Sunday, 21 April 2013

Will there always be an England ?

     As you all probably remember, I entered myself into our local NHS 'public' members group some time ago so as to keep tabs on what is occurring re smoking, illnesses & indoctrinations. Well, friday I attended a talk on breathing problems, fully expecting that smoking would be the cause of all breathing related illnesses/ailments etc. I was not disappointed at all as 'our young lady' (we'll call her Anne for ease of reference) ploughed through the various lung conditions (all caused, majorly, by smoking) until it was time for questions. A couple of people mentioned mining as a cause, building works, industrial painting, installing loft insulations etc as possible causes of lung infections, to which 'Anne' got quite excited at the audience participation - until I asked the obvious! Exhaust fumes? Anne immediately looked uncomfortable as I pointed out, quite politely, that many people did not take up smoking until their mid teens yet lung damage had already 'gotten well underway' courtesy of dirty, filthy, highly toxic exhaust fumes being drawn into very young lungs as soon as the mothers stepped outside their front door. Now this did not go down well at all and it transpired that this speech was not what she had thought of herself but a speech based totally on that which SHE had been taught herself! 
     Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagIn other words, Anne had been indoctrinated with misinformation which she (probably quite innocently) happily passes on to others.- because that is what she has been taught to do!. reminds me of the medical student I spoke to some months ago who told me of the daily mantra on the blackboard greenboard at medical school, which basically stated that all illnesses were to be smoking related illnesses! It's easy to see where this corrupted world is going isn't it folks? DOWNHILL with everything being related to cost.
     Funny that one of the attendees mentioned mining, for that is an industry virtually killed off through sheer pig headedness & unprofitability although there are/were a few mines still functioning. However, 'Scottish Coal' who operated six open cast mines, yesterday closed 50% of them as they cannot make them pay-now there's a thing! I assume Arthur Scargill will be up there like a shot and ready to bring Brussels to it's knees because in his mind unprofitability means nothing at all. Another 590 jobs lost with very little hope of re-employment for the majority-marvellous work by the EU & the SNP - can't wait to see what happens if they vote for independence and then become part of the giant SS EU Titanic.
     And talking of lunacy, my good friend Roger Helmer points out the absurdity of EU logic this week-not to mention the imbecility of some of our Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagMEPs who obviously 'go with flow' irrespective of job losses and the diminishing jobs market! However, necessity has often been called the mother of invention-as we see here!
     This weeks funeral of Lady Thatcher threw up an interesting fact: the great lady had cancer of the bladder-although that wasn't the actual cause of death. Interesting that all the anti smoking agencies refrained from mentioning the small fact that a non smoker had cancer, don't you think?
      Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagAnd whilst on the subject of medical matters we find that dear friend Godfrey Bloom has unearthed more truths as he reports that Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag"EU smoking regulations are lead by BIG PHARMA". Now there's a thing I bet they didn't want to come  to the fore. ASH/Crook/CRUK/FRESH et al will not be voting for Godfrey after this revelation methinks. 
      Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagWorse is to come as we now have a research scientist (and I use the term very loosely indeed) who has found himself in gaol for a miserable three months for 'falsifying results' on 'experimental drugs'. I tell you this, the medical world, or parts of it, know no depths to which it will plummet - and this research was for drugs to possibly assist CANCER patients! Perhaps it would be a fair guess that Steven Eaton, 47, a researcher for US pharmaceutical firm Aptuit, was an anti smoking nutter and therefore the cancer victims "had to be smokers", whether they actually were or not. Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag Perhaps in his twisted mind, cancer patients were merely guinea-pigs for his amusement! Who knows the minds of these people (?) for many of them are seriously warped. Perhaps the pharmaceutical giant Aptuit wanted to be ahead of the market, as were Pfizer with Chantix, and make their fortune from those less fortunate, who knows for sure? One thing that is for sure is the words of the Judge/Sheriff who said,  
"I feel that my sentencing powers in this are wholly inadequate. You failed to test the drugs properly – you could have caused cancer patients unquestionable harm."
     Luckily for Mr 'slimeball' Eaton, the Sheriff was only permitted, by law, to sentence him to a mere 3 months-funny how the law protects some of our miscreants.
     Also this week, as Godfrey Bloom slams the EU, which incidentally, is now costing this country a small fortune as it slides into financial oblivion itself, 
     Nigel Farage stood up for this country at EU HQ and blasted the EU (watch & listen) as "Common Criminals"! Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagWhat's more is the fact that he absolutely correct, for the theft of monies from private bank accounts in Cyprus is literally Bonnie & Clyde style self funding without the armament!  
     Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagThat this self styled European 'superpower' is disintegrating before their very own eyes seems not to matter to these pompous asses and there is an almost Hitler like mania about succeeding at any cost so it will be interesting to see what happens with Spain, Italy, Portugal, Eire-and eventually all the rest of this so called superstate! If Camoron cannot see that we need to be out of this financial cesspit, as of right now, then I can only charge the man with secretly being in the pay of the Bilderbergs or the NWO - am I right Dave? There is absolutely no benefit to us being part of this ever mounting EU dungheap yet 'our cherished leader' keeps putting off the inevitable referendum. The only reason that you do not take us out of this sinking ship is because of personal financial gain-that's all it can be! I'll expect your full response in 72 hrs please otherwise I shall have to take it that you cannot answer because I am right!
     Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagAs the anti smoking fraternity puff out their chests in self righteousness it seems that the 'e-cig' is causing something of a stir once more as some anti smokers declare them to be evil "because they look like smoking" (strange phenomenon that!) and some see them as an excellent 'quit smoking' device. (Here are the top ten studies on e-cigs for your deliberations). 
In actual fact they are both, but they are a damned sight better than the real thing and for those who object to smoking/smokers it simply shows that they are not in this war on smokers for health reasons at all-they hate smoking/smokers! I wonder if the likes of Arnott, Bauld, Dockrell et al will 'go' in hypocrisy by gracing their respective local crematoriums when their time comes or simply clog up our graveyards with their putreyfying remains?
     In this world of ever increasing lunacy  Brighton and Hove could become the first city in the country to offer safe, clean havens for addicts to use illegal drugs under professional supervision without fear of prosecution if the proposal moves forward. That being the case there is no need to set up 'Clean Havens' for smokers as they are already readily available! They are called pubs & clubs (another 2 clubs closed last month) and with the majority having two rooms (at least) there isn't a problem for non smokers-who would obviously stay in the 'unclean haven'! After all, just think how many smokers could be weaned off the 'evil weed' if they had a safe 'Clean haven' in which to be encouraged to do so. I wonder how this works with smoked drugs?
    No smoking It is against the law to smoke in these premises except in a designated room sign.
                                                          Clean Haven       non Clean Haven!
 Patrick Hayes, who spoke magnificently against the lunatic proposal by one (ex) Councillor Bartlett in Stoney Stratford has identified the next possible move by the anti smoking gestapo-lunatic asylums for the mentally ill!
     Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag Now if that doesn't take you back to the heady days of Adolf Hitler's mentally disturbed regime then you really have been indoctrinated to the max! Apparently, people with mental health problems are twice as likely to smoke as not-probably because smoking is such a relaxing & pleasurable past-time, but the nutters in power want to transpose this small fact into you must have mental health issues if you choose to smoke! Why must you? And who the hell are they to decide such? It transpires that the RCP are behind this move so we can expect more pressure to bear on government to build more mental health complexes so as to house more mental health patients-smokers! It doesn't get much Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag more than this folks! Just think about it for a moment: RCP scream blue murder: government obliges: 13-15million people become incarcerated as mental health patients: industry grinds to a standstill: healthcare employess treble to cope with demand: country produces zilch, no exports, no produce etc: country grinds to a halt: no money being earned to fill the Treasury: healthcare's excessive number of workers cannot now be payed: country grinds to a shuddering halt! Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag
     The famous song stated that there would always be an England - but now the health fascists are entrenched I do seriously wonder for how long?


  1. What a complete cock-up, the Anti smoking lot Lead by the Drug companies who themselves get massive Fines for acting Unlawful. It is like a sick joke but True. I would like to know how our PM and deputy PM feel when told that they will be the target of a campaign that says Smoking will send you nuts, then again with those two, the country already knows, no wonder the country wants them Out. I cannot wait for the Safe Havens in our Pubs and Clubs for the Smokers and neither can the Businesses, a light at the end of a very long and stinking tunnel.

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