For ten years both groups were monitored with respect to their health and smoking status. So what were the results of the Whitehall study?They were contrary to all expectation. The quit group showed no improvement in life expectancy. Nor was there any change in the death rates due to heart disease, lung cancer, or any other cause with one exception: certain other cancers were more than twice as common in the quit group. Later, after twenty years there was still no benefit in life expectancy for the quit group.

Over the next decade the results of other similar trials appeared. It had been argued that if an improvement in one life-style factor, smoking, were of benefit, then an improvement in several - eg smoking, diet and exercise - should produce even clearer benefits. And so appeared the results of the whimsically acronymed Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial or MRFIT, with its 12,886 American subjects. Similarly, in Europe 60,881 subjects in four countries took part in the WHO Collaborative Trial. In Sweden the Goteborg study had 30,022 subjects. These were enormously expensive, wide-spread and time-consuming experiments. In all, there were 6 such trials with a total of over a hundred thousand subjects each engaged for an average of 7.4 years, a grand total of nearly 800,000 subject-years. The results of all were uniform, forthright and unequivocal: giving up smoking, even when fortified by improved diet and exercise, produced no increase in life expectancy. Nor was there any change in the death rate for heart disease or for cancer. A decade of expensive and protracted research had produced a quite unexpected result.

Amazingly, now that only 23%-25% smoke, we are being told that we are in the middle of a 'smoking pandemic' - how utterly bizarre is that? The medical profession has seen smoking rates drop by roughly2/3rds yet apparently the smoking 'disease' is now out of control, it is 'pandemically' out of control! What a load of old tosh. It's just another one of their 'buzzwords', like 'estimated' or 'probability' or 'could be' or 'likelyhood of' or 'symptomatic of' or 'prematurely' and all the other silly little words/phrases that mean absolutely nothing but, placed in the right places AND with the right timing 'could' mean something!
What this is really about is control because once 'they' (the UN, the WHO, the NWO) have proved that they can control the smokers in this and other countries, 'they' can then move onto alcohol & foodstuffs knowing that the people will not rise up in objection.
This country used to pride itself on justice and that innocent until proven guilty be the maxim-but not anymore. The 
scales are now firmly tilted against any smoke related prosecution-and the legal system has allowed itself to be corrupted by its European masters. And the journalists, too stupid to see what is really going on, simply churn out the same old anti tobacco rubbish without checking a single word of its reliability or even honesty. They are simply 'anti tobacco groupies', and one fine day they will find themselves being fucked by the state-I wonder who they will turn to for help then?