Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The end is in sight!

Smoking bans KILL businesses-Fact!

     "Fank gawwd for that" I hear millions cry as the true libertarian Tories wake up to the fact that the Plain Packaging situation is a complete and utter farce that has done nothing, absolutely nothing, to quell the enjoyments of smokers. In fact, in 'smarty pants Australia', who couldn't wait to push this illogical marketting tool through, they have created a a massive problem with conbtraband cigarette sales and consumption! Shall we have a little gloat and say the immortal words.....?
     Yeah, go on, enjoy yourselves for all of two seconds.
     It seems that our true libertarian Tories have finally realised, after much letter writing and badgering by this writer and many others of course, that PP is nothing but just another stab in the back for those who express their freedom of choice by smoking. For those who choose to sell a perfectly legal product & for manufacturers to display and distinguish their product. 3 - 0 to the common sense side of the equation then!
     Those who want PP are simply lackeys of such as ASH, the WHO (who are proving themselves to be most corrupt in their dealings) and any others sucking at the nipple of prosperity: ie, government funding!
     I have no need to dig too far as our friend & fellow combatant Simon Clark has his finger firmly on the Westmonster pulse and has finally delivered the news that we have been waiting for! Yes folks, Tory MPs are rebelling, yes rebelling and let's hope that they enjoy a 'damned good rebelling' too for it is about time some common sense invaded that monstrous building in London.
     We already know that the legislation is all lined up for approval (Arnott & Co will have seen to that) but the objections are now being aired as Nick de Bois has informed Camoron that the Tories, apart from being seen as illiberal, will drive many voters to that party Camoron once ranted at as "cranks & fruitcakees". get a life Dave, the only bloody fruitcake that I can see from where I sit is YOU sir! 

     You are not of the real world & you cannot see that your puppeteers simply want you to destroy this once, great island so that it is morphed into a giant, bankrupt european blob! - and you went to Oxford - wtf for I ask? I shall be writing to my good friend Brian Binley to ask that he continues his relentless support of freedom of choice and also to point out a few more dismal financial facts that have come to light over the past 7 years.
     You see folks, as I've always said: "a few months down there and MPs lose the plot", in other words, they get that wrapped up in all the 'goings on' (expenses, creaming off, backhanders etc) in Westminster that they simply forget who put them there in the first place - the people that bother themselves to vote. I could name a few but that would be pointless. however, it seems that the Tories have finally woken up and realised that the people of this country couldn't really give a hoot about sectioning smokers off-what they do give a hoot about is keeping their jobs (that are disappearing at an alarmiong rate Dave!), keeping a roof over their heads (bedroom tax Dave) & the badly disabled and even the dead being declared fit for work (how much public money have you donated to ATOS Dave?)
Mr David Crausby MP 
David Crausby MP (Bolton NE)
     The CIU have just held their annual conference and this year invited yet another Labour 'no-mark' to speak 'at conference'. Mr David Crausby MP took to the podium and duly stated:
 "I was brought up collecting glasses and working behind the bar in my spare time. So I have a long term association of sympathy and support for the clubs movement.
The smoking ban, for example, while not in my view responsible for all your problems has inevitably had an effect. For my part I strongly believe that smoking is bad for the health and the ban on smoking in public places is unlikely to be reversed."
CIU Sign 
 We will be smoked out of existence at this rate!
     Well I'm sorry folks but I've gotta say it: "No shit Sherlock!" yet another dummy paraded out in front of the members to let them know that the party that once represented the working man..... err..... no longer represents the working man! Typical NuLabour-not worth the letters on the keyboard! Who has stated that smokers should not be entitled to their own rooms in the clubs/pubs? Smoking is a freedom of choice and those that object to smoking have no need to enter such a room! It is short sighted idiots like the above mentioned (and oh so many more narrow minded "let's not rock the boat" MPs that are seeing the end of our Working Mens Clubs as memberships dwindle on a monthly basis. Perhaps some of our woolly coated MPs need to have a look at this website which clearly shows the costs and the lack of social cohesion that smoking bans bring!
     Whilst mentioning the pathetic Labourites, who have visions of even more constraints on lifestyles should they be voted into power next year, we now have the conclusive proof (straight from the woolly one's mouth) that smoking bans had nothing to do with bar staff dropping dead here there & everywhere else!
KenMacintosh Labour MSP (who?)
"I cannot speak for other members, but my main motivation in voting for and supporting the ban on smoking in public places in Scotland was that it would help us to denormalise smoking, so that we would no longer see people smoking in our pubs or cafes or in most other workaday or social situations, and so that we and our children would no longer see smoking as a normal activity. I believe that the ban has been successful in doing exactly that ... " (Thanks to DP for this gem!)
     And there you have it folks. A nation thrown into turmoil so that people being seen smoking can be eradicated. My forebears remember seeing people having yellow stars placed about their person before being exiled to the death camps - any difference (apart from being gassed of course?)
     As always, the truth doth come out and now it is out there it is time to show these clowns that we do not wish to be ruled by liars, cheats & scoundrels. No siree, we want to be ruled by people that understand the common man and, apparently, there is only one party capable of managing that. I refer of course to Monsieur Farage's party of 'loons & fruitcakes' - yes, those damned UKIppers who seem to be popping up all over the place just lately.
     You see folks, it is those very self righteous, pompous ass creepers that think they know best for all & sundry that bring countries like ours to its knees. Not only are we wasting £1/2 billion EVERY month on this ridiculously imposed smoking ban, we are killing off once thriving businesses-now since when has that been economicalkly successful as a strategy for wealth n health?
     People like Ken Macintosh are simply an insult to all those hardworking, diligent ex pub owners who now sit on the scrap heap of life, penniless, some homeless, and nearly all without hope-yet this despicable moron is still trousering some £70,000 + per annum for deciding what can and cannot be seen to be normal. Is HE normal? Who is this prune to decided what a person can or cannot be seen doing?
     The healthism state is upon us and yet the same number of people are dying now as did in the early 2,000's (give or take a few thousand of course). People die when they are washed out, not when some half brained politician decides they will. Who determined that Michael Heseltine, smoker, should live to be 81? (Funny how no one derided HIS love of tobacco! I wonder why?)
 Young Tarzan … Heseltine in 1956. 
A young happy smoking Michael Heseltine (dies aged 81)

Who determines that a 14yr old super fit boy should just drop dead? No one! We are all different. There is not a Dr in the world that can tell you your D.O.D nor what your cause of death will be-the whole thing is hogwash! Who decided Eric Sykes should smoke 1/2 million cigarettes yet live to 89 but a baby dies within hours? no one does and the medical loons cannot give you a definite, factual answer either!
Life is about living, not worrying about dying or perhaps missing out on an hours  time etc If we weren't supposed to miss out on anything whilst we were alive then the body wouldn't sleep would it! The state of this country these days, who on earth would want to be a centenarian, stuck in some home or other waiting for the day you don't wake up? There are now more than 10,000 centenarians in this country-costing the welfare state an absolute fortune-we can't afford it yet we have idiot politicians being sucked in by the medical loons who think we can all live longer than we do!
     Me? I'm all for living whilst alive ,not trying to spin out some miserable, decrepit old aged existence just to suit some idealogical fruitcake in the WHO. Incidentally, interesting to see that the WHO only received half their funding last year-perhaps countries are 'sick' of being dictated to by yet another unelected bunch of do-gooders!
     The problem UKIP have in forthcoming electoral battles is getting the message across that UKIP do not lie. They tell it how it is and we now have a nation that expects to be lied to! We do not need the EU and all the corruptness that goes with it. We are losing jobs thanks to the EU - Nottingham / Southampton anyone??? 13,734 pubs & clubs closed for ever, yet a simple solution was never considered by the cretins in power at the time!
     All UKIP want to do is to "Right this Country". Get this country back to a super trading power with all countries-in fact trade with the EU has fallen considerably lately so what use are they anyway? Switzerland, Norway sit outside the EU yet they are quite happy financially. All the EU want us for is for our wealth..... and as they are already 'stealing' £55,000,000 per day from us they will soon have all our wealth!
The 22nd is coming folks, the end is in sight so for goodness sakes vote with your heads and save this country: Vote UKIP next thursday!
 Fighting hard for YOUR freedoms-support them on the 22nd please!

Monsieur Farage- him no speak with forked tongue!


  1. Bring on the Elections..... Lets get rid of these Idiots who believe it is perfectly ok to Discriminate against Millions of hard working, taxpaying members of the public because they Choose to smoke even though Discrimination is Illegal in this Country, like I said, Idiots. It is time to rid ourselves of the fools who pretend to govern this country so the likes of the Cons/Liebor/Undems must not be allowed to destroy anymore of our once Great Britain. We really do need some common sense and I will be voting for UKIP on the 22nd and again in 2015.

  2. Good piece, the people of this Island are not being heard - Will be voting UKIP along with millions of others, -- this country is in a mess. B7

  3. Don't worry Phil I'll be voting for UKIP next week in the hope we can stop our working mens clubs closing down because it seems the executive of the CIU in my opinion are not doing enough.

  4. barry Slasberg15 May 2014 at 12:25

    Be fair to David Crausby Phil,He did go on to say that he strongly believes Working Mens Club should be treated as extensions to our own homes and as such be treated accordingly regarding the smoking ban. There are still some genuine friends outside of UKIP. otherwise a freat read

    1. I appreciate your pointing that out Barry but if you read earlier 'he doubts the smoking ban will be amended'-WHY? He is one of the people that should be fighting for such an amendment! That's why he's an elected MP!