Monday, 26 May 2014

"They don't like it up 'em do they sir!"

Smoking bans KILL Businesses - FACT!

     And so the story unfolded: UKIP traded high in the market place as voters vented their wrath on Mr 'smarmy barmy' Camoron, the Eton toff who thought he could play games with 63,000,000 peoples lives via false promises of referendums; ie, 'if you vote us in for a second term'. Vote for a lying, cheating, manipulating piece of human garbage ??? NEVER AGAIN! We were reasonably happy with the way things were panning out until he and his aides were summoned to that hotel in Watford (at our [taxpayers] expense) where the Bilderbergers/New World Order 'superheroes' congregated to tell the Eton boy exactly what should be happening; ie, push the referendum back, use it as a weapon to secure your second term in office blah, blah blah.
Police guard a bridge to the sealed off Grove Hotel where the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Conference is taking place in the city of Watford, north of London  
Protestors kept away by impromptu fencing & police guards!
     The mutterings of discontent were heard in several by-elections where UKIP made considerable gains in solid 'other party' zones and councils began to find seats being vacated, to be filled by incoming UKIPpers. Some were filled in that manner simply by the incumbents simply declaring a new allegiance; an allegiance to UKIP. The touchpaper had been lit. Common sense was striking a chord with the common man. When discord strikes in the Labour heartlands of the likes of Sunderland then you know that change is on the way. When people vote in a UKIP representative to the fiercely guarded Labour council in Hull, then you know that the "BIG3" are under some sort of threat. Eastliegh (LibDems), Rotherham (Labour), and in Middlesborough where UKIP relegated the coalition parties again by finishing second in the Labour stronghold. It must be noted that in Rotherham the ilLib unDems finished a magnificent 8th - the lowest ever recorded by a 'major' political party! Long has it been my belief that Nick Clegg was simply a schoolboy in long trousers and therefore not fit for purpose, especially after this atrocious summary regarding the smoking ban back in 2010 where he showed himself to be exactly what he is/was: an establishment clone. Yet another public schoolboy trotted out to possibly rule the masses. No work experience (proper job that is) just classroom technology.     
 If the cap fits-and it certainly does!
     This is an idiot who backs Abu Hamza's family, receiving £33,800 per annum in benefits whilst their terrorist minded 'leader' rots in an American prison for the next 300 years! You couldn't make this up! The whole bloody lot of them should be shipped out of Britain and back to their homeland, not rewarded by our benefits system! He is rewarding the Hamza tribe for terrorism-unbelievable!
Click to listen to Nigel's message for the Cleggeron

     It is obvious to the many that Clegg and his party are finished. They have sought refuge by cosying up to the EU mud-dump and it has cost them dear. So dear in fact that they are basically finished as any sort of force in British politics, for the party that they all laughed and jeered at as being "lunatics & fruitcakes" has dumped them, unceremoniously, at the bottom of the ladder - never to rise again I hasten to add!

     As for Camoron, well, what next I ask, for these EU election results are far from what he wanted with only 12 months to the next general election! That brings me neatly onto my prediction from last year that it was not beyond the bounds of possibility nor reasonability that UKIP could grab a dozen seats in Westminster next year! I know that many of my readers politely laughed at such a suggestion but that suggestion is becoming a distinct possibility as people wake up and small the coffee! Indeed, there is a fair possibility that my good friend Roger Helmer could well start the ball rolling on Thursday, June 5th. Don't forget that Newark is the area where UKIP gobbled up another EU parliamentary seat and Camoron is so worried that he has ORDERED all MPs to make at least three (3) visits each to the constituency to shore up flagging support for his party. He's even been there twice himself! Beleive me folks, the last thing Camoron wants at this present time is for UKIP to get a body into Westminster-especially a body as erudite as Roger Helmer! I know the Leicester lads have all gone up to Newark to help out and I know that they will do a great job up there.
     Talking of Leicester I was absolutely delighted to see the results of the EU voting this morning when I finally woke up-I will put them here for you:

UKIP in Leicestershire came first in Oadby & Wigston, Charnwood, North West Leicestershire, Blaby & Hinckley & Bosworth and we came second in Harborough, Rutland, Melton & Leicester a truly fantastic effort and result.
Believe mee folks, this is heartbreak hotel for the two major parties as  Oadby & Wigston were strong LibDem/Tory spots, Charnwood, NW Leics, Blaby: all Tory certs. We've done remarkably well to finish runner up in Mkt Harborough, Rutland, Melton & Leicester. I can say without doubt now that UKIP have advanced to being the ONLY opposition to the Labour council - a stranglehold we have to endure. The local website boasts the following:

Our council and councillors

We have 54 Councillors representing 22 Wards across the city.

Our Council is composed of 51 Labour Councillors, 1 Conservative Councillor, 1 Liberal Democrat Councillor and 1 Independent Councillor.(what hope have we?)
     But, it would seem that the tide of change is upon us as the UKIP vote has dramatically increased in Leicester/shire as more and more people see the folly of simply following these EU crazed crackpots.  Let me give you a couple of examples of why they are crackpots, thus why UKIP speak sense and not with forked tongue.
1)... Unemployed figures (approx) 2.42 million
...2)... Job Vacancies (approx) 181,000
      3)... A total of 34,904 Romanians and 10,445 Bulgarians registered for National Insurance numbers in January, February and March - so where are the jobs for them then?
Nearly 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians applied to work in Britain in the first three months of this year. Among the first to arrive earlier this year was Romanian Victor Spirescu. Landing at Luton Airport on New Year's Day, he was greeted by Labour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs committee
 Now there's a thing! Mr Keith Vaz (Leicester MP) welcomes "Iwaana Riipuuoff" to this country!
     Apparently we have a housing shortage (who'd 'ave thort it?)..... so why are we allowing more people in that we can cope with? Where are the homes for all the above? 
     It is said that we need the EU to trade! What utter rubbish that is! Norway & Switzerland do very nicely without the EU and we are certainly capable of trading with countries worldwide without any intervention from the EU. After all, EU trade fell by 20% in 2009 so why in God's name do we need to be part of that dismal situation?

We don't possess enough 'super-glue' to mend this carnage!    
     It's not too difficult to see why all these nationalities are ram-raiding this country is it? Does everyone need a 6' square placard outside their property to remind them of what we face if we continue to allow the mixed bag of all sorts into this country. The EU only want us for our wealth, that much is obvious. By amending the human rights act, that total, utter cretin, Blair, made sure that (at present rate) this country won't have any money left so we will be in the 'same boat' as the now highly unstable EU!
     All UKIP ask is that the immigration door be closed, is that too much to ask? The latest EU election results prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the British people have had enough of being treated like second hand nothings by toffy nosed politicians and after watching Camoron & Millipede's strained reactions over the past 24hrs it's very easy to see, as Corporal Jones was wont to say,   "they certainly don't like it up 'em"


  1. Time for change, time for UKIP, we must recover our freedoms. B7

  2. Great article Phil, I think you'll find the Lib Dems are finished. To get Ukip seats in Westminster is now whats really needed and like you I think this is possible. Would any of this have come though, if it were not for Nigel Farage ?

  3. I'm laughing so much as 'main party leaders' run around trying to make things look not so bad. All they can do is repeat well worn platitudes and cliches about listening to voters, about things changing. When have the listened before? what will change with them? Someone has spoilt their party and stolen the presents!

  4. A master piece as ever Phil, keep banging the drum to deafen the voices of the BIG 3.

  5. Anon: Nigel is a natural leader and a great speaker but it is the people behind HIM that are just as responsible for this political earthquake we are enjoying. It shows that the people are well & truly pee'd off with all the Lib/Lab/Con lies & deceits-the biggest of which.... we know only too well!
    Sean: skight correction my friend! The BIG £ has suddenly SHRUNK to the BIG2! The Cleggerons have been decimated-just like our pubs n clubs. There is a way back for us but not for the Cleggerons - especially if they are promoting Vince the geriatric Cable as a possible leader!