Thursday, 2 May 2013

P P P on P P

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!

Yep, there it is folks, the headline we've all been waiting for: PPP on PP !

People Power Piss on Plain Packaging

Cameron has pulled this idiotic idea from next weeks Queens speech as he finally starts to grasp the concept that people simply aren't happy with what he and his chummy chums in Westminster are doing. I think that he has finally concluded that he and his diminishing 'loyal' followers are not only losing the plot and losing Britain to the EU masterdons (masterwankers actually!) but losing supporters at ground floor level by the hundreds. Maybe these local council elections will tell us that the departures are now by the thousands instead! I think that they will. Guido certainly thinks so as he has been galloping round London availing himself of even money UKIP getting 50 seats-and I happen to think that he is bang on the button too.

OK, so the report was in the Sun, but they do have an ear close to the political ground and friend Snowdon has also picked up on this straight away and quotes "“Plain packaging may or may not be a good idea, but it’s nothing to do with the Government’s key purpose. The PM is determined to strip down everything we do so we can concentrate all our efforts on voters’ essentials. That means growth, immigration and welfare reform.” ( does that also include getting rid of these disgraceful quangos then?) And does this now mean that the Chief Medical Lying Officer (professor Dame Sally Davies) is relieved from duties? After all, if she can't tell the truth then she should not be in a position of power-c'mon Dave, kick this bitch out please!

 Now to Simple Simon that is a translation from "I think we've made a right codball of things so far chummy chums, so we had better do something the people actually want us to do!" If I'm wrong I apologise but I somehow don't think I am for I am damned sure that  everybody's friend 'call me Dave' has finally realised that the "party comprising of loonies and fruitcakes" has finally come to 'bite him on his ass'! I forget where it was but yesterday some poll or other put "Nigels Nutters" on 22%-but why are they "Nutters"?

It seems to me that Mr Farage has the full backing of the British people when it comes to stopping the immigration rot, after all, most people nowadays, with a modicum of intelligence can see the colossal damage being done whilst we have Blairs contempt for this country openly displayed every time a fresh immigrant arrives! 


The party needs to win back most of the four councils it lost in 2009.

(Millibrain implores people to vote for Labour in Worcester)

As my readers well know, I was never a political animal until 6 years ago but what I have seen in those 6 years disgusts me to the very core. I have lost faith in most politicians because they only seem to want to feather their own nests - and the law (?) well, dear oh dear me, the law has been completely corrupted in order to impress 'smoke ban laws' upon the people; even the innocent. The law is in place to give justice a basis upon which we all learn right from wrong, but not anymore as prosecutions regarding anything 'smoking' are dealt with in a completely different way. I remember one gem from a magistrate, " I believe you are a very credible witness, but I believe that she (the EHO who was 88ft away from her victim at the time the allegations were made) is more credible"! Now how's about that one folks? Never mind the old maxim 'innocent until proven guilty' or even 'beyond reasonable doubt', they have gone right out of the window since July 1st, 2007. In any sane court of law, this case would have been thrown out through lack of evidence-and there are more like this, believe me there are more!

But back to todays elections where all sane people can only hope that Camoron gets slaughtered and loses the proposed 500+ seats. All sane people can also hope that Ed the Millibrain also loses 'x' number of seats as he is another complete waste of space who sees us as part of some EU superpower and as for the Il-liberal un-dems, well, frankly, they don't deserve any seats whatsoever as Clegg should simply be exterminated for being a complete pratt! I think that Chris Huhne is the best example of Cleggs failing party - locked away for the people's safety! 

Wandsworth prison 

(Huhne's first morning in Wandsworth as he descends from C wing)

So hopefully we shall see a big surge of the purple brigade as people do begin to see that this country has a way out of all this modern day lunacy where democracy is fast becoming a thing of the past and quangos hold 'the powers that be' to mental ransoms! Perhaps more than one party ought to check out the facts and the lies about tobacco & smoking!

Yesterday Mr Farage, head man of those so called loonies & fruitcakes stated that he would sort out the smoking ban which was both "silly and Illiberal". Yet again the man hits the nail absolutely smack bang on the head! Today of course there will be uproar from the flying pigs brigade, no doubt headed by insidious Arnott-who should be spit roasted for what she and her cohorts have cost this country with their crooked science rampaging. 

(Roast that pig baby, roast that pig!)

It works out, overall, at approximately £1/2bn per month for all this anti smoking tomfoolery yet just as many people smoke now as did when they started-give or take a few dozen I suppose. Now just think how much good all that money would have done our once proud & majestic NHS. I remember seeing an article in the Leicester Mercury where the head man of Leicester Hospitals was crying over where to find the next months wages for all the staff employed-I answered the article by suggesting he ring 'Debs' and ask her as it was her that was spending all the monies in one way or another (it wasn't printed by the way). The hospitals (3 of them) needed to find £1m, Debs & Co were now costing the country £1/2bn per month, so as Nigel Farage says, it is a silly law (for people are ignoring it anyway and still smoking) and it IS totally illiberal. Something that Clegg never grasped in his early days when he could have made a difference and certainly secured confidence in his party from 15 million voters!


Without doubt Camoron has seen that he is well on his way out and he knows which ridiculously imposed law will eventually bankrupt this country, the man is not totally stupid despite his obvious appearance of being so. He also knows that if he pratts about anymore, not only is he going to lose 500+ local council seats he is going to lose council controls as well. Now what we need to hope for is an area where UKIP has a large following and can possibly gain control of the local council-there will be much 'poo'ing of the panties' in certain quarters if THAT happens because that will show, without a shadow of a doubt that the party of the "loonies & fruitcakes" have definitely arrived. Next stop Westminster!

On the subject of Westminster, let us just imagine that at the next general election and with present rates of 'exchange' amongst the parties and the general dissatisfaction of the 'man on the street' (who 'call me Dave' never bothered to talk to-the ignoramus!), what is so far fetched about the illib undems losing 15 seats, the EU friendly Labour mob losing 5 and the foundering Tories losing 15 seats too? I doubt the Greens would pick any up for they have proved to be a party full of nutters (not loonies mind, nor fruitcakes-just nutters) but you may find the odd independent copping for a seat which would leave the UKIP mob with the possibility of 30-34 seats in Westminster. Now that would shake the system up a bit!


May seem far fetched to many of you but why should the above events not happen-after all, the general public are now disillusioned with all three of the main parties and who can blame them? For those of you who think I'm crackers I'm sure that you'll be happy to lay me a tenner at 10,000/1 - and I'll 'pay on'!

The Danes have finally seen sense and repealed their silly laws which saw a massive increase in cross border shopping and most EU countries have given their smokers some sort of leeway as they recocognise the financial importance of such people in their societies. Our governments do too but they are scared pantless to upset the quangos & the WHO. The last mentioned, by the way, are now attempting to pressure nations into exterminating their tobacco plantations so as to reduce the available amounts of this humble, natural plant that millions of humans seem to enjoy. It doesn't matter to the WHO that entire nations will be pauperised, that's not their problem, they just want tobacco eradicated-mind you, 40 years ago they said the same about illegal drugs!

(and that is exactly what Godber proposed-remember?)

 The real beauty of todays elections is that this will give the people the opportunity to show Camoron that we always wanted 'that referendum' and that we would definitely opt OUT of that stinking pile of donkey plop known as the EU - after all, why would we want our banks raided just to keep some self imposed bunch of egomaniacs in the luxury they presently enjoy. What are they achieving whilst sitting in Brussels/Strasbourg exept angering the British people on a daily/weekly basis? At least David Cameron has, today, put the British people first by withdrawing that idiotic proposal of Plain Packaging for even he could see that to allow such after all the corrupt dealings by various MPs & lobby groups, the measure was deeply unpopular with the rank & file-not to mention of course that even more British jobs would be sacrificed for the sake of something that there is not one shred of evidence about!

Nice move Dave, but a bit late for today is the day that the UKIP surge really begins!

next day update: 26% looking good!

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  1. So Cameron is going to concentrate all his efforts on Voter Essentials. Well it is Essential for me to sit in a Pub with a Pint, Cigarette and likeminded company and have my social life returned to me, so I can expect a Reform of this Industry closing Smoking Ban, we already know that UKIP have the common sense to change this Ban and get the Pubs and Clubs back into profit once again but the question is, Has Cameron got what it takes to put these anti everything lot in their place and get rid of these Quango's, I will believe it when I see it. But it is clear that across the EU the Health fad by governments is over, they cost a fortune to implement and have No real value to Health or the Economy.