Monday, 3 December 2012

Corruption starts with the anti tobacco mob!

So today sees the inauguration of Australia's plain packaging for cigarettes. Now I say plain packaging but of course they are far from plain as it seems that tobacco manufacturers aren't allowed to have any pictures or decroations on their packets but the anti tobacco mob, in league with the governmnent can cover 75% of the packet with silly pictures of green teeth, stapled eyes & a small child with breathing problems (probably bronchial and absolutely nothing to do with tobacco smoke-but it serves their purpose!) to cite but a few.

                                     In a world that boasts laws regarding Equal Rights it seems very strange that the Australian judiciary has seen fit to totally ignore such important matters, but then again why should I be surprised at such judicial findings having witnessed the complete corruptness of the legal system here in Britain at first hand! In fact, I can honestly state that I have never seen such open corruptness within our legal system in all my years on this earth as I have since July 1st, 2007.
We have a government that was shocked to its very core when they realised that their "Public Consultation" (on plain packaging) was being swamped by 'Joe Public's' objections to the proposal. In fact such was the rout that anti tobacco forces found it necessary to lie, cheat & use deception to raise their profile-and still failed to master 'Joe Public'! At the heart of the corruption..... you guessed it..... the Arnott. She who says she must be obeyed by all and sundry. She who says that anyone who has the audacity to object to these measures must be in the pay of Mr Big Tobacco.
Well I assure the 'Bitch from Shoreditch' that if I am in such pay, I would love to ask where my 5.5 years wages are being stored for |I could surely do with a few quid in my pocket! You see folks, I don't smoke but I know, deep down, that what is going on in this country is totally wrong. OK, I agree, we must protect the chiiildren but what is going on here is way, way beyond protecting our little ones, it's persecution of a minority! We have idiots like Stephen Williams 

          (the vanquished)                     (the victor)
MP    (but probably not for much longer looking at the past few weeks'glorious' performances by the woefully inept LibDems) pontificating about saving the children but he was subject to a total 'smackdown' courtesy of Ian Paisley Jnr. I say idiot because we have a nation in financial, internal turmoil, immigration out of control and all but the PM wanting OUT of the disastrous European Union yet this complete nerd (I am kind sometimes) concentrates all his efforts and time in parliament campaigning for anti tobacco measures! Ireland, now the european smuggling capital is faring even worse! What was that cartoon thing-Where's Wally was it? Not got to look any further have we!
WE now have the anti alcohol brigade on the march (Mr C's pet dog this is) and they've come up with "the Sheffield study" for this one just to prove themselves right-but-fellow scribe Dick puddlecote has unearthed the proof of all the lies issued north of the border. How will Nicols Sturgeon cover her embarrassment? And how strange that two governments are quite happy to lie like pigs in sh*t to persecute their voters even more!
Today we had the much respected  Mark Littlewood  allowed to speak against plain packaging-and guess who against, yet again? yes, the Arnott who, as usual, sat there and announced to all and sundry lie after lie. When are these people going to wake up and smell the coffee? For a start she states that there is no evidence of a counterfeit cigarette increase. Really Debs? This woman just cannot help herself when it comes to 'porkies', in fact I'm astounded that she's not the Mayoress of Melton Mowbray!  
(Liars should be spit roasted like the pigs they are!)
As 'she' speaks, the Irish tobacco losses to counterfeiters/smugglers/opportunists amounts to €736,460,000! What were you saying Debs??? More figures:

  • €736,460,000 – Loss to Irish Economy from illegal tobacco in 2012
  • €581,963,500 – Loss to Irish Government from illegal tobacco in 2012
  • €1,594,420 – Loss to Irish Government from illegal tobacco per day
  • €234,929,247 – Money made by criminals from illegal tobacco in 2012 in Ireland
  • €643,642 – Money made by criminals from illegal tobacco per day in Ireland
  • €16,818 – Money made by criminals from illegal tobacco per hour in Ireland
  • 28.2 per cent is non Irish duty paid in 2012 – 18.4% illegal / 9.6% non Irish duty paid
  • 1,601,000,000 – Amount of NIDP cigarettes consumed in Ireland in 2012
A spokesperson said that "last year the government increased VAT and excise again and the illegal tobacco market has soared."
Oh Debs, keep digging that f*****g great hole baby. They will keep believing her until her dying day because they are so bigoted, so wrapped up in their own self importance that they actually believe every single word she speaks!
She also says that there was a:
"2008 agreement to employ covert markings on cigarette packets"
as if that has ever mattered to our smuggling heroes who show this country up for the stupidity they are showing over tobacco products. Green or brown packets won't matter to these boys as our government makes it even easier to get cigarettes to kids and make vast profits into the bargain! And the Arnott says that the tobacco industry :
"constantly misrepresent the figures"
Oh, righty ho then! Look in the mirror Debs! Oh-and this:
"Smuggling has halved in the last decade"
Whilst the drum beating continues unabated  it is obvious that the anti smoking mob have either complertely missed this report or simply decided to ignore it! It seems that smoking bans have no effect on lung cancer cases:
Nearly 80% of people diagnosed with lung cancer now, in 2012, are non-smokers. All of the anti-smoking campaigns imaginable are not going to make a difference for this 80%. 
The important point to note is simply that 80% of lung cancer cases are non attributable to smoking, or sniffing SHS, or even snorting up the furniture tapestry (3rd/H/S anyone?) Oh bring it on Dr Kitty Little, the scientist who correlated diesel fumes and the rise in heavy industry with lung cancers. You have to ask yourself why the medical/scientific world ignored her work but the answer my friends is very simple-it didn't suit the Godber blueprint! This excellent article by Martin Hensman might point you in the right direction!
They talk about misdirection and throw all manner of accusations at the tobacco industry but all the time increase tobacco taxes so as to keep the revenue pouring into Treasury coffers. They speak with forked tongue for they would crap themselves if everyone said 'I'm quitting smoking', equally if every smoker bought their tobacco from abroad or, better still, grew their own.' and I would say "good for them, go for it", for the way smokers have been villified these last 5 years is despicable. In a democratic society the persecution of smokers has shown what power the pharmaceutical industry wield. Arnott et al complain that anyone objecting to her and her cohorts actions must be in the pay of 'Big Tobacco', yet they are all funded by Big Pharma who are simply in it for the financial gains. Pfizer were fined $60,000,000 for a decade of fraud & deception-but were they bothered? I don't think so. So who is the more corrupt?

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  1. It is time ASH and co were fined fot their Fraud and Deception over all these years. False claims, False Charity, but i would like to know how they have been missed out of the Bonfire of Quangos this so called government promised us.