Monday, 3 December 2012

Corruption starts with the anti tobacco mob!

So today sees the inauguration of Australia's plain packaging for cigarettes. Now I say plain packaging but of course they are far from plain as it seems that tobacco manufacturers aren't allowed to have any pictures or decroations on their packets but the anti tobacco mob, in league with the governmnent can cover 75% of the packet with silly pictures of green teeth, stapled eyes & a small child with breathing problems (probably bronchial and absolutely nothing to do with tobacco smoke-but it serves their purpose!) to cite but a few.

                                     In a world that boasts laws regarding Equal Rights it seems very strange that the Australian judiciary has seen fit to totally ignore such important matters, but then again why should I be surprised at such judicial findings having witnessed the complete corruptness of the legal system here in Britain at first hand! In fact, I can honestly state that I have never seen such open corruptness within our legal system in all my years on this earth as I have since July 1st, 2007.
We have a government that was shocked to its very core when they realised that their "Public Consultation" (on plain packaging) was being swamped by 'Joe Public's' objections to the proposal. In fact such was the rout that anti tobacco forces found it necessary to lie, cheat & use deception to raise their profile-and still failed to master 'Joe Public'! At the heart of the corruption..... you guessed it..... the Arnott. She who says she must be obeyed by all and sundry. She who says that anyone who has the audacity to object to these measures must be in the pay of Mr Big Tobacco.
Well I assure the 'Bitch from Shoreditch' that if I am in such pay, I would love to ask where my 5.5 years wages are being stored for |I could surely do with a few quid in my pocket! You see folks, I don't smoke but I know, deep down, that what is going on in this country is totally wrong. OK, I agree, we must protect the chiiildren but what is going on here is way, way beyond protecting our little ones, it's persecution of a minority! We have idiots like Stephen Williams 

          (the vanquished)                     (the victor)
MP    (but probably not for much longer looking at the past few weeks'glorious' performances by the woefully inept LibDems) pontificating about saving the children but he was subject to a total 'smackdown' courtesy of Ian Paisley Jnr. I say idiot because we have a nation in financial, internal turmoil, immigration out of control and all but the PM wanting OUT of the disastrous European Union yet this complete nerd (I am kind sometimes) concentrates all his efforts and time in parliament campaigning for anti tobacco measures! Ireland, now the european smuggling capital is faring even worse! What was that cartoon thing-Where's Wally was it? Not got to look any further have we!
WE now have the anti alcohol brigade on the march (Mr C's pet dog this is) and they've come up with "the Sheffield study" for this one just to prove themselves right-but-fellow scribe Dick puddlecote has unearthed the proof of all the lies issued north of the border. How will Nicols Sturgeon cover her embarrassment? And how strange that two governments are quite happy to lie like pigs in sh*t to persecute their voters even more!
Today we had the much respected  Mark Littlewood  allowed to speak against plain packaging-and guess who against, yet again? yes, the Arnott who, as usual, sat there and announced to all and sundry lie after lie. When are these people going to wake up and smell the coffee? For a start she states that there is no evidence of a counterfeit cigarette increase. Really Debs? This woman just cannot help herself when it comes to 'porkies', in fact I'm astounded that she's not the Mayoress of Melton Mowbray!  
(Liars should be spit roasted like the pigs they are!)
As 'she' speaks, the Irish tobacco losses to counterfeiters/smugglers/opportunists amounts to €736,460,000! What were you saying Debs??? More figures:

  • €736,460,000 – Loss to Irish Economy from illegal tobacco in 2012
  • €581,963,500 – Loss to Irish Government from illegal tobacco in 2012
  • €1,594,420 – Loss to Irish Government from illegal tobacco per day
  • €234,929,247 – Money made by criminals from illegal tobacco in 2012 in Ireland
  • €643,642 – Money made by criminals from illegal tobacco per day in Ireland
  • €16,818 – Money made by criminals from illegal tobacco per hour in Ireland
  • 28.2 per cent is non Irish duty paid in 2012 – 18.4% illegal / 9.6% non Irish duty paid
  • 1,601,000,000 – Amount of NIDP cigarettes consumed in Ireland in 2012
A spokesperson said that "last year the government increased VAT and excise again and the illegal tobacco market has soared."
Oh Debs, keep digging that f*****g great hole baby. They will keep believing her until her dying day because they are so bigoted, so wrapped up in their own self importance that they actually believe every single word she speaks!
She also says that there was a:
"2008 agreement to employ covert markings on cigarette packets"
as if that has ever mattered to our smuggling heroes who show this country up for the stupidity they are showing over tobacco products. Green or brown packets won't matter to these boys as our government makes it even easier to get cigarettes to kids and make vast profits into the bargain! And the Arnott says that the tobacco industry :
"constantly misrepresent the figures"
Oh, righty ho then! Look in the mirror Debs! Oh-and this:
"Smuggling has halved in the last decade"
Whilst the drum beating continues unabated  it is obvious that the anti smoking mob have either complertely missed this report or simply decided to ignore it! It seems that smoking bans have no effect on lung cancer cases:
Nearly 80% of people diagnosed with lung cancer now, in 2012, are non-smokers. All of the anti-smoking campaigns imaginable are not going to make a difference for this 80%. 
The important point to note is simply that 80% of lung cancer cases are non attributable to smoking, or sniffing SHS, or even snorting up the furniture tapestry (3rd/H/S anyone?) Oh bring it on Dr Kitty Little, the scientist who correlated diesel fumes and the rise in heavy industry with lung cancers. You have to ask yourself why the medical/scientific world ignored her work but the answer my friends is very simple-it didn't suit the Godber blueprint! This excellent article by Martin Hensman might point you in the right direction!
They talk about misdirection and throw all manner of accusations at the tobacco industry but all the time increase tobacco taxes so as to keep the revenue pouring into Treasury coffers. They speak with forked tongue for they would crap themselves if everyone said 'I'm quitting smoking', equally if every smoker bought their tobacco from abroad or, better still, grew their own.' and I would say "good for them, go for it", for the way smokers have been villified these last 5 years is despicable. In a democratic society the persecution of smokers has shown what power the pharmaceutical industry wield. Arnott et al complain that anyone objecting to her and her cohorts actions must be in the pay of 'Big Tobacco', yet they are all funded by Big Pharma who are simply in it for the financial gains. Pfizer were fined $60,000,000 for a decade of fraud & deception-but were they bothered? I don't think so. So who is the more corrupt?

Friday, 30 November 2012

Being an il-liberal Liberal damages your wealth/health!

I stated, many moons ago, whem the LibDems cosied up to Mr C and decided to form a government with the Tories that Clegg was nothing but a 'schoolboy in long trousers' and could no more lead a political party that I could. I still don't think I am wrong.
To me, Clegg had one golden chance to put the 'Liberal (Democrats) on the political map - and failed spectacularly! He knew none of the truth behind SHS and simply sat there as a puppet for the anti tobacco industry with not a thought for the comfort and well being of 15 million British citizens. I said then that this was his own crucifiction, watch this video and make your own minds up.

(Dumb & Dumber)
 The 'schoolboy in long trousers' had his moment to shine by advancing CHOICE for this countries smokers but steadfastly refused to even mention the word. That was the day that all smokers knew they were doomed with this coalition government for the LibDems certainly weren't liberal minded and the democrats among them were most certainly not democratic!
And so the smoking ban went on, ever trying to gain more and more ground by using the chiiildren at every opportunity; as despicable a bunch of dictators I've ever had the displeasure to see.
The coalition was never going to be harmonious, in fact I think that Mr C only ever 'played to the audience' with Clegg from day one-deputy prime minister was a title Clegg could never have expected in his wildest dreams, it was only because Mr C almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory that the schoolboy got his fleeting shot at stardom; never has a fish been so out of water as the Cleggeron! Mr C plumped for the waste of space LibDems whilst an MP-less organisation, that he completely dismissed as fruitcakes & loonies, was quietly gathering strength.
  OK, they had plenty of MEPs but that wasn't a lot of use in Westminster, however, 'things were a changin' folks.
A month ago (almost) Loiuse Mensch stepped down from her seat in Corby to nip over to America with hubby and also to spend more time with her kids. Fair enough I suppose, but why did she stand for parliamentary election in the first place I wonder? Anyway, that is by-the-by (no pun intended) and a by-election was called. Not surprisingly, the Tories were reviled by the local electorate thanks to Loiuse's impromptu departure and Corby (stupidly) went back to red as Andy Sawford was elected to serve the constituents. Labour had grabbed a seat back from the coalition.
                Andy Sawford (Lab) 17,267 (48.41%)
                       Christine Emmett (C) 9,476 (26.57%)
                Margot Parker (UKIP) 5,108 (14.32%)
               Jill Hope (LD) 1,770 (4.96%)
Not surprising really considering the bad feeling 'darling Louise' had caused among the constituents. But what struck me immediately was not so much the slow but steady rise of UKIP but the unbelievable fall of those illiberal LibDem peeps! In fact, despite the Cleggeron throwing plenty at the Corby campaign poor old Jill Hope was a no hoper and lost her deposit after gaining only 4.96% of the vote (a drop of 9.48%)-so the voters made a monkey out of her (and her party) and it cost her a monkey!

Fast forward 3 weeks and we find ourselves at the centre of another political storm only this time it is the Labour council trying to distance itself from one of their Common Purpose cohorts who decided that a loving. caring family were not politically fit to foster/care for three eastern european children dumped on Britains doorstep by some eastern european apology for a mother! If the typically British family weren't politically correct enough for Joyce Thackerthen why did the silly cow place these deprived children with the British couple in the first place? I would have thought that this episode has made her look a complete dickhead and should, ultimately, lead to her dismissal! Anyway, ignoring 'Wacky Thacky', the Labour party sent up some pretty big guns to campaign on behalf of their party for not only had they Thackers idiocy to contend with but the shame of soon to be jailbird Denis MacShane MP (resigned) who had turned into a 'fiddler crab'.

Denis MacShane I would imagine that the shamed MacShane will soon be someone's 'bitch' as he languishes in prison for hoisting public monies! So, into battle again, with the Tories almost certain to pick up seats - at the expense of Labour this time. But look at this folks:-

  • SarahChampion(Labour)9,866
  • Jane Collins (UKIP) 4,648
  • Marlene Guest (BNP) 1,804
  • Yvonne Ridley (Respect) 1,778
  • Simon Wilson (Conservative) 1,157 (5.42%,
  • David Wildgoose (English Democrat) 703
  • Simon Copley (Independent) 582
  • Michael Beckett (Liberal Democrat) 451 
  • Ralph Dyson (TUSC) 261
  • Paul Dickson (Independent) 51
  • Clint Bristow (Independent) 29
  • Labour majority 5,218 (24.46%)
  • 7.13% swing Labour to UKIP
  • Turnout: 21,330 (33.63%, -25.37%) 

 UKIP grabbed 22% of the vote

The Conservative suffered badly, finishing 5th and 
avoiding losing his deposit by a mere 0.42% of 
votes cast. If that wasn't bad enough they were 
beaten by the BNP & Respect parties! Now 
even in  a bomb proof Labour seat that 
 result is deplorable, but the fun has only 
just begun folks! 
In 8th (yes folks, eighth) place we find the   
Cleggeron candidate, one Mr Michael Beckett 
Esq, who fielded a magnificent 2.11% of the 
vote, a 13.87% DROP from the previous 
election. Oh dear me, that means the illiberal 
LibDems have lost two election deposits in 3 
weeks, hardly a glowing reference for what 
will soon to be another extinct party! 
Remember the SDP anyone?
Yes, Rotherham is in the middle of a 
Labour stronghold, you could basically 
dress a baboon in red and get it elected 
but the people have clearly shown just 
how little they rate Mr C and his silly 
arsed view of the EU.
As one useless party sinks so another must 
rise, for the British people are now sick to 
death of the imbecilic two party system we 
seem to have lumbered ourselves with. 
Neither party has much sympathy with the  
British public and neither seem overly 
interested in whether they govern a happy 
land or not! What both do seem hell bent 
on is creating new laws that will impoverish 
 'citizen Joe' at every move!
The up & coming party however, does 
seem to have grasped the nettle where the 
British people are concerned and beat that 
drum mercilessly. 
Two simple statements emanate from their 
exciting and voluble leader Nigel Farage: 

a)... Get this country out of that vast sinking ship the EU (now dubbed the EUSSR Titanic)
 b)... Shut the doors on immigration - that Blair so kindly opened (shows how much he really cared for this country!)
Now Mr C might not realise this but nearly 60% 
of us Brits want 'OUT' of the EU 'skintpot' because 
it is costing us a mere £53,000,000 per day for 
little or no return. Approximately 18% haven't got a clue either way which only leaves 22% wanting to stay in-not good for Mr C or Mr C. It's a joke, yet 
the biggest joke is that the Cleggeron and his rapidly failing party think the opposite-but then how would they know what the British people want when they 
don't even listen? As I said at the start, Clegg 
missed his chance of political fame within days of being promoted to Deputy Dawg PM - and blew it bigtime.
It's very strange that UKIP can see the damage caused by the smoking ban, the financial disaster  
we suffer due to to paying into the ridiculously formatted EU and that we need to close the ports 
etc to stem the  floods of immigrants heading for 
our welfare system-we open the doors to another 29million next year!  

Will Mr C do anything about it? I very much doubt 
it for we need to get out of the EU first. Cameron wants in, the people want out, which is favourite? Funny how every other european country allows choice when it comes to smoking-except us! 
I have already dealt with the costs of the smoking 
ban, not that government would ever admit the 
figures as they are so embarrassing, but with our economy at a perilous level why is it there is only 
one party that can clearly see what we must do?
I have never been a politically motivated creature 
but  these past fifteen years have been an absolute 
eye opener. 
The greed, sanctimony and plain stupidity of politicians is sometimes beyond comprehension and one can only hope that the newer MPs entering parliament have their own minds and consciences 
and do not follow the path of the left wing, do-gooder lunatics. 
If they do then this country will be finished-it's not 
far off destroyed now.
It won't just be by being an illiberal LibDem that will damage your wealth or your health!
And a little tribute to the Cleggeron --> 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Two birds - One stone!

Stunning figures out today show that Alcohol Concern and the other anti alcohol lunatics have no need to be concerned anymore for we are no longer a nation sliding into drunken debauchery! Apparently we are now drinking (or not drinking) a BILLION pints less in our pubs than we were in 2008.
 (My pub used to be full of old'uns at dinner times)
It seems that Lancashire, Wales and the Midlands have suffered most, seeing a 27% drop in sales in the last year alone. Well, seeing as 40% of my local pubs have vanished over the past 5 years, the above figures are hardly surprising are they! The smoking ban has wreaked a terrible havoc in its near 5.5 year existence yet people (who hardly ever use the pub) still bang on about how nice it is to go into a smokefree place for a drink. In almost 4 weeks time you can imagine all the once a year 'Hoorah Henry's' marching into their local-if it's still there, and ordering their celebratory Christmas drinks, "I say, barperson, 3 xxxxxx, 2 pints of xxxxx and 3 bags of nuts, same as last Christmas-surely you remember!" It wouldn't occur to these woodentops that the barperson wasn't working there last year or even that they might be in a different pub as the usual haunt had closed sometime between the two dates for as far as they are concerned they are there and that's all that matters.
A billion pints eh? Think of all the revenue government has lost from that little lot, dear oh dear me. Yet there is such a simple answer to it all.
The above report, quite bizarrely, coincides with:
Options for a minimum price on alcohol are set to be announced by the government this week, as Prime Minister David Cameron launches a long-awaited consultation.
If we selling one billion fewer pints than we did 4 years ago, how is it that we have a drinking problem whereby the government feels it necessary to impose a minimum pricing structure? Surely, if there was a drinking problem, it was 4 years ago - but the smoking ban has sorted that out by evicting smokers from the pubs!

You have to marvel at the coincidental nature of the way that some of these reports suddenly get into the media for whilst Mr C is blathering on about world shatteringingly important beer prices a report has suddenly emerged stating that alcohol is now a bigger killer than smoking! 
I kid you not-check the link! Apparently this latest study concurs with  a US study in 2005 which found that alcohol abuse killed approx 75,000 Americans each year and shortened lifespans by at least 30 years. WOW-"at least"! So we are to take it that if a serious drinker died today aged 70, if he didn't drink at all (or only moderately) he would have lived until he was at least 100 years old! These medical people must have a whole heap of crystal balls laying about for all these estimations & guestimations.  I mean to say, smokers die up to ten years early [apparently] (although I know plenty of smokers that are in their 70's already!) but we now have news that females who give up smoking by their forties will now live an extra ten years! The medical world really is turning into something akin to the national lottery where you simply pick numbers! Scotland had the same madcap idea but it looks like their minimum pricing bid is going to fall foul of European laws etc-as probably will Mr C's attempts too.
Of course, the pubs losses have been the supermarkets gains -and fair play to them for capitalising on the stupidest law enacted since the clockmakers tax of the 1790's! Had choice been allowed then I very much doubt we would have lost 11,000 pubs/clubs and seen beer sales drop by such a massive amount. They stopped making clocks & watches then and they've stopped using pubs now!
But despite the obvious shockwaves caused by the above news there is a much greater piece of news to report upon and that is the new Health Minister being concerned about the elderly and their apparent loneliness! Well upon my soul, for upon my instigation, the worlds very first "Triblogology" was created by myself and others over twenty months ago on this very subject, you might like to read parts 1, 2 & 3 - I'm absolutely sure that Jeremy Hunt will be intrigued!
And please check out the superb video in part 3.(with thanks to Paul Kearns & John Baker for their technical knowhow)
Jeremy Hunt quoted
 READ: "For the first time local authorities will identify areas where older people suffer most acutely from loneliness to allow them to tackle the growing problem of social isolation and its harmful effects", announced Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.
READ Five million elderly people only have television for company as they see friends and family less than once a month, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said, as he announced new measures for councils to tackle the problem.
Maps showing the loneliest places in the UK are to be created in a bid to tackle the 'fastest growing health problem' in Britain today.

Read more:
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Maps showing the loneliest places in the UK are to be created in a bid to tackle the 'fastest growing health problem' in Britain today.

Read more:
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Maps showing social isolation across UK to be drawn up in bid tackle 'fastest growing health problem'

Read more:
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 READ: Maps showing solcial isolation across the UK are being drawn up in a bid to tackle 'fastest growing health problem in Britain ", said Jeremy Hunt
I think you get the general idea from the above, we have, in the past 5 years, bred a nation of lonely souls and it is all courtesy of the smoking ban. Thank you Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, who once appeared in court (I'm told) under the name of Charles Lynton (hmmm, devious even then!) for creating this plethora of aged misery, one can only hope that at some ageing stage of your exotic life you suffer similarly-perhaps in splendid isolation in prison for your war mongering!
You see folks, with an ageing population and with that population living longer we need all the recreational outlets that we can muster-yet we purposely close one of the simplest and most effective social elements within our culture - our pubs & clubs and you cannot hold a conversation with a TV set-unless of course you are already in the nut-house! I don't quite know how Jeremey Hunt intends to sort this mess out but I can assure him that providing meals on wheels is no answer. What is the point of rushing in someone's front door with medium warm food only to rush out again 2 minutes later because that provider/carer has a van full of medium warm dinners to serve. Where is the social contact in that I ask?
 Mr Hunt said: “Tackling loneliness, by giving people better care and improved services, is another step towards making the UK one of the best places to live in Europe for older people.
Is it now? But he doesn't mention anything about any of our elderly getting out to socialise and meet others in the same situation!  I wouldn't want to set my day by someone I hardly know nipping in at 10am and again at 3.30pm, I'd want the ability to be able to go out and socialise properly, in a pub with a fag or two. Now that is socialising!
“We need a measure of loneliness to shine a light on this problem and to know what we are dealing with. Once we have this solid evidence, local communities will have new tools to come up with the right, targeted solutions to the problem.”
The right solution? Easily sorted then Jeremy, move the smoking ban to the Business sector and away from the health fanatics, because they are simply killing of thousands of elderly people through loneliness, then amend the ban to accomodate choice and bingo (!) you have solved the loneliness problem for thousands of elderly but active pensioners and you give the pubs & clubs fresh hopes for survival. It's a win/win situation all ways round.
Put another way Jeremy, would you rather 'conk out' with a pint in your hand or being miserably alone in your little OAP accomodation-where you might not be found until 10.30 am the next day?
results are in line with those of a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. in 2005, which found that alcohol abuse kills about 75,000 Americans each year and shortens the lives of this group by at least 30 years.

Learn more:
 Enjoy a  miserable death-it's a wonderful life!

"Smoking-related death cases are more due to cancers which seem to occur later in life than many alcohol-attributable causes of death do,"

Learn more:

"Smoking-related death cases are more due to cancers which seem to occur later in life than many alcohol-attributable causes of death do,"

Learn more:

Friday, 23 November 2012

The economy is failing Mr C

Last night the financial news was doom and gloom. Apparently we borrowed £8.6bn in October (remember "Stoptober"Facebook Chat Emoticons, Smileys, Smiley Faces Codes List on Facebook Tags Pictures ) when Mr Osborne had nominated that we would only need to borrow £6bn.
Nobody should be surpised at this not so wondrous revelation but the tone of the newsreader was one of surprise-and this is the bit that sounded 'surprised':
 "This overborrowing was due to the fact that businesses did not contribute as much as expected to the Treasury"
Now I wonder why businesses are not contributing as much as 'darling George' expected? 
How about this one for starters Mr C? 12,000 of them that were once quite happily contributing colossal amounts to the Treasury are no more! They were the pubs & clubs that only 5.4 years ago were flourishing, as smoker & non smoker alike happily drank side by side. They were the days before a certain minority of non smokers became nasty, spiteful, hateful people determined to make the life of their fellow man, the smoker, a total misery. You see, even in my little world, two of the five local pubs have vanished off the face of the earth. That'll be 40% of Treasury income gone forever-within a mile of me! Do you get my drift Mr C?  

Also, to compound the misery, the two managers and eight of the ten staff are still claiming their rightful dole money, housing benefits, Council Tax rebates and Lord only knows what else they are entitled to. So, Mr C, it is easy to see why your righthand man cannot dig us out of this gigantic financial hole. 
One of the biggest social sector Treasury incomes is also severely under pressure as Bingo halls are struggling more than ever. The smoking ban closed over a hundred once top line Bingo halls but the smoking ban has marched even deeper into bingo clientele as online gaming is fast becoming more popular than trudging outdoors in all weathers. You guessed it, smokers are more than happy to smoke & 'dob the dobber' at home. With each major Bingo hall once dishing up approximately £780,000 per annum to the Treasury, poor old 'darling George' is staring bankruptcy in the face. Funny how the Americans have exempted casino's eh Mr C! Realised the cost to the state coffers eh Mr C - simples!
With Ford losing out to Turkey, the 'Transit' factory in Southampton
(I'm off to Turkey-you turkeys!)

will soon be no more and yet another 1,500 jobs will be lost to this country thanks to the EU (Bombardier now Transit-what's next I wonder?). Just think of the cost of that lot to our benefits system George, dear oh dear me.
While we are leaking money relentlessly and our much loved NHS is strapped for cash on a daily basis we find, courtesy of fellow blogger Jay, that we have wasted enormous amounts of money paying for five anti tobacco nerds to fly to Seoul to partake in the 'delights' of "COP5". Jay is attempting to find out just how much  money was wasted on this junkett, paid for by the humble taxpayer.
These were the nominated delegates, yet "Nannying Tyrants" sports a gruesome picture of Deborah Arnott & hubby  enjoying themselves in Korea. Now I'll bet that 'Debs' didn't pay for her own tickets even though she wasn't on our official representation list above.
Despite the fact that people will never give up smoking for the simple reason they enjoy it the "Seoul Zealots" will dream up evermore elaborate schemes to deny smokers that which they enjoy the truth is that they are costing governments a fortune for smokers (and the obese) cost less through life than non smokers! I cannot understand how any sane government official can ignore this simple fact of life.
It also seems that no amount of money thrown at anti smoking campaigns is going to deter the younger generations from taking up the noble art of smoking, if that is what is on their mind, for it seems that if they want to be regarded at all at school, they need to be in the cool stream, the smokers gang. That's not too difficult to comprehend either really.
We mentioned "Stoptober" at the beginning and although Health minister Norman Lamb, who revealed he quit smoking a few weeks ago, said the cost of the campaign was about "a couple of million" pounds, there is another report floating about somewhere that puts the cost at nearer £9m. Incidentally Mr C, the £9m would have paid all the wages for at least a couple of months at this hospital. Whichever it is/was, it was another complete waste of public that our hospitals could dearly do with. No matter what the final cost the mere fact that any quit figures are still ridiculously based on only 4 weeks make the whole expensive exercise a complete waste of time & money - our money. You see Mr C, we are wasting money hand over fist but you need a pair of balls to stop this happening. I have absolutely no doubt that Samantha Gwendoline Cameron (née Sheffield) would testify to the physical fact that you have a pair but the British public would have to doubt even her wifely assurances because 'mental balls' are also needed. Looking at the way things are going..... ? Amend this idiotically implemented law and provide CHOICE for all. I assure you that no non smokers, like myself, will be harmed by this process!
Over in Bulgaria, where they take their smoking rather seriously, the smokers are thoroughly pissed off with their ban and they are going to do something our licensees should have done from day one-protest. Ten major towns & cities are holding rallies to protest about their rights:
 Organizers claim that the initiative aims to raise awareness of smokers' rights and the difficulties that small and medium-sized enterprises faced once the ban was introduced in cafes, bars and restaurants, regardless of size.
They already know from reading our blogs that smoking bans kill businesses with great rapidity - and they don't want that to happen to them. 

And they are right, for  the normal people in this country (including the majority of non smokers) have seen very clearly just how much smoking bans cost nations; they far outweigh the odd few bob it might save the NHS. Yet bizarrely the NHS is being starved of much needed funding just to financially support these anti tobacco fanatics! My own hospital is beginning to 'see the light' at long last-bless them!
 A simple question should be 'what is wrong with choice'? With choice smokers would do their thing and non smokers would do their thing, yet again, simples! So why is this concept so difficult for our MPs to grasp? Perhaps this might help explain matters more clearly as, from the land down-under where smoker bashing is rife comes a masterpiece of logic and explanation. Well done John Humphreys.
Australia have ignored all tobacco manufacturers claims and have sanctified  PP (plain packaging), let's see how long it is before they start screaming, like our shopkeepers are already, about the illegal trade getting a bigger & bigger share of the market shall we? In the meantime, we have the antipodean lunatic Simon Chapman proposing that smokers be licenced - YELLOW STAR next I ask? 

(The discrimination against smokers will then be complete)
And every time a nation implements a total ban on smoking their economy starts to suffer. Not true? Check it out then. 

Smoke bans cause businesses to close.
Smoke bans cause people to lose their jobs.
Smoke bans cause a bigger strain on welfare systems.
Smoke bans cause poverty.
Smoke bans cause social deprivation.
Smoke bans cause social isolation.
Smoke bans cause great animosity, even hatred among men.
Smoke bans cause divide.
Smoke bans cause bankruptcy-both personal & national.
Smoke bans WILL cause civil unrest, it is only a matter of time.

So Mr C, not only is the economy failing, so is your credibility for you wanted to be a man of the people, oh you so wanted to be a man of & for the people. Unfortunately it seems you are merely a lackey of the anti smoking fanatics! And while you remain such, this countries economy will suffer more and more as businesses give up trying to compete. You can't even promise people jobs any more because the amount of immigrants pouring into this country far outweighs the jobs available to start with. But, should you actually wake up and smell the coffee you will realise that creating choice for licencees and cafe owners will actually create plenty of jobs, bring people back into the pubs & clubs and start filling those devastated Treasury coffers once more! Option 'B' of course is to simply keep funding ASH until they bleed this country dry. What will it be Mr C? The economy is failing - rapidly.