Monday, 27 July 2009

Boom time a coming?

I suppose some will see this as a dark, threatening sort of blog. A tale of woe and destruction dreamt up by some black hearted lord of the afterlife-but no, it's just me and my thoughts 'a wanderin'. Well Lee Marvin did, so why can't I?
You see something ludicrous struck me today as I battled weakly against the new plague and pestilence known to us as "Swine Flu".
I lay thinking of all the hatred caused by the anti smokers, you know them, people like Bhanzaff, Glantz, Cruella DeVille etc. They don't want smokers to have any fun at all. They don't want smokers to be on the same planet and it is these type of narrow minded assholes that want the world to be as perfect as they think it should be-fat chance.
After only days of smoke ban law the Turkish cafe bar owners are up in arms at the immediate cost to their businesses with reports already that up to 1/3rd may well close down as smoking customers do what smoking customers do worldwide-desert the bars, stop spending money etc It seems that the WHO, ASH and all these other anti smoking parasitic charities couldn't give a baboons ass about poverty, homelessness or business failures so long as their mantra is acted out.
I have no doubt thought, that 'their time' is fast coming to an end. Economically their whole strategy is flawed as it will be they who will scream loudest at an £30p on income tax when that 'leaf of evil' is eradicated from the planet and governments worldwide still want the coffers to be filled. Economically 'their time' is ending because the world is now in a giant recession, money is not being circulated so freely by the people, the workers, the base line of humanity-well, except to the tobacco smugglers of course!
In 2012 a new horror will emerge in this country-it's called the Olympic Games. To my mind that means lots of different people from lots of different countries-yes I know we got that already but this is different, this a statement from world sport!
And? who is most primed to take full advantage of all this hype, all this carnival atmosphere and most of all, so many different cultures crammed into one place? Got it yet?
Osama Bin Laden, that's who!
Well the yanks haven't found him yet have they? They might have crusaded against the poor smokers all over the planet but they haven't caught up with the 'binman' just yet. The conclusion coming isn't too difficult to arrive at!
As my mind wandered even further I could imagine the hater of the western world thoughtfully tugging at his beard as he deliberated which particular target would be first to taste his venom. Just how big a mark would he want to make on the biggest sporting event for four years? Just how much pandemonium could he cause if he tried?
Fuelled by 'tamiflu' and a cocktail of other prescribed curers of ills I suddenly thought about smokers. We'd all be mysteriously protected as we were all victims of the "Western World", we were the lepers, the social outcasts-the saved.
It all seemed so perfectly obvious to me, hazy but obvious. This man hates the ideals of the western world and it is the western world (or lunatic parts of it) that have forbidden the smoking of Hookah pipes - a tradition steeped in ancient eastern history. A pipe of relaxation, a pipe for debating with, a pipe for making decisions with, a pipe of some power!
So, if my drugged up head and feverish torso has equated all things correctly and the imbecilic ban is not amended by 2012 there could be some fireworks of the not planned variety in a very large city.
The armchair will be my viewing spot for the 2012 games thank you, but please feel free to afford ASH, CRUK and all those other uncharitable charity folk the luxury of the 'hot seats' with the best views!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Hot on the heels of that disgusting piece of interviewed (recorded for all time) garbage from Cruella DeVille Almond we get more serious news from the healthist freakery rampant in this sad old country of ours.
You remember the words:- "Then they'll just have to die!"
Well todays story is slightly different, slightly sadder but might only be the start of healthist leviathon bearing down on us.
Gary Reinbach DID die!

Gary Reinbach died in hospital after he was refused a liver transplant - unless he could prove he had not drunk alcohol for at least six months. He'd had a drink problem for more than 9 years having resorted to booze after traumatic family problems.
He had been admitted to the hospital 10 weeks ago as he was too ill to be sent home - he had cirrhosis of the liver.
It appears that he had been refused a transplant unless he could prove that he had been booze free for 6 months. He was in the hospital for 10 of those 26 weeks - a booze free environment, surely that must have counted for something?
He was desperately ill, that is why he was in the hospital for those ten long weeks - they had complete control over his drinking habits not to mention the perfect opportunity to work on his alcoholic tendency. Did they think that he needed to be drink free for 26 weeks as well before starting any anti drink therapy?
His heartbroken mother stated that he was too ill to leave the hospital to even attempt to prove he was serious about getting off the booze - so what chance did Gary Reinbach actually have?
Amazingly, a hospital spokeswoman said: "Our sympathies are with his family at this time."
Excuse me?
Then why did he die after being in the hospital for ten weeks without booze?
Why is 26 weeks the predetermined time for seriously ill patients to struggle on against an addiction before the 'angels of medical mercy' swoop down to save the sick?
After all, he had even taken the first serious step on the path of recovery - contacting Alcoholics Anonymous!
One cannot help but wonder what sort of society we are now deeply immersed in. The "healthist lobby", for want of a better/worse description, seem to have taken on the mantle of Gods for it now seems that they hold the all powerful key to life or death.
I can hear the mantra now, "Oh mortal sinners, if ye do not adhere to the righteous and healthy path then we will shorten that path, for it is only us, the pure, that should live longest and suffer least."
The prementioned vile, heartless creature has set a new trend it seems. How long before we see the word ALMONDISM appearing in medical journals, medical reviews or even the dictionary?

Monday, 20 July 2009

Cruel, Cruel Cruella

Transcript of interview with Jane De Ville Almond on radio 5

DeVille:- I’ll just tell you a very short story. We recently had a guy who’d had one heart operation and he continued to smoke and he went in for and had a second heart operation, which I actually think should not have been allowed.

Interviewer:- hmmm

DeVille:- because he wasn’t making a commitment to his own health and was just relying on surgeons and people... (interrupted)

Interviewer:- should he have paid for it?

DeVille:- He should have paid for it

Interviewer:- but that would have cost thousands and thousands of pounds-how can you expect an ordinary sort of person to pay that sort of money?

DeVille:- Well then I’m afraid if he can’t commit, if you’re going to have an operation, you know, it’s a bit like people....(interrupted)

Interviewer:- but then what? If he can’t afford it? What?

DeVille:- Well then, then they'll just have to die!

This is the transcript of the Radio5 interview with Jane DeVille (approx 06/07/09)

17th July, 2009. Upon checking You Tube this notice has been posted:-
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Jane DeVille Almond.

It is no wonder Jane DeVille Almond, a supposed 'medical care expert' who teaches/instructs others in the field of care, has claimed copyright of this disgusting video. Anyone would be ashamed of going worldwide with such hatred toward a smoker who needed medical attention.
Is this the new teachings of this woman? Is she now so mighty that she decides who lives or dies according to their lifestyle?
Does the National Insurance system, which is paid throughout your working life to cover medical costs, now not cover smokers?
How can this uncharitable, heartless woman be a director, and trustee, of two national UK charities the National Obesity Forum (NOF) and the Men’s Health Forum (MHF) which she is also vice president. (

She is trained in nursing not dictating lifestyles. She has no compassion for her fellow man/woman if that person smokes. Part of the original Hippocratic oath states:- “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.”
Perhaps she swore to the hypocritic oath not the hyppocratic oath ( I sincerely doubt the latter) - whichever oath it may have been she is obviously no longer a fit and proper person to be caring for people and should be relieved of all employment positions forthwith. Perhaps this evil woman is part of the Dr Harold Shipman ‘life or death’ clan.
As far as smokers are now concerned, this vile woman is the new “Cruella DeVille”.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I noticed on an f2c (freedom2choose) front page article some amazing comments by a gentleman from the organisation known as CAMRA. Their spokesman came up with the following pearls of wisdom:-
Camra said while the smoking ban might have been responsible for an initial drop in pub trade, customers soon adapted . Leicester branch chairman Keith Williams said: "The reason people are staying away from pubs is the credit crunch – and supermarkets because of selling cheap beer"

As a simpleton who has muddled through life for more than half a century I simply cannot understand how people like Mr Williams hold any form of office whatsoever-I really can't!.
Let us delve into this myriad of excuses for pub & club failures shall we?
The Credit Crunch- 0h sorry, did that appear before July 1st, 2007? Ummmmm-NO!
What actually occurred was that nasty piece of legislation which quickly drove the hard & fast regular drinkers out of the pubs & clubs! Smoking or not smoking has never impeded my sense of taste when pint of the chosen nectar is in my hand, indeedy not sir! I don't need to slobber beer round the inside of my mouth like some billious whale to get the taste. I also don't need to sniff the 'bouquet' either-I know what I ordered at the bar and most likely watched it sploshing into the glass ready for my consumption. The lunatics who run the CAMRA asylum see things slightly differently however and promoted the smoking ban as, in their view, experts of the rich nutty flavour etc would enjoy said nutty flavours considerably more once smokers had been excommunicated.
Little did the fools realise that when there were no pubs left for them to install 'real ales' in, they (CAMRA) would become obsolete-as would their bouquetish nutty flavoured ales!
Cheap Supermarket Beer. oh? was that a prominent feature of our lives before July 1st, 2007? Ummmmm-NO!
Supermarkets have been selling cheap beer since they first got licences to do so. They were called 'loss leaders' to entice more people into the stores but they never held much proportion of total beer sales.
However, since the ban, supermarkets have seen a rapid rise in alcohol sales for the simple reason that the regular drinker-smokers now refuse to spend their 'hard earned' in a place that can no longer welcome them because of some draconian piece of legislation. Amazingly, and probably much to CAMRA's chagrin, I have witnessed some of their members advancing to the checkout with a trolleyfull of drinkables (and on more than one occasion I might add).
Lets add a few more here shall we?
The Recession-well that's what it was called as we first slipped into financial decline, but which came first? Ummmmmm-the smoking ban! It is amazing that people blame the recession (now a credit crunch) for lack of money circulating. it was circulating very nicely prior to July 1st, 2007. but when 25% of the population were 'leperised' by this law 70% of an awful lot of pubs & clubs customer base disappeared. And why not? Who wants to stand in some half built, ramshackle construction, not fit for pigs, in the freezing cold or the rain or wind just to say they had been down the local for an hour or two? Not many, to my mind.
Beer Tax Rises- damn the chancellor for being so greedy! But has this closed pubs/clubs so prolifically previously? Ummmmm-NO!
The recession of the 70's produced the pub trades best ever time, in fact the pub trade 'peaked' as more and more people found solace in the pubs & clubs bemoaning their individual poverty status. What the most misappropriately named 'Darling' has found is that his vindictive nannyist, bullyboy (and girl) government have done is to cut their own financial throats with this ludicrous ban. 1.7 million pints per day less being consumed than before the ban means a hell of a lot of revenue the treasury doesn't get anymore-hence 3p on a pint, for the all powerful treasury cannot do without their regular income from the populace. Smokers, for all their supposed sins, never batted an eyelid to such matters prior to July 1st, 2007, but this was a different ball game. As it is mainly non smokers that dribble into a pub this was a direct tax on THEM! hahahahaha!
They say they support the ban (more government hogwash) but they are paying for it as many thousands of smokers now drink at home, have garden parties where shelters of their own design and grandeur are erected. Oh yes! there are always an abundance of ashtrays as well-mostly from the pubs as they, apparently don't need them anymore! This is the smokers turn to laugh in the face of adversity for as Mr Williams (the pre-mentioned buffoon above) states, "customers have adapted". Well they certainly have Mr 'W' for they have made their own bars, their own shelters,and their own parties. They have realised that you don't necessarily need a pub or club to enjoy having a drink anymore-and they will take some wooing back when this idiotic ban is amended. Some probably won't return-why should they?
Finally I must mention the ludicrous "statistics" appearing in apparent celebration of the 2 year anniversary of the saddest, most despicable law ever imposed by any government in this country. 80% agree with the ban trumpets one local newspaper, obviously unaware that 20%+ of the local pubs have gone in their area. Estimated that 40,000 lives have been saved bellows another 'up HMG's arse' rag! Now how have they come up with that unbelievable figure (mind you, most of their figures are unbelievable to start with!). It cannot be proven that one life has been saved just as it cannot be proven that SHS kills you but this government backed media frenzy cannot help themselves other than to glorify in substantial, unsubstantiated figures. But then they do have to do that don't they or the smokeban flop (sorry successful experiment) will be seen for what it truly is-an economic 'Titanic' threatening peoples livelyhoods every day of the week. Let's see, we are past the 4,000 business closure figure already-and it is a success(?)
If this continues-and it surely will until common sense prevails-then something called a pub will be a novelty item, occasionally spotted on long car journeys: "oh look kids, I used to go in one of those-many years ago-used to be good fun too!"
I suppose if we all stay at home and drink we'll all get a bit fatter and then there will be fines for not adhering to the newly invented 'BMI' regime (Sir Liam please take note here!), supermarkets will get even richer, kebab shops will be banned, a never ending lawsuit between McDonalds and the government will fill the daily papers and the only social contact with those outside our house will be when the men in black zip us into the bag ready for the morgue.
Isn't it marvellous when you think of just how a government can be so completely ignorant when it comes to caring for its people! mind you we still have Mr Williams of CAMRA caring-OMG!