Friday, 30 May 2014

The latest £20 'asks'-pathetically ridiculous!

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     I suppose, by now, every man and his dog has had a chance to view the latest proposal that cigarettes should be £20 per pack? Well bring it on I say..... and I mean it. Now you might think that I have finally flipped, finally gone to the other side (never) or even given up arguing against tobacco control, but I haven't.
     This latest pathetically ridiculous 'ask' has clearly shown that the anti-tobacco mob have now run out of the incredible & un-credible claims that 'SHS kills 6.2 million per day' or that 'she died of cancer because her dog smoked', etc etc-that's how ludicrous some of the claims made are akin to!
     You see folks, we now have it in black & white (please don't call me a racist for that!) that SHS does not kill! Oh dear me, what are Bauld, Arnott, Duffy and all the other liars now going to claim? I think I had better ask them. You see, even since Godber stuck his tobacco hating snout in the trough in 1975 by informing governments at large that they had to lie to the people in order to eclipse tobacco usage, they have not attributed ONE SINGLE DEATH to be caused by SHS-now there's a thing! Arnott, Duffy, Bauld et al must be starting to turn in their soon to be graves/coffins/whatevers as the 'truth' they have claimed for all these years just won't appear for them. And when one of those three is diagnosed with some form of cancer (as will surely happen statistically) what are they going to claim then?
     As if to cement that fact into place and emphasise the absolute imbecility of some people, we have a Deputy Editor from some ragbag outfit in Buckinghamshire who has declared that he could 'do without smokers in the town centre', regardless of the fact that highly intoxicating exhaust fumes from all manner of heavy transport pollutes the air 24-7. Another idiot is born! Perhaps he should get out more and read blogs like this that typify what the smoking ban has actually done and not what he sees in a rare night in Aylesbury!
Adam King
Bucks Herald deputy editor Adam King-God help Buckinghamshire!
     It must be a sad, sad world for some of these people that can only see one fault-do you think that this prat will ever become a "full blown manager/editor"? I don't. Fellow Jewel Robber 'DP' slams this fool here! Perhaps Adam King is leading up to a re-write of 'popping smokers between the eyes', which was viewed as hilarious by the Press Complaints Commission, Arnott, Duffy, the police and all anti smokers alike-but-when the satirical response came forth, entitled "Sniper the Flappers", it was viewed as a death threat that even warranted mention in the Guardian by some half baked, horrified hack!
     While all this is going on, there are now highly conflicting views regarding e-cigs, which are, without doubt, the best 'quit smoking' tool on the market..... but the anti tobacco idiots are now fighting them (well some are) as they are afraid that they resemble "looking like smokers" rather muchly. Well excuse me dears, isn't that what they are supposed to do but without the risks of the nicotine etc? dear oh deary me-you see folks it never was about smoking/helath, it was all about societal change-what looks good and what doesn't! proper scientific work & debate needs to be done and less of the hysterical blathering of anti tobacco loons! 
I wonder if the above buffoon would object to someone 'smoking' an ecig in his precious, 'pollution free' town centre?     Clive Bates has reasoned correctly that e-cigs ARE the way forward and this 'paper' reasons why in perfectly good English, thus making perfectly good sense. And when the public health body steps up to the plate with such stuff then you can be sure that many will listen-ASH have, STOP SMOKING Leicester have and no doubt many others will too for it is obvious, despite the clown aboves claims, that smokers are still smoking and in virtually the same numbers as pre-ban! How could "PH" not possibly be anything but positive on e-cigs for they know by now that the people who want to smoke are still going to 'smoke' [take note Deputy Dawg/Editor].Want the proof-google it my friends (& buffoons).
     All the claims of smoking & SHS causing every malady known to man go straight out of the window when you find little gems like this:  Why Would An 18-Year-Old Who Never Smoked Get Lung Cancer? The Answer.
      But back to this silly 'ask' for £20 per pack, the raised revenue supposedly to pay for smoking related treatments in our hospitals. What absolute, total & utter b****x! As smokers cost the NHS the least of the three evils (smoking, drinking, gluttony) I immediately call for beer to be made £25 per pint, and ALL sweet goods have a £50 tarriff slapped on them - and then they could pay for all the work the NHS has to perform to keep people upright and working!  
This basically what the imbecile known as Milliband wants in his 'health drive dictatorship' - if people are stupid enough to vote Labour next year! If they do vote for him, they will be voting for a university man that still thinks a requested '1'word answer is actually 2 words! Rather nice to see that the NHS have shown a remarkarkable dose of common sense when it comes to e-cigs: how's about that then Eddy Baby???
     Secondly, I fully support such a notion because perhaps then, and only then, will any government (and idiotic anti tobacco charity) realise that price makes no difference to smokers. The only difference will be that so many small corner shops & newsagents will close down that the dole queues will be even longer - and - so many million more illegal cigarettes will flood the country that government will actually suffer a loss in revenue as people turn their backs on legally purchased goods-I would, wouldn't you? Also people are already learning how to grow their own tobacco plants, so that activity will certainly increase!

     We are only on this earth once so why not enjoy what time you have? No one, no Dr, no soothsayer, no crystal ball gazer can tell you your D.O.D so when it's your time to drop..... you drop, end of! Whether you smoke or not makes very little difference in essence for as I've said on numerous occasions, why should one person live 100 years yet another not a 100 seconds? Ask your MP to tell you when you will die & what of and then ask him why he supports (or won't rail against) the smoking ban and some form of equality for smokers? I'd love to see some of the answers. Look where Cleggs summation of the smoking ban got him-a so called Liberal that's all but now alienated! 
     So, anti tobacco loons & soppy weak knee'd governments, bring it on, bring on your idiotic price hikes and see where it gets you. What will you do when even less revenue comes in? The whole 'ask' is literally, pathetically ridiculous-but then again, it seems that governments like such things these days!
 Thank God for a party of sanity

Monday, 26 May 2014

"They don't like it up 'em do they sir!"

Smoking bans KILL Businesses - FACT!

     And so the story unfolded: UKIP traded high in the market place as voters vented their wrath on Mr 'smarmy barmy' Camoron, the Eton toff who thought he could play games with 63,000,000 peoples lives via false promises of referendums; ie, 'if you vote us in for a second term'. Vote for a lying, cheating, manipulating piece of human garbage ??? NEVER AGAIN! We were reasonably happy with the way things were panning out until he and his aides were summoned to that hotel in Watford (at our [taxpayers] expense) where the Bilderbergers/New World Order 'superheroes' congregated to tell the Eton boy exactly what should be happening; ie, push the referendum back, use it as a weapon to secure your second term in office blah, blah blah.
Police guard a bridge to the sealed off Grove Hotel where the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Conference is taking place in the city of Watford, north of London  
Protestors kept away by impromptu fencing & police guards!
     The mutterings of discontent were heard in several by-elections where UKIP made considerable gains in solid 'other party' zones and councils began to find seats being vacated, to be filled by incoming UKIPpers. Some were filled in that manner simply by the incumbents simply declaring a new allegiance; an allegiance to UKIP. The touchpaper had been lit. Common sense was striking a chord with the common man. When discord strikes in the Labour heartlands of the likes of Sunderland then you know that change is on the way. When people vote in a UKIP representative to the fiercely guarded Labour council in Hull, then you know that the "BIG3" are under some sort of threat. Eastliegh (LibDems), Rotherham (Labour), and in Middlesborough where UKIP relegated the coalition parties again by finishing second in the Labour stronghold. It must be noted that in Rotherham the ilLib unDems finished a magnificent 8th - the lowest ever recorded by a 'major' political party! Long has it been my belief that Nick Clegg was simply a schoolboy in long trousers and therefore not fit for purpose, especially after this atrocious summary regarding the smoking ban back in 2010 where he showed himself to be exactly what he is/was: an establishment clone. Yet another public schoolboy trotted out to possibly rule the masses. No work experience (proper job that is) just classroom technology.     
 If the cap fits-and it certainly does!
     This is an idiot who backs Abu Hamza's family, receiving £33,800 per annum in benefits whilst their terrorist minded 'leader' rots in an American prison for the next 300 years! You couldn't make this up! The whole bloody lot of them should be shipped out of Britain and back to their homeland, not rewarded by our benefits system! He is rewarding the Hamza tribe for terrorism-unbelievable!
Click to listen to Nigel's message for the Cleggeron

     It is obvious to the many that Clegg and his party are finished. They have sought refuge by cosying up to the EU mud-dump and it has cost them dear. So dear in fact that they are basically finished as any sort of force in British politics, for the party that they all laughed and jeered at as being "lunatics & fruitcakes" has dumped them, unceremoniously, at the bottom of the ladder - never to rise again I hasten to add!

     As for Camoron, well, what next I ask, for these EU election results are far from what he wanted with only 12 months to the next general election! That brings me neatly onto my prediction from last year that it was not beyond the bounds of possibility nor reasonability that UKIP could grab a dozen seats in Westminster next year! I know that many of my readers politely laughed at such a suggestion but that suggestion is becoming a distinct possibility as people wake up and small the coffee! Indeed, there is a fair possibility that my good friend Roger Helmer could well start the ball rolling on Thursday, June 5th. Don't forget that Newark is the area where UKIP gobbled up another EU parliamentary seat and Camoron is so worried that he has ORDERED all MPs to make at least three (3) visits each to the constituency to shore up flagging support for his party. He's even been there twice himself! Beleive me folks, the last thing Camoron wants at this present time is for UKIP to get a body into Westminster-especially a body as erudite as Roger Helmer! I know the Leicester lads have all gone up to Newark to help out and I know that they will do a great job up there.
     Talking of Leicester I was absolutely delighted to see the results of the EU voting this morning when I finally woke up-I will put them here for you:

UKIP in Leicestershire came first in Oadby & Wigston, Charnwood, North West Leicestershire, Blaby & Hinckley & Bosworth and we came second in Harborough, Rutland, Melton & Leicester a truly fantastic effort and result.
Believe mee folks, this is heartbreak hotel for the two major parties as  Oadby & Wigston were strong LibDem/Tory spots, Charnwood, NW Leics, Blaby: all Tory certs. We've done remarkably well to finish runner up in Mkt Harborough, Rutland, Melton & Leicester. I can say without doubt now that UKIP have advanced to being the ONLY opposition to the Labour council - a stranglehold we have to endure. The local website boasts the following:

Our council and councillors

We have 54 Councillors representing 22 Wards across the city.

Our Council is composed of 51 Labour Councillors, 1 Conservative Councillor, 1 Liberal Democrat Councillor and 1 Independent Councillor.(what hope have we?)
     But, it would seem that the tide of change is upon us as the UKIP vote has dramatically increased in Leicester/shire as more and more people see the folly of simply following these EU crazed crackpots.  Let me give you a couple of examples of why they are crackpots, thus why UKIP speak sense and not with forked tongue.
1)... Unemployed figures (approx) 2.42 million
...2)... Job Vacancies (approx) 181,000
      3)... A total of 34,904 Romanians and 10,445 Bulgarians registered for National Insurance numbers in January, February and March - so where are the jobs for them then?
Nearly 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians applied to work in Britain in the first three months of this year. Among the first to arrive earlier this year was Romanian Victor Spirescu. Landing at Luton Airport on New Year's Day, he was greeted by Labour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs committee
 Now there's a thing! Mr Keith Vaz (Leicester MP) welcomes "Iwaana Riipuuoff" to this country!
     Apparently we have a housing shortage (who'd 'ave thort it?)..... so why are we allowing more people in that we can cope with? Where are the homes for all the above? 
     It is said that we need the EU to trade! What utter rubbish that is! Norway & Switzerland do very nicely without the EU and we are certainly capable of trading with countries worldwide without any intervention from the EU. After all, EU trade fell by 20% in 2009 so why in God's name do we need to be part of that dismal situation?

We don't possess enough 'super-glue' to mend this carnage!    
     It's not too difficult to see why all these nationalities are ram-raiding this country is it? Does everyone need a 6' square placard outside their property to remind them of what we face if we continue to allow the mixed bag of all sorts into this country. The EU only want us for our wealth, that much is obvious. By amending the human rights act, that total, utter cretin, Blair, made sure that (at present rate) this country won't have any money left so we will be in the 'same boat' as the now highly unstable EU!
     All UKIP ask is that the immigration door be closed, is that too much to ask? The latest EU election results prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the British people have had enough of being treated like second hand nothings by toffy nosed politicians and after watching Camoron & Millipede's strained reactions over the past 24hrs it's very easy to see, as Corporal Jones was wont to say,   "they certainly don't like it up 'em"

Friday, 23 May 2014

And now the end is definitely nigh!

Smoking Bans kill Buisinesses - FACT!

     My previous blog pointed out much that is wrong with the soppy government (and the previous one) of this country. You know the people I'm talking about... yes, it's all those 'do-gooder', 'namby-pamby' cretins who think it is their job, and their job alone to save the world from extinction whilst in actual fact they are bringing that very situation ever closer with their pathetic and illogical laws. It doesn't occur to these idiots that we don't crave to be 100 yrs old and waiting indeterminably for death in a country that cannot afford its Welfare Bill even now! We want to live life as we want and then simply fade away as our forefathers did!We were warned that an earthquake was coming and I am delighted to tell you that said earthquake has landed! A quick pointer to whateth I speaketh of:-
.....And, according to the Press Association, Ukip have won their first seat on Weymouth and Portland council when local party chairman Francis Drake beat the current mayor, Ray Banham, a Lib Dem.

.....UKIP gains two seats on Bolton Council in shock 2014 local election result night....


.....UKIP have made major gains on Rotherham Council though Labour retains control. The party won 10 of the 21 seats up for election. It took seven from Labour, two from the Conservatives and held a seat it won in a by-election last year.

.....UKIP is gaining council seats across England at the expense of both the Conservatives and Labour.

      The anti-EU party is on course to show that last year's breakthrough in town halls was not a one-off.

Bill Etheridge a good friend of mine and a man with a voracious UKIP appetite,  Bill Etheridge: " UKIP have won 7 seats on Dudley council tonight including Star Etheridge (Bill's wife) taking the labour "safe seat" of Coseley East and me taking the conservative "safe seat" of Sedgley. Thank you to everyone who supported us , helped and voted for us."
UKIP gains in Hull & Sunderland too where no one but labour ever dared to tread!
nb: this is akin to an atom bomb going off with no after effects!
     This happening all over the country as the man who loves to portray the affable, homely, english gent ( but with his feet firmly on the ground) with his pint in one hand & cigarette in the other  has really taken the elite of British politics  by the roots and created a ticking timebomb. He said the earthquake was coming. The Tories laughed & jeered: "fruitcakes & loons" they said. Labour simply set out to smear the best they could smear - and failed miserably. If anything, the Labour idiots set people more against themselves then they did UKIP. The ilLib-unDems..... no point even quoting anything from them anymore as they are dead in the water. Not surprising really when Clegg declares support for Abu Hamza's tribe of shite living off our benefit system,and are understood to be raking in at least £650 a week in housing and child benefits – a total of £33,800 a year. With more than 4,100 council seats up for grabs, I now wonder just how many will fall to UKIP ? My feeling that UKIP could nick a dozen seats in next years 'Gen Elec' is even more deep rooted now!
     The passion for voting for common sense however, does not stretch as far as the BBC as their latest UKIP opponent has happily announced that UKIP voters "may all go and die" - my regards for ASHites are not nearly so vehement-not quite! Despite the BBC having to warn its staff to be impartial, Mimi Kempton-Stewart (@itsallmimimimi) seems quite happy to present herself with a sword to fall upon-and personally, I hope it is a very sharp, double edged sword ! I really cannot see why such people as her cannot see that UKIP represent common sense, it is beyond my comprehension. in essence, such people are simply contemptible.
     We now know that 'stirrings' of UKIP in the 2013 by-elections & local elections were the beginnings of something seismic. 'call me dave' & R'ed Ed' scoffed; they scoff no more. In fact they need to be very, very careful from here on in because the people have now found a party that talks their language-the language of common sense. And the more common sense they hear from the common sense party the more people are going to turn to them.
     Of course the mainstay of the common sense party is that we close those doors, as Larry Grayson was wont to say. Indeed, they should be closed but it is going to take a completely new government to close those doors. Blairs & his parties diswgraceful amending of the Human Rights act failed to get him his much wanted EU presidency but he was happy to sell out this country in trying to do so! Now what have we eh? Lunacy that's what!
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How NONsensical is this!!!
     We even have Romanians already living here that don't want more Romanians to come here-how farcical is that I ask? And who would when Romanians cause the London 'Met' the most credit card fraud problems!
     I am happy, many at my WMC are happy, for we have all supported UKIP in these EU elections (we have local council elections next year) for we can easily see the damage being done by parties present & past. Our clubs are diminishing, our attendance/membership figures are diminishing yet governments don't care as they bend to the  ever demanding will of unelected bodies (ASH, WHO et al!) It is even easier to see the damage looming as Camoron fails time after time to do anything positive for this country and the Millipede declares war on Sugar Puffs etc in another pathetic attempt to appease the pharmaceutical leviathons who seem to have unlimited pots of gold to "BUY FAVOURS"-and believe me, they do!
     Monsieur Farage was right, the earthquake has begun. More and more people are becoming disallusioned with present day 'bollox politics' and want some down to earth, common sense politics that they can understand-and one of the sanest political moves of all time is to do as Larry Grayson oft said: "SHUT THOSE DOORS! We simply cannot sustain any more immigrants! Clue: 2.42 million unemployed v 181,000 job vacancies: I rest my case!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The end is in sight!

Smoking bans KILL businesses-Fact!

     "Fank gawwd for that" I hear millions cry as the true libertarian Tories wake up to the fact that the Plain Packaging situation is a complete and utter farce that has done nothing, absolutely nothing, to quell the enjoyments of smokers. In fact, in 'smarty pants Australia', who couldn't wait to push this illogical marketting tool through, they have created a a massive problem with conbtraband cigarette sales and consumption! Shall we have a little gloat and say the immortal words.....?
     Yeah, go on, enjoy yourselves for all of two seconds.
     It seems that our true libertarian Tories have finally realised, after much letter writing and badgering by this writer and many others of course, that PP is nothing but just another stab in the back for those who express their freedom of choice by smoking. For those who choose to sell a perfectly legal product & for manufacturers to display and distinguish their product. 3 - 0 to the common sense side of the equation then!
     Those who want PP are simply lackeys of such as ASH, the WHO (who are proving themselves to be most corrupt in their dealings) and any others sucking at the nipple of prosperity: ie, government funding!
     I have no need to dig too far as our friend & fellow combatant Simon Clark has his finger firmly on the Westmonster pulse and has finally delivered the news that we have been waiting for! Yes folks, Tory MPs are rebelling, yes rebelling and let's hope that they enjoy a 'damned good rebelling' too for it is about time some common sense invaded that monstrous building in London.
     We already know that the legislation is all lined up for approval (Arnott & Co will have seen to that) but the objections are now being aired as Nick de Bois has informed Camoron that the Tories, apart from being seen as illiberal, will drive many voters to that party Camoron once ranted at as "cranks & fruitcakees". get a life Dave, the only bloody fruitcake that I can see from where I sit is YOU sir! 

     You are not of the real world & you cannot see that your puppeteers simply want you to destroy this once, great island so that it is morphed into a giant, bankrupt european blob! - and you went to Oxford - wtf for I ask? I shall be writing to my good friend Brian Binley to ask that he continues his relentless support of freedom of choice and also to point out a few more dismal financial facts that have come to light over the past 7 years.
     You see folks, as I've always said: "a few months down there and MPs lose the plot", in other words, they get that wrapped up in all the 'goings on' (expenses, creaming off, backhanders etc) in Westminster that they simply forget who put them there in the first place - the people that bother themselves to vote. I could name a few but that would be pointless. however, it seems that the Tories have finally woken up and realised that the people of this country couldn't really give a hoot about sectioning smokers off-what they do give a hoot about is keeping their jobs (that are disappearing at an alarmiong rate Dave!), keeping a roof over their heads (bedroom tax Dave) & the badly disabled and even the dead being declared fit for work (how much public money have you donated to ATOS Dave?)
Mr David Crausby MP 
David Crausby MP (Bolton NE)
     The CIU have just held their annual conference and this year invited yet another Labour 'no-mark' to speak 'at conference'. Mr David Crausby MP took to the podium and duly stated:
 "I was brought up collecting glasses and working behind the bar in my spare time. So I have a long term association of sympathy and support for the clubs movement.
The smoking ban, for example, while not in my view responsible for all your problems has inevitably had an effect. For my part I strongly believe that smoking is bad for the health and the ban on smoking in public places is unlikely to be reversed."
CIU Sign 
 We will be smoked out of existence at this rate!
     Well I'm sorry folks but I've gotta say it: "No shit Sherlock!" yet another dummy paraded out in front of the members to let them know that the party that once represented the working man..... err..... no longer represents the working man! Typical NuLabour-not worth the letters on the keyboard! Who has stated that smokers should not be entitled to their own rooms in the clubs/pubs? Smoking is a freedom of choice and those that object to smoking have no need to enter such a room! It is short sighted idiots like the above mentioned (and oh so many more narrow minded "let's not rock the boat" MPs that are seeing the end of our Working Mens Clubs as memberships dwindle on a monthly basis. Perhaps some of our woolly coated MPs need to have a look at this website which clearly shows the costs and the lack of social cohesion that smoking bans bring!
     Whilst mentioning the pathetic Labourites, who have visions of even more constraints on lifestyles should they be voted into power next year, we now have the conclusive proof (straight from the woolly one's mouth) that smoking bans had nothing to do with bar staff dropping dead here there & everywhere else!
KenMacintosh Labour MSP (who?)
"I cannot speak for other members, but my main motivation in voting for and supporting the ban on smoking in public places in Scotland was that it would help us to denormalise smoking, so that we would no longer see people smoking in our pubs or cafes or in most other workaday or social situations, and so that we and our children would no longer see smoking as a normal activity. I believe that the ban has been successful in doing exactly that ... " (Thanks to DP for this gem!)
     And there you have it folks. A nation thrown into turmoil so that people being seen smoking can be eradicated. My forebears remember seeing people having yellow stars placed about their person before being exiled to the death camps - any difference (apart from being gassed of course?)
     As always, the truth doth come out and now it is out there it is time to show these clowns that we do not wish to be ruled by liars, cheats & scoundrels. No siree, we want to be ruled by people that understand the common man and, apparently, there is only one party capable of managing that. I refer of course to Monsieur Farage's party of 'loons & fruitcakes' - yes, those damned UKIppers who seem to be popping up all over the place just lately.
     You see folks, it is those very self righteous, pompous ass creepers that think they know best for all & sundry that bring countries like ours to its knees. Not only are we wasting £1/2 billion EVERY month on this ridiculously imposed smoking ban, we are killing off once thriving businesses-now since when has that been economicalkly successful as a strategy for wealth n health?
     People like Ken Macintosh are simply an insult to all those hardworking, diligent ex pub owners who now sit on the scrap heap of life, penniless, some homeless, and nearly all without hope-yet this despicable moron is still trousering some £70,000 + per annum for deciding what can and cannot be seen to be normal. Is HE normal? Who is this prune to decided what a person can or cannot be seen doing?
     The healthism state is upon us and yet the same number of people are dying now as did in the early 2,000's (give or take a few thousand of course). People die when they are washed out, not when some half brained politician decides they will. Who determined that Michael Heseltine, smoker, should live to be 81? (Funny how no one derided HIS love of tobacco! I wonder why?)
 Young Tarzan … Heseltine in 1956. 
A young happy smoking Michael Heseltine (dies aged 81)

Who determines that a 14yr old super fit boy should just drop dead? No one! We are all different. There is not a Dr in the world that can tell you your D.O.D nor what your cause of death will be-the whole thing is hogwash! Who decided Eric Sykes should smoke 1/2 million cigarettes yet live to 89 but a baby dies within hours? no one does and the medical loons cannot give you a definite, factual answer either!
Life is about living, not worrying about dying or perhaps missing out on an hours  time etc If we weren't supposed to miss out on anything whilst we were alive then the body wouldn't sleep would it! The state of this country these days, who on earth would want to be a centenarian, stuck in some home or other waiting for the day you don't wake up? There are now more than 10,000 centenarians in this country-costing the welfare state an absolute fortune-we can't afford it yet we have idiot politicians being sucked in by the medical loons who think we can all live longer than we do!
     Me? I'm all for living whilst alive ,not trying to spin out some miserable, decrepit old aged existence just to suit some idealogical fruitcake in the WHO. Incidentally, interesting to see that the WHO only received half their funding last year-perhaps countries are 'sick' of being dictated to by yet another unelected bunch of do-gooders!
     The problem UKIP have in forthcoming electoral battles is getting the message across that UKIP do not lie. They tell it how it is and we now have a nation that expects to be lied to! We do not need the EU and all the corruptness that goes with it. We are losing jobs thanks to the EU - Nottingham / Southampton anyone??? 13,734 pubs & clubs closed for ever, yet a simple solution was never considered by the cretins in power at the time!
     All UKIP want to do is to "Right this Country". Get this country back to a super trading power with all countries-in fact trade with the EU has fallen considerably lately so what use are they anyway? Switzerland, Norway sit outside the EU yet they are quite happy financially. All the EU want us for is for our wealth..... and as they are already 'stealing' £55,000,000 per day from us they will soon have all our wealth!
The 22nd is coming folks, the end is in sight so for goodness sakes vote with your heads and save this country: Vote UKIP next thursday!
 Fighting hard for YOUR freedoms-support them on the 22nd please!

Monsieur Farage- him no speak with forked tongue!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Common sense WILL prevail!

Smoking bans kill businesses-FACT!
      It doesn't seem all that long ago that people were shouting the glories of smoking bans, the wealth of health being provided and the lack of coffins that would need to be made, but nearly seven (7) years on from that fateful day when the smokers world was turned upside down it finally looks as if the general public have at last cottoned on to what was happening under their very stupid noses!
     Initially, smoking bans were hailed as the saviour of the modern world as smokers were excluded from all interior premises that carried out any form of business, but then they found that businesses were closing-and at an alarming rate too! 
     The government blissfully ignored such matters as one useless fat lump in the shape of Linda Bauld assured them that the smoking ban had actually had no effect on businesses! This statement from a woman paid by anti smoking sources, working in tobacco control, to produce 'that which was required' by her masters. The truth didn't matter and to date, 13,743 once happy businesses have closed since the implementation of the smoking ban (but not if you are the aforementioned Linda Bauld they haven't!)
     The health of the nation, it has been proclaimed, has been inspired! People are already living longer (and costing the Welfare system more & more money) as the lack of inhaled tobacco smoke paints itself a healthy, long living life. After all, the proof is simple (!), pre ban we were saying goodbye to roughly 1/2 million loved ones every year and since the implementation of the smoking ban we are now only saying goodbye to..... err..... 1/2 million loved one's every year! The other matter of great importance to note with the health of the nation is that pre ban it was reported that 883 people per day were being freshly diagnosed with some form of cancer or other and now, almost 7 years later, that figure has dropped is UP to 889! How on earth can that possibly be when tobacco, cigarettes & 'ye good olde briar' has been blamed for virtually every disease known to man since 2007!
     Having checked up at a couple of local undertakers I found that the need for coffins had not diminished in the slightest either and that "The Co-op" & "Ginns & Gutteridge" were quite happy with the continuance of death-very much as they were prior to the silly bans!

    MP Demands Action Over 'Improper' Government Payments to Lobbyists

     The most incredible thing is that people are only just waking up to the fact that government are actually subsidising various bodies to purposely lobby government re all matters smokers/smoking! Who pays Arnott for all her vile destructions of the people's freedoms? the people of course, though not directly I hasten to add. Thankfully the questions have now been asked by our friend Philip Davies MP-the answers should rather interesting don't you think? 
     Philip Davies MP
     To add insult to injury, government is also spending vast amounts of our dosh with the pharmaceutical industry for useless NRT remedies which have a proven 98.4% FAILURE rate. Name me any company that would continue to trade in such a manner-you can't!
      Of course, to top all that, necessity has become the mother of invention yet again and the e-cig has evolved-somewhat rapidly too I might add - and this has thrown the anti-smoking mob into some form of histrionics as it thwarts their efforts to have cigarettes bannished for all time! In fact, in Ireland, moves are already being made to ban these fantastic look-a-like placebo's from all hospital grounds..... because they look like smoking! Now what has 'looking like smoking' got to do with a persons health I ask? Answer..... absolutely nothing. 'They' know that they have no evidence and if any does come to light it will be as spurious as what they have declared for cigarettes already, for the e-cig has already proved to be the master of the "Quit Smoking" campaigns-much to the chagrin of Big Pharma. 
     Remember last June when, outraged at this idiot females assertions that the smoking argument was dead and that the WMC's should simply move on? Well, almost a year since I sent Mrs Pat Glass my letter asking her to answer all 23 (I think it was) questions, all relevant to that which she has spoken at Blackpool (CIU Conference) and all very much needing an answer, there has not been a response! One can only assume that this excuse for a politician either has not the knowledge to answer or simply fits in with the rest that don't communicate with the common man-though I will remind her of her obligations I think!
     Amazed by the non stop barrage of  anti-smoking rubbish emanating from ASH, CRUK, FRESH et al I cannot help but wonder, especially after the WHO's declaration of cancer risks associated with the air we breathe & cooking odours, not to mention the declaration of all declarations that SHS is HARMLE$S, what it is that drives these 'neer do wells' to such fanaticism against the poor old smoker who simply wants to be left alone to enjoy his/her cigarette. A cigarette is probably their only comfort in this often miserable existence called life! Certainly Eric Sykes found great comfort in them!
     Now we have entered the month of May we are of the time of the EU elections and it is delightful to see that UKIP are riding high in the polls, despite numerous pathetic efforts by a very mediocre press to discredit them at every turn-the latest one being some geriatric old Greek ranting on about women not wearing trousers set against UKIP receiving a £5,000 'present' to help the coffers a bit. Why do the press, the gutter press I should say, think that one donors comment slurs the entire party and brings said party into disrepute etc? 
You really have got to be warped to describe this as 'racist'!

     Are the  media so scared that UKIP might be of good cheer for this country that they have to dig up crappy little digs at people so to hopefully discredit the whole party? The 'DT' seems to have set its stall out to destroy UKIP for some weird reason or other-probably athe advertising revenue that could be lost?Has freedom of speech been dismissed overnight perchance? I would have thought that the media would have been more interested in the Farage v Clegg debates. The public certainly were, which resulted in this:

     But then again, Clegg is finished as a politician. The schoolboy in long trousers has had his fun at the top table and has managed to destroy any credibility his party ever had via several verbal mishaps-and from Day 1 ! ! ! 
     There is a third party (which might well end up as the second party!) but it isn't orange - it's purple for UKIP are gathering strength on a daily basis, and long may they continue to do so, for they are the only party interested in the working classes these days. In fact, the so called "third party" might well be the "First party" of British politics in a few days time as we head up for the EU elections-which to be fair, not many Brits take a whole heap of notice of.
     This year will be different, I feel it in these old bones. People have had enough of the garbage being thrown at them from Brussels and I think that the 'turn-out' at the polling stations will be an improvement on the last EU election debacle when only 34% of the electorate bothered themselves to vote. This time I have a feeling that more than 50% will vote as the EU loonytoons bandwagon rolls inexorably onward, creating more jobless people, more poverty and more unsustainability nationwide.

Party Votes Vote %  %
Seats Seats
Relative Seats
Seats %

Conservative 4,198,394 27.9% +1.0 25 −2 +1 37.7

UKIP 2,498,226 16.6% +0.3 13 +1 +1 18.8

Labour 2,381,760 15.8% −6.9 13 −6 −5 18.8

Liberal Democrat 2,080,613 13.8% −1.2 11 −1 +1 15.9

Green 1,223,303 8.1% +2.4 2 0 0 2.9

BNP 943,598 6.3% +1.3 2 +2 +2 2.9

SNP 321,007 2.1% +0.7 2 0 0 2.9

Plaid Cymru 126,702 0.8% −0.1 1 0 0 1.4

English Democrats 279,801 1.9% +1.1 0 0 0 0
Chart showing the various parties elected to the EU

     Interestingly I also think that there will be a change at the top of the leaderboard too-even though the Tories hold a considerable margin of superiority at this moment in time. UKIP, once the laughing stock of British politics are now the serious contenders in British politics. The various 'Pollsters' put them well up and amongst the big time players and, conversely, the ilLib-unDems are sinking faster than a lead colendar. Bye bye Cleggy boy, you been, you've seen and you have destroyed your party-it's Roy Orbison for you my son!
     Can UKIP do it? Yes they certainly can! Farage declared an earthquake is coming to British politics and he is right as defections from all three parties are now rife-UKIP is building..... and building fast!
     What cheers me more is that about a year ago I forcast the possibility of UKIP actually getting seats in Westminster-12 seats actually and now..... well now I am thinking that this IS a real possibility as the great unwashed are now seriously seeing through the shambolic way government over-rides the peoples wishes.
It is interesting that the three other parties are so vehement about the values of smoking bans when they haven't actually got a shred of hard evidence to back up what they say-unless they manufacture such (and they are expert at that!) Now contrary to what the other three say, Mr Farage is totally against smoking bans as he declares them "silly & illiberal" which of course is absolutely correct. Indeed, those who choose to smoke are absolutely free to do so and they should have segregated indoor areas where they can do so and not be cast outside like lepers. Now if every smoker & libertarian in this country voted the way Farage's thought patterns go there would be a landslide UKIP victory at the next General Election. But of course there won't be such a thing as the majority of the populace simply can't be bothered as they are more bothered about self survival-and who can blame them.
I received an email survey from my local "HealthWatch" service a couple of days ago asking all about MY thoughts on where 'smoking cessation should go from here?'. 

Questionnaire about smoking cessation - have your say

Perhaps you might like to join in the fun and answer some of the questions and set them on the path to righteousness for ALL people-smokers & non smokers alike

 If you are working in health and social care in the voluntary sector in a role which may involve advising and interacting with smokers, please can you take a few minutes to complete a short survey.  The closing date is 9 May.

 There is also a survey for individual members of the public.  If you or friends or colleagues would like to complete this, please click here. The closing date is also 9 May.


     Interestingly they are holding a consultation on the subject so I have entered my registration number and requested that I be at this consultation as a responsible & interested member of the organisation. I wonder if this will be allowed? Somewhat remarkable is the fact that this ridiculous piece appeared inthe news-a nine year old begging for help to quit smoking! You really couldn't make this crap up, it really is scraping the barrel of deceit & manipulation. Whilst on the subject I now feel like George Burns did as my doctor left this planet a short time ago (I only found out the other day!). Non smoker, went everywhere on his bike, fit as a fiddle and a couple of years younger than this writer! Bang! Woke up dead one fine morn-how on earth could this have happened? Best ask the anti smoking brigade, I'm sure they'll have an answer for his abrupt demise. Shame really because he was a lovely fella!
Anyway, back to the 'Foraging Faragers' and these elections on May 22nd.
"You wanna see a political earthquake? then you gotta be part of that earthquake!" so get your 'roodypoos' down to the polling stations and lets show these self serving, over-paid, self important char-wallahs that UKIP mean business on the 22nd May!

You know it makes sense!