Monday, 28 January 2013

Godber - an admirer of Hitler?

The Americans started whooping with joy when the figures  for cancer sufferers were released - but the celebrations were short lived as the truth dawned upon the anti tobacco mobsters. You see folks, yet again they rushed in to proclaim that smoking bans work, only to find that they were actually making no difference whatsoever apart from making people more miserable generally!
Cancer death rates in America (as in Britain) are slowing down, which of course is a cause for celebration, but cancer cases are rising steadily. Whereas man has found the means to delay the inevitable demise of his fellow man, cancer itself knows no such boundaries in this polluted world of ours. However, clever wording can hide a multitude of sins and we find that whilst the 'Big 4' (Lung cancer, Breast cancer,Prostate cancer, and Colorectal cancer) are now being thwarted by medical trickery or brilliance, little is being said about other cancers that are now becoming rife. For instance, head & neck cancers & oral cancers have increased 600% in the past decade and, amazingly, it's not all down to smoking! (ASH gnash teeth furiously)
You see folks, all that free lovin' & flower power, hippy lifestyle that was created decades ago is now showing us the cost of those happy-go-lucky times as:
" 64 percent of cancers of the oral cavity, head, and neck in the U.S. are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which is commonly spread via oral sex."
 I doubt either Arnott or doormat hubby contracting in this fashion- can you envisage it? Note the numbers-64%-that only leaves 36% for smoking related or alcohol related causation. I don't hear ASH or CRUK trumpeting that measely figure about-do you? Not likely to be much funding available for a mere  (maximum) 36% and they do like to follow the money. Prevention is the money spinner, not the cure; in fact, the last thing they want is a cure as they'll all be out of business!  
We find, as we mentioned money, that our wonderful government is wasting yet another £2.7m on insulting everyone's intelligence by informing those who care to listen that every 15 cigarettes causes a cancerous mutation in our bodies Watch the video here and think about this. My dad 'learned' how to smoke in the army, when he was galloping around battlefields protecting this country from nazi indoctrinations (what a joke that's turned out to be!). I watched him smoke (not personally) 20-30 Senior Service everyday for 47 years, which equals two (2) brand new cancerous mutations per day - so how the bloody hell did he live so long and, more to the point, when he did die, why did he still look like my dad and not some unrecognisable, giant, mutated alien? Is it any wonder that one in three smokers believe health risks associated with their habit have been overplayed? But back to my fag smoking departed pa! Smoking let's say 30 fags per day = 2 new mutations every day. Therefore, by that logic, in 39 days there would be a cancerous mutation in each of his 78 bodily organs - so how the bloody hell did he survive so long only to die on the operating theatre table (having a tooth out would you believe?) through heart failure? (And NO, it wasn't cancer of the heart!). More to the point, he would have been riddled with cancer whilst charging about on army business so how the bloody hell did he manage to live to be 72? He used to love his Double Diamond-it must have worked absolute wonders on him!Thumbnail for version as of 14:46, 20 February 2011 So we easily see that yet again the medical world has plucked a figure from the skies and by trumpeting at every opportunity will eventually claim it to be 'recognised fact'-even though it is actually sheer fantasy! And the sheeple will follow, sadly.
In the far away nation of mega anti tobacco lunatics, a non smoker is urging all 135 bar owners in St Louis County to write in and object to more smoking restrictions being levied by the local council wallahs. The town council say that 'they' want to introduce a level playing field but in actual fact there is already one in situ for those that choose not to allowsmokers can advertise 'smoke free' whilst those who wish to entertain smokers will continue to harvest profitable rewards! Choice-it's not rocket science really. Meanwhile, in Oregon, a new Bill has been proposed whereby cigarettes become available via prescription, how crazy is that? I can just see it now...." excuse me Doc, but I need some pain killers for me gout, oh and 5 packs of Camels please!" You really couldn't make it up !
Some people are finally fighting back thank goodness. Laughably, amid all this persecution of smokers, governments worldwide are suffering income loss as the 'merry men of the smuggling fraternity' continue to reap vast rewards from their entrepreneurialism. 
" Nearly 40% of the cigarettes sold in Rhode Island are illegally smuggled in..."
Oh diddley boo! No point making an obvious rod for one's back and then moaning about is there! But there's more.....
"At 39.8%, the report ranked Rhode Island fifth in the country for smuggling rates in 2011, behind only Washington, New Mexico, Arizona and New York, which tops the list at 60.9%. The Ocean State ranked first in smuggling in 2006."
 Wow. So New York, run by dictating supremo "Michaelus 'Nonsoda-r-us Bloombergus" Mayor Bloomberg's dream for a world class applied-science center has a few obstacles. has won the award for harvesting the biggest crop of smuggled tobacco-hilarious. This is the man that happily allows 40% of Bronx children to live well below the poverty line, watches firemen be 'cited' for feeding the hungry and the homeless after "Hurricane Sandy" hit the place yet happily donates $500,000 to such as Uruguay to fight tobacco law suits! The man is a complete nut job! Born February 14, 1942 I doubt that his objectors will have too long to wait before he is no more-I wonder if he'll choose cremation? The man (I use the term loosely) is the epitome of all that is wrong in this world today. He is termed a 'philanthropist' but I think that 'egomaniac' would be nearer the truth as he has been a Democrat, a Republican and now stands as an Independent-says it all really!
In St Joseph (Missouri) it appears that some of the good citizens have had enough of all these silly restrictions and have formed a coalition to fight against more persecution. Note in the comments that one idiot opposes smoking in bars - but doesn't even frequent bars. Now there lies the mindset of another nut job!
Closer to home the situation is beginning to look dire; but we did warn you 66 months ago of what would happen. Apparently, according to Irish logic, it is perfectly acceptable to stigmatise fat people as the war moves on to alcohol & obesity. Writing in the "Irish Health" rag, Daniel Callan of the Hastings Center (research facility) says 
"... a lot can be learned from the anti-smoking campaign. One of the main strategies used by these campaigners is to stigmatise smokers, emphasising that not only is smoking dangerous for your health, it is also socially unacceptable." 
Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagWe even find that there are now discussions going on about medical care not warranting the costs so we might yet have a panel of 'judges' deciding who lives and who dies-depending on costs of course. Hmm, didn't dear old Adolph decide who lived or died as he attempted to rid europe of anything remotely Jewish. The health freaks are showing all the signs of nazi doctrination-or don't you think?
 [What difference? Hitler/Godber-we will exterminate smoking, drinking & fat people! 
We will create the most perfect, medically cost free, race that is humanly possible]
So what IS acceptable then, the supreme Aryan race, the Ubermensch as proposed by my dad's old adversary-Adolph Hitler. So it seems we defeated nazi ideals only to allow them to spawn again under a different guise some 30 years later. Strangely enough both have arrived through the medical route, and both adhere to the ideal of persecution & suppression. Both involve what is quaintly termed as "social acceptability" and both lack any conscience. which does rather pose the question:
 Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagWas Sir George Edward Godber a secret Nazi? Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag


  1. Handymanphil

    You treat the issue of social engineering on the blog as both a serious and amusing article, you quote the Facts and Figures that a great many will never see. What a shame it is you are not writing on a mainstream Daily, the issue of secondhand tobacco smoke danger is evaporating like a wisp of harmless smoke it is and in the not to distant future these anti smoking Quango's will be shown up for the Fraudsters they are, in the meantime, carry on mate with the good work.

  2. The smoking ban is an attempt to dictate peoples lifestyle choices. It has turned smokers into second class citizens making many of us now feel, not welcome anywhere.

    Of course if any other minority were treated like this with a law forcing those people to stand outside, then those responsible would face prison sentences.

    It is a completely disproportionate law and most people realise that modern air management systems do work. That there is no need for a total indoor ban, separate areas mean those that don't want to be exposed to smoke, need not be.

    The EU has choosen which minorities it wishes to protect.

    Sadly UKIP is the only political party defending peoples right to choice.

  3. If everyone just said what they think in the clear and unambiguous way you do, what a different world ours would be. I am sure there are many politicians that feel just as you do but have to tow the party line to keep their jobs and gravy

  4. " I doubt either Arnott or doormat hubby contracting in this fashion- can you envisage it?"

    No. I bloody well can't. And which is more, I bloody well won't.

    Never raise such a hideous spectre again. You fiend.

    1. My humble apologies 'Mac' but when the thought entered my mind I had to type faster than ever before so as to be able to erase that thought asap! Be assured that the 'hideous spectre' will never be raised again-nor Mr Arnott's 'hideous spectre' !

  5. well done Phil, keep up the fight and we will prevail