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When money matters, things change!

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     Smoking bans kill businesses - FACT!
     Isn't it amazing that after 10yrs of smoking bans in this country the dead & the dying are still hitting the same %'s as they did pre ban, probably because roughly the same % of people are still smoking and that is probably because that % of the population thoroughly enjoy smoking! Arnott, Duffy et al have no answer to that conundrum because you simply cannot order someone to stop doing something that they thoroughly enjoy just to please those that perhaps might not! I pinpointed in the previous blog the scandalous wastage of £972,000 by Leicester City Council (provided by FOI) when they are cutting funding of vital services to all members of this once great city. 
     We also now know that the smoking ideaology has nothing to do with health as a mentally ill patient at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital has been denied a calming, soothing cigarette as to be able to smoke she would have to be escorted 'off the site', for they (hospital authorities) believe that the law states that smoking on hospital grounds is illegal - which of course we all know isn't true. It is simply their idea of a the law they want it to be-but is that fair
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     Further to our mental health patients situation, Dr Peter Miller has completely failed to answer my letter regarding this situation for one simple reason - he cannot truthfully answer the questions without making the entire 'Board of Trustees' out to be liars & manipulators of truth. Funny how the anti tobacco industry is all based on lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science!  Helen Charlesworth is the patient suffering in this instance. It is unjust, totally anti-rehabilatory & spiteful in their quest to sit proudly as a non smoking hospital. Funny how humanity fails so completely in the face of a badly thought out law!
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Greece..... well we all know what the EU has done to Greece: totally bankrupt the place with their financial structures, rebooted economies, migrants by the boatload etc, but the Greeks are fighting back inch by inch.  There are threats to leave the EU (good judges) and amazingly, to boost the Greek economy the Department for Development will now legalize smoking areas in casino's, night clubs and live music venues larger than 300sq m as well as betting shops & lottery outlets. But, this comes at a great cost, that being €200 per sq metre! However, the fact remains that the Greeks have finally realized just how valuable smokers are to their considerably impoverished national finances so have used one department (Development) to over-rule another (the Health dept!) Money talks, as always! As with all countries smoking bans should have been left to each individual business owner and not some complete twerp sitting behind a desk who knows very little of everyday life for the normal human being.
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     Aren't we having some fun n games now that Mr Trump has become President of the USofA! All these silly people who cannot cope with a democratic vote, which they lost. 230 of the idiots are now facing a decade behind bars for their total, mind numbing imbecility & a $25,000 fine. Do I feel sorry for them??? No I don't! We have elections so that we, the people, have the freedom to elect the person that we think is best suited to run our countries affairs and amazingly the American people voted in a complete businessman who has a handle on everyday affairs over the twisted, money laundering, 'take what you want when you want' corruptness of the Clintons - of whom Obama said (4 years ago) that there was nothing, to his mind, that could possible qualify Hilary Clinton for the White House! I wonder how Soros & his cronies changed Obama's mind on that one! (Incidentally, did you know that Soros was funding BLM to the tune of $650,000?)
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     Now Mr Trump has a firm grip on what is going on with migrations from all corners of the earth to the Western World and he clearly sees what most of us see, deaths, disease & depravity (in any order you like folks).Yes, we are talking of a section of the Muslim 'faith' (and I use that term very loosely indeed!) and it is not a section of any 'faith' that bears good will to all men-and certainly not women. We have hundreds of thousands of peaceful Muslims in this country that simply want to get on with their daily lives and pay their way but what has been unleashed from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan (etc) & the African nations is something totally different for these are people with no qualms, no consciences & no morals. People who truly believe that dying for Allah on some killing spree of innocents will reward them with 72 virgins in the 'afterlife' are simply beyond help. These are people that will happily strap bombs to an eight year old child and march them into a crowd. These are people that believe women are of less value than a dead dingo, people who believe that public beheadings, false accusations & public stonings are all ok in this modern world. They are not! 85% of Muslims come to europe wanting to live on our benefits system - hate preachers being the most notable of course!
     Image result for pictures of donald trumps cap"The Donald" has already caused outrage as he banned 92  Muslims from entering US soil-the plane was refuelled, turned round and sent back to Mogadishu. Fair play to the man for sticking to his guns on this one - or has everyone forgotten the mass murders committed on American soil already? But where is the outrage at the similar stance taken by Japan?
     Unbelievably we have the 'do-gooders' here all set to 'do badder' yet again (remember the 70's? dear oh dear me) as we have idiots parading with their "Refugee's Welcome" banners. What they simply don't understand is what these 3rd world mentality cases do when they get here! Absolutely nothing.This just about says it all.
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     They immediately devalue any property/area they happen to be given. They immediately get benefits, all sorts of benefits, but when Treasury Minister Lord O’Neill was asked the all important question of how much do these mirants cost this country his five word answer was amazing: "That information is not available".
I have many Muslim friends in this fair city of ours (not surpising really as we, born n bred British whites, are now in the minority) but this new breed of lawlessness arriving is not good for any country. 
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     Despite what Evan Davis (I don't think he'll take me on again) says, there are most certainly many 'no-go' areas in our towns & cities & europe is awash with them: Sweden has simply been swamped by these itinerants! If they were meant to have been here then surely they would have been born here. They destroy everything in their own countries and then set about doing the same where-ever they go: just look at the devastation in Paris. Is it any wonder that Trump wants 'that' fence/wall along the border with Mexico? After all, there should be no complaints as Mexico have their own immense concrete,  wire & steel barricade along their southern border with Guatemala.
     So, we begin to see that people power is starting to over-ride those awful, medieval warlords better know as the New World Order and it is certainly looking as if the trend will continue in Stoke-on-Trent as Paul Nuttall takes on the failing might of the Labour Party in the absence of Tristram Hunt who has decamped to a far less stressful environment - the Victoria & Albert museum. If UKIP do happen to steal the seat from Labour I think it will open the floodgates for UKIP as Labour, especially Jeremy Corbyn, are doing everything they can to drive voters to UKIP
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     Certainly Diane Abbott, with all her racist, anti white rhetoric is doing her part in alienating her diminishing party. UKIP..... 2 MPs in Parliament..... with the immense posibility of another 10-12 to come..... oh such heady days! UKIP's big frontier (no pun intended) is IMMIGRATION CONTROL and that is obviously firmly fixed in the Trump noggin as well. These people are costing both nations an absolute fortune and when money matters, things certainly begin to change!

Ministry for Development will legalize smoking areas in casinos, night clubs and live music venues larger than 300m², as well as betting shops, including lottery outlets. - See more at:
Ministry for Development will legalize smoking areas in casinos, night clubs and live music venues larger than 300m², as well as betting shops, including lottery outlets. - See more at:
Ministry for Development will legalize smoking areas in casinos, night clubs and live music venues larger than 300m², as well as betting shops, including lottery outlets. - See more at:

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Time for Trump, UKIP & Truth

Smoking bans & Lies cost businesses & jobs - FACT 
     Since the not so great a shock of Donald Trump being elected as the next president of the USA I have to say that I have been seriously appalled at the treatment dished out to some by the so called 'Liberal Lefties'. 'Liberal leftie' is obviously the new name for political bullies, braggarts & thugs - it can be no other!
     Let's get the first 'shock' bit out of the way shall we? I am no political genius but even I could see that the American people were as pee'd off with 'the establishment' as we were-hence the BREXIT vote here in good old Blighty. If they were not as happy as we weren't then 9/2 was a 'bet of a lifetime' - win, lose or draw.
Secondly, with it becoming more & more apparent that the Clinton mob were totally corrupt & most probably running the biggest $$$money laundering operation$$$ in the world (more Wiki-leaks to come) it amazed me just how so many Americans felt the need to vote Hillary into the White House simply to heap more misery upon their own heads! Still, wasn't it Forest gump who said "stupid is as stupid does?"

     We were then treated to pictures of idiots bawling their eyes out because democracy won the night (vote), we had people needing counselling because the vote was not what they wanted and we even had filmstars & songmeisters threatening to leave the good old USA because Trump WON a democratic election and the vote went his way despite ageing, loopy senators doing their treasonable damnedest to destroy him. Hysteria had taken over and within that hysteria came a new breed of nasty, vicious thugs who will stop at nothing to get what they want - something similar is happening over here since the BREXIT vote with this despicable woman, Gina Miller, taking to the courts, on behalf of her paymasters, to defeat the BREXIT vote. 17.4m people voted out yet she feels the need, suddenly, to oversee the law being upheld. British people decided they needed to be rid of this giant shackle known as the EU, they finally realised that the EU was nothing but a giant piece of financial blotting paper capable of soaking up every £ we have/had.
Gina Miller is only the tip of the iceberg of rottenness, she is the presentable side of their despicable campaigns, she's a 'suit' with clout & big financial backing. At the other end of the scale are those who stoop so low as to threaten a blind man with assassination should he dare to attend/sing at Donald Trumps inauguration. Andreas Bocelli, world renowned Tenor received death threats should he sing. This has to a new, all time low for these so called Liberal Lefties but I'm absolutely certain that they will plummet to even further depths.
 Image result for pictures of Andrea Bocelli     Image result for pictures of Jennifer Holliday
     Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday – last night pulled out of the President-elect's festivities after being threatened and branded an 'Uncle Tom'. Now my question is this: "who are these faceless assassins, where are they and why are they not being brought to justice?"
     Trump is virtually a self made man, a business genius who can see the problems facing this world - especially ISIS (which it now seems the Clintons et al had a hand in somewhere along the line!) No one objects to the Muslim fraternity living their peaceful, non integrational lives amongst the indigenous people of various lands but this satanic version of Muslim 'faith' (ISIS) is nothing short of being a murderous cult -memories of Charlie Manson anyone?   Trump will bring common sense to the table, laws that are just and a chance for the people to be happy again, not oppressed with financial burdens - which is exactly what the NWO want. Fancy eyeballing just who is part of the 'Illuminati' perchance? George Soros, sad old sack of crap that he is, reportedly LOST over $1bn in the Trump election - oh dear me, never mind eh! Soros is the man that funds the various tentacles of BLM, you know the mob, it's those dark skinned people that now declare that white people owe them everything!
The (not very) Rev Al Sharpton
     The not so reverent Al Sharpton has waged a one man war on white people yet he ignores the plain simple fact that most black people in America have been gunned down by..... other blacks & that American cops killed more white people than non white! He publicly denounces white people, spouts  vile messages of hatred, violence, and even white genocide..... yet he manages to walk around on a daily basis instead of being locked up up for all the above & inciting murder! For our part we now have a dead man, found in his cell at Bristol prison, where he was placed by some retarded judge who declared that his 'bacon v mosque' crime was so heinous he needed a 12 month prison term to reconcile the action! he leftie, loopy judge [Judge Julian Lambert - name & shame I say] condemned the incident as an “attack on England” and “the principles of freedom of religion”  (I'll leave you all to work that one out folks!!!) Judge Julian Lambert can now go to his grave knowing that he caused the death of a man by totally over sentencing of a trivial offence - just another brainless, authoritarian jerk happy to give our country away!

Kevin Crehan and Mark Bennett
             Both gaoled for'baconing' the mosque! 
Both expressing THEIR freedom of religion too!  
     Over here we have a similar creature, but this time it is female (I think) as Diane Abbott declares that all the problems in this country are courtesy of the white people! She continued her anti white tirade until Ed Miliband forced her to shut up & apologise! Now I would just love to know how she works that one out, especially as, year ago, she was bonking a white man - Jeremy Corbyn. Perhaps she was posing, provocatively, whilst thinking? (uuuuuugh!) No wonder she's still in his cabinet!

     Why do we allow people like the evil, hate filled Hani al-Sibai to roam our streets inciting hatred, threatening death to our very way of life when we know for certain that these fanatical people will not stop until they have taken over this oh so tolerant country? Clearly, those who deem to be Liberalist and/or Lefties or both have only one diktat: that being get whatever you think you are entitled to by any means possible! Oh, and while you're grabbing whatever there is to grab, keep beating the 'we must help all immigrants drum' just for good measure..... and totally sink this country.
     This is why the latest by-election in Stoke-on-Trent is so important to this country for Labour are seriously 'up' for losing this once safe seat. This election will be one of the fiercest yet fought and I dread to think of the underhand tactics that will undoubtedly be used by Labour and the loony, leftie minions. In deed, they may even dress a herd of Minions in red and send them out to terrorise people into voting Labour - who knows?

     There is much talk about UKIP's new leader, Paul Nuttall, standing for parliament here but I think that would be a huge mistake on UKIP's part. Far better to opt for a local man/woman who knows the people & area - still what do I know about politics..... apart from the fact that over the decades our politicians have dumped us in the biggest pile of shite ever!
     However, with the arrival of Mr Donald Trump esq comes the promise of a new dawn and already a bill has been proposed to roll back the idiotic smoking bans:-
Lawmakers in Concord are considering a bill that would roll back smoking rules across the state.
Advertisement. If passed, the legislation would let business owners decide whether people can smoke indoors. Ten years ago, it became illegal to smoke in bars and restaurants.
The legislation would apply to privately run grocery stores, restaurants, and cocktail lounges, along with transportation, such as taxis, buses and boats.
The sponsor of House Bill 279, Rep. Robert Hull, R-Grafton, said he drafted it at the request of a voter. "It's a property-rights issue," Hull said. "Should the state be deciding what people do inside of private establishments? They are public places, but they are owned by private people, and the owner of the property should decide what's going on." 
     Wowee! at long last someone with brains and balls has asked the question! Needless to say the ACS (American Crooked Cancer Society) is up in arms about it but then they would be as they spouted the same old lies at the hearing as they always do....."there is no safe level of exposure to SHS". Well we all now know that is cobblers as the WHO themselves have announced that SHS is HARMLESS -so why do the ACS still spout the same old tripe? Robert Hull is absolutely correct when he says it is a 'property rights issue'.....and who owns the properties? 
 Image result for Pictures of closed pubsImage result for Pictures of closed pubs
     When a business closes down because of an ill thought out law based on lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science then we know that governments are being bought & paid for! Who knows, perhaps when the truth is presented at the hearing they might just decide that it is up to each owner of each bar, shop, coffee house, saloon etc to determine just who can do what in THEIR premises. Just think of ALL the businesses that would flourish in this country if smoking bans were rolled back - after all, at £1/2bn every month, this stupid, non effective law has cost this country ma mere £60bn over the past decade.....and 20% of the people still smoke because they ENJOY having a fag!
     Who knows, perhaps the Battle of Stoke may be finally won by a UKIP candidate who can then take hisw/her rightful place in Westminster and start asking asking all the awkward questions.
     Who knows, it might now be the time for Trump, UKIP & Truth?