Thursday, 16 May 2013

To plan or not to plan..... ?

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!
     It's been an entertaining week in the media as Camoron is jumping through hoops to try and keep his troops in line as the prospect of joint candidacies has been raised for the next general election-interesting really as it shows that the Tories are seriously worried about losing the powerhold they currently have! Probably not bad judges actually because 'UKIP-FEVER' hit home in the local elections as the party rocketed from 8 seats to 147 seats as voters showed their distaste for the current bunch of politicians.                       The Sun newspaper have declared that UKIP could snaffle 8 parliamentary seats in 2015-personally I think they can gain more as the entire nation is now aware that Clegg and his illiberal followers are simply cannon fodder, a waste of space-and worse still, mostly europhiles, which is the last thing this country needs right now!
     As we sit by and watch businesses close on a daily basis, it is no great surprise that pub closures have accelerated again to 26 per week, according to the weirdy-beardy lot at CAMRA. That figure is no great surprise to me, nor anyone else that is truly liberal minded and tolerant of his fellow mans little foibles, in fact I would have been amazed if the weekly closure rate had decreased for the longer this silly & illiberal smoking ban goes on the more businesses will close. I would have thought that a comatose doormouse would woken up to the fact by now that smokers keep pubs going! I don't know what the World Health Organisation are dangling in front of Camoron as the carrot but he is steadfastly ignoring our plight as we see one business every hour close down. At this rate we won't need the EU to skint us, we'll do it all by ourselves!
     The figures are very simple really: 10,000 immigrants land, sign on and claim everything the EU now tells us they can claim and we immediately 'do' £1,530,000 (Jobseekers Allowance only) every week until they find a non existent job in this country. In that week another 168 businesses will have closed down, rendering anything between 2,000 - 20,000 more people unemployed and all that business money that was going to the government coffers has stopped as well. Come ON Dave, surely you can see what is happening right under your snout, or is that snout of yours in another nicely financed trough-as I asked a week or two back but got no reply!
We've just hit the 2.52m unemployed mark with  600+ people applying for a single job, yet many MPs still concern themselves with all matters smoking instead of beavering away at geting this country back on an even keel. One such creature is Stephen Williams who's sole mission whilst in Parliament is to eradicate tobacco. It doesn't matter if this country goes bankrupt, falls apart and floats off in different directions or even a tsunami charges up the Bristol Channel, tobacco must be eradicated-oh, and the man is also a committed europhile so hopefully "UKIP-FEVER" will swamp his constituency and the fool will be gone.
(Now then, which bit shall I jump from?)
     An even more bizarre situation than businesses closing on an hourly basis is businesses not opening at all! Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagNewham Borough CouncilFree Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag have decided that total discrimination  is acceptable when it comes to planning applications for shisha bars/cafes/lounges. The planning department now sit in moral judgement over others so it seems that a string of empty shops/business premises is quite acceptable to them just so long as a shisha business doesn't start up!
 Carpenters Estate
 (London Borough of Newham where shisha business is not welcome!)
     You see how barmy this country has gone? Happy to ignore new business if it doesn't suit the current mood, happy to watch unemployment rise and happy to sit in judgement on others regardless of the costs! Remember the worldly important "G8" summit? funny how Newham Council turned a blind eye to world leaders having a fag in the EXCEL building because the meeting was too important to have fag breaks! Total hypocrits!
     Looks like smokers in Bulgaria have forced their government to rethink their whole smoking ban strategy for being a country of minimal wealth, the smoking ban has thrown the country to the proverbial wolves (shame that our lot don't follow suit!). Bars are closing, as are cafes, unemployment is rising and more poverty is being heaped upon existing poverty.
     Back here we have the anti tobacco mobsters going up the wall because "Plain Packaging" was omitted from the Queens speech-and so it should have been as the entire shambles of a 'consultation' was corrupt from start to finish! Again, there was no mention of the job losses that would be incurred or the extra pressures on our already strained Welfare System because that doesn't matter to these bigotted nutters. If the WHO had put this much effort into the eradication of illegal drugs they would have smashed the cartels within a decade, Pablo Escobar would have died in '73 instead of '93 and the world would now be drug free! 
In Scotland an article appeared in 2010 calling for the silly ban to be amended as their pubs were diminishing..... fast, but the Scottish parliament have made it their business to be 'tobacco free' by 2015-2020-2030-20whatever! it will never happen as people who enjoy smoking will always smoke. it would be interesting to hear what the Scottish pubs had to say now! They are running short of money too a pointer that the next 'great recession' is almost upon us.
(Scottish power stations-smoke free?)
Just to bring a touch of sanity back to this crazy world we now live in, the 1960's have been voted the best decade of all time! The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, flower power, Scott MacKenzie, Bobby Moore,  Gordon Banks, Twiggy, the mini skirt, the Mini, the Krays, oh it's endless. 
There was no tobacco control, people moved freely from job to job and began accumulating wealth-and that is where we lost our togetherness folks! people acquired wealth, goods, properties, savings and independence, the "we're all in it togetherness" feeling quickly subsided as greed set in. And it from those humble beginnings that our now divided culture was born. 60% smoked back then and nobody gave a hoot about it-25% smoke today and you would think that the crime of the century had been committed. Is it worth planning for the future? Not really for as long as these anti tobacco lunatics have favour there is no future for this country-only bankruptcy!.............. Unless.............

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  1. I still cannot believe that any Government faced with the state of our Economy would not do Anything and Everything in their power to Help save an Industry, Jobs and Revenue into the Country. As we know the Smoking ban in our Pubs and Clubs has been a disaster, we know the remedy for these Business failings and job losses and it is very simple, Allow Choice, We know that Smokers have not only kept our Pubs and Clubs going but also built their numbers up over the years. David Cameron can no longer ignore these Facts and Must Reform the smoking Ban to allow the Millions of people in this country to have a Social life once again, after all, the Conservatives did not bring in this ill thought out ban so why in the present Economic climate should they continue with this Industry killer. Taking No action is no longer an option.