Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cruelty - the Mentalists!

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     The weirdness of everyday life existence certainly gets weirder as we watch normality go out of the window. I bumped into an old friend the other day, a lady that has dedicated her life to assisting the sick, the elderly & the disabled through her skill as a hospital physiotherapist. She was peeved. She was mightily peeved.It seems that some bright young spark had brought one of those breath testing xxxxxx-ometers into the physio department (as part of their onslaught on smokers of course) and asked each of the physio's to blow into it in turn. 
Doctor_cartoon : Smiling Confident Doctor and Nurse on doctor s office background Stock Photo
     Well, Susan (we'll call her that) did her blowing bit and sat back quite comfortably only to be told that she really needs to give up smoking her 5-10 cigarettes per day as it was not doing her any good whatsoever! Now let me tell you now that this Susan is Scottish and an absolute fireball of wrath when wronged. She has never smoked in her life ("I did sniff one when I was kid and thought it was horrible"). I was informed that young Mr DeskJockey was bawled out from here to eternity for his false accusations, informed that she rode her bike to work each day (3 miles each way), that if he ever dared to accuse HER of smoking again HE'D be the one needing hospital treatment and furthermore, that he could stick his new toy "up 'is 'arris!"
     Further investigation has shown that these breath testing thingummies cannot differentiate between exhaust fumes & cigarette emissions-so therefore, to my mind, everyone is a smoker! Susan inhales  an ample amount of exhaust fumes on a daily basis thanks to keeping fit, riding her bike! Apparently there is now to be a review of 'procedure' and the usage of these silly little xxxxx-ometer thingy's - so that will be another £10,000 down the pan that the NHS could have put to far better use!
     It seems that the anti smoking mob have become so blase` that the health issue has now been long forgotten , it is the appearance of smoking that has gripped the nation with fear! Well not really, for as we have already recorded, the percentage drop in actual smokers is hardly worth mentioning, despite throwing £32.5bn at the apparent ideological problem! It's now been declared that e-cigs need to be regulated by the MHRA-which proves conclusively that 'NRT' is useless and we know already that it has a 98.4% FAILURE rate and that that the pharmaceutical industry are frightened to death that £bn's will not go their way if private manufacturers are allowed to continue to provide the worlds billions of smokers the safer alternative to actual tobacco! Pure greed is the motivation followed by not wanting a perfectly legal product to be socially acceptable anymore! How pathetic! 
Further proof of this disgraceful attempt to socially change people' ways comes from the not very nice people at NICE! But then I remember them not advancing a drug to a dying lady (who could have had another 6 months with her family) because a very un-NICE stated that the exercise would not be cost effective!
It also seems that the use of "the chiiildren" is coming increasingly under fire-as it should do, for the measures used are an absolute joke in reality! The farcical thing about all this is that if you tell a child NOT to do something you instantly increase the probability of the child trying that 'something'!
And talking of children, who are no longer children by the way, we have the superb sight of "One Direction" going in their own direction-fancying a fag whilst on their planet sized merry-go-round of singing, popping pills, drinking and doing all the things that normal young trendy popstars tend to do!
One Direction smoking Miami Liam Payne Niall Horan pics 
(Picture borrowed from CAMBIO)  
Only Harry Styles has not yet been spotted smoking!
"The 1D guys got out for a little fun in the sun and were seen lounging on the yacht, as well as getting in some jet ski time. We love seeing pics of Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn getting in a little fun during their hectic tour schedule...but we'd love it more if they would ditch the cigarettes!" (OMG!)
     So it would seem that 'CAMBIO' have joined the puritanical brigade as well and are firm believers that the boys are not entitled to make their own choices in life either! What a sad, sad world when the media cowtows so tamely to such disgraceful social engineering!
Meanwhile, back in the real world, Unison have unveiled Britains financial death (forecast here more than 3 years ago) "By a thousand cuts!" They have pinpointed where the cuts have/are going to hit hardest and just how much poverty this country will be suffering in a few years time-and indeed, how rife the poverty line is already! 
(Peterborough Magistrates this morning-more & more Council Tax cases due to poverty)
However, although we have ever increasing food banks for those of us that are less well-off, our esteemed leader (yes, him, the Camoron) has pledged £275,000,000 to alleviate the starving people of the third world! Unbelievable when we have a mounting financial crisis in this country as each day goes by! When we have 1/2 million people in this country relying on charitable food banks to survive there is something seriously wrong with the mentality at the 'top table' when giving such vast sums away to people we have nothing to do with-especially when they are awarding themselves £10-£20K per annum as a pay rise, could actually end up more! Now if we sent 275,000,000 sterilisation kits over their I'm sure that many would agree with me to that being a far more positive solution! Just shows that you don't really need to care about this country at all, simply map out your own lucrative political career from an early age. Sweet.
 ecsImgIA3 18 Inside Westmin 300x225 Dont misuse your disability benefits   the DWP might     
(the one on the right simply has more hair!)

     The latest killjoy for the British people to admire? Again it is the odious 'IDS' with the veiled threats emanating from the DWP-as in the misuse of disability benefits! Incredible that the DWP now feels that it can tell you how to spend your benefit entitlements and even more proof (if ever any was needed) that we are indeed well entrenched on that onerous slippery slope of nannyisms.
"It is, in my opinion, a particularly damning indictment of the government’s attempt to demonise those on benefits, and particularly the disabled: to portray them as lazy, feckless scroungers."
     I think that particular two liner in the article sums the system up completely for whilst Parliament indulges itself, ruining the country it is supposed to serve and enrich, it is demonising more and more people by one means or another.  This insidious little man and his cronies need to look over their collective shoulders for it is not the British (fully entitled) people that are abusing the system but all the foreign nationals now deemed OK to nip over here for a bit of medical fixing up. As I've noted before, why are we paying Polish women to go home and have their babies? And while they are now demonising all disabled folk we have an ATOS 'quack' complaining about the disabled claimants too!:

A senior doctor working for Atos Healthcare told colleagues he was “sickened” that disabled benefit claimants can now demand to have their “fitness for work” assessments recorded, according to a leaked email seen by Disability News Service (DNS).
     Well upon my soul, fancy a mere disabled person, an apparent 'feckless scrounger', having the audacity to ask for such a thing. I really do think that it is time all disabled folk wised up and took a hand held recording piece with them when summoned by the IDS Gestapo. When 'wealthcare' is put before healthcare it is time for a new government methinks. It is certainly time for this so called "Foriegn Aid" to be cancelled out! They want to cut our vast expenditure bill? well how about reversing Blairs amended Human Rights Bill so as to avoid wasting so much money on assylum seekers
The Nations Assassins

Now that would be a superb start but then the Camoron got his fingers rapped at the Grove Hotel at the weekend so he is now all 'luuved up' with europe again whilst the majority of his 'subjects' want OUT.  Common sense seems to have gone out of the window in Westminster-perhaps they need some of the "Common Sense" team entering those hallowed portals in 2015? If only my prediction of 30-34 seats were to come true, oh what a shake up THAT would cause!
     Germany has erupted at last-not a volcano but a smouldering fire of resentment at the smoking impositions-and quite right too! Yet again, politicians are bending to every whim of the WHO whilst watching businesses founder and economies slowly die: and a dying economy is most certainly not what Angela Merkel wants, for what Hitler failed to do by force she wants to achieve politically & financially.
      Probably the best news here this week is that Punch Taverns are about to wrap up completely-thanks to their absolute stupidity in brown-nosing Blairs wishes for a smoke free workplace. Their "Debt restructuring meeting" went completely awry as no solutions could be agreed upon. now I don't mean to be negative in the slightest but I have absolutely no sympathy for those few, bloody minded licensees that demanded a smoke free pub-they were always at liberty to stick a sign up outside stating that fact but they didn't. Instead they campaigned that all pubs/clubs should be smoke free as it then became a level playing field. No it didn't! All those little corner street pubs with no rear garden etc were killed off with a single stroke of the pen after surviving WW1 & WW11 etc. However, joyously, it was reported that shares in Punch Taverns were up 4%  to 6.7 pence on Wednesday, having fallen 7 percent the previous day. Perhaps we should remember that they once stood at a mere £13.68p (30th June, 2007 as it happens). Perhaps that blatant liar & ignoramus up at Stirling University would like to explain the monstrous decrease in 'non affecting business terms' to those who who still think smoking bans are good for businesses! Incidentally, CGA have proposed that our pub sector will shrink by another 7.700 outlets by 2018, which is slightly more than CAMRAs 26 per week death toll figures. Good, let them die, let the country feel the full wrath of the people who once happily supported pubs & clubs, let the politicians see the folly of their stupidity 'because they didn't like the smell of burning tobacco', let them see the financial destruction caused by their complete ignorance-especially when most of them are driving round in 'gas guzzlers' where ever they need to go, polluting the pavements and all those babies that don't even know about the pleasures/displeasures of smoking.

( Why was I born into this stinking fug? Does my MP even care )
     MPs won't do anything about this blatant GBH of infants because 'we need' transport for the economy to prosper-even though it's going rapidly downhill. And as there are now 889 cancer cases recorded every single day, despite smoking rates showing a great reduction over the past 50 years, it would do the cancer industry no good whatsoever if the greatest outside cause of cancerous cells mutating was removed from society. You have to remember that cancer is now a multi-national business and not all the glitters is golden as this report clearly outlines! Some of it will make your hair curl, the majority of it will totally disgust you.
At the end of the day a society needs to be cohesive. It needs to gel together so that work is done, profits are made & economies grow strong, but what have we got now? Thanks to the divisive, meddling geeks at the WHO we now have severely fractured societies where the mainstay of social discourse is being eradicated pub by pub, club by club. The WHO couldn't give a flying fiddle about personal happiness as they have longevity in their thick heads-and who the hell wants to be a centenarian, frail, feeble and literally praying for death to come to release them from the daily agony of being alive? Now that is mental cruelty of the highest order-ordained by our supposed mopst superior medical organisation!


  1. One direction do NOT smoke! those images are photo shopped :I

  2. Never mind the comment above, is exactly why SMOKERS & VAPERS must unite to fight for our right!
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