Friday, 29 June 2012

And the beat goes on...the beat goes on.

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Yes, the beat does indeed go on, it's the beat of the incessant bilge drum from the anti smoking Jihad, this time in the form of Professor John Ashton, Director of Public Health for the North West who was invited to speak on radio Cumbria this morning, against well known anti prohibitionist Mr Steven Simon. I must say here that the presenter, Richard Corrie, got quite excited when the good professors words were dismissed by Steven-you can listen for yourselves here (approx 1.41 mins in).
It is well known that Steven wants to open a 'pro-smoking shop' in Kendal up in Cumbria, and why shouldn't he? (for the idiot factor that seem to be rife in this country, this does not mean he wants a shop full of people actually smoking!) What is wrong with such an action? 

CAMPAIGNER: Steven Simon says smokers should fight back
(Steven Simon being denied his freedom of expression)

What is the landlord doing in these frugal economic times, refusing to allow the empty premises to be rented out? Has the man more money than sense? As far as I am aware Steven does not want to sell explosives or cannisters of cyanide gas or even pornographic magazines so what is the problem with a 'pro smoking' shop-after all, we have to put up with pro Labour or pro Conservative shops/stalls dishing out tons of literature come election times! We have to put up with smelly fish n chip shops, hot doughnut stalls/kiosks etc assaulting the nostrils so what is wrong with a clean, fresh smelling pro-smoking shop selling T shirts and other pro smoking items. Repeat, it's not even as if Steven is wishing to fill his shop with smokers, he merely wants to put the other side of the story to the people.
I have no doubt that the landlords reticence will be on morality grounds, if so 'he's a complete plonker-eh Rodney'! Just because ASH, CRUK and others want to stigmatise smokers, denormalise their way of life and generally turn them into an underclass it does not mean that they are morally right to do so.
But back to the interview itself: Apparently there has been a 17,000 reduction of smokers in Cumbria (how did they arrive at that precise figure when we know that as many as 33% of smokers no longer declare they are smokers? Did they count them all?) and Prof Ashton immediately waded into the 'dramatic' heart attack reductions-obviously due to the smoking ban, even though all H/A studies have been dismissed as junk science by highly reputable statisticians!
He then went on, of course, to tell the world (or Cumbria at least) that we need to stop smoking cars or near children, as if the baby boom of the 1950's is not already costing us a fortune (and 70% smoked then-it was most fashionable indeed!) Remarkable that it suited him NOT to mention the WHO's latest addition to the carcinogenic factory of goodies-car exhausts! Nor does he mention the manufacturing of evidence to suit the cause. Perhaps we should mention Dr Kitty Little's life's work where she drew a direct correlation between industrialisation, increased usage of diesel and the rapid rise in cancers! The anti tobacco lobby have steadfastly ignored her brilliant work for years-as it doesn't suit their purpose!

Episode image for 05/07/2012
(another one 'blinded by the light'!) Richard Corrie

Then this prize prune informs us that Steven SHOULD NOT be allowed to advertise his shop or his ideals, similarly to pornography. So, the 'good professor' does not believe in freedom of choice, freedom of speech nor freedom of expression-now there's a thing, yet another one (tyrant) sits in judgement. Now he mentions that heart attacks have dramatically reduced in numbers-no they haven't, yet he lies with the ease of an accomplished conman. Shall we remind him that the BBC HAD TO APOLOGISE, live on air, over the total misreporting of heart attack statistical engineering?
When Steven states that what has been said is absolute rubbish Richard Corrie starts getting really excited and almost shouts down the microphone that these are 'hard facts'-NO THEY ARE NOT and for all the reasons stated above! When are the normal people of this country going to realise that with the vast resources behind them, the anti tobacco war machine can trot out whatever it feels like trotting out and the non smoking fraternity will easily believe it! Yet again the power of the anti smoking machine and the media control are pushed to the fore and used as "HARD EVIDENCE" and as usual, an ill informed radio presenter swallows it hook line & sinker!
Professor Ashton is obviously seen as the good guy in this interview and Steven Simon the 'baddie'. If he wants to protest against the smoking ban then that is his absolute right, who are these lowlife people that think that only their opinions and thoughts should be heard?
It is well known that Simple Simon does not smoke, but he cannot possibly support the atrocity being created by the anti smoking brigade is which sending this country downward, into the abyss of dictatorship!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

What a complete Cant!

Today's anti smoking Jihad comedy piece comes from the above named Dr James Cant who has had to concede defeat with Violet Phillips after she celebrated her hundredth year on this planet-eighty eight of them as a smoker! Can you already hear the despairing wails emanating from Frederick Street in Edinburgh as ASH (Scotland) try and come to terms with this defiant phenomenon. I mean to say, how dare Violet defy all medical junkology and outlive hundreds of thousands of non smokers!
The Scottish Building Society, unlike ASH, were very happy to help their oldest customer celebrate a rare centenary and even provided a special cake for the occasion. Now that's what I call caring for your customers-such a shame that ASH et al can't do the same and allow people to enjoy themselves, even if it means the odd fag or ten!

Violet Phillips reckons her daily habit, which she started at just 12 years of age kept her free of illness by “killing germs” in her throat and lungs.Now there's a thing! She went on by saying:

 "I’ve kept fit by walking and cycling and there’s nothing like the feeling when you’re tired to have a sit down and a smoke."

Now there speaks a true smoker, a smoker who knows the value of a revivalist cigarette. 
But it gets better!
“I grew up in the country so I used to smoke to keep the midges away."
 Let us remind ourselves of the great but virtually ignored life's work of Dr Kitty Little. She actually proved that cancers increased alongside the increase in industrialisation and the increasing usage of diesel. Better still, the WHO have finally declared that exhaust fumes are carcinogenic.....halle-bloody-lujah baby, a truth has emerged from the hallowed portals better known as Avenue Appia 20 1211 Geneva 27.
This really is amazing because a 'fellow Cant' by the name of Dr Douglas Noble declared that 'sticking a hosepipe from the exhaust into your car was far safer than SHS in said car'. Now this 'Noble Cant' has so far failed to take up my challenge, for as a non smoker I did write to this BMA buffoon offering to test his theory out-providing (as a non smoker) I was forced to endure the car with SHS pumped in and not the car with exhaust fumes pumped in! To date, I have received no reply nor any date for this important scientific/medical test. Dr Noble has obviously concluded that he, like his Scottish compatriot, talks like a cant!
OK, coup de grace time folks as Scotlands apology of a 'Chief' of the northern version of the British Lung Foundation stated:

: “Violet’s story is extraordinary as very few smokers live to such an old age.
  The best birthday present she could give us is to finally quit the habit.”

It is 'extraordinary that anyone lives to be 100 years old in this day and age so why is it so weird that Violet managed it-even if she does enjoy a cigarette and has done for 88 years? She was brought up in the country...did you comprehend that bit 'JC' or did that sail straight over your barnet? Living in the country plays smack bang into Dr Kitty Little's exhaustive research (no pun intended but I do like that one ) as Violet was not privy to all the toxins emitted from motor vehicles as our youngsters in our towns & cities are today. In fact, the medical profession, in collusion with our government have refused to inform the public at large that our air pollution has totally failed EU guidelines and we have to cough up (ha ha) circa £300,000,000 for killing of our own people. Government keep moving the goalposts so as to avoid this idiotic fine from an organisation that ought to be renamed "SS Titanic". As it happens there are now more than 10,000 centenarians alive & kicking in this sad sack of a country so it is not all that remarkable that Violet followed suit last Wednesday! When you use 'their estimations' it follows that at least 25% of our centenarians are smokers or have smoked-so it hasn't affected their lifespans at all. No doubt the clan of Cants will put me right on that point, we'll wait and see! But it is his final statement that is the killer..... 
"The best birthday present she could give us is to finally quit the habit.”
This statement alone tells you that Dr James Cant is obviously the biggest Cant in the clan for only a complete and utter cant would advocate Violet giving up something that has done her no harm for 88 years and a life expectancy that is minimal. Once you've hit the ton, every day is simply a bonus-or does the stupidest cant in the land feel that Violet's smoking might shorten her life somewhat. Just think about it, if Violet lived to be 110 this silly (Dr) Cant would promptly declare that she should have lived 7 years longer-but she smoked! You couldn't make it up, you really couldn't .

(fantasy writer Enid Blyton)
Why would it be a present to anyone if she suddenly gave up her lifelong enjoyment ? Who is us ? Is it the family of Cants or is it the entire anti smoking 'cantish' movement that will certainly bankrupt this country. Are they really THAT desperate to add a notch to their already thinning gunbelts? I think they are. There is no other possible reason for such a Cantish statement.
We congratulate Violet and wish her many more years yet and only pray that she can stick two fingers up to the anti smoking Jihad who will simply dance around the camp fire when she finally passes, singing 'Violets gone, Violet's gone, smoking kills, smoking kills', because Dr James Cant, an apology for a democratic human being, is just one of thousands of silly anti smoking cants this land is now blighted with.

Rock on Violet

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Whipping up a storm

I wonder if ASH are proud of their achievements, though I have no doubt they will want to distance themselves from the atrocities no being committed in the name of the righteous-anti smoking.
Smokers Justice nominated ASH as "the new cancer within our society" and the news just in proves that statement to be absolutely correct as we learn that the lunatics are now truly running the asylum. Mali. Where? Yes, Mali, northern Mali actually!
Islamists from an Al-Qaeda offshoot in northern Mali have confiscated and burned cartons of cigarettes and whipped those caught smoking as they enforce strict Islamic law, witnesses said Friday.
 I have highlighted in red so as to ensure that you read this correctly for this is the work of terrorist organisations - purely & simply. This is the work of extremists who refuse to allow any other except their own ideologies, this is where smoking ban enforcements are going. Congratulations ASH, this is what you have played your part in creating.
"Things really got lively on Friday, Islamists from MUJAO (Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa) took cartons of cigarettes that were on sale and set them alight," said Moussa Guindo, who works for the town council in Bourem.
So, we have a situation where lunatics from "MUJAO" took it upon themselves to steal anothers property and then commit arson (bonfire the lot)-all in the name of upholding religion. (I am truly amazed that with all that SHS, these hoodlums are still alive!) Worse than that, these Islamist imbeciles then decided that personal retribution was to be meted out to whoever they found to be smoking (as far as I am aware, smoking has not been outlawed by any Mali government sanction).

As one young man painfully remembers:
"I received 40 lashes because I was smoking and continued to smoke after I was told not to."
Another gentleman, a civil servant no less, was 'whipped' even though he wasn't even smoking!
  "It was my friend who was smoking but they whipped both of us saying that the cigarette is Satan. Shopkeepers who still have cigarettes hide them and to smoke, you have to hide," he said.
So this is what the world and it's anti smoking crusade is coming to (or should I say returning to?) medieval, on the spot punishments, dished out by those who think they are holier than thou. Sounds very much like ASH controlling health policies on this island even though they have no power from the people as they are not an elected body. In fact they are a bunch of smoker hating nobodies who have wheedled their way into a position of unbelievable power in government circles-whilst being paid by that very government! Unbelievable really.....just how gullible some people are!
"At the moment it is the Islamists who are laying down the law here. They don't want to see cigarettes and have told us that if foreign troops come to northern Mali they will slit all of our throats," said another witness Mohamed Tangara.
So the world now has to be dictated by Islamic nutters does it? Governments don't matter anymore as only "Sharia Law" will do. And just how long do the likes of Arnott, Dockrell and all the other ideologists think it will be before some Islamic crackpot decides to 'exert Sharia law' (dictatorship) on some poor unfortunate smoker in this country? What will they say when some poor bastard finds himself smoking a cigarette one minute and being beaten the next? I can see them squirming now as they are interviewed..... "well of course 'Mr Simon', it is against the law in this country and I/we sincerely hope that the  assailants are tracked down by the police and duly charged with assault. Of course, we all know that smoking is bad for you but of course we never expected people to go to these lengths to stamp out smoking...but if it does the job, well, so be it!"
It won't occur to these internal terrorists of ours that introducing smoke bans world wide is bound to have a negative effect, it wouldn't occur to these internal terrorists of ours that people might start to get angry, very angry, and rise up against them-oh no, that's way beyond their feeble mental capabilities. Or is it?
Perhaps they are finally contemplating their situation at long last for the article (Sniper the Flappers) on "Smokers Justice" rattled a few cages so 'dear Debs' promptly phoned our plod force to tell tales that those naughty anti prohibitionists were having the gall to object to ASH's rampaging style of rule-not a lot different to the Jihad in Mali! Yet, strangely enough, she failed to report Alan Dee's original article that hilariously pointed out that shooting smokers was excellent sport!
Not a good idea to whip up a storm in this country considering some of the Islamic nutters we host!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Our sincerest condolences, but.....!

Today we here the sad news that Peter Andre`s brother has 'stage four cancer' of the liver & kidneys and the cancer has spread to other parts of his battered body. In short, time is not Andrews friend. Mortified, as is to be expected, Peter has decided that he wants to do everything he can to fight this evil disease, even though there is absolutely nothing he can do for his brother. 
Fair enough, he can call on his singing pals for a charity concert to raise money for Cancer Research UK but he cannot guarantee that the £100,000's he raises will actually go to research as CRUK (or should that be CROOK?) speak with forked tongue as Dick Puddlecote pointed out a few days ago.
Last year Cancer research UK gathered in a colossal £433m... yep that was £433,000,000... yet no cure for cancer has yet been found-and nor will it be as cancer simply lays dormant in the genes until roused in some mysterious fashion! If £433m cannot produce a cure, another few hundred grand is certainly not going to make any difference whatsoever-except make the fat-cats within the pay structure of CRUK even fatter!
 "Pete's now keen to meet Prime Minister David Cameron to tackle cancer issues."
Well join the club Pete, I've been keen to meet Mr Cameron for the past four years, in fact, from the very day he asked to 'meet the man in the street' some time ago. In truth Pete, he doesn't want to meet the man in the street just in case the man in the street says a few things that he, Bilderbergs, the WHO & NWO don't like. In short Pete, we are supposed to 'put up & shut up'!
Now I grant you that being some sort of pop star, singing idol person, you will certainly have more clout than a humble peasant such as I, after all I have only lived here all my life whereas you have flipped between Australia & England continuously and had the pleasure of marrying a media queen into the bargain! Fair play to that Peter but what right have you got to demand that cigarettes be banned, that smoking be banned altogether? Now just who the hell do you think you are? 
"He demands..." oh big whup! I've been demanding equality for years ..... but very few listen. I've been demanding freedom of choice for many years ..... but very few listen. I've also watched, with dismay, this country go down the drain thanks to idiots thinking that we are better off as part of some european super union..... but nobody listens to my objections! In fact, many of the ordinary people of this country have voiced an opinion but they aren't listened to either!
I suppose that because you don't smoke Pete, you are one of these numpties that fully believes smoking/cigarette smoke is responsible for every disease known to man-and then some! Well it isn't my friend. The only cancer that can be attributed to smoking/cigarette smoke is lung cancer - the rest(?) simply pot luck mate. I should know Pete as nine (9) of my wife's side of the family have all gone the way of cancer yet none of them smoked! One actually took up smoking when told there was no hope-and enjoyed it immensely! I don't suppose that you consider that general air pollution, car exhaust fumes & jetting around the world have anything to do with the cancer rates? No? I didn't think so; how sad.
I don't suppose that as a non smoker, like myself Pete, that you care about all those that have seen their social lives ruined. I don't suppose that, with all your money, you actually care about the vast number of people in this country who have seen their livelyhoods destroyed by the smoking ban. I don't suppose that you realise (or even care) about the colossal cost to this country in terms of revenue (which keeps us afloat) nor the equally colossal and ever growing benefit payments we are now paying because of all the jobs lost to this ridiculous, choiceless ban. You want smoking banned? Idiot! 
We all fully sympathise with your brothers plight but his situation does not mean that 25% of the population have the choice as to whether to smoke or not taken away from them. Each individual has the right of choice, it is no one man's right to dictate over all others when it comes to a matter of personal choice. You obviously choose not to smoke, as don't I, but I would never dream of dictating that fifteen million people do as I do-so why do you think you should be able to?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cars and Carcinogens-the WHO

Upon my soul, this must be the day when scapolomine has been introduced to the WHO's daily cuppa, for unbelievably the WHO have finally declared that diesel fumes cause cancer...yes I'll repeat this for the benefit of the stupefied...

Diesel fumes cause cancer, says WHO

Diesel exhaust causes cancer, the World Health Organisation has finally declared, a ruling it said could make exhaust as important a public health threat as passive smoke. This is not just news, this is sensational for this declaration of truth is absolutely staggering, especially in the knowledge that this truth has been one of the chief arguments against the anti smoking brigade! For whilst the argument regarding passive smoking has raged, with the likes of ASH et al failing to provided a death certificate stating categorically that 'A' died from SHS or failing to prove that the smoking ban has even saved a single life, vehicle exhaust fumes have continued to pollute our already highly toxic daily air.
In fact, the air we breathe is so toxic that it has failed the EU safety limits and CamerCleggs Utd are fighting to stave off £300m in EU fines! 
And of course we have that most erudite of gentlemen Dr Douglas Noble who wished to advertise the safety of exhaust fumes over cigarette smoke. I assume that the 'good Dr' has not yet carried out his experiment as the the obituaries seem devoid of his name!
There will be many of us that want to rejoice in this news as all pro choice personnel are fully aware of Dr Kitty Little's lifelong work in the field of Cancer Research in the UK. She correlated the increase in cancers with the increase in industrialisation, especially with the rapid growth of diesel usage!
Interestingly Oxford's cancer expert, Sir Richard Doll, writing in The American Journal of Public Health , said that
 "increasing cancer mortality can be accounted for in all industrialized countries by the spread of cigarette smoking."
Unfortunately, this statement tends to be believed, despite the evidence against it. The mainstays of the need for a complete smoking ban (ASH, CRUK) have always quoted this crap when need be as it suited their stance admirable-only one of their many lies & fabrications. Even scores of ignorant MPs swallowed this bilge unblinkingly, much the the delight of the anti smoking brigade, making the passing of this intolerant law far simpler than expected.
This is a damning declaration by the WHO for it now puts SHS firmly in the back seat in the modern world health stakes. It easily explains why so many non smokers become cancer patients when the majority of 'ata's' think smokers are now responsible for every disease known to man-even SIDS which has no known cause of death-despite the RCP trying their damnedest to make everyone believe otherwise!
But, back to this amazing truth uttered by the WHO. Funny how trends often follow a pattern, for this smoking intolerance is a follow-on from Nazi ideals and the Nazi's were very fond of using scapolomine to elicit the truth from their captives. Now we find that the WHO must have almost certainly used scapolomine in their own 11am cuppa's to have announced this long known & blindingly obvious truth. Now, perhaps, the anti tobacco zealots will realise that as more and more truths rise to the surface and the more that truth is fed to the public, the less of a stranglehold they will have over MPs that sadly lack in knowledge!
And of course the question is now very simple: when does the campaign to ban exhaust fumes begin?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

They are truly laughable!

A few days 'off' and this old dog is back on form again, chest infection gone and somewhat perplexed by my doctors pathetic yet almost predictable response, " well if you don't smoke then it must be a virus". Oh, right, that's OK then, so long as I don't smoke, my dastardly chest infection is non attributable to anything particular which must mean that in doctor world (these days) anything that can possibly be linked to smoking must be blamed on smoking! What a sad state society has become, it really has.
Having seen that Bath University has dipped its grubby little paws into the anti tobacco pay-roll trough once more I was intrigued as to what a 'tt Wiki' might actually be. (It did cross my mind that it might be a wicker basket for beheaded heads to fall into-the final attempt in bullying you smokers into giving up!) 

Swedish Guillotine 1903
 But no, we find that Anna Gilmore has once more managed to avail herself (& cronies) of anti tobacco funding from CRUK (who apparently pledge that that 'public donations will strictly go towards researching cancer')-do I smell a 'porkie' or two in that statement?
Apparently 'tt' has nothing to do with the I-O-Man races either, which only leaves one thing for us to investigate-anti smoking terrorism. Sure enough it turns out Bath University is to now keep a log of all anti TC warriors whether they actually smoke or not. The question is why on earth would they want to do such a ridiculous thing and the answer is oh so simple. They are scared. They know that criticism of their tactics, their junk science, their incessant fabrications and their despicable treatment of the British people is now being recognised by the rank & file, you know the sort, all those people that didn't give a toss about the smoking ban because it didn't affect them.
Named the 'tobacco tactics research group' Anna Gilmore almost ludicrously states:
 This is what is trying to do: help the public monitor the industry, its allies and others promoting a pro-smoking agenda.
 What a priceless statement that is! Anna Gilmore is seriously deluded if she thinks that 'the public' really give two hoots about who says what to whom and/or what it was about the smoking ban are now looking back and wondering where it all went wrong-especially those who ran the 12,000 pubs/clubs that have now vanished from the scene. The media, the paid lackeys of government bidding have reported all to do with the smoking ban-if favourable to government requirements! Anything remotely anti ban has managed to miss the printing schedules and today, laughably, The Independent 'proudly announce' that one of their one sided hacks has received his '30 pieces of silver' for exposing Big Tobacco trying to protect its own interests against Stirling University! Comment No2 just about sums it up:
And what did Steve 'Conman' investigate on the other side of the fence ?
Did he report the total corruption of  the legal profession in enforcing the will of the UN/WHO?
 Did he expose the colossal amounts of funding by the pharmaceutical giants?
 Did he disclose the complete media bias toward smokers/smoking?
Did he disclose just how much, economically, this is all costing this country.
Did he disclose the open discrimination against 25% of the population despite this being against EU law?
In other words a pro ban media hack has received his '30 pieces of silver'-just as Donaldson did!
We have to understand now that anti tobacco has become so big, so powerful that newspapers rely on the massive anti tobacco campaigning for valuable revenue  as they certainly can't get that revenue from tobacco advertising anymore! Is it any wonder they are so biased? Personally I would urge every person in the land to stop buying these idiotic propaganda tabloids anymore-they only contain what happened yesterday, somewhere, to someone, in them anyway! The only futuristic reports concern tobacco controls next move and the deepening economic fall of this and other countries-I wonder if the two are synonymous?
But back to Bath Universities 'tt' race programme. They have a "Team of Editors" moderated by ..... the Tobacco Control Research Group itself-now there's a disturbing coincidence! You or I may submit an application with a wish to be part of this menagerie (I'm pondering this one The Classic Wink Smiley and if you are 'fortunate' enough to get the opportunity to work within one of our terrorist groups then you'll receive this:
 "Once invited, all contribution editors will be asked to sign the following Terms of Use for legal reasons."
Now if we skim down to rule 8, we immediately see how absurd this whole 'tt' thing is, for under the heading: 

  1. Permission to become a contributing editor is personal to you and non-transferable. You may not use the TobaccoTactics for commercial purposes. Your use of TobaccoTactics is conditional upon your compliance with the rules of conduct set forth in these Terms of Use and you agree that you will not:
          a... Use the Wiki for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose;

b... Use the Wiki to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others, including without limitation others privacy rights or rights of publicity;
Go on, read it again, I beg of you have finally stopped laughing at the complete absurdity of the 'rule book'! (I'm having a coffee and an 'anti mirth pill). Let's look at 'a' first shall we? ".....fraudulent or unlawful purpose", now that is quite amusing because the entire smoking ban is based on extremely flawed science-JUNK would be a more appropriate title actually. Nobody in their right mind disputes that inhaling smoke into their bodies is a good thing but then nor is inhaling voluminous amounts of exhaust fumes!
Now  onto 'b'... " defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others..." Well? where do I start with this little lot?
defame > To damage the reputation, character, or good name of by slander or libel. 
Anti tobacco do nothing else but try to damage the reputation of anyone who dares to disagree with their policies. John Reid, the then Minister for Health was soon transferred to another post as he objected to the drastic smoking measures proposed. Philip Morris and other tobacco companies have excellent business credentials, indeed, their shares are among the safest investments in the world and used by many British local councils as pension investment ports , but the anti tobacco lobby have set out to systematically reduce them to nothing but legalised murderers-even though nobody forces anyone to buy a packet of cigarettes, much less smoke them!
abuse > To use wrongly or improperly; misuse, to hurt or injure by maltreatment; To force sexual activity on; rape or molest. ill-use. to assail with contemptuous, coarse, or insulting words; revile.
 Well I think that all of the above apply to anyone who smokes for smokers have been verbal & physically assaulted, even murdered because they smoked. Women have been raped because they have been forced out of the safe interior confines so as to be able to enjoy a legal product.All smokers, especially in this country have been subjected to contempt, vulgarity & insults as they stand outside a premises enjoying a cigarette. I have been part of that set as I have oft joined my smoker friends outside rather than stand in isolation in the premises.
harass > harass, harry, hound, badger, pester, plague
Again, very simple to sort out as smokers have been harassed from Day1 of this disgracefully implemented ban. They have been hounded from the pubs, leaving 12,000 businesses no longer sustainable, they are pestered to death about smoking in beer gardens by non smokers who think that the outside world is theirs too and they are plagued by 'quit smoking' groups who still think that after 5 years of a ban, smokers still don't know that help to quit is there if they want it! The truth of course is that they are quite happy smoking and wish to continue to do so-simples! The next two are self explanatory, but the last one ia an absolute diamond...
violate the rights of others > excuse me!!! anti tobacco organisation's have been doing that since Day1 of their campaigning for as far as they are concerned smokers have no rights. They claim that non smokers have a right to clean air and therefore smokers must be banned. The problem here of course is that there is no 'clean air' because of industrialisation & vehicles. In fact, the air we breathe is full of toxins yet our bodies accept the majority of it, filter it, adjust to its anomalies and allows us to continue our daily lives. In the case of 25% of our population tobacco control think they know better and therefore want to ban cigarette smoke from everywhere possible. 
We have a complete lunatic running New York in Mayor Bloomberg who has pledged $500m to fight smoking in Russia, China etc etc, he has been joined by Bill Gates (microsoft). Now 'supernanny' Bloomberg sees himself as a philanthropist, I see him as nothing more than a wealthy Terrorising Untermensch to Redefine Dictatorships,  for he is happy to donate such a large sum of money to fight something that is a personal freedom of choice yet watches at least 33% of his Bronx residents live BELOW the poverty line!
 Picture of a  T.U.R.D
Now what sort of man ignores his own people to worry about somebody having a fag on the other side of the world? A complete T.U.R.D, that's who. I'll bet there are thousands of people slumming it in the Bronx that can't even afford a 16oz soda that 'Supernanny' Bloomberg has now decided to ban never mind the $200 fine attached to such an atrocity - as a 16oz soda! The trouble is you see, that when you fill your cabinet with 'yes, yes, yes oh great one' people, the actual populace that voted you in have absolutely no idea of the power they have given that person-now they are finding out! However, 'supernanny' was born in 1942, so the people of New York shouldn't have too long to wait for change!
The Classic Wink SmileyThree of our own home grown, graduated T.U.R.D'sThe Classic Wink Smiley

But we have a tobacco control unit that wasn't elected. Instead, we have confirmed anti tobacco activists (ata's) who obviously saw the giant gravy train ahead and with no thought for the suffering of their fellow man simply jumped aboard the 'Titanic' better known as Tobacco Control. We have people full of hatred for all things smoking, people like Anna Gilmore, Linda Bauld-there's no need to name & shame all the usual suspects just safe to say that with other countries now suffering from economic stress it is becoming apparent that what Simple Simon stated from the day of implementation, 'the smoking ban will bankrupt this and other countries'. OK, we have also had the eurozone helping the financial destruction process but then the EU's own FCTC  has been the founding member of the 'please skint us' brigade. Nobody has yet answered the question of where we re-emloy all those now unemployed courtesy of the smoking ban-and nobody can do for jobs are becoming scarcer than good old fashioned horse manure.
Spain saw 53,200 job losses after only 3 months of their total ban-very intelligent for a country that relies so heavily on tourism! More job losses are bound to follow but the anti smoking brigade care not a jot about those now jobless-so long a their wages for being T.U.R.D's
On May 28, a Frenchwoman, Nathalie Masseron, launched a new association for French smokers called l’Union pour les Droits des Fumeurs Adultes (UDFA) — the Union for Adult Smokers’ Rights.
The Dutch government have seen the light and allowed people to do their own thing as they can see the diabolical consequences of having a bunch of T.U.R.D's telling governments what to do next.(the link is quite amusing as Arnott et al go into overdrive :) ) And they are quite right too! Smoking is a freedom of choice, it is a personal matter. I don't smoke but I don't object to my mate standing next to me in the pub smoking. The problem is that the pub is no longer there for him to stand and smoke in and I can no longer stand in his company and enjoy that sweet aroma as he lights up his roll up. A smoker and a non smoker, totally different ends of the spectrum but both badly affected by the T.U.R.D's
So, at the end of the day, this grandly named "tobacco tactics" is nothing more than a scrapbook full of tittle-tattle and childish playground snitching about who said what about whom, when they said  (or even if they didn't say it). Now it doesn't seem to matter who it is that said something, the remark will go in the 'tt' book of sins.
This crazy arsed conception has no merit whatsoever, it has no interest for the public either, it is merely a daily diary whereby anyone who disagrees with an anti tobacco control measure is promptly recorded and cast into the pit of the unclean! Even the 'rules' are so hypocritical as to be farcical. It is so pathetic that they have even named one Dick Puddlecote as a conspirator but sadly he is not around to answer any charges as he was hanged in 1305-but then this 'tobacco tactics' malarkey is so laughable I'll bet Anna Gilmore will nip off to Westminster Abbey to find remnants of skin on the door to prove that the jewel thief is back and fighting tobacco control!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

An interview with a liar!

Well, well, well, isn't it amazing the things you hear on a radio show late at night? The Stephen Nolan show a couple of nights ago was a prime example of back stabbing & crying over spilled milk as Deborah Arnott complained, live on air, at the supposed death threats she and her colleagues had supposedly received from a blog post displayed on the freedom2choose blogsite (removed) and is still clearly displayed on the website - and will be displayed until a court order (or some such instrument) forces SJ to remove the article.
Deborah Arnott
Arnott claims that 'she is used to abuse (not surprising really), but this is a whole new level!' Abuse? I should think she is as she is the mouthpiece of the organisation doing their damnedest to destroy the lives & lifestyles of a quarter of the population of this country, the means by which she and her cohorts are doing such we will return to later.
A whole new level? The woman is clearly deranged. She says that the 'blog gave addresses and details of how to do it' (murder ASHites). Now I ask the simple question: who, on this earth needs to be shown how to pull a trigger? Who, in this day and age would not be able to source ASH's HQ in Shoreditch High Street from either Google or Yellow Pages? Right, so there is no great espionage going on there then! She then goes on to say that she has a 'duty of care to protect her staff''..... from what(?) an amusing piece of satirical writing or the highly toxic fumes drifting up from the busy High Street below?
Thus, she 'had to involve the police'. Wow, I'm mightily impressed with that! What, exactly did she expect PC Plod to do about a blog that was merely a reversal of an accredited journalists original 'funny' article and had, apparently, already been taken down from the website she announced it to be on? She says that she didn't pursue the complaint (or whatever it was supposed to be) as the blog had been removed. Err, incorrect Debs, it is still there - you have simply chosen to use this situation to gain public sympathy for the dastardly deeds you commit on a daily basis in your systematic persecution of the humble smoker. She (Arnott) complained about the details in the article. We've already dealt with the addresses so we'll move onto pictures. There must be 10,000 pictures of these ugly people on the internet-and before 'she' starts a lawsuit against Simple Simon let me make it crystal clear that ugly is intended as in the gruesome manner of the social destruction they are engineering! Of all the people jokingly named in the original, I find that they all have their 'mugshots' plastered all over the internet-especially Tobacco Control sections, so they are perfectly happy to be photographed for all to see, perfectly happy to be identified as destroyers of our society, perfectly happy to be recognised as 'no choice' merchants & happy to be recognised as mini dictators destroying the very fabric of our once democratic nation. They openly flaunt their want to be part of the internal terrorist organisation that has been carefully crafted since 1975.
You may wonder at the use of the words 'terrorist organisation' but when fitted to this dictionary description of the word terrorist it is exceedingly simple to identify ASH et al correctly!
Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or, ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians). Some definitions now include acts of unlawful violence and war. The use of similar tactics by criminal organizations for protection rackets or to enforce a code of silence is usually not labeled terrorism though these same actions may be labeled terrorism when done by a politically motivated group.
Now what part of any of that do Arnott & cohorts NOT understand? The smoking ban has caused the alienation of not just people but whole communities. It has caused loneliness to become the biggest single killer through 'stress cardiomyopathy'. It has caused massive poverty to those who have lost their jobs, their homes, their life savings, in fact, everything they have ever worked for! The tactics? Ensure the introduction of a TOTAL smoking ban so that none of our pubs, clubs, bars etc can choose whether or not they want to allow smoking! Even the governments own agent, Prof Hilary Graham, has reported that the smoking ban has turned smokers into 'lepers', they have become 'stigmatised' and a 'despised underclass'! What she has described is exactly the way for a terrorist group to 'take out' a part of a society-"but it's only smokers"! Would this be allowed to happen against gays, the disfigured, the mentally ill, the disabled? Not on your life, there would be screams of hatred toward the organisation perpetrating such actions against those groups named, but again we are "only dealing with smokers"! Discrimination against a minority faction is illegal according to the EU diktat but apparently that rule is waived when it comes to "only smokers". WHY? 
Stephen Nolan asked a simple question: "What on earth is going on that people are getting this angry?" Well, I would think that the answer is very simple really..... people (smokers especially) are totally pissed off with the lying, cheating, bullying tactics being used by TC to ensure that the endgame is a complete ban on smoking! You certainly do not need to be a "fringe nutter that simply tags along" to be able to voice a strong objection to what is going on here. Or, perhaps if you want to simply allow ASH et al to destroy this country, unhindered, you can happily emulate the one that fiddled while it burned! Do we want a gentle game of 'ping-pong' over this rather important, emotive matter or are we going to employ the Chuckle Brothers (T' me, T' you, T' me.....) in 'ever so gentle' discussions with these people who have built up a whole army of lies & fabrications along the way, whereby the majority of MPs now think that SHS is far more dangerous than sarin gas? In a country where between 13.5/15 million people enjoy smoking (not addicted Debs, simply enjoy) there may well be the odd "fringe nutter" or two but it sometimes takes something sharp and possibly eye opening to bring some action along the way and it certainly looks as if the "Sniper the Flappers" article/blog/piss take or whatever you want to call it has done just that!
Arnott has seen the perfect opportunity to scream from the rooftops, 
'look at us, poor little 'ashites', having to do this awful job, protecting this nation under such duress, look at what we have to put up with-oh poor, poor us!' 
 Tell you what Deb's, why not play the sympathy vote for all your worth? I'm sure it will help your brown nosed compatriots within Westminster to conclude that Plain Packaging is absolutely essential and then that will be another notch on your gunbelt (love the terminology-how quaint!) and you'll be able to move onto your next target. 
You have absolutely no thought for the despair you are causing in people's lives with all this banning smoking here, there and everywhere. Nope, you simply want to drag out the process as long as possible so as to ensure your lavish lifestyle continues 'ad infinitum'. One question for you Deb's, when you get diagnosed with cancer (of some form or other), are you going to blame that cigarette you had when you were 16, or might it be that you stood within a hundred yards of a smoker,  or might it be the continuous, highly toxic air pollution from vehicles going about their daily business that has caused your cancer-for don't forget Debs, apparently a new cancer case is diagnosed every two minutes these days!
But back to some of your pre-mentioned reasons for continuing this terror campaign. You stated on the programme that 80% 'regretted smoking', but of course that response can easily be obtained by framing the question the right way - your big buddy Peter Kellner is an expert in that field and funnily enough I've asked about one hundred people (at family garden parties [not Royal ones-sorry] because they don't use the pub anymore) if they regretted taking up smoking and only three (3) said that they thought it may have been better if they hadn't..... but then said "so what".  I also asked those same people if they wanted any help 'quitting'? I was unanimously told to "F**k off".
You see Debs, that's another of your constant lies. Two thirds (ie 10 million people) do NOT want your help or anyone elses as it  happens, for the simple reason that they enjoy smoking. I know you cannot comprehend that concept at all, but they do. Think of this Debs, if so many people (66.66%) want help to quit, why are they still smoking? After all, this government has poured approximately £27bn (so far) into the anti smoking pot and so far only a few thousand have decided to quit-the majority of smokers have said 'up yours'! 
Five years on and what have you actually achieved apart from closing 12,000+  businesses, rendering 150,000 unemployed, costing the government a fortune in lost revenue and totally angering 25% of the population? Another simple answer coming up here Debs! You have achieved a standard of hatred similar to that which Hitler accrued, for you are slowly herding smokers into oblivion! You see them as having no rights when in fact they are entitled to equal rights. Non smokers are entitled to smoke-free bars in which to socialise but according to your exceedingly bigoted mob, smokers cannot be allowed to enjoy their own form of smoky ambience. Why not? 
A gentleman by the name of Steven Simons phoned in and immediately remarked on the original article on 'snipering' from Alan Dee last July and the fact that the article was dismissed by the police - as the entire article was 'tongue in cheek'. Smokers who thought otherwise were frustrated by a similar response from the editor & the PCC! So, as "Sniper the Flappers" was similarly written one can only conclude that ASH decided (2.5 months after it was actually written/posted) that this would be a marvellous propaganda tool. And, to be honest, The Guardian, The Mail & the Bath News have all so far totally misreported the story-to suit your mob! I really do begin to wonder if there is a straight 'n' true journalist left in this now miserable country of ours, I really do!
The Arnott sidestepped neatly and went on to say that 66% of smokers want to quit and need the help to quit-well, we've already dealt with that idiotic statement, they've had 5 miserable years of bullying to do that! She then stated that the ban was brought in to protect  workers, not to reduce smoking rates*-so would that be all the workers that now haven't got a job because the smoking ban closed their employment option down?
*Last month the plan was to eradicate smoking altogether! So which is it Debs?
At the end of the day this will end up a 'whole heap of nothing' but ASH have decided to use the hilarious reversal of a 'tongue in cheek' article to further their own gains-no great surprise there then. However, something that it does show very clearly is that the people, the generally pubic are only now catching on to the disgraceful tactics used by tobacco control to achieve the WHOs bidding; ie, eradicate smoking. The junk science is never ending, the media reporting is all one way and the financial costs are absolutely horrendous but so what! The beneficiaries of smoking bans (Big Pharma) have $bns to invest, after all it is in all their interests that smokers need to rely on their useless NRT products if Lansley gets his idiotic way!
This proves that 'they' now accept that we have sussed out all the lies, the trickery, the fabrications used by tobacco control to get their evil ways.
This proves that ASH are very worried that public support is now  mounting against THEM!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Twice as funny now!

After yesterdays hilarious, but totally misinformed piece in "The Guardian" by a pair of, obviously, apprentice journalists I blogged about the stunningly pathetic nature of the anti tobacco activists who really are turning out to be the spoilt brats that run to mummy when someone treats them with the disdain that they treat others. By others I mean the general public-you know who they are, it's you and me, the people on the street, the actual workforce of this country who pay for these paper pushing, lifestyle enforcers who care not a jot for the feelings of 25% of the nation.Today, just to top up my mirth levels, the Mail has joined in the party, leading the story with: 

Pro-tobacco activists have been accused of harassing and threatening to kill health experts and anti-smoking campaigners -  as the government considers banning branding on cigarette packets.
Yes they have been accused of harassing health experts but I don't see where any death threats have been issued-and that is because there haven't been any death threats issued to any one person. I must point out here that this is exactly what tobacco control activists are excellent at-media control. They twist wordage to suit whatever situation they feel they need to control and this is a classic situation. Best of all, it is caused by another 'apprentice journalist' scribbling in a local rag known as the Luton Herald who determined that shooting smokers on sight would soon stamp out the art of smoking. Not dissimilar to spotting a Jew and herding said Jew off to the cattle truck heading for Poland, for extermination of smokers is the end game! (I can feel the poisoned arrows coming my way already!)
The amazing thing is that none of the anti tobacco activists (ata's) seem able to grasp the fact that it is they that have caused all the harassment.....of smokers! Smokers were abound in my local pub and indeed, all surrounding pubs, until that fateful day back in 2007 when the 'ata's' got their evil way and smokers were forced outside. No longer could the main financial supporters of the pub industry stay inside if they wanted to enjoy a legal product, for it was then deemed illegal to smoke the legal product indoors. Smokers were shunted outside, much to the amusement of the few non smokers that used the pub and then smokers stopped using the pub-and the other pubs around here for now, three of the six have closed for ever. So I ask the question again, 'who has been harassed by whom'?
The Mail decided to sport a picture of a very stern, if not miserable picture of Duncan Bannatyne who apparently has been threatened with death. I must try and find out who has supposedly put a contract out on this smokerphobic loon.
(nice find! :) )

Bannatyne, you may remember, is the ever loving parent of the children that will be 'cut out of his will should they ever smoke'. Not bad for an ex smoker that ensured his removal from the Royal Navy and served nine months in Colchester military detention centre before being discharged aged 20. He later spent ten days in Glasgow's Barlinnie prison for not paying a £10 fine in relation to a charge of breach of the peace and resisting arrest.  I suppose that
  ASH et al ignored all of those earlier frolics with authority when the Bannatyne cheque book bought him favour with ASH Wales. However, Bannatyne's money (estimated at £430m) has not endeared him to everyone! It is a parents job to guide and educate their children, not to bully them, harass them or threaten them using wealth after death as a weapon!
The Mail again state 
The article also revealed the address of Ash's offices in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh, prompting staff to contact the police. It said: 'Snipers could soon snuff out prohibitionist.....'
 Let me remind you all of what Alan Dee's (now relegated to TV listings reviews!) intial, idiotic article stated

"So let's set a squad of licensed snipers on the streets, with permission to pick off smokers whenever there's a clear shot."
Now that looks like the same language to me and of course the retaliatory article would probably never have been penned had Alan Dee not thought himself so hilariously (and retardedly) funny!
Alan Dee further stated:
 I confidently predict that the prospect of having your head blown off while enjoying what you didn't realise would be your last cigarette would give smokers up and down the country an extra incentive to kick the habit.
The reversing blog, "Sniper the Flappers" neatly responded with:
 I confidently predict that having your head blown off while enjoying what you didn't realise would be your last 'flap' would give 'flappers' an extra incentive to kick the habit!
Now isn't it strange that journalists from two reasonably accepted newspapers have not done any homework on this topic for at the very top of the original "Sniper the Flappers" you see the words (in brackets) an amusing reversal!  

Sniper the Flappers (an amusing reversal!)

A very amusing offering from 'Anon'
And that folks is all it is, yet the media, neatly controlled as ever, by 'ata's' has managed to turn a simple 'piss-take' into a gangland style form of retribution. But then, you see, that is exactly what ASH and all these 'ata's' want you to think-they are the righteous and smokers the sinners, when in actual fact neither are either! However, the 'ata's' must take much of the credit for stirring up this hornet's nest for upon reading this, the policy of denormalisation that tobacco control have strongly endorsed, here is a paragraph from this strategies paper; no wonder some people are angry
Cigarette smoking is not simply an unhealthy behavior. Smoking is now arguably consid-ered a deviant behavior. The stereotypical image of a smoker who greedily inhales/smokes at the front of public buildings dramatically symbolizes the status of smokers in this country. Smokers are in some sense disqualified from full social acceptance. In other words, they are ‘stigmatized’ (Kim and Shanahan 2003
Now that, purely & simply, is the result of non stop harassment of smokers and it wasn't smokers that caused that! Smokers have found their very existence threatened by these 'ata's who perform as terrorists would and do perform by isolating the main target from all that surrounds it before exterminating-yet governments are quite happy to fund a terrorist group as they somehow think that eradicating smoking will eradicate cancer.
According to the latest blurb, someone is diagnosed with cancer (of some form or other) every two minutes. That's 30 per hour, 720 per day, 5,040 per week & 262,080 per annum; quite a staggering number of people. Yet 50 years ago cancer was hardly heard of-until we started modifying foods, became heavily involved in industrialisation and the development of the motor vehicle (one of the major contributors to our wonderful air pollution virtually ignored by government) ASH and all the other activists will ignore all of this and bang on about the humble smoker non stop-but will cancer rates reduce by 25% when our smokers have all been 'snipered' by Alan Dee's cohorts, an action which they must agree with as they don't object to the harassment and direct threats to smokers.
This is what I fail to understand, for in a democratic society where equal rights are observed (I thought they were at any rate!) why is it OK for one side to harass, threaten and 'pop between the eyes' when the reverse is seen as needing police intervention? The Mail states that the article has been removed from one online group but it remains fully visible at as SJ will not back down from pointing out an obvious truth, nor will they spare the feelings of organisations that have no thought for the millions of people for whom they are ruining their daily lives. They (the ata's') have no remorse for all the pubs & clubs unnecessarily forced into closure. Instead, one of their number produces a most worthless "Evidenced Review" (on the effects of the smoking ban) Linda Bauld which stated that there had been no derogatory affect on the hospitality sector. An outright lie if ever there was one yet the 'ata's' happily parade this useless piece of paperwork (costing the taxpayer £478,000 no less) around with them as 'proof' of their 'invaluable work'. Invaluable? My God Almighty! invaluable is the last word I would use as they are slowly bleeding this country dry. In reality they are nothing but social pariahs, using every weapon possible to become 'the new government favourites' and 'lord it' over a quiet minority who want nothing more than to be left in peace & quiet with a pint and a fag.
The Mail then goes on to tell us
Bath University has been forced to increase security for its tobacco control research group...
 I will end up in hospital at this rate with severe stomach cramps through excessive laughter, for this is the height of abnormal behaviour! Do these idiotic 'ata's' seriously think that there will be an army of smokers advancing on Bath University with their '20packs' at the ready?  I can see this scenario with Spike Milligan in the lead role: General Benson, take your 20 man squad to the right. Captain Mayfair, take yours to the left. Corporal Park, drive your men through the middle and make an opening for Sergeant Capstan's men (at full strength I hope) to smoke the blighters out! Private Dee, get here man! when they come out waving their arms about, simply 'pop them in the head', one by one. And don't miss man, bullets cost money you know! (Meanwhile security has been stepped up at bath University, a uniformed security man has been employed to walk around the campus asking anyone who looks suspicious if they are a suspicious person!)
This is exactly how childish the anti tobacco activists have become, they think they are mightier than anyone else yet when the wind changes and normality returns, they will be a tiny minority that will have to suffer the scorn, derision & humiliation heaped upon them from those who hold the upper hand-except there are very few smokers who would actually do that as they would simply take it that the reign of persecution was now over and things might possibly go back to how they used to be. It would be interesting to read Arnott's, Dockrell's, Duffy's etc biographies as they languish in a maximum security prison alongside all other terrorists, for terrorism is exactly what they will be charged with once they have bankrupt this country.
Anna Gilmore stated  
"This is part of a deliberate attempt to misinform the public and politicians, denigrate our research and to harass, denigrate and undermine us as researchers."

Wow! now that is a bit strong coming from where its come from! For all there bleatings and so called scientific research Anna Gilmore still can't produce one cadaver which has a death certificate citing SHS as causation of death! Pretty incredible when you consider the £billions wasted on their specialised field! If no one has this death certificate then how are smokers 'misinforming' the public? I would have thought it was the other way around-wouldn't you? As for "..denigrate and undermine us as researchers.", well Anna, if the cap fits darlin', then wear it! It is not surprising that most of the normal people don't believe the majority of what you come up with as evidence as most of it is twaddle. The only ones that want to believe it are your paymasters-the DofH and of course Andrew Lansley, who has suddenly donned his 'Bloomberg hat' and declared himself the nations saviour, regardless of cost. The simple question is: how can you undermine something which is basically 95% crap to start with?
No doubt these pathetic little lambs feel they are being threatened, but the proof is there for all to see. They have Mr Alan Dee to thank for their supposed predicament, not any irate smokers moved to thoughts of violence. That imbecilic article of his, totally accepted by police, editors & PCC has now caused the stink it should have caused at the time of print-July, 2011. These anti tobacco activists need to learn that not everyone is as meek and mild as they would like them to be and not all people hide their anger and frustration at ever increasing prohibition as perhaps some would hope they would. They have succeeded however in making two national daily newspapers look very stupid indeed which really does make the whole scenario twice as funny! In other words you lot (ata's).....GROW UP and accept responsibility for your own actions! 
ps...I sent a copy of my last blog to Deborah Arnott asking her to kindly let me know when the police will be knocking-as I want to make sure I am in the house !