Sunday, 22 December 2013

Why we are a laughing stock!

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     Thirteen years of misrule from the Blairites and now thirteen years past (almost) of the new millennium and we can safely say that we (once 'great' Britain) are now the laughing stock of Europe, if not the world. Congratulations to all the politicians of the past 20 years who have consigned us to the dustbin of politics, the dumping ground of any & all humanity that feels the need to move away from their own habitat.
     In only a few days time we will see the start of the influx from Romania & Bulgaria; we have known about it for months & months but what has Cameron done about this situation (?) - basically nothing! And now we have the halfwit schoolboy in long trousers stating:
"Theresa May's proposed clampdown on immigration from the EU is illegal and undeliverable. The deputy prime minister denounces the home secretary's plan to tighten rules on free movement between EU countries, saying the focus should instead be on restricting the ability to access benefits."
     Isn't it time this idiot was put out to grass, retired, exterminated, whatever? If they can't get in 'Nick', they cannot even try to claim benefits you numpty. Just how big do you think this island of ours really is Mr Clegg-the size of Texas perchance? Actually, England is a mere 1/5th the size of Texas so where does this fool think these people are going to live? Perhaps Clegg has finally realised that his worthless stint as 'leader' of a now worthless party is coming to an abrupt end and wants 'to do a Blair' by leaving an unwanted legacy behind like a bad smell - Blair departed leaving the smoking ban in place (a couple of days before it's enactment) leaving God knows how many businesses to die & Clegg wants to leave us with an influx of penniless, scrounging, homeless Roma's & Bulgars, safe in the knowledge that he will receive his deputy PMs pension ad infinitum-while the rest of us scrape the pennies together to pay for these unwanted people! However, the one thing that Clegg is doing correctly is ensuring that more and more people get angry over this governments inability to 'stem the flow' and that more & more people will turn to UKIP. Clegg says it is illegal; ie against EU policy etc..... who gives a flying f**k what the EU policy is (?) we don't even want to be part of the EU thank you very much!
     Cameron, for once, has realised the discontent amongst the people (especially his one time Tory stalwarts) as he has now promised to force the EU Referendum Bill into law before the next election by using the Parliament Act if necessary. The 'Buffoon Camaroon' has finally woken up and realised that he could well be the ex-PM very shortly! One thing is for certain-he has woken up the very real threat of a UKIP whitewash at the forthcoming EU elections! And when you receive emails from misguided fools such as Bill Newton-Dunn claiming that the EU is simply one big family and that East German 'police' should be on our streets then you also know that the Lib Dems few MEPs are seriously under threat too!
But, this is not the only madness in our times I can assure you!
     ImageA GLASGOW pub has become one of the first in ­Scotland to ban a customer from ‘smoking’ an electronic cigarette. Suffolk based Greene King have now confirmed that it is company policy that e-cigs should be 'smoked' outside where real cigarettes are now smoked. So, the greatest weapon that smokers have to ween themselves off the 'evil weed' is now banned indoors because "It looks like a cigarette" Wowee-the mentality of some people is absolutely astounding. They really do not want their best customers in their pubs do they!
 Greene King
Just to amplify the stupidity of this company decision, a prominent American research department has now finally concluded that there is NO LINK between SHS & lung cancer-so there you have it folks, we are all suffering social exclusion because of a massive lie and the total corruption of the World Health Organisation. So, when do Arnott, Dockrell, Duffy and all those other anti tobacco warriors be charged with fraud & deception? Come on 'plod', do your job, for they have purposely set out to deceive a nation-not to mention its dimwit politicians! I dread to think how much, in total, this ludicrous law has cost this country although it has been worked out that we are still spending £1/2bn per month on this totally failed experiment. Funny how the Dutch & the Aussies have realised the same and got rid of their respective anti smoking battalions-got the hint yet 'call me Dave'?
FRAUD:  In criminal law, fraud is intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual;
     Well there you have it folks. The smoking ban has been an intentional deception for the effects of SHS on bar workers was the implement used (with no absolute proof of course) and the personal gain is very simple to verify-the massive wages all these people have benefitted by from the very implementation of all these spurious smoke free intiatives.  And anyway, if SHS was so deadly why did the Syrians use sarin gas against fellow Syrians when a few well placed cigarettes would have sufficed?
There was even a poll in the Daily Mail with regard to smoking again in pubs:
If scientists' claims that second-hand smoking is harmless are true, should smoking in pubs and offices be allowed again?
 Now unsurprisingly the 'NO' vote was higher than the 'YES' vote, but considering that 75% of the population don't smoke anyway and also that the Mail doesn't have the greatest circulation, the 'poll' is basically a waste of time. The mere fact that they asked the question is a major revelation as the Mail has always been pro Gov't and firmly in the anti tobacco camp.

     Now we have heard that courts rule that 'health' trumps all, but now it has been certified that SHS is harmless (as was certified by Enstrom & Kabat many moons ago) it means that the health issue (in law) is a non issue! Arnott, present yourself at the Old Bailey you bitch; "I wanna see you swing" for what you've done to 25% of the population of this country. It's the endgame alright-your endgame you evil minded hag for you have profitted immensely from your anti tobacco crusade, without a care for those who have no other enjoyment in their miserable, depressed lives. And you are bankrupting this country.
     So what is left for these charlatans I ask? Plain Packaging has failed miserably in Australia, most of Europe ignores the ban or ensures that smokers get a fair deal while we press ahead with yet another pre-determined (result wise) review of something that has already cost another government $millions and failed. The Health lobby really do need their legs (funding) cutting off below the knees!
     This is how badly this stupidity has affected our nation-a pub in Preston has been ordered NOT to light its indoor fires anymore as a passer by noticed a small amount of smoke coming out of the chimney (funnily enough, that's exactly what chimneys are for methinks!) and reported this matter to the local council. Along comes an idiot council employee and declares that the fires (which keep the customers warm during winter) now have to stay unlit as any amount of smoke breaks the smokeless zone laws in the city. Well now, I say to all you good people, what comes out of the rear end of all motor vehicles??? Smoke/Exhaust fumes, so I want everyone to phone into their local council environmental office and complain about every bus, lorry, whatever that goes past them and breaches the smokeless zone laws. Let's see just how long this stupid situation lasts shall we?

Landlord Graham Rowson has been told he has to put out the fires in his pub following a complaint about smoke by a passer-by
     No more warm, friendly welcome in this pub!
On a slightly different tack but nevertheless equally as  prohibitionary are muslim leaders now calling for the banning of alcohol sales by Muslims that run their own shops! Yep, unbelievable as it is, this is what they are now demanding-in a country where freedom of speech, expression & choice is supposedly paramount.

Groups associated with Choudary were labelled, the 'biggest gateway to terrorism in recent British history'
      These idiots, although living in this country, want to impose their own sharia laws on any who don't obey their diktat.
     Unbelievably these mentally retarded people think that they can implement Sharia Law in this country when in reality it is this countries laws they have to abide by! Forty (40) lashes for any shop owner who disobeys this diktat apparently, which would immediately render the 'lasher' to prosecution for assault-abh-gbh-whatever. This government has got to stop pandering to all these immigrant based problems. Do as the French did-ban the Burka-end of!
And while we are on this side of a subject a Tory councillor has been censured/reprimanded/berated for the use of the word "Golliwog"!
Cllr Barnett said she thought golliwogs were 'nostalgic, not racist'. She is absolutely correct for I remember collecting all the Golliwog tokens on the Robertsons jars and was chuffed to bits when I finally got the set. I was a child, it was exciting and the word never had any racist connotations from anyone that I knew!  There were a few West Indians moving into the town I was raised in but I never heard of anyone 'slagging them off' or taunting them by referring to them as 'wogs'-it's utterly ridiculous. Golliwogs will never be a racist term for they were invented as a toy for children (in fact there are quite a few "Golliwog collectors" about so they must be 101% racist) and it is only those who feel inferior for some reason or other that feel it is. Cllr Barnett dismissed complaints against a city homestore selling golliwog placemats as 'political correctness gone too far'  I had four Golliwogs-does that make me a quadruple sinner cum racist? The problem in this country is that no one is prepared to put their foot down and state the obvious - except a certain Mr Farage and his anti EU followers. (The loose terms "WOG/S" is an acronym of 'Western Oriental Gentlemen' which of course is exactly what all the coloured immigrants were/are, but to my knowledge there was never any verbal malice toward such people- and since when have the Irish reacted to being generally known as "The Paddy's"? or the Scots "The Jocks"?
A Conservative councillor is to undergo diversity training after offending ethnic minorities with her claim that golliwogs are 'nostalgic, not racist'.
'Diversity Training' ??? at 72 years of age, you have got to be joking, you seriously have! Here we have a 72 year old female, elected to a council that fully supports sexual orientations of all types walking hand in hand along its streets, gay bars in abundance within its boundaries yet takes a totally innocuous statement from a pensioner to task- Brighton & Hove Council (and the 4 that complained) you should hang your heads in shame! It shows just how far this once proud country has sunk into the PC quagmire.
     I wonder sometimes just what other countries do think of us these days, for I remember the Portugese cafe owner informing me quite seriously that "we all loved our smoking ban in England" - which shows the amount of lies told to other governments by our own government. It's obvious that the people of this country have to wake up and get rid of these charlatans who now want an 11% pay rise for destroying this country! No wonder we are a laughing stock!
It really is this easy folks!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

So far so farcical !

Smoking bans kill businesses-FACT!   

     Couple of quickies here to amplify the total lunacy of smoking bans and the liars that support them.
     We know that smoking bans kill businesses-just look at my constant 'header'. We know that in excess of 13,000 businesses have now gone to the wall since the introduction of the smoking ban. We also know that more than 700 CIU clubs have received rate rebates due to the rapid downturn in business, but according to one Linda Bauld, a highly over paid yet under knowledged soul attached to Tobacco Control there have been no business losses. Just shows the length & depth of the powerful financial arm of the pharmaceutical industry!
     Over in America we have a similar situation where CDC Director Thomas Frieden stated as established truth that smoke-free policies “don’t hurt business,”and then promised a study would be forthcoming to back that ridiculous statement up. Now how could they produce a truthful study to do that as such a thing is/was absolutely impossible? Did they trot off to Michigan and ask all the ex bar owners about this strange anomaly or did they simply assume that the bars were never any good in the first place?  Our warrior in Grove City, Ohio, (Pam Parker) tells it as it is here.
And in an interesting update on the smoker shooter situation, bar owner (Chris Ferrell) has now been charged with the murder of country singer Wayne Mills-as he should have been immediately after the event.

     Wayne Mills will no longer be entertaining folks in the  bars & clubs in the Nashville area - or anywhere else for that matter! if you remember he lit a cigarette in a no smoking area and was then shot by Ferrell..... "in self defence!"
      Not quite sure what this imbecile thought he was defending himself from as apparently the only thing in the dead guys hand was a lit cigarette, fully loaded with blanks!
Ferrell's lawyer David Raybin says that his client surrendered as soon as he found he had been indicted on the charge of second-degree murder. Raybin said: "I have every intention of contesting this charge. My client denies that he's guilty of any degree of homicide."
Defence lawyer stated that "we have every intention of contesting this charge. My client denies that he is guilty of any degree of homicide."
     Unbelievable really for the only self defence possible is that he (Ferrell) thought he was about to be subjected to the equivalent of sarin gas, therefore his life was in danger! (is there a report anywhere that states that the deceased was about to slap this fool, stab him, shoot him first, stub his cigarette out on his shooting hand, shove his guitar up his ass or any other form of violence?) The man is an idiot and if this is his defence then I hope that, at long last, the truth about SHS, 3rdH/S and what ever other degrees of smoke have been/may be announced by court case time, are brought to light and totally refuted by the jury. But then, being America, they will have to select the right jury for a trial based on such a defence-no point having 12 anti smokers on the panel for Ferrell would walk away a free man with a $1m bonus for bravery!

                                                         Carmona-born to lie for money!
     The other matter of course is that all this government hysteria about smoking, SHS et al has led toward this event occurring as they (health freaks) have brainwashed hundreds of thousands of people into believing that even a wisp of cigarette smoke will kill at 30 paces. We have former "Surgeon General" Richard Carmona to thank for this ridiculous situation for it was he that stated there was no safe level of exposure to SHS! look where that idiotic statement has got us now! I seriously think that it is time to reverse all this psychobabble on these anti tobacco nutters - don't you?
     It is very sad that the situation has evolved where an innocent entertainer of millions ends up shot to death by some anti smoking nutter but this is exactly what was always needed to show these prats in power exactly what they have created. Roll on the court case for we shall follow this with interest.
     The final act of lunacy (now been signed into law) is by Michael Bloomberg, as his parting gift to New Yorkers. Under 21? then you can't legally buy cigarettes! How utterly insane is that when they can draft you into the US Army at 18, send you off to get your head blown off, an arm go missing or simply legless courtesy of some roadside bomb but you can't buy a packet of smokes. It really is about time these imbeciles took a long hard look at all the rebellion they are storing up on both sides of the water. God forbid you should lay in some desert region, bleeding to death and ask for a last cigarette - nanny Bloomberg would have a fit! It is probably the best thing for NY that Bloomberg has finally retired for what a hypocrite he is, donating $500,000 to foriegn anti cigarette structures yet leaving 1/3rd of his inhabitants living below the poverty line! Doesn't say much for the man really does it!

Let the peasants starve
Don't let this country follow suit, act before it is too late -->
Bar owner Chris Ferrell has been charged over the shooting of country singer Wayne Mills
Bar owner Chris Ferrell has been charged over the shooting of country singer Wayne Mills

Thursday, 5 December 2013

A far from INDEPENDENT review of PP

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!

As usual, our turncoat PM (that's David Cameron to you & me) has lost his bottle and has bowed to the extreme pressure exerted by all these blatantly overpaid hillbillys from the various health lobbys as he has now allowed an "Independent Review" of the Plain Packaging situation to take place-headed up by an 'eminently (totally non-) independent person' by the name of Sir Cyril Chantler.
Now you might think that this is of no concern but believe me it is for Sir Cyril Chantler is no back number when it comes to the 'roll of honour' in the medical profession!
Sir Cyril Chantler
Cyril Chantler is the Chair of University College London Partners, which brings together world-class medical researchers and clinicians from UCLand four NHS hospital trusts, leading research that is driven by patients and their needs. He is also an adviser to the Associate Parliamentary Health Group.
In other words, Cameron has chosen very wisely for this man will, without doubt find it totally necessary to state that Plain Packaging will undoubtedly save millions of lives every year in this country-even though only 1/2million of us die each year at the moment! Cameron has brought in the Big Cheese to ensure that he doesn't gett his bottom smacked by the health fraternity who have totally ignored the fact that the Australian PP experiment has been a complete 'PR' disaster for the anti smoking mobsters. And laugh ye not, mobsters are exactly what they are as they are running a mafia style fear campaign except they choose to hide behind a little change of law here, a little change there-slalmi slicing all the time. And what is worse is that we now know that Cameron is just a weak kneed w****r as he caves in yet again to these legalised mafioso.
Adolphus Cameron Hitler esq
Remember the Public Consultation that shot the mafioso up the 'aristoltle'? Despite ASH/Arnott pulling voting stunts left, right & centre the healthist mafioso still got buried by 1/2million public votes decrying Plain Packaging, so they have simply ignored the Public Consultation (which will now be buried somewhere or other) and Sir Cyril Chantler will be bombarded with support for PP courtesy of all lobby groups using public funding to heap more & more misery on..... err..... the public that are funding them! I sit and wonder at the wisdom of letting all these once solid businesses fail because of an ideology?
Now if you remember a while back, our mafioso got all this PP nonsense from our idiotic 'cousins' on the other side of the world-yes, the Aussies: but where is that government now I ask? Interestingly public Health Minister Jane Ellison said it was now time to "examine the emerging evidence" on a policy shift. Err, what policy shift would that be then Jane? Didn't your predecessor attempt 'a shift' by nipping off to Luxemburg - and is no longer where you sit now. Warning Jane, don't open your gob too much or you'll be ending up shafted like our ex news reader was! I wonder who's desk was used?

It would seem that the Australian populace got a bit sick of all this nannying as that government was unanimously dumped at their last election a couple of weeks ago and the new man, Mr Tony Abbott, has marched straight in with sweeping cuts to various lobby/prohibitionist groups. ASH Australia are, as of 31st December, 2013, officially NO MORE!
ASH Australia closure on December 31, 2013
Statement from ASH Chair Dr Matthew Peters, 18/11/13:
The Board of Directors of Action on Smoking and Health Australia (ASH) advise that ASH will be officially ceasing its operations from 31st December 2013. ASH was established in 1994 in an era when its joint funders (today, Cancer Council Australia and the National Heart Foundation of Australia) had relatively few staff deployed directly in tobacco control. For many years, this has no longer been the case with both organisations giving high priority to the many aspects of tobacco control.

Today, smoking rates in Australian adults and children are at their lowest ever levels, in large part because of the combined efforts of ASH, Cancer Councils, the Heart Foundation and others.

ASH's invaluable work in advocating for policy reform in tobacco control will continue through Australia's well connected network of agencies dedicated to driving smoking rates down even further.

The Board thanks ASH's Chief Executive Officer Anne Jones OAM for her (almost) 20 years of extraordinary service to national and international tobacco control. Anne will continue her international work as a consultant to the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union). The Board also thanks Stafford Sanders for his 12 years’ service to ASH. Stafford provided countless hours of invaluable advice to journalists and the public, and maintained ASH's very popular website since its inception.
It doesn't matter what rhetoric is used in their farewell speech on websites, newspapers, TV or radio, the plain facts are that they cost the country too much money as they expanded mercilessly from 1994 to become a colossal financial burden to the Australian government. And, never forget this, at the end of the day it is up to each individual as to how they choose to live their own life - not some nanny governments! The Aussie ASH mob banged every drum possible for PP and got their answer last week in a flurry of over enthusiastic journalists who couldn't get to print fast enough-many of them before they actually realised what the true results meant. PP failed, 'pretty picture oblivion' failed too, but the smugglers enjoyed a massive increase in business-and all thanks to ASH & nanny government.
One illicit brand, called Manchester, has registered such a rise in sales its market share has grown from 0.3 per cent to 1.3 per cent in a year. That puts its market share of total manufactured cigarette consumption higher than that of leading brand Camel.

Illegal but very popular-well done you Aussies!
That says it all really folks. The people spoke with their feet. They wandered straight past the corner shop or the mall or whatever source and straight to the nearest "trailer salesman" for their smokes-ands bloody good luck to them too is what I say.
Delightedly, I can tell you that the Dutch equivalent (Stivoro) is also to close by Dec 31st. Oh deary me, the Dutch have finally realised just how much all this anti tobacco cobblers is costing their country and also they have realised that they are all £3 short of a tenner! All their lies & deceptions have got them is closure-the endgame! And, wonder of wonders, politicians have now decided that talking to pro-tobacco people just might be a good idea! However, some idiots quite believe that leaving this situation as it is, to be the answer - thus lose more & more revenue. Words fail me. These are the people in charge of nations-God help us! Considering that this anti tobacco movement has been the sole cause in the dramatic rise in smuggled goods I'm not surprised-are you?
Can you see the similarities beginning to blossom over here folks. Adolphus Cameron has no backbone and thinks he needs to pander to every whim & fancy from the health nutters as such as CRUK who openly state that "PP will definitely save thousands of lives" even though there is not a shred of evidence to support such an idiotic statement. Remove all cornfields and lawns in this country I say-just think of how many asthma sufferers will benefit from that! Think how much the NHS will save on patient care!
We are now coming up to the start of another round of electioneering and I am happy to state that Adolphus Cameron and his opposite number Eddy Multibrand (well his tune changes at the drop of a hat!) who recently stated: 
"The government should have introduced plain packaging earlier this year - we want them to act swiftly, we want them to act now. We don't need another review. Every major public health expert agrees this would help the battle against cancer,"
Now can any sane person out there tell me how a coloured packet alters a persons chance of being a victim of cancer against a non coloured packet? If colour attracts cancer (which is in all of us and simply needs a trigger) then how are these packets better than these simple B&H packets?


The packets (left if you hadn't already guessed) with all the silly government pictures on are far more colourful and likely to catch the eye than a plain old simple gold coloured box in my opinion. And it doesn't matter really what Adolphus Cameron or the idiot Multibrand opt to do as they argue with eeach other across the Commons for people will still smoke if they want to smoke and it is even more ridiculous now that the 'WHO' have finally 'come out' and declared that air pollution (which we already knew) was a leading cause of cancer. What is the point of waging a war on tobacco when the pollution war has already been lost to AIR pollution?
Breathe it in baby, breathe it in!
Tony Abbott declared that the wastage of state funds on all the nannying was criminal when one in eight people in Australia were living in poverty. Yep, 1 in every 8 people in Australia are potless, maybe homeless and probably living on starvation rations-how can you waste $millions on tobacco control when your countrymen can't even feed themselves? (this report is alarming!) Apparently Adolphus Cameron & Eddy Multibrand find it easy to do so as they both want to court favour with the medical mafioso, who by now must be the greediest people on the planet! What about the poverty in Britain I ask? Apparently we have now reached "emergency status", but the dreaded duo still want to waste £millions on tobacco control!
Now all this leaves the door wide open for that man with a mouth, and a whole heap of common sense, to walk straight in. Enter one Nigel Farage, politician extra-ordinaire, for he talks without use of forked tongue! His policies are simple and understandable:
Nigel Farage-simple, uncomplicated strategies!
Out of Europe
...End of nannying
     Shut that door-end of immigration
       Save our NHS
         Halt unemployment
            Bring a halt to business closures
It can't get much simpler than that folks, it really can't. Adolphus Cameron is merely a puppet of the NWO who themselves are now moaning about the 'people being educated into objection' thanks to such as the internet. How terrible, I mean to say, fancy us 'plebs' having the audacity to have knowledge of the twisted corruption that's affecting our daily lives. If the people that have voted blue or red for the past 20 odd years cannot see that change is needed then there is absolutely no hope for them - or this country. Those that have insulted this country by voting for Cleggs useles/finished mob should simply be ashamed of themselves and report to the "Betty Ford" clinic immediately for I have never witnessed such an il-Liberal set of "liberals" in all my life! I was born in a country where freedoms were held in high regard, we fought for them in two World Wars yet we have politicians (I think that is what they are) destroying them bit by bit as some crackpot or other comes up with a new scheme for the betterment of mankind (which of course will have no effect on mankind except for the populace donating more in taxes). I doubt I will being dying in that same country. Even with the redoubtable Farage having a say in the well being of our nation cancer rates will rise as they have done through the past past 50 years of industrialisation. However, there is one slight difference in that Mr Farage has been kept well abreast of the fanaticisms of the health lobby (who blame a wisp of smoke for evey malady known to man) through the work of Justice4Smokers & nasbouk who are continually exposing the stupidity of killing businesses & rising costs of these silly bans. As Mr Farage himself states:

I am quite a keen smoker who has always prized myself on being rather good at it

... and it is, at the end of the day, a freedom of choice. Apart from the criminal act of theft by various governments past in enacting this vicious and socially destructive law, those governments have set out to destroy the very fabric of this country. Mr Farage wants to repair that which is damaged-not create even more damage... and that's why we must all fight this supposedly INDEPENDENT review of the Plain Packaging argument-it serves no purpose and will only curtail more businesses!
A sad footnote: last night I found out that a friend of some 25 years passed away last weekend. Early 50's, never a smoker, always fit from walking everywhere 'Little Chris' was the model citizen as far as tobacco control would be concerned..... except for one thing-he never railed against anyone who chose to smoke or drink! Like many he moaned about the fact that many of his 'circle' stopped coming to the pub after the SB, which slaughtered his own social enjoyments. Apparently he went to bed last Sunday night and simply never woke up. An autopsy has determined no particular cause of death either-perhaps he was just fed up of fighting against the daily tyranny that has now beset this country! Rest in peace my little friend.