Sunday, 26 May 2013

Why we NEED change!

Smoking bans KILL-FACT!

     Well folks, a few days at the coast hasn't made things much better, apart from the fact that the lovely CLEAN sea air was a pleasure to breathe-shame really that home is in the heart of the country where the pollution slowly but surely clogs up lungs!           
     Being computerless for a few days has certainly rested the old brain somewhat but that doesn't stop events taking place that chill one's very soul to the core. So it came to pass that two Islamic nutters decided that beheading an English person was the done thing to do as it showed their distaste for our way of life. Why were they living here then? My sincerest sympathies go out to the family of 'Drummer boy' Lee Rigby, butchered like a rabid dog by by two Islamic extremists after leaving the Woolwich Barracks. It has been revealed that one of the 'nutters' was already on the 'known list' of our anti-terrorist plod - so why was this piece of human excrement still  in this country?  
Things need to change:
More criminality comes to light on a daily basis as we find that 6.5 million units of Tamiflu, worth £74 million, had to be destroyed at the height of a flu pandemic.Pardon???
 £74 million of Tamiflu had to be destroyed at the height of the flu epidemic.
     Yep, it is true. Because proper records were not kept (even though someone might have had a computer to keep records on!) as to whether these pills were actually kept refrigerated or not they were binned! Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, said
"Taxpayers’ money had been “squandered”.There is simply no excuse for this waste.”
     Not bad really from the woman who carefully avoids paying tax where-ever possible. 0.01% payments paid actually!
Things need to change:
More concerns at home as that wonderfully corrupt company who have been employed by OUR government to kill off declare as many people fit to die work as they possibly can are, disgracefully, in the public glare again. ATOS, a science & technology based company actually, have now excelled themselves beyond all credibility as a double heart & lung transplant patient was told, in hospital, that her employment and support allowance was being stopped - as she lay dying in a hospital bed!  
Dying transplant patient: Linda 
(Linda Wootton simply lost the will to live!)
     Now we all know that this country is in a diabolical financial state but this government have wasted £100m on hiring this bunch of uncaring cowboys who, seemingly, declare anyone that is capable of breathing as fit for work! The reason? Simple, they are being paid an enormous sum of money to hire "doctors" who are no longer caring for the sick but thinking only of their own orders; ie, 'declare them fit for work at all costs'. These so called "doctors" have ignored the Hyppocratic oath and are happy to enjoy the wages of sin-they've put wealth before health!
      Cost-cutting officials sent Linda a letter telling her that her £108.05 a week employment and support allowance was being stopped as she lay dying in a hospital bed.

Her husband Peter said: “I sat there and listened to my wife drown in her own body fluids. It took half an hour for her to die – and that’s a woman who’s ‘fit for work’. The last months of her life were a misery because she worried about her benefits, feeling useless, like a scrounger. But there was no way in a million years she could work.” Sadly, she cannot be blamed for not working anymore-shame on you Camoron! You see folks, politicians can award themselves an extra £200 per week (+ ex's) but Linda had to die as government stole her £108.05p per week!

Things need to change:
The BBC are still squandering huge amounts of our money as it seems that the £1bn project in Salford, which was supposedly going to attract mass employment in the area - 15,000 new jobs actually but only 34 local people seem to have found their way into "Auntie's arms" out of the 2,300 now working there! 
 Costly: £15,000 a year goes on taxis to ferry Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker between Salford and Surrey
(No wonder so many people want to be 'cabbies'!)
It seems that ex local boy Gary Linekar (Match Of The Day host) is allowed, £15,000 a year on taxis just to ferry him between Salford and his home in Surrey. Hmm, heady days since grandfather Harold payed for him to train with the local team (so the story goes!) while he was in 'Mrs 'O's' snooker hall of a saturday morning. There are plenty of lads in Leicester (& Salford for that matter) that would be ecstatic to EARN £15,000 per annum, never mind spend it on taxis! BBC license fee? £140+ per annum? what a joke, it's merely another means for profligacy whilst others scrimp & scrape a living!
Things need to change:
 The war on e-cigs continues and a welcoming breath of fresh air comes from Godfrey Bloom as he 'lays it down as it is' regarding e-cigs, ordinary cigs and, in fact, the entire smoking situation-it really is as simple as Godfrey spells out here --> VIDEO. We don't need a smoking ban, we don't need to keep wasting money on all these so called charities that merely lobby government and we certainly don't want charities that preach & display hatred British Heart Foundationtoward 25% of our population! Charities are there to help those in need, not be part of political campaigns to stop people doing things they enjoy and it's time they were slapped down and put back on the shelf of tolerance & compassion-perhaps they might return to doing what they were originally (and good heartedly) set up to do in the first place!
Things need to change:
Hilariously and quite in tune with the above paragraph a 16 year old 'charity' in Guernsey has called it a day due to lack of funding!
 "A Guernsey charity set up to teach young people about the dangers of smoking is to close after 16 years. GASP was formed in 1997 and chairman Alun Williams said it had delivered more than 5,000 anti-smoking lessons."
Is it any surprise that it has not attracted any further funding? 5,000 lessons on how not to smoke? how the hell does that equate to needing funding? All parents lay the rules down as thus:
"Look son/daughter, smoking is not good for the body, if it was, we'd all have a chimney on our heads, but we haven't. It's not wise to try a cigarette but it's your choice little one-you know the risks".
     Who the hell needs a charity to say that? No wonder they've closed down, I'm just amazed that they lasted 16 years-more money wasting! The charity's patron, Deputy Heidi Soulsby, (sadly, we've got a Soulsby as well-equally anti smoking, intolerant creature!) said the decision to close had been difficult but without funding it would be challenging to find a part-time worker to continue the service. 

                  (Would the Arnott go and help Guernsey out for nothing? I doubt it!)
     Absolutely right, only a fanatical anti smoking zealot would strive to work for nothing because it is for an idealogical idea. I wonder if they would drive to these meetings in their air polluting cars? Perhaps ASH should soon follow suit as public donations were only about £5K the other year-great support from 'their public' I must say!
Things need to change:
     Funny really isn't it, I started off with the idealogical hatred by  one set of nutters and have ended up with exactly the same hatred (though in a different form) from another set of nutters. Both are trying to kill our freedoms and our way of life-perfectly described here by Deborah Hill Cone who has 'loonytoons Glantz' summed up to a 'T'.      
     Just remember that in the case of smoking ideololgy so much junk science is used to convince those who need something to believe in (and get fat wage packets out of), that things like asthma (that came here in Roman times apparently) are now caused & exascerbated by smoke/smoking/smokers-Chris Oakley destroys yet another of the anti-smoking brigades fanciful ideas with ease!
     So you see folks, even though a few days away at the coast was so nice and refreshing I have been amazed at the difference those few days have made to this country-and what goes on it.
     Governments are scared senseless to do anything about loopy religious fanatics 'in case we offend' (priceless isn't it!) but governments are quite happy to offend and destroy born & bred British people through false medical practices - of all varieties.

Things need to change

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