Friday, 30 May 2014

The latest £20 'asks'-pathetically ridiculous!

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     I suppose, by now, every man and his dog has had a chance to view the latest proposal that cigarettes should be £20 per pack? Well bring it on I say..... and I mean it. Now you might think that I have finally flipped, finally gone to the other side (never) or even given up arguing against tobacco control, but I haven't.
     This latest pathetically ridiculous 'ask' has clearly shown that the anti-tobacco mob have now run out of the incredible & un-credible claims that 'SHS kills 6.2 million per day' or that 'she died of cancer because her dog smoked', etc etc-that's how ludicrous some of the claims made are akin to!
     You see folks, we now have it in black & white (please don't call me a racist for that!) that SHS does not kill! Oh dear me, what are Bauld, Arnott, Duffy and all the other liars now going to claim? I think I had better ask them. You see, even since Godber stuck his tobacco hating snout in the trough in 1975 by informing governments at large that they had to lie to the people in order to eclipse tobacco usage, they have not attributed ONE SINGLE DEATH to be caused by SHS-now there's a thing! Arnott, Duffy, Bauld et al must be starting to turn in their soon to be graves/coffins/whatevers as the 'truth' they have claimed for all these years just won't appear for them. And when one of those three is diagnosed with some form of cancer (as will surely happen statistically) what are they going to claim then?
     As if to cement that fact into place and emphasise the absolute imbecility of some people, we have a Deputy Editor from some ragbag outfit in Buckinghamshire who has declared that he could 'do without smokers in the town centre', regardless of the fact that highly intoxicating exhaust fumes from all manner of heavy transport pollutes the air 24-7. Another idiot is born! Perhaps he should get out more and read blogs like this that typify what the smoking ban has actually done and not what he sees in a rare night in Aylesbury!
Adam King
Bucks Herald deputy editor Adam King-God help Buckinghamshire!
     It must be a sad, sad world for some of these people that can only see one fault-do you think that this prat will ever become a "full blown manager/editor"? I don't. Fellow Jewel Robber 'DP' slams this fool here! Perhaps Adam King is leading up to a re-write of 'popping smokers between the eyes', which was viewed as hilarious by the Press Complaints Commission, Arnott, Duffy, the police and all anti smokers alike-but-when the satirical response came forth, entitled "Sniper the Flappers", it was viewed as a death threat that even warranted mention in the Guardian by some half baked, horrified hack!
     While all this is going on, there are now highly conflicting views regarding e-cigs, which are, without doubt, the best 'quit smoking' tool on the market..... but the anti tobacco idiots are now fighting them (well some are) as they are afraid that they resemble "looking like smokers" rather muchly. Well excuse me dears, isn't that what they are supposed to do but without the risks of the nicotine etc? dear oh deary me-you see folks it never was about smoking/helath, it was all about societal change-what looks good and what doesn't! proper scientific work & debate needs to be done and less of the hysterical blathering of anti tobacco loons! 
I wonder if the above buffoon would object to someone 'smoking' an ecig in his precious, 'pollution free' town centre?     Clive Bates has reasoned correctly that e-cigs ARE the way forward and this 'paper' reasons why in perfectly good English, thus making perfectly good sense. And when the public health body steps up to the plate with such stuff then you can be sure that many will listen-ASH have, STOP SMOKING Leicester have and no doubt many others will too for it is obvious, despite the clown aboves claims, that smokers are still smoking and in virtually the same numbers as pre-ban! How could "PH" not possibly be anything but positive on e-cigs for they know by now that the people who want to smoke are still going to 'smoke' [take note Deputy Dawg/Editor].Want the proof-google it my friends (& buffoons).
     All the claims of smoking & SHS causing every malady known to man go straight out of the window when you find little gems like this:  Why Would An 18-Year-Old Who Never Smoked Get Lung Cancer? The Answer.
      But back to this silly 'ask' for £20 per pack, the raised revenue supposedly to pay for smoking related treatments in our hospitals. What absolute, total & utter b****x! As smokers cost the NHS the least of the three evils (smoking, drinking, gluttony) I immediately call for beer to be made £25 per pint, and ALL sweet goods have a £50 tarriff slapped on them - and then they could pay for all the work the NHS has to perform to keep people upright and working!  
This basically what the imbecile known as Milliband wants in his 'health drive dictatorship' - if people are stupid enough to vote Labour next year! If they do vote for him, they will be voting for a university man that still thinks a requested '1'word answer is actually 2 words! Rather nice to see that the NHS have shown a remarkarkable dose of common sense when it comes to e-cigs: how's about that then Eddy Baby???
     Secondly, I fully support such a notion because perhaps then, and only then, will any government (and idiotic anti tobacco charity) realise that price makes no difference to smokers. The only difference will be that so many small corner shops & newsagents will close down that the dole queues will be even longer - and - so many million more illegal cigarettes will flood the country that government will actually suffer a loss in revenue as people turn their backs on legally purchased goods-I would, wouldn't you? Also people are already learning how to grow their own tobacco plants, so that activity will certainly increase!

     We are only on this earth once so why not enjoy what time you have? No one, no Dr, no soothsayer, no crystal ball gazer can tell you your D.O.D so when it's your time to drop..... you drop, end of! Whether you smoke or not makes very little difference in essence for as I've said on numerous occasions, why should one person live 100 years yet another not a 100 seconds? Ask your MP to tell you when you will die & what of and then ask him why he supports (or won't rail against) the smoking ban and some form of equality for smokers? I'd love to see some of the answers. Look where Cleggs summation of the smoking ban got him-a so called Liberal that's all but now alienated! 
     So, anti tobacco loons & soppy weak knee'd governments, bring it on, bring on your idiotic price hikes and see where it gets you. What will you do when even less revenue comes in? The whole 'ask' is literally, pathetically ridiculous-but then again, it seems that governments like such things these days!
 Thank God for a party of sanity


  1. Well said.
    The new Oz government seems to have got to grips a bit. I seems to have decided not to fund pseudo-science any more.

  2. Great article Phil, Labour's health dictatorship would no doubt continue if they got in next year.. They support Ash with their aim of a tobacco free UK and would no doubt bring in outdoor smoking bans eventually restricting smokers to their own homes. Labours hidden agenda which started with the smoking ban, will only ever support the view of the health fascists. Bankrupting smokers through raising the price of tobacco and or forcing people to quit is already their hateful agenda. There will be no choice.

    Only Ukip can turn this around.

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for the above.

    You are so right about vehicle pollution; did you also know that just filling your vehicle with fuel means you are inhaling fumes that could lead to cancer, or any other number of illnesses/diseases?

    Bet the rabid antis don't stop using their cars or filling them up with fuel though, even though that is more harmful than any whiff of SHS!

  4. A good piece again Phil, telling it how it is, although Labour brought in this absurd smoking ban ( with no evidence to back it up ) the fact is the Conservatives under Cameron although promising Reforms and an end to the Nanny State have not only gone along with it but also want to increase nanny state control over smokers. As already said only UKIP offer common sense reforms that would not only be Good for Business but also the public.

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