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They are truly laughable!

A few days 'off' and this old dog is back on form again, chest infection gone and somewhat perplexed by my doctors pathetic yet almost predictable response, " well if you don't smoke then it must be a virus". Oh, right, that's OK then, so long as I don't smoke, my dastardly chest infection is non attributable to anything particular which must mean that in doctor world (these days) anything that can possibly be linked to smoking must be blamed on smoking! What a sad state society has become, it really has.
Having seen that Bath University has dipped its grubby little paws into the anti tobacco pay-roll trough once more I was intrigued as to what a 'tt Wiki' might actually be. (It did cross my mind that it might be a wicker basket for beheaded heads to fall into-the final attempt in bullying you smokers into giving up!) 

Swedish Guillotine 1903
 But no, we find that Anna Gilmore has once more managed to avail herself (& cronies) of anti tobacco funding from CRUK (who apparently pledge that that 'public donations will strictly go towards researching cancer')-do I smell a 'porkie' or two in that statement?
Apparently 'tt' has nothing to do with the I-O-Man races either, which only leaves one thing for us to investigate-anti smoking terrorism. Sure enough it turns out Bath University is to now keep a log of all anti TC warriors whether they actually smoke or not. The question is why on earth would they want to do such a ridiculous thing and the answer is oh so simple. They are scared. They know that criticism of their tactics, their junk science, their incessant fabrications and their despicable treatment of the British people is now being recognised by the rank & file, you know the sort, all those people that didn't give a toss about the smoking ban because it didn't affect them.
Named the 'tobacco tactics research group' Anna Gilmore almost ludicrously states:
 This is what is trying to do: help the public monitor the industry, its allies and others promoting a pro-smoking agenda.
 What a priceless statement that is! Anna Gilmore is seriously deluded if she thinks that 'the public' really give two hoots about who says what to whom and/or what it was about the smoking ban are now looking back and wondering where it all went wrong-especially those who ran the 12,000 pubs/clubs that have now vanished from the scene. The media, the paid lackeys of government bidding have reported all to do with the smoking ban-if favourable to government requirements! Anything remotely anti ban has managed to miss the printing schedules and today, laughably, The Independent 'proudly announce' that one of their one sided hacks has received his '30 pieces of silver' for exposing Big Tobacco trying to protect its own interests against Stirling University! Comment No2 just about sums it up:
And what did Steve 'Conman' investigate on the other side of the fence ?
Did he report the total corruption of  the legal profession in enforcing the will of the UN/WHO?
 Did he expose the colossal amounts of funding by the pharmaceutical giants?
 Did he disclose the complete media bias toward smokers/smoking?
Did he disclose just how much, economically, this is all costing this country.
Did he disclose the open discrimination against 25% of the population despite this being against EU law?
In other words a pro ban media hack has received his '30 pieces of silver'-just as Donaldson did!
We have to understand now that anti tobacco has become so big, so powerful that newspapers rely on the massive anti tobacco campaigning for valuable revenue  as they certainly can't get that revenue from tobacco advertising anymore! Is it any wonder they are so biased? Personally I would urge every person in the land to stop buying these idiotic propaganda tabloids anymore-they only contain what happened yesterday, somewhere, to someone, in them anyway! The only futuristic reports concern tobacco controls next move and the deepening economic fall of this and other countries-I wonder if the two are synonymous?
But back to Bath Universities 'tt' race programme. They have a "Team of Editors" moderated by ..... the Tobacco Control Research Group itself-now there's a disturbing coincidence! You or I may submit an application with a wish to be part of this menagerie (I'm pondering this one The Classic Wink Smiley and if you are 'fortunate' enough to get the opportunity to work within one of our terrorist groups then you'll receive this:
 "Once invited, all contribution editors will be asked to sign the following Terms of Use for legal reasons."
Now if we skim down to rule 8, we immediately see how absurd this whole 'tt' thing is, for under the heading: 

  1. Permission to become a contributing editor is personal to you and non-transferable. You may not use the TobaccoTactics for commercial purposes. Your use of TobaccoTactics is conditional upon your compliance with the rules of conduct set forth in these Terms of Use and you agree that you will not:
          a... Use the Wiki for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose;

b... Use the Wiki to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others, including without limitation others privacy rights or rights of publicity;
Go on, read it again, I beg of you have finally stopped laughing at the complete absurdity of the 'rule book'! (I'm having a coffee and an 'anti mirth pill). Let's look at 'a' first shall we? ".....fraudulent or unlawful purpose", now that is quite amusing because the entire smoking ban is based on extremely flawed science-JUNK would be a more appropriate title actually. Nobody in their right mind disputes that inhaling smoke into their bodies is a good thing but then nor is inhaling voluminous amounts of exhaust fumes!
Now  onto 'b'... " defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others..." Well? where do I start with this little lot?
defame > To damage the reputation, character, or good name of by slander or libel. 
Anti tobacco do nothing else but try to damage the reputation of anyone who dares to disagree with their policies. John Reid, the then Minister for Health was soon transferred to another post as he objected to the drastic smoking measures proposed. Philip Morris and other tobacco companies have excellent business credentials, indeed, their shares are among the safest investments in the world and used by many British local councils as pension investment ports , but the anti tobacco lobby have set out to systematically reduce them to nothing but legalised murderers-even though nobody forces anyone to buy a packet of cigarettes, much less smoke them!
abuse > To use wrongly or improperly; misuse, to hurt or injure by maltreatment; To force sexual activity on; rape or molest. ill-use. to assail with contemptuous, coarse, or insulting words; revile.
 Well I think that all of the above apply to anyone who smokes for smokers have been verbal & physically assaulted, even murdered because they smoked. Women have been raped because they have been forced out of the safe interior confines so as to be able to enjoy a legal product.All smokers, especially in this country have been subjected to contempt, vulgarity & insults as they stand outside a premises enjoying a cigarette. I have been part of that set as I have oft joined my smoker friends outside rather than stand in isolation in the premises.
harass > harass, harry, hound, badger, pester, plague
Again, very simple to sort out as smokers have been harassed from Day1 of this disgracefully implemented ban. They have been hounded from the pubs, leaving 12,000 businesses no longer sustainable, they are pestered to death about smoking in beer gardens by non smokers who think that the outside world is theirs too and they are plagued by 'quit smoking' groups who still think that after 5 years of a ban, smokers still don't know that help to quit is there if they want it! The truth of course is that they are quite happy smoking and wish to continue to do so-simples! The next two are self explanatory, but the last one ia an absolute diamond...
violate the rights of others > excuse me!!! anti tobacco organisation's have been doing that since Day1 of their campaigning for as far as they are concerned smokers have no rights. They claim that non smokers have a right to clean air and therefore smokers must be banned. The problem here of course is that there is no 'clean air' because of industrialisation & vehicles. In fact, the air we breathe is full of toxins yet our bodies accept the majority of it, filter it, adjust to its anomalies and allows us to continue our daily lives. In the case of 25% of our population tobacco control think they know better and therefore want to ban cigarette smoke from everywhere possible. 
We have a complete lunatic running New York in Mayor Bloomberg who has pledged $500m to fight smoking in Russia, China etc etc, he has been joined by Bill Gates (microsoft). Now 'supernanny' Bloomberg sees himself as a philanthropist, I see him as nothing more than a wealthy Terrorising Untermensch to Redefine Dictatorships,  for he is happy to donate such a large sum of money to fight something that is a personal freedom of choice yet watches at least 33% of his Bronx residents live BELOW the poverty line!
 Picture of a  T.U.R.D
Now what sort of man ignores his own people to worry about somebody having a fag on the other side of the world? A complete T.U.R.D, that's who. I'll bet there are thousands of people slumming it in the Bronx that can't even afford a 16oz soda that 'Supernanny' Bloomberg has now decided to ban never mind the $200 fine attached to such an atrocity - as a 16oz soda! The trouble is you see, that when you fill your cabinet with 'yes, yes, yes oh great one' people, the actual populace that voted you in have absolutely no idea of the power they have given that person-now they are finding out! However, 'supernanny' was born in 1942, so the people of New York shouldn't have too long to wait for change!
The Classic Wink SmileyThree of our own home grown, graduated T.U.R.D'sThe Classic Wink Smiley

But we have a tobacco control unit that wasn't elected. Instead, we have confirmed anti tobacco activists (ata's) who obviously saw the giant gravy train ahead and with no thought for the suffering of their fellow man simply jumped aboard the 'Titanic' better known as Tobacco Control. We have people full of hatred for all things smoking, people like Anna Gilmore, Linda Bauld-there's no need to name & shame all the usual suspects just safe to say that with other countries now suffering from economic stress it is becoming apparent that what Simple Simon stated from the day of implementation, 'the smoking ban will bankrupt this and other countries'. OK, we have also had the eurozone helping the financial destruction process but then the EU's own FCTC  has been the founding member of the 'please skint us' brigade. Nobody has yet answered the question of where we re-emloy all those now unemployed courtesy of the smoking ban-and nobody can do for jobs are becoming scarcer than good old fashioned horse manure.
Spain saw 53,200 job losses after only 3 months of their total ban-very intelligent for a country that relies so heavily on tourism! More job losses are bound to follow but the anti smoking brigade care not a jot about those now jobless-so long a their wages for being T.U.R.D's
On May 28, a Frenchwoman, Nathalie Masseron, launched a new association for French smokers called l’Union pour les Droits des Fumeurs Adultes (UDFA) — the Union for Adult Smokers’ Rights.
The Dutch government have seen the light and allowed people to do their own thing as they can see the diabolical consequences of having a bunch of T.U.R.D's telling governments what to do next.(the link is quite amusing as Arnott et al go into overdrive :) ) And they are quite right too! Smoking is a freedom of choice, it is a personal matter. I don't smoke but I don't object to my mate standing next to me in the pub smoking. The problem is that the pub is no longer there for him to stand and smoke in and I can no longer stand in his company and enjoy that sweet aroma as he lights up his roll up. A smoker and a non smoker, totally different ends of the spectrum but both badly affected by the T.U.R.D's
So, at the end of the day, this grandly named "tobacco tactics" is nothing more than a scrapbook full of tittle-tattle and childish playground snitching about who said what about whom, when they said  (or even if they didn't say it). Now it doesn't seem to matter who it is that said something, the remark will go in the 'tt' book of sins.
This crazy arsed conception has no merit whatsoever, it has no interest for the public either, it is merely a daily diary whereby anyone who disagrees with an anti tobacco control measure is promptly recorded and cast into the pit of the unclean! Even the 'rules' are so hypocritical as to be farcical. It is so pathetic that they have even named one Dick Puddlecote as a conspirator but sadly he is not around to answer any charges as he was hanged in 1305-but then this 'tobacco tactics' malarkey is so laughable I'll bet Anna Gilmore will nip off to Westminster Abbey to find remnants of skin on the door to prove that the jewel thief is back and fighting tobacco control!

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