Friday, 23 May 2014

And now the end is definitely nigh!

Smoking Bans kill Buisinesses - FACT!

     My previous blog pointed out much that is wrong with the soppy government (and the previous one) of this country. You know the people I'm talking about... yes, it's all those 'do-gooder', 'namby-pamby' cretins who think it is their job, and their job alone to save the world from extinction whilst in actual fact they are bringing that very situation ever closer with their pathetic and illogical laws. It doesn't occur to these idiots that we don't crave to be 100 yrs old and waiting indeterminably for death in a country that cannot afford its Welfare Bill even now! We want to live life as we want and then simply fade away as our forefathers did!We were warned that an earthquake was coming and I am delighted to tell you that said earthquake has landed! A quick pointer to whateth I speaketh of:-
.....And, according to the Press Association, Ukip have won their first seat on Weymouth and Portland council when local party chairman Francis Drake beat the current mayor, Ray Banham, a Lib Dem.

.....UKIP gains two seats on Bolton Council in shock 2014 local election result night....


.....UKIP have made major gains on Rotherham Council though Labour retains control. The party won 10 of the 21 seats up for election. It took seven from Labour, two from the Conservatives and held a seat it won in a by-election last year.

.....UKIP is gaining council seats across England at the expense of both the Conservatives and Labour.

      The anti-EU party is on course to show that last year's breakthrough in town halls was not a one-off.

Bill Etheridge a good friend of mine and a man with a voracious UKIP appetite,  Bill Etheridge: " UKIP have won 7 seats on Dudley council tonight including Star Etheridge (Bill's wife) taking the labour "safe seat" of Coseley East and me taking the conservative "safe seat" of Sedgley. Thank you to everyone who supported us , helped and voted for us."
UKIP gains in Hull & Sunderland too where no one but labour ever dared to tread!
nb: this is akin to an atom bomb going off with no after effects!
     This happening all over the country as the man who loves to portray the affable, homely, english gent ( but with his feet firmly on the ground) with his pint in one hand & cigarette in the other  has really taken the elite of British politics  by the roots and created a ticking timebomb. He said the earthquake was coming. The Tories laughed & jeered: "fruitcakes & loons" they said. Labour simply set out to smear the best they could smear - and failed miserably. If anything, the Labour idiots set people more against themselves then they did UKIP. The ilLib-unDems..... no point even quoting anything from them anymore as they are dead in the water. Not surprising really when Clegg declares support for Abu Hamza's tribe of shite living off our benefit system,and are understood to be raking in at least £650 a week in housing and child benefits – a total of £33,800 a year. With more than 4,100 council seats up for grabs, I now wonder just how many will fall to UKIP ? My feeling that UKIP could nick a dozen seats in next years 'Gen Elec' is even more deep rooted now!
     The passion for voting for common sense however, does not stretch as far as the BBC as their latest UKIP opponent has happily announced that UKIP voters "may all go and die" - my regards for ASHites are not nearly so vehement-not quite! Despite the BBC having to warn its staff to be impartial, Mimi Kempton-Stewart (@itsallmimimimi) seems quite happy to present herself with a sword to fall upon-and personally, I hope it is a very sharp, double edged sword ! I really cannot see why such people as her cannot see that UKIP represent common sense, it is beyond my comprehension. in essence, such people are simply contemptible.
     We now know that 'stirrings' of UKIP in the 2013 by-elections & local elections were the beginnings of something seismic. 'call me dave' & R'ed Ed' scoffed; they scoff no more. In fact they need to be very, very careful from here on in because the people have now found a party that talks their language-the language of common sense. And the more common sense they hear from the common sense party the more people are going to turn to them.
     Of course the mainstay of the common sense party is that we close those doors, as Larry Grayson was wont to say. Indeed, they should be closed but it is going to take a completely new government to close those doors. Blairs & his parties diswgraceful amending of the Human Rights act failed to get him his much wanted EU presidency but he was happy to sell out this country in trying to do so! Now what have we eh? Lunacy that's what!
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How NONsensical is this!!!
     We even have Romanians already living here that don't want more Romanians to come here-how farcical is that I ask? And who would when Romanians cause the London 'Met' the most credit card fraud problems!
     I am happy, many at my WMC are happy, for we have all supported UKIP in these EU elections (we have local council elections next year) for we can easily see the damage being done by parties present & past. Our clubs are diminishing, our attendance/membership figures are diminishing yet governments don't care as they bend to the  ever demanding will of unelected bodies (ASH, WHO et al!) It is even easier to see the damage looming as Camoron fails time after time to do anything positive for this country and the Millipede declares war on Sugar Puffs etc in another pathetic attempt to appease the pharmaceutical leviathons who seem to have unlimited pots of gold to "BUY FAVOURS"-and believe me, they do!
     Monsieur Farage was right, the earthquake has begun. More and more people are becoming disallusioned with present day 'bollox politics' and want some down to earth, common sense politics that they can understand-and one of the sanest political moves of all time is to do as Larry Grayson oft said: "SHUT THOSE DOORS! We simply cannot sustain any more immigrants! Clue: 2.42 million unemployed v 181,000 job vacancies: I rest my case!

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