Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cars and Carcinogens-the WHO

Upon my soul, this must be the day when scapolomine has been introduced to the WHO's daily cuppa, for unbelievably the WHO have finally declared that diesel fumes cause cancer...yes I'll repeat this for the benefit of the stupefied...

Diesel fumes cause cancer, says WHO

Diesel exhaust causes cancer, the World Health Organisation has finally declared, a ruling it said could make exhaust as important a public health threat as passive smoke. This is not just news, this is sensational for this declaration of truth is absolutely staggering, especially in the knowledge that this truth has been one of the chief arguments against the anti smoking brigade! For whilst the argument regarding passive smoking has raged, with the likes of ASH et al failing to provided a death certificate stating categorically that 'A' died from SHS or failing to prove that the smoking ban has even saved a single life, vehicle exhaust fumes have continued to pollute our already highly toxic daily air.
In fact, the air we breathe is so toxic that it has failed the EU safety limits and CamerCleggs Utd are fighting to stave off £300m in EU fines! 
And of course we have that most erudite of gentlemen Dr Douglas Noble who wished to advertise the safety of exhaust fumes over cigarette smoke. I assume that the 'good Dr' has not yet carried out his experiment as the the obituaries seem devoid of his name!
There will be many of us that want to rejoice in this news as all pro choice personnel are fully aware of Dr Kitty Little's lifelong work in the field of Cancer Research in the UK. She correlated the increase in cancers with the increase in industrialisation, especially with the rapid growth of diesel usage!
Interestingly Oxford's cancer expert, Sir Richard Doll, writing in The American Journal of Public Health , said that
 "increasing cancer mortality can be accounted for in all industrialized countries by the spread of cigarette smoking."
Unfortunately, this statement tends to be believed, despite the evidence against it. The mainstays of the need for a complete smoking ban (ASH, CRUK) have always quoted this crap when need be as it suited their stance admirable-only one of their many lies & fabrications. Even scores of ignorant MPs swallowed this bilge unblinkingly, much the the delight of the anti smoking brigade, making the passing of this intolerant law far simpler than expected.
This is a damning declaration by the WHO for it now puts SHS firmly in the back seat in the modern world health stakes. It easily explains why so many non smokers become cancer patients when the majority of 'ata's' think smokers are now responsible for every disease known to man-even SIDS which has no known cause of death-despite the RCP trying their damnedest to make everyone believe otherwise!
But, back to this amazing truth uttered by the WHO. Funny how trends often follow a pattern, for this smoking intolerance is a follow-on from Nazi ideals and the Nazi's were very fond of using scapolomine to elicit the truth from their captives. Now we find that the WHO must have almost certainly used scapolomine in their own 11am cuppa's to have announced this long known & blindingly obvious truth. Now, perhaps, the anti tobacco zealots will realise that as more and more truths rise to the surface and the more that truth is fed to the public, the less of a stranglehold they will have over MPs that sadly lack in knowledge!
And of course the question is now very simple: when does the campaign to ban exhaust fumes begin?

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