Sunday, 28 October 2012

Arnott-charged with being accomplice to murder?

Yes, this primarily concerns "the Bitch from Shoreditch", the one and only, the incomparable, the smokerphobe extra-ordinaire: Deborah Arnott. This is the creature that thrives on misery and death, early death, for the people concerned are mostly youthful, full of life and happy go lucky-until this narrow minded bitch started weaving her evil web of lies and deceit, her maze of fabrications, manipulated statistics and the encyclopeadia of junk science at her disposal as she single handedly twisted Blairs useless, gullible parliament to agreeing with a total smoking ban. All neatly covered, supposedly, by the words 'Public Health'.
The evidence is now piling up against this harridan as yet another death has been reported.....courtesy of tobacco control and all its manifestations, courtesy of Herr Dockrell's very own 'Eva Braun', meine damen Deborah Arnott!
The evil nad hatred that this woman has spread since 2003 and during her tenure as Chief Executive of ASH is unbelievable! She leads this video entitled 

Deborah Arnott (ASH): Why regulating nicotine effectively is the only way to end smoking.

Excuse me here a minute, who stated that they wanted to give up smoking? Who has decided that smoking should be banished from these shores? Who is this woman, this smokerphobe that is happy to treat 25% of the population like dog shit? Her opening gambit is that eradicating smoking will save more lives than stopping deaths from obesity, alcohol & illegal drugs! The woman is deluded, truly deluded.
They ('her industry') cannot prove to have saved a single life, nor even extended one, but we are now counting up the death toll from this diabolical experiment in social engineering-just add up the number of court cases piling up to start with!
Apart from anything else this disgusting piece of humanity states that the Tobacco Control Crusade is set on destroying the tobacco industry! Yes, it's there, on screen (05.23) in black and white. She publicly announces, as did that bumbling buffoon Lansley that she sees a country where tobacco plays no part in anyone's daily lifestyle-one has to ask the question that if they (the government) wanted to pay Lansley/Milton any further for their nation crippling ideas (?), then how much longer will the bitch from Shoreditch last as she is funded, along with her acolytes, by government? They are paid, from your taxes, to spread misery, hatred and death to otherwise normal, happy people. Last week I told you about Harsh Mangatani who jumped to his death after a  retarded, nosey baboon of a teacher decided to inform his father that he  (Harsh) might be smoking. Another victim of the hate mongering and the propaganda emanating from such as ASH. But there is worse to come!

Boy, nine, died after his mother set him and his brother on fire as a punishment for smoking

Yes it is true. Horrific though it is, it is true and we find out that the boys mother tried to burn both her boys for smoking a cigarette. No doubt the smokerphobes in Shoreditch and every other anti smoking reptile house will rejoice in the fact that 'just another smoker' is no more' but they won't stop to think of the grief and the pain they are causing millions of people worldwide everyday of their lives. This miserable piece of tormented humanity, mentally plagued by the likes of Arnott et al has been sentenced to eleven(11) years imprisonment for killing her innocent 9 year old son-oh, and almost killing his older brother too! Friend Leg Iron also has strong views on this particular event!Copy of killer mom Leg Iron is also monitoring the absolutely despicable comments forthcoming.
Of course Arnott will say that 80% of smokers want to quit-all bollox of course for if they really did want to quit then they would. Of course we have Arnott also advocating that we use Chantix/Champix/Varencline in order that we lose the yearning for that detestable tobacco product yet she and all of the others completely neglect to tell anyone of the horrendous consequences of that drug (no matter which name is used).
Extreme reactions: Approved in 2006, Chantix has been dogged by stories of unprovoked violenceWith court cases stacking up higher than a bankers bonuses it looks as though the pharmaceutical industry is in for a hell of a rough ride compensation wise-and rightly so too for the French have had the good sense to remove this killer drug from the shelves; Arnott will happily inform all and sundry that WE still provide this cure for our smokers. You see folks, such is the mindset of these smokerphobe loons thata death doesn't matter if it is 'only a smoker'. To them (as one commentor stated)  it proves that smoking kills early-even if it's a mother that has incinerated her poor little boy. That's how sick and twisted these people really are. They care not for the life of a smoker, they declare that all smokers are restricting their own lives by 10 years (16 some say???) yet never stop to ask if that person cares about that small fact or not. I shall write to the "B from Sh" and ask her that very question I think. They never stop to ask if that person enjoys smoking that much, why would they be bothered about spending an extra 10-16 years on this godforsaken, do-gooder ruinated earth? Many people simply want to enjoy what time they have on this earth the way they feel best about it, there was never a law that stated that "thou shalt live until thy be 92 or 102 or even 55!" (Jamrozik-for whom we have so much persecution to thank for). Just think, 100 years young and still enjoying a cigarette! Oh Debs...Look! 
So we can clearly see that as long it is the humble smoker being 'shot at' (I use the term loosely) everything is rosy in the garden but when the boot is on the other foot and it is the likes of this murderess, this accomplice to murder who quickly starts squawking to the press  about being threatened by bloggers. As if!
However, when you start adding up all the deaths caused by this anti smoking hatred & hysteria why is it that the likes of Deborah Arnott have not been charged with inciting hatred or conspiring (with others) to cause the deaths of person or persons unnamed or at the very least 'being an accomplice to murder'? For that is the true evil emanating from this  "witch from Shoreditch", there is no other consideration! Just how many crimes on this list is she guilty of engineering?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The house of cards is falling...

Long have ASH and their lying, cheating, manipulative cronies from all walks of the anti tobacco fraternity held sway over what occurs on the medical side of parliamentary debate, but their time is coming to an end-thank God! From openly bragging about the 'smoke & mirrors' campaign to bring about a total ban on indoor smoking we now have the head of that despicable, government funded lobby group has now now been caught with her dirty, grubby little paws well and truly in the manipulation pot! The best of it is that scientific study shows that Second Hand Smoke is no danger to human life in the first place, but so worried was she that public opinion might actually be against her concerning the plain packaging that she wantonly urged all anti tobacco organisations to use multiple signatures - 
“I understand that you have been copied into an email from a junior member of the UKCTCS which was circulated to the UKCTCS list encouraging sign up to the various websites supporting plain packs stating, ‘You can only vote once on each petition, but I would seriously doubt that there will be cross checking between charity petitions so it may be worth signing all of them to get your money’s worth!"
In other words, if all anti tobacco warriors sign every petition available, no matter how many times they sign for the same result, there is absolutely no way that those idiots (err...the general public) will have an earthly of defeating the proposal: we win again.  Simples!
So blase are these obnoxious, pleasure deny-ers on Shoreditch High Street that they only remonstrate about such a practise when the race is over and done with. The Commentator leads with "Corruption behind the government’s public consultation on standardised packaging of tobacco products"and they nail Arnott fairly & squarely to the mast-as should be done! Lansley has fallen on his sword of tobacco revulsion, so has Milton and Arnott should follow!
The British Medical Association have also been well and truly rogered by that master jewel thief Dick Puddlecote as their army of cohorts have sent them spiralling into the humiliating abyss of embarrassing defeat thanks to blatant lies, manipulation & propaganda. In the meantime, not one of these callous, psychological thugs has said a single word about the sad demise of this 20 year old student Harsh Mangatani who had the audacity to enjoy a cigarette. His teacher, however, saw fit to report this heinous crime to the boys father and minutes later this haert rendering statement appeared on facebook:
" Soooooo my last status m signing off can’t tolerate life any more byeeeeee every 1.....!!!!!!"
Again, just so that it sinks into the feeble minded smoker haters on this planet: Soooooo my last status m signing off can’t tolerate life any more byeeeeee every 1.....!!!!!!"
'Harsh' then went 'skydiving' from a 4th floor window and immediately met his death. His death has been recorded as suicide yet what was the actual cause of death? Answer, quite simply, interfering busybodies who take other peoples pleasures far too seriously. The teacher should be charged with 'causing death by dangerous mouthing'; ie manslaughter. Any qualms about such an event Debs or is it just another acceptable part of your evil manipulations?
In another bizarre twist and from all the propaganda issued over the past half decade, Pfizer have suddenly decided to make an 'out of court settlement' with the wife of a Minnesota man who died after taking this 'smoking curative'.   
 “We can confirm that we have settled this case,” Chris Loder, a Pfizer spokesman, said in an e-mailed statement today. “Terms are confidential.”
Oh you can bet your sweet ass  “Terms are confidential.”! They certainly won't want to disclose how much it has cost them to keep the case (and chantix) out of court! And why do they want to keep it out of court? Because they know that by losing in court the open the floodgates of financial purgatory! After all they have only just had the time to come to terms with a $60m fine for a decade of bribery & corruption. About the same time they have been plying British anti smoking organisations with money! January sees the next legal round in America.
As the lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science are becoming looser than a whores draws on payday it is highly amusing that the anti tobacco  mob released this little gem:
 "Brussels police have swept the offices of two major public health organisations for bugs following a break-in at a building in the rue de TrĂ©ves in which laptops and documents relating to their battles against the tobacco industry were stolen."
Now they must be worried about what form of corruption news is going to be released prior to their version of the said form of corruption- news or it wouldn't matter two hoots that the information had been stolen! What are these arch manipulators cooking up next as they slowly but surely destroy the financial structure of this country? They don't care about the welfare or the prosperity of this country, there is nothing so certain as that. They simply want to continue drawing as much in wages as they possibly can before our government finally realises that it is merely a pawn in the game.
On a slightly different note but still appertaining to what is going on smoke ban wise we find that Trenton Oldfield was sent to prison for 6 months for interrupting the Oxford v Cambridge boat race. Of that I am not unduly surprised as the law has become a complete joke since July 1st, 2007 but the important part of this case is the summing up by the judge, the supposedly learned Judge Anne Molyneu.
She states : 
'You did nothing to address inequality by giving yourself the right to spoil the enjoyment of others. In doing so you acted without regard for equality and contrary to the meaning of it. You made your decision to sabotage the race based on the membership or perceived membership of its participants to which you took exception. That is prejudice. No good ever comes from prejudice. It is a necessary part of a liberal and tolerant society that no one should be targeted because of a characteristic with which another takes issue. Prejudice in any form is wrong.'
Thank you Judge Anne Molyneu, you have just shot the entire anti smoking lobby up the arse and made the case for separate smoking rooms, ventilation and the rights for licencees to choose for themselves!  
Prejudice in any form is wrong.
Prejudice in any form is wrong.
                              Prejudice in any form is wrong.
Therefore, in the eyes of the law this prejudice against smokers is also wrong, severely wrong and must be righted-and the means to right this terrible wrong are seemingly simple: ventilation & separate rooms! And when this is suitably done, all ex-licensees, all those ex-club owners and all those forced out o0f business and onto the 'dole queues' thanks to the most unlawful law ever passed should line up and sue this government for they had their chance to amend the ban as soon as they got into power.naive as to assume that no smokers voted for the promise of law reforms!
So you see folks, the house of cards is falling, the builders of the house should be facing prison sentences, the perpetrators of this despicable crime against humanity should be publicly flogged, then hung out to dry for they have created Lord only knows what pain & suffering, homelessness & hardship, anguish & stress to millions of people. Health??? it was never about health for the simple reason that nothing could be proven that SHS caused 11,000 deaths per annum (CRUK CROOK), even idiotic Welsh Dr's didn't want to fight it out with me- 'exhaust to hose pipe' v 'me and cigarette smoke for 20 minutes' in a sealed car The sham has been exposed, the illegality exposed for all to see and, at long last "the house of cards is falling all around us..."