Thursday, 30 May 2013

Your time has come Dave - MAN UP!

 Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!
     Well folks I thought that I'd have no need to blog again for at least a week but it seems that more & more bile rises to the surface on a daily basis, confirming my thoughts that this country is literally falling apart at the seams.
     Now I know I said that things have got to change but what is surfacing now simply shows that we have advanced from the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous-and from what I can see there are some very simple answers!
     For those who ignored the Queens speech but rejoiced that plain packaging had been 'dumped' I shouldn't rejoice too much for this little gem was pointed out to all those that cared to take note, two weeks ago (later reported again here).  Little 'no-marks' working for local councils that lead meaningless lives, haven't got a clue how to 'partaay' and certainly don't like some of the activities of others, will be rejoicing endlessly at the news for it means that they will now have the power to destroy people's lives, their happiness, their very existences. They, alone, will drive this country into open revolt. Good! about time too methinks.
     You all know by now that one of my main 'beefs' is about us being part of this suicide pact otherwise known as the EU.Being even remotely aligned with these european/global power freaks is disastrous as it means that we have to keep in line with their immigration policies (or be prosecuted!), which in turn means we are liable to accept any lunatic that crosses the channel-with very little hope of removing said lunatic once here. A Daily Telegraph online poll says it all really:


Take Anjeb Choudray for example. Why is this hate filled reptile still here if he despises all that we stand for, as he obviously does!    We have a Home Secretary who should be capable of removing this venomous creature from our midst, especially after the atrocity in Woolwich a few days ago..... but no, we find, instead, that our dearly beloved 'peelers' are galloping to the Choudary mansion to move him to a safe house as they feared he may be in danger of vengeance attacks! You cannot make this up, a soap opera couldn't even make this credible but yes, this supposed human being who scrounges £25,000 per year off the state has been rescued from possible harm whilst a young soldier, minding his own business, was 'motored' and then brutally hacked to death on an English street. Where were "our dearly beloved peelers when really needed?" More to the point, where is the sanity in this country anymore?

(Sleeping on the sleeping policeman)

Another little gem to reveal itself this week is the ludicrous situation where we have  "Bedroom Tax" but for those who get evicted, due to this totally stupid rule there is nowhere for them to go except maybe Travel Lodge or Premiere Inn hotels - absolutely priceless!
This just about sums up the whole ludicrous situation: 

"... over the past four years, according to research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the UK has spent almost £2bn in temporary housing for homeless families – enough to build 72,000 homes."
Of course what they have failed to mention is the amount of immigrants that have entered this country over the past 4 years and, accordingly, have swamped many areas to such an extent that there are no suitable accomodations for councils to use! You see folks, forced 'downsizing is OK if all these local councils have the properties to downsize people too!
 "The Conservative-run Borough Council of Wellingborough in Northants spent £1,961 in a single  week to house a family"
(Imprison the peasants if they can't pay-damn them all !)

      The madness continues unabated as more and more families will fall behing with this idiotic "Bedroom Tax" and more and more immigrants pile into this already overburdened island. Thanks Blair, you really scuppered this country didn't you whilst dreaming of being EU President one day! Our problem is that "call me Dave" needs to 'man-up' pretty sharpish or we will come to the inevitable sticky end that most doomsters are predicting. Nearly £2K per week? No wonder these immigrants are lining up to get in!
More absurdity as it transpires that ATOS are now costing our nation even more than the £100m they are being paid to tell the disabled, the infirm and even the dead that they are suddenly, mercuriously fit for work.
"Ministers spent £37 million in just eight months defending a torrent of appeals against decisions to strip people of benefits."
It truly does beggar belief where Camoron and his bunch of hatchet men get their collective brain cells from? Many immigrants have a greater knowledge of our benefits system than most of us do-and if they are a little unsure then there is always a nice polite (happily earning plenty) translator that can be called upon to explain where a little bit more can be gained! ATOS, quite simply, are not fit for purpose and I am very surprised that only 57% are successful on appeal against decisions made by these clowns. Of course that odious little man, Iain Duncan Smith, has absolutely no mercy on those he considers 'scroungers' - despite being on the dole himself some time ago he managed to 'dip his wick in the right honeypot', hence where he is now. 
It doesn't take much imagination to accept that top Tories are now exceedingly worried by the upstarts known as UKIP, for the 'new kids on the block' are seriously marching up the popularity charts, so much so that top Tories are plotting a pact with Nigel Farage and the upstarts! And when you look at the situation with Milliband still claiming that Labour will not defer from their EU (yes) strategy which is sure to finish this country off altogether, and Clegg (as told to me by an ex LibDem councillor) just sitting there waiting to accept his rather fat deputy PM's pension as his so called ragbag party have had their rather long fifteen minutes of fame and will now fade into a well deserved obscurity. This video clip from just after the coalition was 'formed' shows exactly why this schoolboy in long trousers is headed for that obscurity! The "SILT" had a golden opportunity to do the right thing by the very people who gave him this chance-but he failed them................... miserably! With the highly  iLiberal unDemocrats polling only around 8%-9% it is easy to see that their time has come... and gone. However, despite their failing heartbeat one idiot in Scotland feels he needs to make his name with regard to the smoking ban & further restrictions.
South of Scotland Lib Dem MSP Jim Hume is launching a public consultation on a Members’ Bill to ban smoking in cars that include children. 

Mr Hume says the law "would give children the healthiest start in life”
     Yet another loon that ignores the plight of the country, the stirring racial hatred from such as Choudary (and others), mass unemployment and a rapidly shrinking jobs market-but then why not, he'll be getting a nice little pay rise soon!
     Yet another hopelessly out of touch muppet that has lost all sense of reality. How many times do we need to say that they are dismissing the obvious (exhaust fumes) in favour of a wisp or two of SHS-which of course we all now know is harmless. Still, I suppose that this buffoon has realised that all the above applies and wants to go out in some sort of style.
(Scottish ilLib-unDem wants kids banned from cars!
     If Salmond has his way, Mr Hume will soon be back on his farm milking cows for all he's worth as the EU ensure Scotlands bankruptcy with the utmost expediency . In answer to this fools proposal the Scotsman ran a nice piece explaining how smoking bans kill virtually all forms of private spaces. Perhaps Mr Hume would care to read it? Even more vehement on the subject of the destruction being enacted before our very eyes is TheJoshTolleyChannel. Now Josh is absolutely astounded at the simples truths that flow from Pam Parkers lips, it's a must listen clip.
woman with an e-cigarette
     And to cap it all the French have now declared that smoking bans were never about health, it's social engineering. They are babbling on about banning e-cigs (of all things) as a health precaution. In a stroke of utter lunacy the French Government have unveiled the greatest scientific fraud of all time. No wonder Barosso & Co demand that Britain be in the EU, they can't control us if we're not. So Dave, your time has come mate, either MAN-UP or stand down and let a man in that will!


  1. Another excellent post sir, please keep writing..

  2. There are so many things wrong in this country & you've summed 'em up very well. As for the ban on smoking in car carrying children - thin end of the wedge methinks. 'They' will say it's very hard to enforce so just ban smoking in cars altogether. Mass protests are needed but, unlike any Muslim protests, there will be police brutality, multiple arrests & press coverage (where allowed - ahem!) that that's so bad it'll make you weep.

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