Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Whipping up a storm

I wonder if ASH are proud of their achievements, though I have no doubt they will want to distance themselves from the atrocities no being committed in the name of the righteous-anti smoking.
Smokers Justice nominated ASH as "the new cancer within our society" and the news just in proves that statement to be absolutely correct as we learn that the lunatics are now truly running the asylum. Mali. Where? Yes, Mali, northern Mali actually!
Islamists from an Al-Qaeda offshoot in northern Mali have confiscated and burned cartons of cigarettes and whipped those caught smoking as they enforce strict Islamic law, witnesses said Friday.
 I have highlighted in red so as to ensure that you read this correctly for this is the work of terrorist organisations - purely & simply. This is the work of extremists who refuse to allow any other except their own ideologies, this is where smoking ban enforcements are going. Congratulations ASH, this is what you have played your part in creating.
"Things really got lively on Friday, Islamists from MUJAO (Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa) took cartons of cigarettes that were on sale and set them alight," said Moussa Guindo, who works for the town council in Bourem.
So, we have a situation where lunatics from "MUJAO" took it upon themselves to steal anothers property and then commit arson (bonfire the lot)-all in the name of upholding religion. (I am truly amazed that with all that SHS, these hoodlums are still alive!) Worse than that, these Islamist imbeciles then decided that personal retribution was to be meted out to whoever they found to be smoking (as far as I am aware, smoking has not been outlawed by any Mali government sanction).

As one young man painfully remembers:
"I received 40 lashes because I was smoking and continued to smoke after I was told not to."
Another gentleman, a civil servant no less, was 'whipped' even though he wasn't even smoking!
  "It was my friend who was smoking but they whipped both of us saying that the cigarette is Satan. Shopkeepers who still have cigarettes hide them and to smoke, you have to hide," he said.
So this is what the world and it's anti smoking crusade is coming to (or should I say returning to?) medieval, on the spot punishments, dished out by those who think they are holier than thou. Sounds very much like ASH controlling health policies on this island even though they have no power from the people as they are not an elected body. In fact they are a bunch of smoker hating nobodies who have wheedled their way into a position of unbelievable power in government circles-whilst being paid by that very government! Unbelievable really.....just how gullible some people are!
"At the moment it is the Islamists who are laying down the law here. They don't want to see cigarettes and have told us that if foreign troops come to northern Mali they will slit all of our throats," said another witness Mohamed Tangara.
So the world now has to be dictated by Islamic nutters does it? Governments don't matter anymore as only "Sharia Law" will do. And just how long do the likes of Arnott, Dockrell and all the other ideologists think it will be before some Islamic crackpot decides to 'exert Sharia law' (dictatorship) on some poor unfortunate smoker in this country? What will they say when some poor bastard finds himself smoking a cigarette one minute and being beaten the next? I can see them squirming now as they are interviewed..... "well of course 'Mr Simon', it is against the law in this country and I/we sincerely hope that the  assailants are tracked down by the police and duly charged with assault. Of course, we all know that smoking is bad for you but of course we never expected people to go to these lengths to stamp out smoking...but if it does the job, well, so be it!"
It won't occur to these internal terrorists of ours that introducing smoke bans world wide is bound to have a negative effect, it wouldn't occur to these internal terrorists of ours that people might start to get angry, very angry, and rise up against them-oh no, that's way beyond their feeble mental capabilities. Or is it?
Perhaps they are finally contemplating their situation at long last for the article (Sniper the Flappers) on "Smokers Justice" rattled a few cages so 'dear Debs' promptly phoned our plod force to tell tales that those naughty anti prohibitionists were having the gall to object to ASH's rampaging style of rule-not a lot different to the Jihad in Mali! Yet, strangely enough, she failed to report Alan Dee's original article that hilariously pointed out that shooting smokers was excellent sport!
Not a good idea to whip up a storm in this country considering some of the Islamic nutters we host!

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