Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Hot on the heels of that disgusting piece of interviewed (recorded for all time) garbage from Cruella DeVille Almond we get more serious news from the healthist freakery rampant in this sad old country of ours.
You remember the words:- "Then they'll just have to die!"
Well todays story is slightly different, slightly sadder but might only be the start of healthist leviathon bearing down on us.
Gary Reinbach DID die!

Gary Reinbach died in hospital after he was refused a liver transplant - unless he could prove he had not drunk alcohol for at least six months. He'd had a drink problem for more than 9 years having resorted to booze after traumatic family problems.
He had been admitted to the hospital 10 weeks ago as he was too ill to be sent home - he had cirrhosis of the liver.
It appears that he had been refused a transplant unless he could prove that he had been booze free for 6 months. He was in the hospital for 10 of those 26 weeks - a booze free environment, surely that must have counted for something?
He was desperately ill, that is why he was in the hospital for those ten long weeks - they had complete control over his drinking habits not to mention the perfect opportunity to work on his alcoholic tendency. Did they think that he needed to be drink free for 26 weeks as well before starting any anti drink therapy?
His heartbroken mother stated that he was too ill to leave the hospital to even attempt to prove he was serious about getting off the booze - so what chance did Gary Reinbach actually have?
Amazingly, a hospital spokeswoman said: "Our sympathies are with his family at this time."
Excuse me?
Then why did he die after being in the hospital for ten weeks without booze?
Why is 26 weeks the predetermined time for seriously ill patients to struggle on against an addiction before the 'angels of medical mercy' swoop down to save the sick?
After all, he had even taken the first serious step on the path of recovery - contacting Alcoholics Anonymous!
One cannot help but wonder what sort of society we are now deeply immersed in. The "healthist lobby", for want of a better/worse description, seem to have taken on the mantle of Gods for it now seems that they hold the all powerful key to life or death.
I can hear the mantra now, "Oh mortal sinners, if ye do not adhere to the righteous and healthy path then we will shorten that path, for it is only us, the pure, that should live longest and suffer least."
The prementioned vile, heartless creature has set a new trend it seems. How long before we see the word ALMONDISM appearing in medical journals, medical reviews or even the dictionary?

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  1. ALMONDISM, I like it, now all we need is its meaning and interpretation...any offers?

    Great post Phil, reminding us of the newly acquired power of life (style) and death some so called 'health professionals' have over us when we are at our most vulnerable. Could have done with a link to the story though.