Thursday, 30 May 2013

Your time has come Dave - MAN UP!

 Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!
     Well folks I thought that I'd have no need to blog again for at least a week but it seems that more & more bile rises to the surface on a daily basis, confirming my thoughts that this country is literally falling apart at the seams.
     Now I know I said that things have got to change but what is surfacing now simply shows that we have advanced from the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous-and from what I can see there are some very simple answers!
     For those who ignored the Queens speech but rejoiced that plain packaging had been 'dumped' I shouldn't rejoice too much for this little gem was pointed out to all those that cared to take note, two weeks ago (later reported again here).  Little 'no-marks' working for local councils that lead meaningless lives, haven't got a clue how to 'partaay' and certainly don't like some of the activities of others, will be rejoicing endlessly at the news for it means that they will now have the power to destroy people's lives, their happiness, their very existences. They, alone, will drive this country into open revolt. Good! about time too methinks.
     You all know by now that one of my main 'beefs' is about us being part of this suicide pact otherwise known as the EU.Being even remotely aligned with these european/global power freaks is disastrous as it means that we have to keep in line with their immigration policies (or be prosecuted!), which in turn means we are liable to accept any lunatic that crosses the channel-with very little hope of removing said lunatic once here. A Daily Telegraph online poll says it all really:


Take Anjeb Choudray for example. Why is this hate filled reptile still here if he despises all that we stand for, as he obviously does!    We have a Home Secretary who should be capable of removing this venomous creature from our midst, especially after the atrocity in Woolwich a few days ago..... but no, we find, instead, that our dearly beloved 'peelers' are galloping to the Choudary mansion to move him to a safe house as they feared he may be in danger of vengeance attacks! You cannot make this up, a soap opera couldn't even make this credible but yes, this supposed human being who scrounges £25,000 per year off the state has been rescued from possible harm whilst a young soldier, minding his own business, was 'motored' and then brutally hacked to death on an English street. Where were "our dearly beloved peelers when really needed?" More to the point, where is the sanity in this country anymore?

(Sleeping on the sleeping policeman)

Another little gem to reveal itself this week is the ludicrous situation where we have  "Bedroom Tax" but for those who get evicted, due to this totally stupid rule there is nowhere for them to go except maybe Travel Lodge or Premiere Inn hotels - absolutely priceless!
This just about sums up the whole ludicrous situation: 

"... over the past four years, according to research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the UK has spent almost £2bn in temporary housing for homeless families – enough to build 72,000 homes."
Of course what they have failed to mention is the amount of immigrants that have entered this country over the past 4 years and, accordingly, have swamped many areas to such an extent that there are no suitable accomodations for councils to use! You see folks, forced 'downsizing is OK if all these local councils have the properties to downsize people too!
 "The Conservative-run Borough Council of Wellingborough in Northants spent £1,961 in a single  week to house a family"
(Imprison the peasants if they can't pay-damn them all !)

      The madness continues unabated as more and more families will fall behing with this idiotic "Bedroom Tax" and more and more immigrants pile into this already overburdened island. Thanks Blair, you really scuppered this country didn't you whilst dreaming of being EU President one day! Our problem is that "call me Dave" needs to 'man-up' pretty sharpish or we will come to the inevitable sticky end that most doomsters are predicting. Nearly £2K per week? No wonder these immigrants are lining up to get in!
More absurdity as it transpires that ATOS are now costing our nation even more than the £100m they are being paid to tell the disabled, the infirm and even the dead that they are suddenly, mercuriously fit for work.
"Ministers spent £37 million in just eight months defending a torrent of appeals against decisions to strip people of benefits."
It truly does beggar belief where Camoron and his bunch of hatchet men get their collective brain cells from? Many immigrants have a greater knowledge of our benefits system than most of us do-and if they are a little unsure then there is always a nice polite (happily earning plenty) translator that can be called upon to explain where a little bit more can be gained! ATOS, quite simply, are not fit for purpose and I am very surprised that only 57% are successful on appeal against decisions made by these clowns. Of course that odious little man, Iain Duncan Smith, has absolutely no mercy on those he considers 'scroungers' - despite being on the dole himself some time ago he managed to 'dip his wick in the right honeypot', hence where he is now. 
It doesn't take much imagination to accept that top Tories are now exceedingly worried by the upstarts known as UKIP, for the 'new kids on the block' are seriously marching up the popularity charts, so much so that top Tories are plotting a pact with Nigel Farage and the upstarts! And when you look at the situation with Milliband still claiming that Labour will not defer from their EU (yes) strategy which is sure to finish this country off altogether, and Clegg (as told to me by an ex LibDem councillor) just sitting there waiting to accept his rather fat deputy PM's pension as his so called ragbag party have had their rather long fifteen minutes of fame and will now fade into a well deserved obscurity. This video clip from just after the coalition was 'formed' shows exactly why this schoolboy in long trousers is headed for that obscurity! The "SILT" had a golden opportunity to do the right thing by the very people who gave him this chance-but he failed them................... miserably! With the highly  iLiberal unDemocrats polling only around 8%-9% it is easy to see that their time has come... and gone. However, despite their failing heartbeat one idiot in Scotland feels he needs to make his name with regard to the smoking ban & further restrictions.
South of Scotland Lib Dem MSP Jim Hume is launching a public consultation on a Members’ Bill to ban smoking in cars that include children. 

Mr Hume says the law "would give children the healthiest start in life”
     Yet another loon that ignores the plight of the country, the stirring racial hatred from such as Choudary (and others), mass unemployment and a rapidly shrinking jobs market-but then why not, he'll be getting a nice little pay rise soon!
     Yet another hopelessly out of touch muppet that has lost all sense of reality. How many times do we need to say that they are dismissing the obvious (exhaust fumes) in favour of a wisp or two of SHS-which of course we all now know is harmless. Still, I suppose that this buffoon has realised that all the above applies and wants to go out in some sort of style.
(Scottish ilLib-unDem wants kids banned from cars!
     If Salmond has his way, Mr Hume will soon be back on his farm milking cows for all he's worth as the EU ensure Scotlands bankruptcy with the utmost expediency . In answer to this fools proposal the Scotsman ran a nice piece explaining how smoking bans kill virtually all forms of private spaces. Perhaps Mr Hume would care to read it? Even more vehement on the subject of the destruction being enacted before our very eyes is TheJoshTolleyChannel. Now Josh is absolutely astounded at the simples truths that flow from Pam Parkers lips, it's a must listen clip.
woman with an e-cigarette
     And to cap it all the French have now declared that smoking bans were never about health, it's social engineering. They are babbling on about banning e-cigs (of all things) as a health precaution. In a stroke of utter lunacy the French Government have unveiled the greatest scientific fraud of all time. No wonder Barosso & Co demand that Britain be in the EU, they can't control us if we're not. So Dave, your time has come mate, either MAN-UP or stand down and let a man in that will!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Why we NEED change!

Smoking bans KILL-FACT!

     Well folks, a few days at the coast hasn't made things much better, apart from the fact that the lovely CLEAN sea air was a pleasure to breathe-shame really that home is in the heart of the country where the pollution slowly but surely clogs up lungs!           
     Being computerless for a few days has certainly rested the old brain somewhat but that doesn't stop events taking place that chill one's very soul to the core. So it came to pass that two Islamic nutters decided that beheading an English person was the done thing to do as it showed their distaste for our way of life. Why were they living here then? My sincerest sympathies go out to the family of 'Drummer boy' Lee Rigby, butchered like a rabid dog by by two Islamic extremists after leaving the Woolwich Barracks. It has been revealed that one of the 'nutters' was already on the 'known list' of our anti-terrorist plod - so why was this piece of human excrement still  in this country?  
Things need to change:
More criminality comes to light on a daily basis as we find that 6.5 million units of Tamiflu, worth £74 million, had to be destroyed at the height of a flu pandemic.Pardon???
 £74 million of Tamiflu had to be destroyed at the height of the flu epidemic.
     Yep, it is true. Because proper records were not kept (even though someone might have had a computer to keep records on!) as to whether these pills were actually kept refrigerated or not they were binned! Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, said
"Taxpayers’ money had been “squandered”.There is simply no excuse for this waste.”
     Not bad really from the woman who carefully avoids paying tax where-ever possible. 0.01% payments paid actually!
Things need to change:
More concerns at home as that wonderfully corrupt company who have been employed by OUR government to kill off declare as many people fit to die work as they possibly can are, disgracefully, in the public glare again. ATOS, a science & technology based company actually, have now excelled themselves beyond all credibility as a double heart & lung transplant patient was told, in hospital, that her employment and support allowance was being stopped - as she lay dying in a hospital bed!  
Dying transplant patient: Linda 
(Linda Wootton simply lost the will to live!)
     Now we all know that this country is in a diabolical financial state but this government have wasted £100m on hiring this bunch of uncaring cowboys who, seemingly, declare anyone that is capable of breathing as fit for work! The reason? Simple, they are being paid an enormous sum of money to hire "doctors" who are no longer caring for the sick but thinking only of their own orders; ie, 'declare them fit for work at all costs'. These so called "doctors" have ignored the Hyppocratic oath and are happy to enjoy the wages of sin-they've put wealth before health!
      Cost-cutting officials sent Linda a letter telling her that her £108.05 a week employment and support allowance was being stopped as she lay dying in a hospital bed.

Her husband Peter said: “I sat there and listened to my wife drown in her own body fluids. It took half an hour for her to die – and that’s a woman who’s ‘fit for work’. The last months of her life were a misery because she worried about her benefits, feeling useless, like a scrounger. But there was no way in a million years she could work.” Sadly, she cannot be blamed for not working anymore-shame on you Camoron! You see folks, politicians can award themselves an extra £200 per week (+ ex's) but Linda had to die as government stole her £108.05p per week!

Things need to change:
The BBC are still squandering huge amounts of our money as it seems that the £1bn project in Salford, which was supposedly going to attract mass employment in the area - 15,000 new jobs actually but only 34 local people seem to have found their way into "Auntie's arms" out of the 2,300 now working there! 
 Costly: £15,000 a year goes on taxis to ferry Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker between Salford and Surrey
(No wonder so many people want to be 'cabbies'!)
It seems that ex local boy Gary Linekar (Match Of The Day host) is allowed, £15,000 a year on taxis just to ferry him between Salford and his home in Surrey. Hmm, heady days since grandfather Harold payed for him to train with the local team (so the story goes!) while he was in 'Mrs 'O's' snooker hall of a saturday morning. There are plenty of lads in Leicester (& Salford for that matter) that would be ecstatic to EARN £15,000 per annum, never mind spend it on taxis! BBC license fee? £140+ per annum? what a joke, it's merely another means for profligacy whilst others scrimp & scrape a living!
Things need to change:
 The war on e-cigs continues and a welcoming breath of fresh air comes from Godfrey Bloom as he 'lays it down as it is' regarding e-cigs, ordinary cigs and, in fact, the entire smoking situation-it really is as simple as Godfrey spells out here --> VIDEO. We don't need a smoking ban, we don't need to keep wasting money on all these so called charities that merely lobby government and we certainly don't want charities that preach & display hatred British Heart Foundationtoward 25% of our population! Charities are there to help those in need, not be part of political campaigns to stop people doing things they enjoy and it's time they were slapped down and put back on the shelf of tolerance & compassion-perhaps they might return to doing what they were originally (and good heartedly) set up to do in the first place!
Things need to change:
Hilariously and quite in tune with the above paragraph a 16 year old 'charity' in Guernsey has called it a day due to lack of funding!
 "A Guernsey charity set up to teach young people about the dangers of smoking is to close after 16 years. GASP was formed in 1997 and chairman Alun Williams said it had delivered more than 5,000 anti-smoking lessons."
Is it any surprise that it has not attracted any further funding? 5,000 lessons on how not to smoke? how the hell does that equate to needing funding? All parents lay the rules down as thus:
"Look son/daughter, smoking is not good for the body, if it was, we'd all have a chimney on our heads, but we haven't. It's not wise to try a cigarette but it's your choice little one-you know the risks".
     Who the hell needs a charity to say that? No wonder they've closed down, I'm just amazed that they lasted 16 years-more money wasting! The charity's patron, Deputy Heidi Soulsby, (sadly, we've got a Soulsby as well-equally anti smoking, intolerant creature!) said the decision to close had been difficult but without funding it would be challenging to find a part-time worker to continue the service. 

                  (Would the Arnott go and help Guernsey out for nothing? I doubt it!)
     Absolutely right, only a fanatical anti smoking zealot would strive to work for nothing because it is for an idealogical idea. I wonder if they would drive to these meetings in their air polluting cars? Perhaps ASH should soon follow suit as public donations were only about £5K the other year-great support from 'their public' I must say!
Things need to change:
     Funny really isn't it, I started off with the idealogical hatred by  one set of nutters and have ended up with exactly the same hatred (though in a different form) from another set of nutters. Both are trying to kill our freedoms and our way of life-perfectly described here by Deborah Hill Cone who has 'loonytoons Glantz' summed up to a 'T'.      
     Just remember that in the case of smoking ideololgy so much junk science is used to convince those who need something to believe in (and get fat wage packets out of), that things like asthma (that came here in Roman times apparently) are now caused & exascerbated by smoke/smoking/smokers-Chris Oakley destroys yet another of the anti-smoking brigades fanciful ideas with ease!
     So you see folks, even though a few days away at the coast was so nice and refreshing I have been amazed at the difference those few days have made to this country-and what goes on it.
     Governments are scared senseless to do anything about loopy religious fanatics 'in case we offend' (priceless isn't it!) but governments are quite happy to offend and destroy born & bred British people through false medical practices - of all varieties.

Things need to change

Saturday, 18 May 2013

A rarebit of Welsh for you

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT
      Terrible news from Wales - for the health freaks and those that want to guard our bodies as if their own! In six years of smoking ban terror, stigmatisation, denormalisation, hatred, open discrimination and killing of businesses left, right & centre it transpires that  
smoking prevalence has decreased by one whole percent. WOW! 
      ASH (Wales) are distraught! I mean to say, they are just as responsible for wasting £32bn on this idiotic exercise as we are, seeing as how births/deaths always include England & Wales!
     It seems that there are 3,064,000 people in Wales, which means that in 2007, 24% (735,960) were smoking and in six years of waging a war on the humble smoker they have managed to reduce that number by a massive (sic) 7,359 smokers - no wonder BLF (Wales) came up with this gem!:  
“We really have to call in to question the effectiveness of the tobacco control initiative, and the commitment to meeting these targets."
Two separate questions here folks:
a)... "the effectiveness of tobacco control?"
     Well, you silly people, it seems that no matter what you decide to do, the people are not listening to you. They are not interested in you and they don't really care about you. GOT IT? Have you not realised yet that people want to live their lives the way they want to, not by some creed as expressed by ASH, BLF, BHF, CRUK, or some other quack organisation. Who actually cares whether you live for 62, 72, 82 or even 92+ years, just so long as you are happy doing what you want to do while you are here?
     There isn't a person alive who is not aware of this stop smoking tyranny yet it is this very tyranny which is now doing the best job of advertising smoking ever!

unbelievable, but this is what they think we want!
b)... "the committment to meeting these targets"
     These are targets that such as ASH Wales laid down as reachable when laying out all these magnificent plans whereby people simply queued up to 'quit smoking'. These are the usual trumped up figures by a control group heavily relying on government funding (because very few of the actual public donate to these parasites). These are fancy figures (smoker reduction to 16% by 2020) are simply figments of the imagination to make it look as if the 'work' they are doing is of national importance - when in actual fact the only importance it really has is keeping such as Arnott, Duffy, Elen de Lacy bleating on about how much more needs to be done. NO IT DOESN'T you silly people, why can't you understand that you've had six years at it..... AND FAILED. The people are not listening, they don't want to listen and they are refusing to listen to anymore of your lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science- got it yet?

     Elen de Lacy (I wonder if her sidekick is named Cagney?) further states:
“We need to be investing in comprehensive quit smoking campaigns, delivering more flexible cessation services and tackling illicit tobacco in our communities."
     Two more nuggets of untruth here folks as we cannot afford to keep funding these self appointed dictators of health otherwise know as 'quangos' . They have just proved that no matter how much money is spent, they get they cannot bend the will of the people, they simply want to continue funding their own 'ritch-bitch' lifestyles!
     Secondly, why are they bemoaning the "illicit tobacco trade in our communities"? Who causes such things when they demand idiotic price rises year on year? Had governments not made tobacco products so expensive at the behest of ASH et al, then I doubt we would be seeing the scale of smuggling that we are seeing. Shot yourselves in both feet there then 'Elen baby'   
    "Yo ho ho and and another box o' baccy"
 So you see folks, just like Scotland where the smoking rate hasn't hardly deviated since their ban (still 33% in one area folks), it truly is mindblowing why this and any other government should continue to waste our money on curtailing a very pleasant pastime (to many people  ) at such an exorbitant cost! You see folks, we've just been privy to a rare bit of truth from the Welsh SHS ('smoker hatred squad') and we have to thank them very much for informing us of what a complete & utter failure the ban has been in Wales - except for killing plenty of businesses of course! 
and pouring more down the drain on a daily basis 
     And talking of money, here's a little bit of fun for you all. Simply copy/paste or whatever you need to do with these 'fun fivers', keep a few in your wallet/purse for special occasions such as British Hate Foundation collection days, or CRUK collection days and you'll find that as you peel one out of the wallet/purse, folding in half at the same time, it is easy to roll up to 'donate into that little round hole in the collection tub. The big buckets.....? well you can easliy fold in half, half & half again and shove in the slot provided-have fun sending the message: -->

Thursday, 16 May 2013

To plan or not to plan..... ?

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!
     It's been an entertaining week in the media as Camoron is jumping through hoops to try and keep his troops in line as the prospect of joint candidacies has been raised for the next general election-interesting really as it shows that the Tories are seriously worried about losing the powerhold they currently have! Probably not bad judges actually because 'UKIP-FEVER' hit home in the local elections as the party rocketed from 8 seats to 147 seats as voters showed their distaste for the current bunch of politicians.                       The Sun newspaper have declared that UKIP could snaffle 8 parliamentary seats in 2015-personally I think they can gain more as the entire nation is now aware that Clegg and his illiberal followers are simply cannon fodder, a waste of space-and worse still, mostly europhiles, which is the last thing this country needs right now!
     As we sit by and watch businesses close on a daily basis, it is no great surprise that pub closures have accelerated again to 26 per week, according to the weirdy-beardy lot at CAMRA. That figure is no great surprise to me, nor anyone else that is truly liberal minded and tolerant of his fellow mans little foibles, in fact I would have been amazed if the weekly closure rate had decreased for the longer this silly & illiberal smoking ban goes on the more businesses will close. I would have thought that a comatose doormouse would woken up to the fact by now that smokers keep pubs going! I don't know what the World Health Organisation are dangling in front of Camoron as the carrot but he is steadfastly ignoring our plight as we see one business every hour close down. At this rate we won't need the EU to skint us, we'll do it all by ourselves!
     The figures are very simple really: 10,000 immigrants land, sign on and claim everything the EU now tells us they can claim and we immediately 'do' £1,530,000 (Jobseekers Allowance only) every week until they find a non existent job in this country. In that week another 168 businesses will have closed down, rendering anything between 2,000 - 20,000 more people unemployed and all that business money that was going to the government coffers has stopped as well. Come ON Dave, surely you can see what is happening right under your snout, or is that snout of yours in another nicely financed trough-as I asked a week or two back but got no reply!
We've just hit the 2.52m unemployed mark with  600+ people applying for a single job, yet many MPs still concern themselves with all matters smoking instead of beavering away at geting this country back on an even keel. One such creature is Stephen Williams who's sole mission whilst in Parliament is to eradicate tobacco. It doesn't matter if this country goes bankrupt, falls apart and floats off in different directions or even a tsunami charges up the Bristol Channel, tobacco must be eradicated-oh, and the man is also a committed europhile so hopefully "UKIP-FEVER" will swamp his constituency and the fool will be gone.
(Now then, which bit shall I jump from?)
     An even more bizarre situation than businesses closing on an hourly basis is businesses not opening at all! Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagNewham Borough CouncilFree Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag have decided that total discrimination  is acceptable when it comes to planning applications for shisha bars/cafes/lounges. The planning department now sit in moral judgement over others so it seems that a string of empty shops/business premises is quite acceptable to them just so long as a shisha business doesn't start up!
 Carpenters Estate
 (London Borough of Newham where shisha business is not welcome!)
     You see how barmy this country has gone? Happy to ignore new business if it doesn't suit the current mood, happy to watch unemployment rise and happy to sit in judgement on others regardless of the costs! Remember the worldly important "G8" summit? funny how Newham Council turned a blind eye to world leaders having a fag in the EXCEL building because the meeting was too important to have fag breaks! Total hypocrits!
     Looks like smokers in Bulgaria have forced their government to rethink their whole smoking ban strategy for being a country of minimal wealth, the smoking ban has thrown the country to the proverbial wolves (shame that our lot don't follow suit!). Bars are closing, as are cafes, unemployment is rising and more poverty is being heaped upon existing poverty.
     Back here we have the anti tobacco mobsters going up the wall because "Plain Packaging" was omitted from the Queens speech-and so it should have been as the entire shambles of a 'consultation' was corrupt from start to finish! Again, there was no mention of the job losses that would be incurred or the extra pressures on our already strained Welfare System because that doesn't matter to these bigotted nutters. If the WHO had put this much effort into the eradication of illegal drugs they would have smashed the cartels within a decade, Pablo Escobar would have died in '73 instead of '93 and the world would now be drug free! 
In Scotland an article appeared in 2010 calling for the silly ban to be amended as their pubs were diminishing..... fast, but the Scottish parliament have made it their business to be 'tobacco free' by 2015-2020-2030-20whatever! it will never happen as people who enjoy smoking will always smoke. it would be interesting to hear what the Scottish pubs had to say now! They are running short of money too a pointer that the next 'great recession' is almost upon us.
(Scottish power stations-smoke free?)
Just to bring a touch of sanity back to this crazy world we now live in, the 1960's have been voted the best decade of all time! The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, flower power, Scott MacKenzie, Bobby Moore,  Gordon Banks, Twiggy, the mini skirt, the Mini, the Krays, oh it's endless. 
There was no tobacco control, people moved freely from job to job and began accumulating wealth-and that is where we lost our togetherness folks! people acquired wealth, goods, properties, savings and independence, the "we're all in it togetherness" feeling quickly subsided as greed set in. And it from those humble beginnings that our now divided culture was born. 60% smoked back then and nobody gave a hoot about it-25% smoke today and you would think that the crime of the century had been committed. Is it worth planning for the future? Not really for as long as these anti tobacco lunatics have favour there is no future for this country-only bankruptcy!.............. Unless.............