Thursday, 14 June 2012

Our sincerest condolences, but.....!

Today we here the sad news that Peter Andre`s brother has 'stage four cancer' of the liver & kidneys and the cancer has spread to other parts of his battered body. In short, time is not Andrews friend. Mortified, as is to be expected, Peter has decided that he wants to do everything he can to fight this evil disease, even though there is absolutely nothing he can do for his brother. 
Fair enough, he can call on his singing pals for a charity concert to raise money for Cancer Research UK but he cannot guarantee that the £100,000's he raises will actually go to research as CRUK (or should that be CROOK?) speak with forked tongue as Dick Puddlecote pointed out a few days ago.
Last year Cancer research UK gathered in a colossal £433m... yep that was £433,000,000... yet no cure for cancer has yet been found-and nor will it be as cancer simply lays dormant in the genes until roused in some mysterious fashion! If £433m cannot produce a cure, another few hundred grand is certainly not going to make any difference whatsoever-except make the fat-cats within the pay structure of CRUK even fatter!
 "Pete's now keen to meet Prime Minister David Cameron to tackle cancer issues."
Well join the club Pete, I've been keen to meet Mr Cameron for the past four years, in fact, from the very day he asked to 'meet the man in the street' some time ago. In truth Pete, he doesn't want to meet the man in the street just in case the man in the street says a few things that he, Bilderbergs, the WHO & NWO don't like. In short Pete, we are supposed to 'put up & shut up'!
Now I grant you that being some sort of pop star, singing idol person, you will certainly have more clout than a humble peasant such as I, after all I have only lived here all my life whereas you have flipped between Australia & England continuously and had the pleasure of marrying a media queen into the bargain! Fair play to that Peter but what right have you got to demand that cigarettes be banned, that smoking be banned altogether? Now just who the hell do you think you are? 
"He demands..." oh big whup! I've been demanding equality for years ..... but very few listen. I've been demanding freedom of choice for many years ..... but very few listen. I've also watched, with dismay, this country go down the drain thanks to idiots thinking that we are better off as part of some european super union..... but nobody listens to my objections! In fact, many of the ordinary people of this country have voiced an opinion but they aren't listened to either!
I suppose that because you don't smoke Pete, you are one of these numpties that fully believes smoking/cigarette smoke is responsible for every disease known to man-and then some! Well it isn't my friend. The only cancer that can be attributed to smoking/cigarette smoke is lung cancer - the rest(?) simply pot luck mate. I should know Pete as nine (9) of my wife's side of the family have all gone the way of cancer yet none of them smoked! One actually took up smoking when told there was no hope-and enjoyed it immensely! I don't suppose that you consider that general air pollution, car exhaust fumes & jetting around the world have anything to do with the cancer rates? No? I didn't think so; how sad.
I don't suppose that as a non smoker, like myself Pete, that you care about all those that have seen their social lives ruined. I don't suppose that, with all your money, you actually care about the vast number of people in this country who have seen their livelyhoods destroyed by the smoking ban. I don't suppose that you realise (or even care) about the colossal cost to this country in terms of revenue (which keeps us afloat) nor the equally colossal and ever growing benefit payments we are now paying because of all the jobs lost to this ridiculous, choiceless ban. You want smoking banned? Idiot! 
We all fully sympathise with your brothers plight but his situation does not mean that 25% of the population have the choice as to whether to smoke or not taken away from them. Each individual has the right of choice, it is no one man's right to dictate over all others when it comes to a matter of personal choice. You obviously choose not to smoke, as don't I, but I would never dream of dictating that fifteen million people do as I do-so why do you think you should be able to?

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