Sunday, 13 January 2013

... and the Sheeple just sit, doing nothing!

Has nobody noticed that this country is being destroyed in front of our very eyes, does nobody care anymore? People these days are too 'possession conscious', unlike the early post war years when most people had sweet bugger all-except a common sense of camaraderie. The first 'americanism' was "keeping up with the Jones's" and boy oh boy did that catch on quicktime as one house tried to outdo the next with the latest car, lawnmower or twin tub etc. We suddenly became greedy-and the politicians let us. The pub was the breeding ground for talk of all matters human thus the greed factor quickly spread and the 'tally man' was noted at an increasing number of doors per street as he collected, on a weekly basis, on the loans he had given out for various items to be purchased.
As the years went by, more and more people became accustomed to a certain lifestyle, a certain (if only modest) affluence and worst of all people learned how to live in debt. Politicians allowed this for it was easy to see that giving a man enough rope was the sure fire way of that man hanging himself; ie, build up enough debt per household and people are then scared to react in case they 'lose' that household. It was also apparent, as the decades went past, that smoking rates were declining, people were naturally refusing to take up that which is now so scorned by so many. So why did they suddenly "come for the smokers"? The answer is quite simple when you think about it for having dedicated so much time & financial resources (ours) to killing off the illegal drug trade (yeah, righty ho then) the WHO needed something attackable that would give them the credibility back that the drug war had cost them. When you consider that 75% of people in this country were now non smokers it was not too difficult to round up anti tobacco warlords (Glantz et al) to produce whatever written 'back up' they needed, produce the most ridiculous statistical studies (Jamorozik et al) and create lobby groups to make a hullabaloo about the death and destruction caused by smoking/smokers-even though the WHO published a report stating that smoking does NOT cause lung cancer! 
                                     (Jamrozik-fraudster)    (Glantz-master of deception)
Such has been the public reaction to all this that 'Joe Public' now firmly believes that the next smoker to walk past him will cause his immediate demise, after all Carmona brazenly declared that there was no safe level of SHS! In November, 2012 the good people of Arizona finally dumped this bigoted fool on the sidewalk and out of office.
The problem of course is that the anti tobacco lobby has now become so huge and so well funded they know they can virtually demand anything they want. For instance, the fat plonker in Eire is plugging for a smoking ban in cars with children for all he's worth. 
James Reilly (in front of microphones). 
 (The obese Reilly dwarfs two more modestly built gentleman)
Vastly overweight, breathing like a rampaging bull, amid calls for his resignation and in a country that has already been bailed out by the EU, all he can concern himself with is smoking in cars! No wonder S.Ireland is in such a financial mess! Of course, we all know that smoking in a vehicle with children in is now frowned upon and 99% would not dream of doing so but this action just goes to show you how far the anti smoking lobby has come since the humble days of the 'Godber Blueprint' in 1975. But how has it got this far you may ask?
This tells you the whole sad story of empowerment for the anti tobacco loons, for as they correctly state here they only asked for smoking to be banned on "short haul" flights to begin with-after all, 'anyone can do without a fag for two hours surely?' But just look where it has lead us-banning smoking in open spaces now, apartment balconies, 20 metres from doorways; it has gone mad! How soon before smoking in your own home is outlawed? It's obvious what they will use....."think of the chiiildren....purleeese!" We are losing our pubs, clubs, bingo halls, snooker halls, you name it and we are losing them. 33% of our villages are now 'publess' thanks to the people simply sitting back and doing nothing! That means 33% of our rural social lives have disappeared for good, the elderly who rely on these venues for social contact have been doomed to a life of loneliness and solitude thanks to the disgracefully poor implementation of this ban. 

But wait.....I hear AGE UK hurtling to the rescue of their elderly and often infirm geriatric members. Well, hurtle word be the last word used actually for AGE UK don't even recognise that loneliness is the biggest problem facing our elderly-or even a problem! Our respondant (Jessica) says:
"There is no evidence that the smoking ban has led to increased levels of isolation and loneliness, but Age UK is working at a local level to tackle the problem through a number of different schemes, which does not include campaigning for changes to the law on smoking in public."
Now I don't know about you but I find this statement absolutely incredible, especially in the light of Jeremy Hunt's  magnificent gesture in stating that HE will sort out the loneliness problems of our elderly. According to the agency (AGE UK) there is no problem yet the Health Minister says there is! 
A older man in a wheelchair on holiday, smiling as his wife pushes him.                         
                    (Help is there - if you don't smoke!)
Interesting to say the least. I am intrigued as to how they refuse to admit there is a loneliness problem but in the next breath state but Age UK is working at a local level to tackle the problem through a number of different schemes!  So how, exactly, are they resolving a problem which to them doesn't exist in the first place? The mind boggles. but then note the added 'rider'... "which does not include campaigning for changes to the law on smoking in public."
So we now know that AGE UK are just another puritannical bunch who are frightened to death to say or do anything that may not be seen as 'PC', in fact, so much so that they are quite happy to ignore the needs of approximately 4 million elderly smokers who, now their social lives have been slaughtered due to pub/club/bingo hall closures, have nowhere to go for social interraction! I think I summed it up correctly in me reply to 'Jessica' when I said,
"Most people want to enjoy themselves while they are here and if that includes smoking then so be it, that is their choice, but to deny them the company of others in warm, convivial surroundings where they can socialise comfortably is a despicable act indeed and the methods of a sadistical organisation of people hell bent on control."
Of course I said a whole lot more and posed more questions to 'Jessica' and to be honest, I very much doubt she will respond again-how sad. Of course she knows nothing of our estimated three million secret smokers, she knows nothing of the mechanics of smoking bans other than to say that 'she' would prefer that our elderly give up something they have enjoyed for a lifetime-WHY? If a person has smoked for, say, 40/50 years why on earth would they want to give up when it is probably the only enjoyment they have left in life?
But you see folks, this is the mindset of these brain dead, brain washed people in offices of power-they have very little knowledge of real world goings on, much less the daily lives of the working classes! Being a complete 'plum', our Jessica has reported to me that smoking rates have dropped 8%, so I have asked her to verify such a monster figure as we actually only hqave a drop drom 24%-22% !
It seems that my good friend Barry Slasberg has also been on the AGE UK trail but so ignorant are they to his requests, they haven't even bothered to reply to him.
So we will not be banking on AGE UK coming to the rescue of our smoking elderly for it seems that you enjoy that which government doesn't want you to enjoy (but still reaps the rewards), you are in the wilderness as far as this 'Charitable Organisation' are concerned.
It is well known that one of the weapons used by TC was the inclusion of SIDS in their armoury. Ridiculous but true for if smoking caused SIDS then it would no longer be called SIDS! However, after having been forced to apologise and withdraw the allegations TC will probably be looking toward this new organisation SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) for a correlation between smoking & SADS! Why not? They will invent some correlation or other if there isn't one to be found, you mark my words on that. Please take a minute and sign the petition here for these people don't distinguish between smoker & non smoker - remarkable in this day and age! This is backed by the Oliver King Foundation , not a ragbag hillbilly outfit by any means.
Funnily enough there is an island over Greece way where early deaths are not heard of, in fact, most of the people on Ikaria live to a ripe old age-must be all that sun, sea & sand that keeps them so young. It would seem that a lack of air pollution has an awful lot to do with their longevity-spot the difference.These people smoke too!
   Island living: Ikaria is almost as far east as Greece gets. Here, the people live longer and better than almost anywhere else on the planet

      (Britains air pollution)                         (Ikaria's sun, sea & sand)

With the war on tobacco seemingly endless, it is surprising to see
that the best substitute for a cigarette (the e-cig) coming under such a sustained attack from all smoker haters. Writer Lionel Shriver has summed it up perfectly when he says:
"With e-cigs, it seems you haven't "really quit", even if you've really quit tobacco, the very substance that sheepish smokers yearn to eschew. In desperation, rabid anti-smokers deride e-cigs as stupid-looking and pathetic. Apparently we're in danger of "renormalising smoking" after having lavished endless initiatives on making smoking socially unacceptable among all but a sad, quivering few."
So now it's the appearance of smoking that is really getting to them, not the actual smoking. Because e-cigs are NOT actually smoking and only give the appearance of smoking, the TC mob are stumped, they cannot take the moral high ground for it is their own actions that forced this creation to combat smoking tobacco in the first place. It must be really galling for them, it really must.
Such is the power of government brainwashing (already mentioned) that
Justin Bieber fans have allegedly been posting pictures of themselves self-harming as a way of pleading with the pop star to stop smoking marijuana (a blunt).

Justin Bieber smoking a blunt 
 (Bieber with a 'blunt'... Reach for the razor blades!)


                             (Oooooh, Justin shows his freedom of choice!)
You heard it right, the idiot faction of our youth are now so obsessed with smoking related harm that they are harming themselves just because they 'think' this pop/teen idol Bieber is smoking marijuana! They think, they don't know, they only think-it could've been Golden Virginia! Still, I suppose we ought to be amazed they can even manage that (thinking) on their own, especially the way governments are trying to shape peoples lives. Doing a good job too, people don't need to worry about anyone else hurting them they are now conditioned to do it to themselves-hilarious! 
It will come as no surprise to anyone to learn that we are sinking deeper & deeper into the financial black hole as we continue to give away our wealth to those legal thieves in Brussels, fund totally impractical smoking bans, happily watch businesses go out of business (whilst Osborne bleats on about growth on TV-does anyone listen anymore[?]). The economy is failing rapidly as Leicester based  Jessop's have now closed for good with a loss of 1,370 jobs (187 stores) and Honda are shedding 800 jobs in Swindon and all the time more and more immigrant 'wankers' 'workers' are flooding into a country, where less and less jobs are available, to ravage our generous benefit system. Steve Baker MP sums it all up very nicely here; there is only one end, poverty!
Just to round this off, and to show all the sheeple why they have to stop being sheeple,  Gabriela Segura, MD has written a marvellous piece about the anti smoking mob, his scorn & derision for them is all too obvious the further you read. Even our old friend 'air pollution' pops up here and there.
Whilst the sheeple sit and bleat aimlessly and the politicians twist and turn everything to suit their NWO masters this country will continue to slide downhill. The people need to sit up, take real notice of the way our country's social habits are being manouvered, the way our meeting places, our discussion centres, our chilling out talking shops are being slowly but surely removed from our everyday life. Even AGE UK are playing their part in all this by refusing to acknowledge the problem in the first place so what hope is there left. The sheeple need to rise up at long last and take this country back and do what Cameron/Clegg failed to do (another promise broken) and repeal/amend the ridiculous smoking ban law. Return to the people the freedom of choice they once had! 


  1. Don't AGE UK tell us that "They are there for Everyone" everyone it seems who Chooses Not to smoke, so for Millions that choose to smoke and have No social life, no friends and are Discriminated against no wonder they are lonely and isolated but Not as far as AGE UK are concerned. So AGE UK can join the other anti smoking Quango's.

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