Tuesday, 1 January 2013

... and of course we end with more lunacy!

     Well they say that rest is good for the soul so three weeks away from the keyboard, not in a plush hotel I hasten to add, may have freshened the mind somewhat-we'll see.    
     In a torrid year where the lunatics have been running the asylum it is no real shock to end this crackpot year with the Daily Mailonline really showing their  anti smoking hand by printing the garbage released by the Italian Health Ministry. These numpties have obviously been 'highly influenced' by the WHO, who themselves desperately needed to salvage some credibility after the years battering by the truth seekers - who favour democracy & freedoms rather than dictatorship & suppression! I shall not even bother to trawl through the years hilarious events, the ludicrous statements and the ridiculous suggestions as friend Chris Snowdon has neatly documented the entire years crackpotery - quite succinctly too!
     The humble cigarette must be stopped  at all costs, we know that,  but now the ingenious e-cig has been  castigated as "don't in fact help quit smoking and they still posed a potentially serious health risk because they contained nicotine."

     Oh dear me, just what pressure has been heaped upon the almost potless Italian Health Ministry for them to come up with this one? Actually, I dread to think!
     The whole idea of the e-cigarette, which millions of people worldwide now use to reduce their smoking, was, surprisingly enough, to hopefully reduce the amount of tobacco consumed (smoking). It has even been cited as an intermediary device which would lead to quitting smoking altogether! It is easy to see that 2013 is going to be the year of "ban the e-cig" - because it resembles smoking. You really couldn't make this war on tobacco up if you tried. So what have we to look forward to in 2013?

     Let's see now, Mr Dave will stutter and stammer his way through another year telling us all that the EU is an integral part of British life - well, seeing as how we are paying these unelected dunderheads £53,000,000 per day I suppose it is an integral part of the British way of life. It will skint this country, is that 'integral' enough! It will render more people onto our benefits systems and, worse still, it will open the floodgates to 29,000,000 other nationals - I'll bet they are queueing up with rucksacks & battered old suitcases already on the Bulgarian borders! Who can blame them? What do they have? Almost 50% of the country live in abject poverty yet as soon as they land here they can claim more in dole money than they can earn back home. Romanians will be doing exactly the same methinks, in fact, I'll bet they are on the move today-what a start to 2013! Thanks Tony, you and your arse of a party certainly knew how to fill this country full of dead weight!
     Of course the mere fact that 60% of the British people now want out of the EU (22% want in & 18% haven't got a clue what day it is!) means little to Mr Dave for it is his opinion that we should be in- HIS! Who the f**k is this turnip who was elected to represent our country, our people, and then does his own thing against the people's wishes (the EU is a completely different beast to the old EEC we originaly joined!) - or, yet again, are darker forces at work here? New World Order anyone, the Illuminati? well something is keeping Cameron from doing the people's bidding and I would dearly love to know what it is! Grow a pair man, for once in your priviledged, upper class twittery of a life!
     Of course Mr Dave has another major problem looming large for he is in a coalition with a totally worthless bunch of 'has beens' that can now no longer hold onto their seats in by-elections around the country. Indeed, deposits have been lost as less than 5% voted for these once important looking muppets. Yes, we are talking about the Cleggerons, those beings from another planet that have completely forgotten what "Liberalism" is/was truly about.Vince Cable looks like 'dead man walking', Clegg is 'dead man gone' for he will be lucky to survive 2013 in his present position and MPs like Stephen Williams will cling on for dear life whilst he tries to find a new, permanent position within the anti tobacco industry, for surely the good people of Bristol West will not vote this pillock into power again! Photo of Stephen WilliamsWhy do I label this man a pillock-simples?   We are a country in serious financial decline. We are a country in serious need of law change to halt the massive influx of immigrants (look what happened in Germany!) yet this imbecile spends all his days plotting how to eradicate smoking/smokers-for God's sake man, can't you simply live and let live? Have you not yet learned that stress is the biggest killer of all and stress is closely followed by loneliness - ask the WHO! Have you not realised that even though smoking rates have fallen dramatically in the past 50 years cancer rates have grown just as dramatically?
     We also have more and more bilge from ASH et al to look forward to as the creature known as Deborah Arnott marches relentlessly on with her "Betrieb auszulöschen" (operation wipeout) of smokers/smoking. This woman is so determined to see the end of tobacco consumption that I'm almost certain that she will somehow get a knighthood from the WHO-well, they manage to engineer virtually any situation that they wish to engineer so why not! She, like the rest of the retards in the anti tobacco league, seem not to care that whole nations will be thrown into total poverty as they see their tobacco plantations destroyed by these fanatics-and for what I ask? It is us, the general public that are subsidising these morons who cannot stop interfering in people's lives, we are contributing toward our own social demise, incredible!
     We can look forward to more antipodean claptrap from the almost saint like Simon Chapman who has already stated that  forcing smokers to be licensed would see a dramatic reduction in smokers-and this man is a professor (what of I dread to think!). When I asked him (on a comments section) if wearing a yellow star would be better he simply stated that I was being silly and over reacting. I've not quite worked out how he figures that out personally for this is following all the footsteps of the Nazi regime that engulfed Europe from 1935 onwards.
     But, the one thing that struck me during our little 'comments section banter' was his total antipathy toward the African people dying in their thousands. I mentioned that as a health 'expert' he should be more concerned with saving their miserable lives from starvation & famine, that the WHO should be waging war on pipeline companies and plumbers from all around the world to provide clean water for these people, that the 'one child' law should be imposed for their own good, that automatic sterilisation be introduced for their own good-in other words anything that could help these poor people should be done. His response? "Well that's rather unfortunate". Rather unfortunate? It's a bloody disaster folks! here we have a bunch of so called health experts bleating on about smoking/smokers yet, as health experts, they completely ignore the 'living dead' on the other side of the world. Yes, having a conscience I consider it to be a hell of a lot more than 'rather  unfortunate'! It does show however that people like Chapman only want to be where the money is, but then don't all these so called anti tobacco experts? We (yes Britain) pay the WHO $33m per annum to crucify our social lives yet the WHO gaily abandon the Africans who are dying daily. Malnourished: A child from southern Mogadishu, lies on a wooden table at Banadir hospital, in Mogadishu, SomaliaThere is obviously no money to be gained in saving such people. It is obvious that being of assistance to these poor people does not suit the balance sheets of Big Pharma, hence the WHO. It seems that this bunch of killjoys need to be renamed the POTW-HO (Parts of the World-Health Organisation) for they don't seem very interested in a large chunk of it! I think that 2013 should see a steady stream of complaints headed toward there HQ at  
World Health Organization
Avenue Appia 20
1211 Geneva 27

or  http://www.who.int/about/contact_form/en/index.html
     The most exciting aspect of 2013 is the simple fact that Mr Dave is going to have to eat his words with regard to Britains now fastest growing "3rd party"-UKIP. Having branded them as "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists" I think our 'Oxford Toff'' is going to have to eat his own words very soon in 2013 because the ebullient Nigel Farage is on a crusade to rescue british politics from its boring self destruction. I met Nigel when UKIP campaigned in my home town and I found him to be just the sort of person you could talk to about anything. No airs and graces, you ask, you get-and you get honesty! Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip, 2009None of those political wishy-washy answers that basically sidestep the main point as does Mr Dave et al. His opinion on Europe is obvious to all but when you get him engaged in the subject it is incredible to learn what the EU are up to behind closed doors-this country has to be O...U...T and make no mistake about it. It is easy to see why UKIP are picking up voters from all walks of life and it is simplicity itself to understand why they have quickly replaced the illiberal dems as Britains 3rd party..... in fact 'they' might as well pack up and go home to their rabbit warrens! It seems to me (as a previously totally unpolitical animal) that all UKIP want is a fair system where immigration is virtually stopped, a situation where people can get jobs ansd earn a reasonable living and, of course, a nation where freedom of choice is restored so that businesses can thrive  (or fail) under their own direction. Oh yes, and they happen to want us out of that catastrophe over the channel-the EU! Now I don't think that is asking too much, do you? I am now convinced that people need to update their political  views/allegiances and consider voting UKIP for neither Labour nor Conservative have any idea of how to take this country of ours forward yet they both seem quite content to 'hang us out to dry' with the rest of the EU countries-most of whom are a damned sight poorer than we are! All this generation 'voting crap' where folk vote Labour/Conservative  'cos me fayther allus did' has got to go out of the window-the Labour party and the working classes got divorced when Blair came into power and the Tories will never manage to balance the books after those thirteen years of misrule.
     We will end as we started folks, with more lunacy. It was noted in the New Years honours list that one Cherie Blair (I kid you not) was awarded a CBE, which I find absolutely derisable! As the wife of our former PM she is already living the life on his vastly overpaid tour speeches (seems the Yanks/Arabs can't get enough of his slobber) she still picked up a very handsome £102,000 for a '5 city tour' of Australia & N Zealand. £102,000 for God's sake, some charity worker she is-sweet Jesus! 
(Cherie Blair prays for another £102,000 hand out) [ht to Guido]
Apparently, at an £82 per head dinner, a cancer research charity receiving as much as £6,690, or 8%, of the total funds raised at an £82-a-head dinner which raised £81,270. So who pocketed the rest I ask? If you want an honest cancer charity to donate a few quid to then simply click here, you'll not find any £82 or even £8.20p per head dinners, or 8% awarded to the charity here, but you will find lots of nurses & doctors willing to give up their spare time to help raise valuable funds for much needed equipment to treat cancer patients! You'll even find a nurse who wants to chuck herself out of an aeroplane to raise funds for the charity-bet 'our Cherie' wouldn't do that!
Happy New Year to you all and may 2013 bring back some sensibility to this crackpottery of a country! 


  1. London is already on the brink of the greatest catastrophe seen in peace time, the traditional English population has all but being eradicated its now 600 square miles of wall to wall immigrants.

    There are next to no English owned shops, vast areas speak foreign in foreign tongues, immigrants are arriving by the bus load on a daily basis, border controls are non existent, Romanians, Turks, Bulgarians amongst others queue at morning pick up points to low paid jobs that used to be done by Londoners. Piles of dumped suitcases are a testament to safe house processing.

    Our pubs have closed down, young English Londoners have no little or no chance of finding jobs in the retail, building or low paid sectors because they are racially discriminated against.

    Today the war against fat nurses has started, those who are fat can expect similar treatment to smokers.

    The country has gone mad and its time to think the unthinkable. It appears that we are being deliberately being destroyed, no normal thinking government would have destroyed its own peoples its traditions and stable way of life for years.

    What is going on?

  2. There is No doubt that the Conservatives and Labour are the Problem not the Solution to this countries mess, no wonder the Public are getting behind UKIP and Nigel Farage,they are sick of the constant Lies, False Promises and False Claims. They are sick of the Quangos who hide behind the " charity " shield and set policy and Law in this country to tell everyone How to live Their lives. The WHO are another very well Paid bunch that also want control over peoples choices and lifestyle. Their is precious little left of the British Way of Life in this country and Action needs to be taken Now before it is too late.

  3. You talk of the New World Order and Illuminati. People have forgotten that the Cold War had not only a military front with nuclear missiles but also a psychological front. The West may have won the nuclear stand off but the psychological assault continues. The Soviets used to talk of destroying capitalism and now they have not only almost succeeded but also wrought social havoc.
    I have been following developments for 50 years and attempted to analyse my findings here: http://www.authorhouse.co.uk/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000608140
    You can also get a copy through my website:

  4. Wonderful to have you back in the saddle Phil! Though from the looks of it I'd say it's more like having you back behind the controls of a next-generation stealth fighter loaded for bear!

    Great stuff, very interesting, and beautifully presented!

    Thanks for all your work and let's kick some Antibutt in 2013!


  5. Got to the bit about Cherie Blair, felt sick & had a ciggie to recover! I pray every day (don't ask me who to though!) that the old saying "give 'em enough rope........" will apply to every anti out there & every MP/MEP that's hell bent on destroying this country.

    Sandra Jean

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