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The rise and fall of clowns!

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT!
     Well folks, we've all had our bit of fun, those of us elligible to vote this week have at any rate - and just look at the tremendous results! We have a landslide from the Tory party thanks to the good offices of their illustrious but completely idiotic leader Mr David Camoeron who has constantly derided the upstarts of the purple 
'Fruitcakes and closet racists': David Cameron has abused, alienated and underestimated UKIP almost from the moment he became Tory leader 
                            Yes Dave, you mighgt be asking the question "why are they odd?"
vest persuasion as a "pretty odd lot" and "fruitcakes and closet racists", as I suppose he is entitled to as the spokesman of the country  ruling party. But the problem is that all these 'pretty odd people' are now clubbing together and forcing the mighty Camoeron into a corner from which I doubt he will ever get out of-the damage has been done.
     You see folks, when you look at the toffee nosed, upper class twit from Oxford, what do you actually see? Certainly not a 'man on the street' type of creature (and despite his reassurances that he wanted to meet with the man on the street he blatantly shied away from every opportunity of such a venture), certainly not a man that listens to the people and certainly not a man that keeps to his pre-election promises! So, all in all our man who simply climbed the political ladder by not working, sits there in all his glory dictating what he thinks to plenty of people that no longer trust him! Not a savoury position really.
(especially for you Dave!)
     Now then folks, in the purple corner we have a completely different kettle of fish, not a 'codpiece' either, nor a 'stuck up prig'!  In fact, in the 'purple corner' we have the opposite of "Mr Shifty" (pictured up top finger wagging). In fact, having had the pleasure of meeting Nigel Farage when he arrived in Leicester I can assure everyone that he IS the real deal. There are no pretensions, there is none of the "Bull Shit" that the Tories seem so fond of spouting at every occasion. You cannot help but like the man and there is very little that he says that you can actually argue with-unless your name is Deborah Arnott or some equally minded pond life creature attached to the hate division of this country. Plenty of door knocking on the Eyres Monsell estate before retiring to the Old Horse public house on the London Road and then off for more of the same and to be honest I don't think that many of the inhabitants could believe that "that UKIP man off of the tele was talkin' on me doorstep", but indeed he was. Nigel's responses to even the simplest of questions were straight to the point, no political waffle and certainly no "BS" - and I think that alone baffled many!
(Mr Farage with his favoured fag & a pint!)
     I suppose that people are now so conditioned to hearing unmitigated crap spewing forth from politicians mouths that it is expected from every politician or budding politician that comes along! Well folks it's all change time as a man who speaks the truth is about to rise to the top whilst others bleat monotonously about the same old bilge.
'Call me Dave' promised us a referendum -WHERE IS IT?
'Call me Dave' assured us that immigration would be capped - we are now in fear of 29,000,000 Bulgarians & Romanians assaulting our shores!
'Call me Dave' and his schoolboy assistant assured us that they would repeal the most objectionable of Labours laws - LIARS, LIARS, UR PANTS ARE ALL ON FIRES ! Clegg, being a complete muppet, bowed to the pressure of the hate mongerers and ignored any moves on the smoking ban whatsoever thus setting some 15,000,000 people against them from the very start and what have they done since? Passed an idiotic law that has made supermarkets put bloody great shutters all over the cigarette counters just so that the chiiildren can't see the packs on display. It is comical watching the staff fighting with these shutters every 2 minutes as yet another smoker buys his desired pack of twenty. 
Shuttererd: Supermarkets are no longer allowed to have cigarettes on display
     Of course all the consultations that went into this move were bogus but were sanctioned by Camoeron for the man is weak and cares not that open discrimination against 25% of his voters is being ordained. I truly think that it is mainly the internet 'hue & cry' concerning the Plain Packaging farce that has resulted in this weak, pathetic leader of ours declaring that this particular move will NOT be part of the forthcoming Queens speech - and after the much publicised, totally corrupt practices involved by the proponents of this measure I am not surprised that this has been withdrawn!
     Let's see, we have Dame Sally Davies blatantly lying about the 'apparent success' of the Australian decision to use 'PP' after having a secret, cosy dinner with her Aussie counterpart.
We have the atrocious creature known as the Arnott blatantly manipulating email responses to the PP appeal and to round it all off we had a discussion in London recently where Keith Barron (anti tobacco nutter) and his sidekick were up against Ian Paisley Jnr and his sidekick. Barron & Co had absolutely no proof that 'PP' worked - so why aren't all these people being charged with fraud and/or deception? Where are our bobbies when we need them? 
     And to top it all off a treat we now have the anti tobacco mob screaming as if their testicles have been yanked off because Dave has halted 'PP'! Oh diddley-boo, something didn't go their way for once!
     Why are these disgraceful people allowed to walk the corridors of power when they blatantly lie & cheat to get their own way? Oh dear, I've just realised the answer folks..... 'if is to medically benefit the nation', anything & everything is OK! Now 'snipering' the Arnott would definitely be a benefit to the country but I somehow doubt that such an action would be considered OK-because the now corrupt law of this land only works for certain people! Shame really because discrimination is against the law but Arnott & Co seem to have a 'free pass' on that one as well!
     So you see folks, all the above is why Mr Farage might well find himself in a position of some power at the next General Election, we certainly hope so! You see folks, more and more normal, ordinary, run of the mill people are beginning to realise that UKIP & Nigel Farage are the only party speaking the truth. The Conservatives lie continuously (we had that referendum promise 3 years ago Dave!), the Labour party got this country in so much doggie doos that they jokingly left a note saying "sorry there's nothing left"  and the useless LibDems are so ineffectual that they might as well try and run the Tynwald !
     The mere fact that UKIP racked up 26% of the vote speaks volumes to me, and no doubt to 'call me Dave' who by now must be seriously regretting his scornful dismissal of the purple vested mob led by Mr Geniality himself. The problem for Camoeron now is that his dismissive snobbery of the fruitcakes & loonies has not only come back to bite him on the backside, it's taken a mighty chunk out of that backside! It gets worse because 'heavyweight' cigar chomping minster (now without porfolio) Ken Clarke weighed in with "collection of clowns" and more bizarrely, other ministers unwisely joined in! They had obviously forgotten what happened in Italy recently-and Beppe Grillo only managed 25% of the vote! Nigel Farage has 26% and growing! This probably why:-

EU............................. Single option - OUT!
Immigration............. Slam the doors shut!
Grammar Schools.... Bring them back, education is pivotal !
Foriegn Aid.............. Slaughter it before we need it!  
Smoking Ban............ Amend to allow choice!
Employment............. Create jobs with the above!
Defence..................... Financially help - not cut!
NHS.......................... Save not slaughter!
     and much much more. No wonder Nigel Farage went on an exhausting and very well received  "Common Sense" tour of Britain.
Mr Farage tells it how it is in Stone, Staffordshire
UKIP are not, as some have painted them (probably to their ultimate cost) a bunch of oddfellows, a bunch of loonies or even clowns-if they were, why would a rather large Tory party donor have deserted them in the first place to set up UKIP with substantial financial backing? But look at some of the other people lining up for UKIP:
Godfrey Bloom (financial wizard)
                                                    Roger Helmer (freedoms are absolute)

                                    Paul Nuttall (Deputy Leader)  Bill Etheridge (Budding politician)

Only four of the people leading the peoples revolt and I say revolt because the only way that this country can save itself from the same financial shroud of doom that the EU envelops all its members in is to leave immediately but the Lib/Lab/Con spinmeisters have no intention of keeping us out of that cesspit that will eventually bankrupt all of its members-and then the people in those countries-remember Cyprus?
There is only one answer to all this madness!

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  1. A top piece from Handymanphil saying it how it is, the people of this country have been living under a growing Dictatorship for years, they have now said NO, no more, they are sick of the Lies, Deception and False claims and yes Nigel Farage and UKIP will only get more support and Voters in the near future because they Do speak for the people and Their wants. They will get our Economy heading in the Right direction simply by giving all the people Choice ( as in the case of our Pubs and Clubs Industry ) a simple step but one that Will work and make our hospitality industry Profitable once again. For far too long we have been Told what we can and cannot do, now is the time for the individual to decide and not some Lying anti Quango.