Saturday, 18 May 2013

A rarebit of Welsh for you

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT
      Terrible news from Wales - for the health freaks and those that want to guard our bodies as if their own! In six years of smoking ban terror, stigmatisation, denormalisation, hatred, open discrimination and killing of businesses left, right & centre it transpires that  
smoking prevalence has decreased by one whole percent. WOW! 
      ASH (Wales) are distraught! I mean to say, they are just as responsible for wasting £32bn on this idiotic exercise as we are, seeing as how births/deaths always include England & Wales!
     It seems that there are 3,064,000 people in Wales, which means that in 2007, 24% (735,960) were smoking and in six years of waging a war on the humble smoker they have managed to reduce that number by a massive (sic) 7,359 smokers - no wonder BLF (Wales) came up with this gem!:  
“We really have to call in to question the effectiveness of the tobacco control initiative, and the commitment to meeting these targets."
Two separate questions here folks:
a)... "the effectiveness of tobacco control?"
     Well, you silly people, it seems that no matter what you decide to do, the people are not listening to you. They are not interested in you and they don't really care about you. GOT IT? Have you not realised yet that people want to live their lives the way they want to, not by some creed as expressed by ASH, BLF, BHF, CRUK, or some other quack organisation. Who actually cares whether you live for 62, 72, 82 or even 92+ years, just so long as you are happy doing what you want to do while you are here?
     There isn't a person alive who is not aware of this stop smoking tyranny yet it is this very tyranny which is now doing the best job of advertising smoking ever!

unbelievable, but this is what they think we want!
b)... "the committment to meeting these targets"
     These are targets that such as ASH Wales laid down as reachable when laying out all these magnificent plans whereby people simply queued up to 'quit smoking'. These are the usual trumped up figures by a control group heavily relying on government funding (because very few of the actual public donate to these parasites). These are fancy figures (smoker reduction to 16% by 2020) are simply figments of the imagination to make it look as if the 'work' they are doing is of national importance - when in actual fact the only importance it really has is keeping such as Arnott, Duffy, Elen de Lacy bleating on about how much more needs to be done. NO IT DOESN'T you silly people, why can't you understand that you've had six years at it..... AND FAILED. The people are not listening, they don't want to listen and they are refusing to listen to anymore of your lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science- got it yet?

     Elen de Lacy (I wonder if her sidekick is named Cagney?) further states:
“We need to be investing in comprehensive quit smoking campaigns, delivering more flexible cessation services and tackling illicit tobacco in our communities."
     Two more nuggets of untruth here folks as we cannot afford to keep funding these self appointed dictators of health otherwise know as 'quangos' . They have just proved that no matter how much money is spent, they get they cannot bend the will of the people, they simply want to continue funding their own 'ritch-bitch' lifestyles!
     Secondly, why are they bemoaning the "illicit tobacco trade in our communities"? Who causes such things when they demand idiotic price rises year on year? Had governments not made tobacco products so expensive at the behest of ASH et al, then I doubt we would be seeing the scale of smuggling that we are seeing. Shot yourselves in both feet there then 'Elen baby'   
    "Yo ho ho and and another box o' baccy"
 So you see folks, just like Scotland where the smoking rate hasn't hardly deviated since their ban (still 33% in one area folks), it truly is mindblowing why this and any other government should continue to waste our money on curtailing a very pleasant pastime (to many people  ) at such an exorbitant cost! You see folks, we've just been privy to a rare bit of truth from the Welsh SHS ('smoker hatred squad') and we have to thank them very much for informing us of what a complete & utter failure the ban has been in Wales - except for killing plenty of businesses of course! 
and pouring more down the drain on a daily basis 
     And talking of money, here's a little bit of fun for you all. Simply copy/paste or whatever you need to do with these 'fun fivers', keep a few in your wallet/purse for special occasions such as British Hate Foundation collection days, or CRUK collection days and you'll find that as you peel one out of the wallet/purse, folding in half at the same time, it is easy to roll up to 'donate into that little round hole in the collection tub. The big buckets.....? well you can easliy fold in half, half & half again and shove in the slot provided-have fun sending the message: -->


  1. Nicely done Phil! :)

    For years the Antis denied that their bans had any ulterior motive of stopping people from smoking: it was all just "to protect the workers."

    Back around 2005 they finally began admitting, around the edges, that the bans were really intended as social engineering, denormalization. In 2006 I got that email from your Lady Elaine Murphy explaining that that was the real purpose of the Brit ban.

    But now that the rates aren't going down, they're suddenly back to saying "Oh, actually that has nothing to do with the purpose of the bans. They're really just to protect nonsmokers."

    They'll just switch back and forth in their real life arguments the same way we see them do here on the Internet boards.

    - MJM

  2. That's over £4,000 a quitter!

    1. AND £10 from every man, woman & child to fund failed extremist dogma.

  3. Smoking bans are not needed to protect non smokers or bar workers. A separate smoking room for adults with air an effective air management system is all thats needed.

    There can be no denying it, the ban was brought in to denormalise smoking. Which means smokers are no longer treated like human beings and accommodated inside.
    Thousands of people have stopped going to pubs; many especially our elderly have found themselves completely excluded from society because of this, bingo halls across the country closed down as people stopped going. This country has become a health dictatorship led by big pharma front group ASH, who are content to continue throwing our money away. It is a shame that only UKIP is listening.
    Smokers are persecuted now in this country.

  4. It seems the only way to win the war is to buy the right people more dinners at plusher restaurants than the opposition. Building politicians egos wins, the facts have no relevance whatsoever in the outcome. But to do that would make us as bad as them.