Sunday, 3 June 2012

Twice as funny now!

After yesterdays hilarious, but totally misinformed piece in "The Guardian" by a pair of, obviously, apprentice journalists I blogged about the stunningly pathetic nature of the anti tobacco activists who really are turning out to be the spoilt brats that run to mummy when someone treats them with the disdain that they treat others. By others I mean the general public-you know who they are, it's you and me, the people on the street, the actual workforce of this country who pay for these paper pushing, lifestyle enforcers who care not a jot for the feelings of 25% of the nation.Today, just to top up my mirth levels, the Mail has joined in the party, leading the story with: 

Pro-tobacco activists have been accused of harassing and threatening to kill health experts and anti-smoking campaigners -  as the government considers banning branding on cigarette packets.
Yes they have been accused of harassing health experts but I don't see where any death threats have been issued-and that is because there haven't been any death threats issued to any one person. I must point out here that this is exactly what tobacco control activists are excellent at-media control. They twist wordage to suit whatever situation they feel they need to control and this is a classic situation. Best of all, it is caused by another 'apprentice journalist' scribbling in a local rag known as the Luton Herald who determined that shooting smokers on sight would soon stamp out the art of smoking. Not dissimilar to spotting a Jew and herding said Jew off to the cattle truck heading for Poland, for extermination of smokers is the end game! (I can feel the poisoned arrows coming my way already!)
The amazing thing is that none of the anti tobacco activists (ata's) seem able to grasp the fact that it is they that have caused all the harassment.....of smokers! Smokers were abound in my local pub and indeed, all surrounding pubs, until that fateful day back in 2007 when the 'ata's' got their evil way and smokers were forced outside. No longer could the main financial supporters of the pub industry stay inside if they wanted to enjoy a legal product, for it was then deemed illegal to smoke the legal product indoors. Smokers were shunted outside, much to the amusement of the few non smokers that used the pub and then smokers stopped using the pub-and the other pubs around here for now, three of the six have closed for ever. So I ask the question again, 'who has been harassed by whom'?
The Mail decided to sport a picture of a very stern, if not miserable picture of Duncan Bannatyne who apparently has been threatened with death. I must try and find out who has supposedly put a contract out on this smokerphobic loon.
(nice find! :) )

Bannatyne, you may remember, is the ever loving parent of the children that will be 'cut out of his will should they ever smoke'. Not bad for an ex smoker that ensured his removal from the Royal Navy and served nine months in Colchester military detention centre before being discharged aged 20. He later spent ten days in Glasgow's Barlinnie prison for not paying a £10 fine in relation to a charge of breach of the peace and resisting arrest.  I suppose that
  ASH et al ignored all of those earlier frolics with authority when the Bannatyne cheque book bought him favour with ASH Wales. However, Bannatyne's money (estimated at £430m) has not endeared him to everyone! It is a parents job to guide and educate their children, not to bully them, harass them or threaten them using wealth after death as a weapon!
The Mail again state 
The article also revealed the address of Ash's offices in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh, prompting staff to contact the police. It said: 'Snipers could soon snuff out prohibitionist.....'
 Let me remind you all of what Alan Dee's (now relegated to TV listings reviews!) intial, idiotic article stated

"So let's set a squad of licensed snipers on the streets, with permission to pick off smokers whenever there's a clear shot."
Now that looks like the same language to me and of course the retaliatory article would probably never have been penned had Alan Dee not thought himself so hilariously (and retardedly) funny!
Alan Dee further stated:
 I confidently predict that the prospect of having your head blown off while enjoying what you didn't realise would be your last cigarette would give smokers up and down the country an extra incentive to kick the habit.
The reversing blog, "Sniper the Flappers" neatly responded with:
 I confidently predict that having your head blown off while enjoying what you didn't realise would be your last 'flap' would give 'flappers' an extra incentive to kick the habit!
Now isn't it strange that journalists from two reasonably accepted newspapers have not done any homework on this topic for at the very top of the original "Sniper the Flappers" you see the words (in brackets) an amusing reversal!  

Sniper the Flappers (an amusing reversal!)

A very amusing offering from 'Anon'
And that folks is all it is, yet the media, neatly controlled as ever, by 'ata's' has managed to turn a simple 'piss-take' into a gangland style form of retribution. But then, you see, that is exactly what ASH and all these 'ata's' want you to think-they are the righteous and smokers the sinners, when in actual fact neither are either! However, the 'ata's' must take much of the credit for stirring up this hornet's nest for upon reading this, the policy of denormalisation that tobacco control have strongly endorsed, here is a paragraph from this strategies paper; no wonder some people are angry
Cigarette smoking is not simply an unhealthy behavior. Smoking is now arguably consid-ered a deviant behavior. The stereotypical image of a smoker who greedily inhales/smokes at the front of public buildings dramatically symbolizes the status of smokers in this country. Smokers are in some sense disqualified from full social acceptance. In other words, they are ‘stigmatized’ (Kim and Shanahan 2003
Now that, purely & simply, is the result of non stop harassment of smokers and it wasn't smokers that caused that! Smokers have found their very existence threatened by these 'ata's who perform as terrorists would and do perform by isolating the main target from all that surrounds it before exterminating-yet governments are quite happy to fund a terrorist group as they somehow think that eradicating smoking will eradicate cancer.
According to the latest blurb, someone is diagnosed with cancer (of some form or other) every two minutes. That's 30 per hour, 720 per day, 5,040 per week & 262,080 per annum; quite a staggering number of people. Yet 50 years ago cancer was hardly heard of-until we started modifying foods, became heavily involved in industrialisation and the development of the motor vehicle (one of the major contributors to our wonderful air pollution virtually ignored by government) ASH and all the other activists will ignore all of this and bang on about the humble smoker non stop-but will cancer rates reduce by 25% when our smokers have all been 'snipered' by Alan Dee's cohorts, an action which they must agree with as they don't object to the harassment and direct threats to smokers.
This is what I fail to understand, for in a democratic society where equal rights are observed (I thought they were at any rate!) why is it OK for one side to harass, threaten and 'pop between the eyes' when the reverse is seen as needing police intervention? The Mail states that the article has been removed from one online group but it remains fully visible at as SJ will not back down from pointing out an obvious truth, nor will they spare the feelings of organisations that have no thought for the millions of people for whom they are ruining their daily lives. They (the ata's') have no remorse for all the pubs & clubs unnecessarily forced into closure. Instead, one of their number produces a most worthless "Evidenced Review" (on the effects of the smoking ban) Linda Bauld which stated that there had been no derogatory affect on the hospitality sector. An outright lie if ever there was one yet the 'ata's' happily parade this useless piece of paperwork (costing the taxpayer £478,000 no less) around with them as 'proof' of their 'invaluable work'. Invaluable? My God Almighty! invaluable is the last word I would use as they are slowly bleeding this country dry. In reality they are nothing but social pariahs, using every weapon possible to become 'the new government favourites' and 'lord it' over a quiet minority who want nothing more than to be left in peace & quiet with a pint and a fag.
The Mail then goes on to tell us
Bath University has been forced to increase security for its tobacco control research group...
 I will end up in hospital at this rate with severe stomach cramps through excessive laughter, for this is the height of abnormal behaviour! Do these idiotic 'ata's' seriously think that there will be an army of smokers advancing on Bath University with their '20packs' at the ready?  I can see this scenario with Spike Milligan in the lead role: General Benson, take your 20 man squad to the right. Captain Mayfair, take yours to the left. Corporal Park, drive your men through the middle and make an opening for Sergeant Capstan's men (at full strength I hope) to smoke the blighters out! Private Dee, get here man! when they come out waving their arms about, simply 'pop them in the head', one by one. And don't miss man, bullets cost money you know! (Meanwhile security has been stepped up at bath University, a uniformed security man has been employed to walk around the campus asking anyone who looks suspicious if they are a suspicious person!)
This is exactly how childish the anti tobacco activists have become, they think they are mightier than anyone else yet when the wind changes and normality returns, they will be a tiny minority that will have to suffer the scorn, derision & humiliation heaped upon them from those who hold the upper hand-except there are very few smokers who would actually do that as they would simply take it that the reign of persecution was now over and things might possibly go back to how they used to be. It would be interesting to read Arnott's, Dockrell's, Duffy's etc biographies as they languish in a maximum security prison alongside all other terrorists, for terrorism is exactly what they will be charged with once they have bankrupt this country.
Anna Gilmore stated  
"This is part of a deliberate attempt to misinform the public and politicians, denigrate our research and to harass, denigrate and undermine us as researchers."

Wow! now that is a bit strong coming from where its come from! For all there bleatings and so called scientific research Anna Gilmore still can't produce one cadaver which has a death certificate citing SHS as causation of death! Pretty incredible when you consider the £billions wasted on their specialised field! If no one has this death certificate then how are smokers 'misinforming' the public? I would have thought it was the other way around-wouldn't you? As for "..denigrate and undermine us as researchers.", well Anna, if the cap fits darlin', then wear it! It is not surprising that most of the normal people don't believe the majority of what you come up with as evidence as most of it is twaddle. The only ones that want to believe it are your paymasters-the DofH and of course Andrew Lansley, who has suddenly donned his 'Bloomberg hat' and declared himself the nations saviour, regardless of cost. The simple question is: how can you undermine something which is basically 95% crap to start with?
No doubt these pathetic little lambs feel they are being threatened, but the proof is there for all to see. They have Mr Alan Dee to thank for their supposed predicament, not any irate smokers moved to thoughts of violence. That imbecilic article of his, totally accepted by police, editors & PCC has now caused the stink it should have caused at the time of print-July, 2011. These anti tobacco activists need to learn that not everyone is as meek and mild as they would like them to be and not all people hide their anger and frustration at ever increasing prohibition as perhaps some would hope they would. They have succeeded however in making two national daily newspapers look very stupid indeed which really does make the whole scenario twice as funny! In other words you lot (ata's).....GROW UP and accept responsibility for your own actions! 
ps...I sent a copy of my last blog to Deborah Arnott asking her to kindly let me know when the police will be knocking-as I want to make sure I am in the house !


  1. Excellent posts, Phil -- this one and the previous. I have also looked for these so-called death threats, and I have not found any. Big Tobacco Control are liars. Notice how simply say they received threats and reported it to the police, but offer no evidence of it. Classic TC propaganda. We said it, so it must be true. And the media... don't even get me started... Anyway, adding you to my blogroll. Keep up the fine work! - Jay

  2. Most kind of you Jay, I feel honoured, indeed I do.

  3. Great posts Phil, well written and to the point. I cannot see evidence of any death threats either. These inaccurate reports from The Guardian and Mail online show the likes of Ash are not content just to persecute smokers in real life,but that they are now trying to intimidate bloggers not in agreement with them in an attempt to silence them online, which is very sad and it won't work either. If the truth be known i bet they are running scared at the sheer scale of the numbers against them.