Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Conservatives + Cameron = Calamity!

I'm not one to get involved in politics but the past decade has seen more and more 'little people' like me do so for we can quite clearly see this country going down the pan!
We've had the Blair years, probably the most disastrous 13 years of power held by any party in this country as this idiot amended the human rights laws which allowed untold numbers to flood into this country and also denied us the rights to send them back! I am reliably informed that he did this purely to 'piss the Tories off'. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if that was the actual truth. We now have a country over-run with immigrants, a welfare system stretched to the limit and another crackpot leading the charge to self destruction!<-- (Almost got the Nazi salute off to a 'T')
Yes I'm talking about dear old "Call me Dave", the man full of election promises (pre election) and full of crap since (post election). First we had the great reform promise where the most popular choice for reform was, of course, the Draconian smoking ban but we had the illiberal Liberal telling us that there was no chance of reform as the 'proven' risk of SHS was too great to ignore-yet he never offered any proof! Strange.
And then we waited with baited breath for the referendum promised to us concerning our participation in the EU-the so called European Union. Union of what I ask ? I think the answer is pretty clear-it's the union of financial disaster. So where is our referendum 'Dave', why haven't I got a ballot paper in front of me so that I can ponder long and hard just to see if could find any possible reason to stay in this calamitous conundrum of countries. I would certainly fail to do so.
"call me Dave" is adamant that we need to be in this calamitous union of countries that seems to lurch from one financially embarrassed nation to the next yet it costs us £53,000,000 per day to be part of this continuous downhill slide-why? What do they do for us? What do we gain from the EU-apart from endless bureaucratic crap and removal of whatever powers we have left. We are running out of 'stuff' to give away to Brussels who boast democracy yet fine one Nigel Farage (UKIP) $4,000 for  stating:  

Herman Van Rompuy had ‘the charisma of a damp rag’ and the ‘appearance of a low-grade bank clerk’.
Fining Mr Farage for speaking truthfully is proof enough that we really do need to get out of this joke of a situation for it proves that freedom of speech is now a thing of the past. Couple that situation with Barroso's desperate plea for a "Federal Europe" and we can see that this bunch of loopy Europhiles are simply running out of gas!
Happily for this country Mr Farage continues to denounce this euro fanaticism that seems to have gripped so many nations-probably because they can only earn out of becoming a member state! 
It seems that unless something dramatic occurs, Turkey will be the next country introduced to the 'circle of life' in Brussels. Now what the bloody hell have Turkey got to offer a rapidly foundering EU? The answer is absolutely nothing-except the first 10,000 of them will land in Britain as fast as their swarthy little legs can carry them here, for once the deal is done and 'yarar giro arazi' beckons (Translated: the land of the benefit giro), they will be here.
Where is our referendum Dave?
It seems that many Tory supporters are thinking the same as yet another high profile member, Lord Stevens of Ludgate, has deserted the Sinking Ship Cameron in favour of a political party that rejects the EU altogether. He has followed my good friend Roger Helmer who defected in March of this year after a blazing row with the super snobby Baroness Warsi - oh, where is she now I wonder? (Actually she has been demoted to minister of state at the Foreign Office with responsibility for faith and communities if you please. She'll be cleaning No 10 next I imagine!)

Roger Helmer speaking at Skegness Conference
Most noticeable too was the disappearance from the Tory ranks of  Christina Annelsley (former Conservative Chairperson) who also happened to feel that "call me Dave" was leading us down the garden path!
And today we have the news that Lord Stevens of Ludgate has finally had enough of 'dithering Dave' and has also packed his bags and headed for UKIP. David Stevens Can all these eminent political people be so wrong? I for one certainly don't think so!
A survey by the ConservativeHome grassroots website last month suggested 60 per cent (60%) of Tory activists favoured an electoral pact with UKIP. Now THAT is something to 'savour the flavour' with because it shows conclusiveley that the 'schoolboy in long trousers' has finally scuppered the illiberal Liberals-they might as well retire from politics and go home to 'suck eggs' as our American friends are wont to say.
When you sift through all the reports, the hearsay & the gossip from down there in deepest, darkest Peru Westminster, it is not too difficult to see that Cameron is facing a magnificent revolt within his own party. Good. The only question I have (and probably many other normal everyday folk like me) is what carrot has Cameron been promised as the prize for continuously selling us out to the USSR EU- the SS being Sinking Ship of course!


  1. North London is already swamped with Turks large amounts are housed by local authorities and vast areas are under occupation by mass Turkish immigration.

    There are multitudes of vast Turkish Supermarkets that have few customers after a meeting with a local government I was told that these are allegedly money laundering businesses.

    These people do not employ English People, have further destroyed local English areas as they are only interested in recreating Turkey, employing cheap Turkish Labour and using employment law as an excuse for more Turks to be employed in their businesses.

    To date no one can tell me why they are being housed and being handed every benefit conceivable, they come from a safe country why is the government allowing this to happen why are they allowed to use our hospitals and other services without payment?.

    There appears to be only one explanation that this is being allowed to happen by those in power who have an agenda to destroy the UK, no one in their right mind would allow this to happen otherwise?.

    I pray that good people will come forward to protect the British people and triumph over the traitors that we have in power.

    1. Oh believe me 'Anon', there are parts of parts of Leicester that I will no longer venture into! Nice 'Big Society' you are creating 'Dave'!