Friday, 2 May 2014

Common sense WILL prevail!

Smoking bans kill businesses-FACT!
      It doesn't seem all that long ago that people were shouting the glories of smoking bans, the wealth of health being provided and the lack of coffins that would need to be made, but nearly seven (7) years on from that fateful day when the smokers world was turned upside down it finally looks as if the general public have at last cottoned on to what was happening under their very stupid noses!
     Initially, smoking bans were hailed as the saviour of the modern world as smokers were excluded from all interior premises that carried out any form of business, but then they found that businesses were closing-and at an alarming rate too! 
     The government blissfully ignored such matters as one useless fat lump in the shape of Linda Bauld assured them that the smoking ban had actually had no effect on businesses! This statement from a woman paid by anti smoking sources, working in tobacco control, to produce 'that which was required' by her masters. The truth didn't matter and to date, 13,743 once happy businesses have closed since the implementation of the smoking ban (but not if you are the aforementioned Linda Bauld they haven't!)
     The health of the nation, it has been proclaimed, has been inspired! People are already living longer (and costing the Welfare system more & more money) as the lack of inhaled tobacco smoke paints itself a healthy, long living life. After all, the proof is simple (!), pre ban we were saying goodbye to roughly 1/2 million loved ones every year and since the implementation of the smoking ban we are now only saying goodbye to..... err..... 1/2 million loved one's every year! The other matter of great importance to note with the health of the nation is that pre ban it was reported that 883 people per day were being freshly diagnosed with some form of cancer or other and now, almost 7 years later, that figure has dropped is UP to 889! How on earth can that possibly be when tobacco, cigarettes & 'ye good olde briar' has been blamed for virtually every disease known to man since 2007!
     Having checked up at a couple of local undertakers I found that the need for coffins had not diminished in the slightest either and that "The Co-op" & "Ginns & Gutteridge" were quite happy with the continuance of death-very much as they were prior to the silly bans!

    MP Demands Action Over 'Improper' Government Payments to Lobbyists

     The most incredible thing is that people are only just waking up to the fact that government are actually subsidising various bodies to purposely lobby government re all matters smokers/smoking! Who pays Arnott for all her vile destructions of the people's freedoms? the people of course, though not directly I hasten to add. Thankfully the questions have now been asked by our friend Philip Davies MP-the answers should rather interesting don't you think? 
     Philip Davies MP
     To add insult to injury, government is also spending vast amounts of our dosh with the pharmaceutical industry for useless NRT remedies which have a proven 98.4% FAILURE rate. Name me any company that would continue to trade in such a manner-you can't!
      Of course, to top all that, necessity has become the mother of invention yet again and the e-cig has evolved-somewhat rapidly too I might add - and this has thrown the anti-smoking mob into some form of histrionics as it thwarts their efforts to have cigarettes bannished for all time! In fact, in Ireland, moves are already being made to ban these fantastic look-a-like placebo's from all hospital grounds..... because they look like smoking! Now what has 'looking like smoking' got to do with a persons health I ask? Answer..... absolutely nothing. 'They' know that they have no evidence and if any does come to light it will be as spurious as what they have declared for cigarettes already, for the e-cig has already proved to be the master of the "Quit Smoking" campaigns-much to the chagrin of Big Pharma. 
     Remember last June when, outraged at this idiot females assertions that the smoking argument was dead and that the WMC's should simply move on? Well, almost a year since I sent Mrs Pat Glass my letter asking her to answer all 23 (I think it was) questions, all relevant to that which she has spoken at Blackpool (CIU Conference) and all very much needing an answer, there has not been a response! One can only assume that this excuse for a politician either has not the knowledge to answer or simply fits in with the rest that don't communicate with the common man-though I will remind her of her obligations I think!
     Amazed by the non stop barrage of  anti-smoking rubbish emanating from ASH, CRUK, FRESH et al I cannot help but wonder, especially after the WHO's declaration of cancer risks associated with the air we breathe & cooking odours, not to mention the declaration of all declarations that SHS is HARMLE$S, what it is that drives these 'neer do wells' to such fanaticism against the poor old smoker who simply wants to be left alone to enjoy his/her cigarette. A cigarette is probably their only comfort in this often miserable existence called life! Certainly Eric Sykes found great comfort in them!
     Now we have entered the month of May we are of the time of the EU elections and it is delightful to see that UKIP are riding high in the polls, despite numerous pathetic efforts by a very mediocre press to discredit them at every turn-the latest one being some geriatric old Greek ranting on about women not wearing trousers set against UKIP receiving a £5,000 'present' to help the coffers a bit. Why do the press, the gutter press I should say, think that one donors comment slurs the entire party and brings said party into disrepute etc? 
You really have got to be warped to describe this as 'racist'!

     Are the  media so scared that UKIP might be of good cheer for this country that they have to dig up crappy little digs at people so to hopefully discredit the whole party? The 'DT' seems to have set its stall out to destroy UKIP for some weird reason or other-probably athe advertising revenue that could be lost?Has freedom of speech been dismissed overnight perchance? I would have thought that the media would have been more interested in the Farage v Clegg debates. The public certainly were, which resulted in this:

     But then again, Clegg is finished as a politician. The schoolboy in long trousers has had his fun at the top table and has managed to destroy any credibility his party ever had via several verbal mishaps-and from Day 1 ! ! ! 
     There is a third party (which might well end up as the second party!) but it isn't orange - it's purple for UKIP are gathering strength on a daily basis, and long may they continue to do so, for they are the only party interested in the working classes these days. In fact, the so called "third party" might well be the "First party" of British politics in a few days time as we head up for the EU elections-which to be fair, not many Brits take a whole heap of notice of.
     This year will be different, I feel it in these old bones. People have had enough of the garbage being thrown at them from Brussels and I think that the 'turn-out' at the polling stations will be an improvement on the last EU election debacle when only 34% of the electorate bothered themselves to vote. This time I have a feeling that more than 50% will vote as the EU loonytoons bandwagon rolls inexorably onward, creating more jobless people, more poverty and more unsustainability nationwide.

Party Votes Vote %  %
Seats Seats
Relative Seats
Seats %

Conservative 4,198,394 27.9% +1.0 25 −2 +1 37.7

UKIP 2,498,226 16.6% +0.3 13 +1 +1 18.8

Labour 2,381,760 15.8% −6.9 13 −6 −5 18.8

Liberal Democrat 2,080,613 13.8% −1.2 11 −1 +1 15.9

Green 1,223,303 8.1% +2.4 2 0 0 2.9

BNP 943,598 6.3% +1.3 2 +2 +2 2.9

SNP 321,007 2.1% +0.7 2 0 0 2.9

Plaid Cymru 126,702 0.8% −0.1 1 0 0 1.4

English Democrats 279,801 1.9% +1.1 0 0 0 0
Chart showing the various parties elected to the EU

     Interestingly I also think that there will be a change at the top of the leaderboard too-even though the Tories hold a considerable margin of superiority at this moment in time. UKIP, once the laughing stock of British politics are now the serious contenders in British politics. The various 'Pollsters' put them well up and amongst the big time players and, conversely, the ilLib-unDems are sinking faster than a lead colendar. Bye bye Cleggy boy, you been, you've seen and you have destroyed your party-it's Roy Orbison for you my son!
     Can UKIP do it? Yes they certainly can! Farage declared an earthquake is coming to British politics and he is right as defections from all three parties are now rife-UKIP is building..... and building fast!
     What cheers me more is that about a year ago I forcast the possibility of UKIP actually getting seats in Westminster-12 seats actually and now..... well now I am thinking that this IS a real possibility as the great unwashed are now seriously seeing through the shambolic way government over-rides the peoples wishes.
It is interesting that the three other parties are so vehement about the values of smoking bans when they haven't actually got a shred of hard evidence to back up what they say-unless they manufacture such (and they are expert at that!) Now contrary to what the other three say, Mr Farage is totally against smoking bans as he declares them "silly & illiberal" which of course is absolutely correct. Indeed, those who choose to smoke are absolutely free to do so and they should have segregated indoor areas where they can do so and not be cast outside like lepers. Now if every smoker & libertarian in this country voted the way Farage's thought patterns go there would be a landslide UKIP victory at the next General Election. But of course there won't be such a thing as the majority of the populace simply can't be bothered as they are more bothered about self survival-and who can blame them.
I received an email survey from my local "HealthWatch" service a couple of days ago asking all about MY thoughts on where 'smoking cessation should go from here?'. 

Questionnaire about smoking cessation - have your say

Perhaps you might like to join in the fun and answer some of the questions and set them on the path to righteousness for ALL people-smokers & non smokers alike

 If you are working in health and social care in the voluntary sector in a role which may involve advising and interacting with smokers, please can you take a few minutes to complete a short survey.  The closing date is 9 May.

 There is also a survey for individual members of the public.  If you or friends or colleagues would like to complete this, please click here. The closing date is also 9 May.


     Interestingly they are holding a consultation on the subject so I have entered my registration number and requested that I be at this consultation as a responsible & interested member of the organisation. I wonder if this will be allowed? Somewhat remarkable is the fact that this ridiculous piece appeared inthe news-a nine year old begging for help to quit smoking! You really couldn't make this crap up, it really is scraping the barrel of deceit & manipulation. Whilst on the subject I now feel like George Burns did as my doctor left this planet a short time ago (I only found out the other day!). Non smoker, went everywhere on his bike, fit as a fiddle and a couple of years younger than this writer! Bang! Woke up dead one fine morn-how on earth could this have happened? Best ask the anti smoking brigade, I'm sure they'll have an answer for his abrupt demise. Shame really because he was a lovely fella!
Anyway, back to the 'Foraging Faragers' and these elections on May 22nd.
"You wanna see a political earthquake? then you gotta be part of that earthquake!" so get your 'roodypoos' down to the polling stations and lets show these self serving, over-paid, self important char-wallahs that UKIP mean business on the 22nd May!

You know it makes sense!


  1. I think the Country is finally waking up to the fact that there are a great deal more dangers to our health that a wisp of second hand smoke, in fact the latest research results make it very clear that second hand tobacco smoke was Never a danger, but as you point out the "health" Quangos not only tell us lies but also need a great deal of Taxpayer money to lie to us. What a Complete Fraud this Country has become. Time for people to take back their Country and say No to Bans, we will Choose.

  2. Phil great article and well done to Philip Davies MP. Change will come as the corruption of the anti smoking movement is uncovered. My fear is by then it that it will be too late to bring about any real amendments to the ban; as their arguments in favour of denormalising smoking will have gained higher ground. Without any change this means smokers face forced social exclusion in this country, some for the rest of their lives. UKIP is this country's only chance for real change let's hope as a party, that they keep their promises.

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