Thursday, 11 April 2013

Respect is to be earned, not granted!

Smoking bans KILL Businesses - FACT!

     It truly amazes me how some people, in fact many millions of people, fail to see 'that which is staring them in the face'! Let's be contentious and upset a few 'die-hards' from years gone by shall we, including, most probably, the father-in-law.
     A great British leader died this week, a lady that dragged this country up by its bootlaces with her own brand of a 'no nonsense approach' to all matters facing her. Let's get the miners strike out of the way first. The industry was dying on its feet (so to speak), pits had been closing at an alarming rate as it was and the industry was leaking money by the £million but 'King Arthur' (Scargill) decided to wage war on "that woman" and bring the government to its knees. Oh dear me. 
            (Iron Head)                  v      (Iron Lady)            
'King Arthur' failed to realise that cold, hard economics meant that he could not win and I always remember the absolute hypocrisy of thousands of 'blind sheep' miners queueing up for food/soup handouts whilst waiting for 'the great man' to address the striking mob-after being chauffeur driven to the event in his Mercedes! Check out this snapshot of Scargill's folly.
    Mrs Thatchers no nonsense approach also saw the 'Argies' flatpacked in very short order as she instinctively forced Galtieri's mob to withdraw from any claim regarding the Falkland Island who, funnily enough, only weeks ago voted to stay British in a referendum-now where's our referendum on europe? Few know it but she also paved a way for our escape from this EU madness so long may the lady rest in peace.
     However, it seems that British culture is changing, and at an alarming pace, for respect for the dead seems to have gone out of the window as street parties CELEBRATING the death of a former Prime Minister have been taking place - in Trafalgar Square of all places!
Brixton party celebrating Margaret Thatcher's death 
(How can you respect these people? Some of these people are clearly 
not old enough to remember 1984/5!) 
But I'm afraid that we find that too many things are changing and far too rapidly for millions, who basically take no notice anyway, to even notice! That being the case and their now being a complete lack of respect in this country I don't think anyone will begrudge me dancing a jig when the Arnott, the Dockrell or the Duffy or even the lying Bauld are diagnosed with cancer as they become part of the 889 per day statistic! 
     For instance, has anyone noticed that the World Health Organisation want to impose measures to wipe out Zimbabwe's tobacco production? In Zimbabwe tobacco is like gold, it is a major export, it is a way of life for the impoverished inhabitants of this country, it is their lifeline to survival. In Zimbabwe four million people (diretly & indirectly) rely on tobacco crops for their livelyhoods - thats 1/3rd of the population! Yet the WHO, in their inane desire to eradicate tobacco from the planet, have decided that tobacco crops must be eradicated. They (the WHO) cite  "health reasons and environmental damage as reasons for proposing a ban on tobacco." Now we know that the WHO have blamed tobacco/smoking for virtually every malady know to man (and a few more yet to come) but this is way past extreme. I suppose that as the WHO ignore the dying millions in Africa a few more million left to slowly die makes no dofference, after all, we are talking about tobacco here!  How can you respect these people?
     When they failed to eradicate illegal drugs why did they not eradicate the plants (in various countries) that lead to these drugs being widely available - or didn't Margaret Chan fancy taking on the numerous Pablo Escobar types in this world? Funny isn't it, political power they can wield & deal with but physical power/threats and they 'pooh their collective panties'! How can you respect these people?
     Talking of smoking being the cause of all ills known to man (according to the anti tobacco mob) it's interesting to note that Sandra Moon, one of Huntsville, Alabama's council members who cast the deciding vote to ban smoking in most Huntsville restaurants has died at the tender age of 66 - from pancreatic cancer. How strange that a non smoker who voted to destroy plenty of local businesses should die of cancer!
     Back home we find that smoking bans are still having a serious effect on businesses as Punch report that sales are down another £4.2m (to March 2nd) against the same period last year-they blamed the weather! "The weather is partly to blame", but then had the buffoons at Punch not agreed to a total smoking ban in the first place, they could have had smokers in one room and non smokers in another in most of their pubs! 

(Yet another tavern is all Punched out)
Yes folks, CHOICE was an option, but an option that was never considered! So when Punch keep on losing the odd £4.2m here & there, do not shed a tear for them as they deserve to die a long, slow financially painful death for not standing up for their best customers! How can you respect these people?
     When you think about it, the WHO will not care about Punch Taverns 'going under' and thousands of people being forced out of work because all that matters to them is that tobacco (the root of all medical evil apparently) must be eradicated. They do not concern themselves with the finer points of financial survival as they are still getting their money from all donating nations-worldwide; now I happen to think that these global parasites need this funding to be stopped immediately and then let's see how many donations they get-especially from nations that they wish to radically impoverish with their anti tobacco plans! They deserve no respect at all.
     On the subject of tobacco a Spanish study has revealed:
 Up to 2009 there is no statistically significant evidence of any reduction in smoking amongst men -- and very little evidence of a reduction in smoking amongst women -- resulting from the introduction of EU minimum tax legislation in Spain in 2006. This is despite the price of cigarettes rising up to three times faster than before the legislation came into effect, according to a new study published online in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research.
Now there's a thing folks! People who enjoy smoking are still enjoying smoking, surprise surprise. The report goes on to say: 
 "Member States should be proactive in this regard if they wish to successfully implement the WHO Framework Convention guidelines on taxation."
The logical question is 'why should they continue to be proactive'? It has already cost this country £32bn and roughly 23%-25% still choose to smoke so all the denormalisation, stigmatisation & general legally enforced bullying has got the 'powers that be' absolutely nowhere - except a deficit of £32bn which would have seriously helped our much beleagured NHS. In fact, many more truthful people would deem the whole experiment similar to the ill fated "Sinclair C5" - and abysmal disaster! 
     The good news, for some, is that despite all these silly bans some people are happily making a nice profit from selling 'illegal cigarettes', and fair play to them for that! It would seem that the North Koreans have found a ready made market in China for their tobacco products, and seeing as there happens to about 300,000,000 little Chinese people galloping about all over the place there are plenty of profits to be made. How's that grab you Margaret Chan? Fancy your own people dishing it right up to you in your own back yard, how appropriate. They've got no respect for you either!

     Another study has found that the latest campaign to ban smoking in cars carrying children has no basis whatsoever ( a bit like the Plain packaging campaign then)! Ooh-er government, what do you make of that I wonder?  UCD’s study, published in this month’s Irish Medical Journal and reported in today’s Irish Independent, says that an observation of 2,230 drivers found that just 31 drivers – 1.39% – were smoking while driving. Wow! Now those are serious figures which will no doubt lead to £millions being spent to justify introducing a law banning smoking in all cars, not just cars with brats in! Let's not kid ourselves, 'they' are not interested in whether children are in cars or not, 'they' simply think that banning smoking in cars is the next logical step in the eradication (so 'they' think) of the evil plant. From this we can assume that 98.61% of people don't smoke with kids in their cars-the application of common sense is a marvellous tool really! And as Eire has already been bailed out I don't really see the point of them wasting anymore money on this ludicrous tobacco war-especially as they are 'properly skint! perhaps 'fatty' Reilly could contact me and explain the regressive economics to me in relation to tobacco savagery! How can you respect these buffoons?
(James Reilly, CMO. Obesity costs hospitals more than smoking!)
'Vaping' has grown enormously since the smoking bans were introduced, and rightly so too. As I've said many times before, people are either born to smoke or not! It is not for some jumped up organisation to dictate how each person lives their life. Vaping, or smoking electronic cigarettes, has become the live-wire of the moment as people strive to find a way to lessen their cigarette usage but still get the enjoyment from 'smoking'. Personally I think they are a marvellous invention, both medically & socially-though some idiotic pub chains refuse to allow them on their premises "because they look like smoking" or "they may induce others to smoke real cigarettes". How pathetic is that for a reason? Of course they look like smoking because they are the substitute for smoking and if more breweries like "Acorn" & "Geeves" from the Barnsley area welcomed 'vapers' then our pubs & clubs might just start to see an upturn in their dwindling fortunes. That would certainly apply to Everards, a brewery that wholeheartedly backed the smoking ban and even went so far as to write to No10/Dept of Health advocating such. Amazing now, nearly 6 years later, just how many Everards pubs have been sold for re-development, closed down, demolished, rented out to other breweries. It's also amazing that, at last, Everards have had to bite the bullet and drastically reduce rents so as to get tenants 'in' as customer bases decline more and more-I wonder if "Sir Richard" is still awaiting the influx of 'clean air drinkers' as promised by spinmeister Blair? I just cannot fathom how anyone could have stood for that 'silly slobber' and wantonly voted 68% of his best customers out into the cold, cheerless great outdoors but fully expect them to keep coming back for more! Such people deserve no respect at all.
     And whilst we are on about the employment crisis, how about this in America (well it always starts over there!):   
Twenty-nine U.S. states have passed legislation prohibiting employers from refusing to hire job candidates because they smoke, but 21 states have no such restrictions.
     So, in 21 states of America they are happy to discriminate against smokers yet the unemployment situation over there is worse than ours! Seems that Nero & Obama may be closely related!
     There is one bit of good news however, even though the insidious creature known as IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) tries to steal 'bedroom tax' off the most needy (must feel quite strange for this ex-dole'ite turned MP) as an intrepid pair from north of the border have joined their English counterparts by building their own little pub & socialising centre at the bottom of their garden! And why not indeed? In fact, I think that all people who enjoy a drink or two, or like socialising the way socialising should be done and has been for centuries, should build their own little haven at the bottom of the garden-let the great British pubs die, why not (?), they never 'stood up' for the smokers when needed!
Derek Richardson in his pub Costa Del's Bar 
     Do you need a license? NO-end of problem. Can you or your friends smoke or vape away to your hearts content? YES-end of problem. Can you charge for drinks? NO-but you can accept donations toward the costs at a later date, end of problem.
      So whilst these pathetic, overpaid killjoys at the 'top table' in Geneva sit and squabble over what punitive measures to introduce next so as to darken our daily existences further, just think to yourselves that we are a pretty resilient species and if the anti tobacco mob do eventually wipe out all our social centres we have the know-how and the ingenuity to build our own little social centres that don't need licensing, don't need taxing or be subject to idiotic anti smoking rules or even anti vaping rules and don't contribute to government coffers at all. Now then, just how much more can this government afford to lose from businesses whilst dishing out £53,000,000 per week to the greedy little gremlins attempting to ruin run the EU?

Campaign for Vaping in Pubs



  1. Just to update you on the Irish figures...

    The percentage of drivers who were smoking was indeed 1.39% but that represents ALL drivers.

    Out of 2,300, only one driver was smoking with a child present. I make that 0.043%? And this is the justification for their laws?

    1. Appreciated "Grandad" but as we both know, had the figure been a monstous o.o1% they would deem it only right to waste a few £million and get a law through banning smoking in cars!. It seems that although all countries are struggling financially, money is no object when it comes to anti smoking measures!

  2. I still find it unbelievable that An Industry like our Pubs and Clubs can sit by and watch as they are driven Out of Business by something that was Never asked for or Wanted ( Smoking Ban ) It makes it all the worst that the "claims" by anti smoking groups Cannot be Proven yet they get more and more Absurd and still it seems the Public go along with this propaganda. One thing we do know is that Smoking Bans Kill Business, Fact , how long before the Industry Wakes up and Demands the Ban to be Reformed or do we have to wait for UKIP to show the much needed Common Sense that is lacking in our present Government and MPs.

  3. I am torn on the vaping issue in pubs.
    The publicans did fuck all to prevent the smoking ban and I don't think they deserve the trade. Sucking on a plastic pipe is not really what smokers want to do in a pub. They want to actually 'smoke'.
    Deny the pubs continually and if ALL smokers totally boycotted pubs then the ban would be gone.

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