Saturday, 8 June 2013

The STRINGS - now we know!

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT

I've been asking 'call me Dave' for ages now, but he has just never bothered to answer this mere earthling-obviously just an 'insignificant other' now that his electioneering scraped him past the post, though 'married' to those useless ilLiberalUnDemocrats who wouldn't appreciate DEMOCRACY if it got up and smacked them in the face! That Cleggs time as some sort of VIP is coming to an end is undeniable as his coalition with the dysfunctional Tories has only added to the dysfunction already present. 
Nope, without doubt, the new kids on the block are those 'foraging Faragers' who seem to be claiming scalps all over the place-apart from those undeniably Labour strongholds like Liverpool, Leicester (52 of the 54 seats! (and also where, it seems, that the truth about the racist 'elected Lord Mayor' has, at last, suddenly surfaced), Nottingham, Durham, Manchester, Salford and Tameside. The reason being of course that these areas are so steeped in the old traditional vote that the working classes simply vote Labour, they still do-even though there is no work! You could dress a baboon in red, in Leicester and the baboon would be voted in-I'm absolutely convinced of that! However, things might just be starting to change in this country.
As you all very well know, I have been against this total smoking ban from the very start as it was always built on lies, fabrications, manipulated ststistics & utter junk science. The 400+ dopey MPs , who actually proved that they were not worthy of their lofty positions, as they knew nothing of the truth of the matter and were completely sucked in by ASH and their own detestation for smoking, now have serious questions to answer as we are 6 years into this ridiculous ban, spending approx £0.5bn every month on the matter of cessation ....... and seeing no significant change in smoker prevalence! 
£32.5bn spent = 0.5% smoking reduction
However, we are seeing more & more businesses close down-which of course is superb news for our foundering economy!(sic) It now seems that the sledgehammer that was supposed to crack the walnut has been shelved in favour of the more softly softly approach - appealing to people to cut down their smoking instead! So why wasn't this approach used inb the first place? Why are ASH still in business? Why are these societal leeches still being funded by taxpayers money; ie CROOK CRUK, BHF et al? Why are businesses still being allowed to close at the rate of 26 per week by a government who know not what to do about the economy? - though there is a severe punishment coming for everyone (<<< you really do need to read this link)-except those who have nothing!
The answer my friends is twofold. The World health Organisation & the very secretive Bilderberg Group who's meetings in Watford will now be attended by the Camoron no less (as well as that well known, odious,  EU sponger Mandelson) and no doubt he will be informed of what has to be done over the coming years, or however much longer his miserable tenure lasts! And the amazing thing about this collective of 'rich bitches'? We pay for the priviledge of policing the worlds most expensive sojourn (approx £2,000,000)!
And while we are talking about waste of space organisations, wasting heaps of our money, I should have a read of this little gem that landed on the desktop!
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Profiteering cancer industry ripped wide open...

screams the headline..... and here is the rest of that headline. exposive documentary "CUT, POISON, BURN"

After a bit of verbal scrimmaging we are hit with the first 'bullet point': How the "war on cancer" is a never-ending scam that funnels money into an industry that doesn't really want to find a cure for cancer.

And it only gets worse for these charlatans who's sole aim is to perpetuate their own healthy, wealthy lifestyles-where do I begin? Arnott, Dockrell, Duffy, Donaldson, Robison, Reilly, Soubry, Farren, Ross and hundreds more fleecing the nation as they supposedly cull the smoking fraternity. They themselves are the only ones that need culling-they are simply social pariahs living iff the whims & fancies of those ideologists over at the WHO-but the question is, 'for how much longer? Have any of you ever noticed that instead of saying "Oh dear me, it seems that these naughty smokers are not responding to massive bullying, massive discrimination, societal exclusions etc they simply scream that MORE money is needed! That is theprice of failure my friends.    And talking of failures (and the rewards), how on earth can this self promoting buffoon from the South West ever be considered worthy of a 'gong' for services rendered - when those services have not only failed abysmally but have found to be totally corrupt in practice? Stephen Williams Esq, the only gong this blog would deem you fit to be awarded is a large round one, straight across the top of the head-as painfully as possible! But then again, the WHO would have to compliment an absolute failure so as to keep the subject in the news-that's how pathetic they are when it comes to smoking!


(Note here that the ARNOTT got herself included in the Rocky Horror Show!) 

[Image borrowed from FOREST]

It seems that the only God these cancer societies have is MONEY and not CURES!
Watch the preview here

Cancer is increasing at such a rate that the WHO  won't have to ignore starving Africans for much longer, in favour of beating smokers about the head, because a new report out states that by the year 2020 half of all people will be diagnosed with cancer anyway! (The other "20-20" of note is the charity that doesn't demonise smokers but buys vital equipment for the treatment of all head & neck cancer sufferers-it does not see fit to differentiate betweeen smoker & non-smoker!) So much for smoking cessation cutting the costs of NHS related treatments for smokers then-another myth completely blown out of the window. They really are running out of ammunition-which of course shysters always do.

While we are talking about pubs/clubs being put out of business I espied this little beauty-which heaps even more costs on our much beleagured government. It seems that there are more than 180,000 business rate reductions waiting to be heard, which equals about a 2 year backlog; very nice for all those businesses struggling on the edge of bankruptcy thanks to the smoking ban! 180,000 rate rebates-mors financial gloom for the government as they see less & less coming in all the time.

As the lunacy continues we find that a Newport shopkeeper has been forced by police to remove a T-shirt from his shop window because they felt it “could be seen to be inciting racial hatred.” Now I can't see anything inciting racial hatred as much as the Lee Rigby execution in broad daylight but it seems that our ever didligent plod think that this jacket (pictured) could spark off a riot-by the very people inciting a war!

ARREST THREAT: Matthew Taylor and the T-shirt police have forced him to remove from display

(wordage seems OK to me-but not to plod)
Perhaps our boys in blue are of similar vein to the 'esteemed leader' of Leicester now under clear charge of racism-against his own people no less. I'm afraid that Mathew Taylor is absolutely right with his window display; if YOU don't like our laws or beliefs, then why are you still here? 
Of course a great bonus of this statement is that our safety and the crime rates would severely diminish as it seems that the Romanian gangs are prolific at 'cashpoint heists' with a mere (sic) 7,572 cash machine card thefts in only the first 3 months of this year-a near 300% increase on previous figures. And just to think folks, 'call me dave' has done nothing to close the immigration door and doesn't look likely to by January 1st either! (Remember the 29,000,000 possibilities from that day forth?)
So we are now almost certain that it is the Bilderberg group pulling the strings, telling Dave (and other World leaders) what to do, when to do & how to do it. What we don't know is if "Dave" has got the balls to tell them to p**s off and save this country from certain financial destruction. With the BBC following every perceived correct move and now blatantly using ill informed but indoctrinated children as propaganda objects and the general media still happy to print any old rubbish (Jay has it all here), it is a hard fight to get the truth out-but the Berlin Wall came down and so will the curtain on this evil smoking ban before it totally destroys this once proud nation.
David Camoron is merely a puppet, he is a Bilderberg puppet. Osborne is attending too-just so that they can tell him how to squeaze even more out of us (as linked to above) and Ed Balls is invited too. The question is, quite simply, has Camoron got the balls to tell the EU anf the Bilderbergs to BALLS OFF? Cometh the day and maybe cometh the man-we'll see won't we! Will the strings be cut or simply knotted tighter?



  1. Great article Phil. Camoron can already see the many thousands of votes lost to UKIP years before the general election. Lets remember UKIP is the only party currently brave enough to tackle amending the smoking ban. Lets hope that Nigel Farage makes this clear, as the sixth anniversary of the smoking ban approaches.

    It will win the party many votes.

  2. Keep up the good work Phil,if we can get members of the CIU and the Royal British Legion to consider UKIP as an alternative party to vote for, who knows what political records could not only broken, but smashed.


  3. Another good article Phil. I try to console myself with what my dear ol' mum used to say - "every dog has its day". I hope beyond hope that these power hungry control freaks & all their little puppets have had their day & now it's OUR turn to turn the tide & restore sanity.

  4. Barry Slasberg9 June 2013 at 06:25

    The CIU is strictly non party political, but if the focus for its fight on behalf of its member clubs were the same as the UKIP view, what a coincidence that would be in a strictly non party way


  5. Great blog piece Phil,

    UKIP are the only party that will look after the people of these isles. The existing parties hold the public in contempt and I am beginning to think the unthinkable that those in charge are deliberatly destroying the trusting people of this once great country.