Monday, 27 July 2009

Boom time a coming?

I suppose some will see this as a dark, threatening sort of blog. A tale of woe and destruction dreamt up by some black hearted lord of the afterlife-but no, it's just me and my thoughts 'a wanderin'. Well Lee Marvin did, so why can't I?
You see something ludicrous struck me today as I battled weakly against the new plague and pestilence known to us as "Swine Flu".
I lay thinking of all the hatred caused by the anti smokers, you know them, people like Bhanzaff, Glantz, Cruella DeVille etc. They don't want smokers to have any fun at all. They don't want smokers to be on the same planet and it is these type of narrow minded assholes that want the world to be as perfect as they think it should be-fat chance.
After only days of smoke ban law the Turkish cafe bar owners are up in arms at the immediate cost to their businesses with reports already that up to 1/3rd may well close down as smoking customers do what smoking customers do worldwide-desert the bars, stop spending money etc It seems that the WHO, ASH and all these other anti smoking parasitic charities couldn't give a baboons ass about poverty, homelessness or business failures so long as their mantra is acted out.
I have no doubt thought, that 'their time' is fast coming to an end. Economically their whole strategy is flawed as it will be they who will scream loudest at an £30p on income tax when that 'leaf of evil' is eradicated from the planet and governments worldwide still want the coffers to be filled. Economically 'their time' is ending because the world is now in a giant recession, money is not being circulated so freely by the people, the workers, the base line of humanity-well, except to the tobacco smugglers of course!
In 2012 a new horror will emerge in this country-it's called the Olympic Games. To my mind that means lots of different people from lots of different countries-yes I know we got that already but this is different, this a statement from world sport!
And? who is most primed to take full advantage of all this hype, all this carnival atmosphere and most of all, so many different cultures crammed into one place? Got it yet?
Osama Bin Laden, that's who!
Well the yanks haven't found him yet have they? They might have crusaded against the poor smokers all over the planet but they haven't caught up with the 'binman' just yet. The conclusion coming isn't too difficult to arrive at!
As my mind wandered even further I could imagine the hater of the western world thoughtfully tugging at his beard as he deliberated which particular target would be first to taste his venom. Just how big a mark would he want to make on the biggest sporting event for four years? Just how much pandemonium could he cause if he tried?
Fuelled by 'tamiflu' and a cocktail of other prescribed curers of ills I suddenly thought about smokers. We'd all be mysteriously protected as we were all victims of the "Western World", we were the lepers, the social outcasts-the saved.
It all seemed so perfectly obvious to me, hazy but obvious. This man hates the ideals of the western world and it is the western world (or lunatic parts of it) that have forbidden the smoking of Hookah pipes - a tradition steeped in ancient eastern history. A pipe of relaxation, a pipe for debating with, a pipe for making decisions with, a pipe of some power!
So, if my drugged up head and feverish torso has equated all things correctly and the imbecilic ban is not amended by 2012 there could be some fireworks of the not planned variety in a very large city.
The armchair will be my viewing spot for the 2012 games thank you, but please feel free to afford ASH, CRUK and all those other uncharitable charity folk the luxury of the 'hot seats' with the best views!


  1. As I think I intimated on my F"C blog item I think there is a fervour by this UK government to let the world know that we British are fit, untainted by vice nor descent against the healthist movement, a word I loath using because it intimates that if you argue against this movement you are, by default, unhealthy! Nothing could be further from the truth!

    What is wrong with you sitting in your armchair watching the olimpics? I have done so on many occassions, but this time it is are being persecuted for for sitting on your armchair, having a drink and a smoke whilst cheering your English counterparts on to a win! What's wrong with that???

    Ask an anti smoker, drinker or foodist and he will tell you, so you tell them...FUCK OFF!

    With respect, If I didn't know any better I'd think that our government was arian in outlook, given Hitlers healthist ideology!

  2. The hatred caused by these dictators masquerading as public health professionals is nothing more than criminal.

    We all know that their time will end, and I too feel it will end sooner than they think. There's so many cracks and bans being amended throughout the world already.

    Being targetted by the terrorists is too good for them though. They need to be tried in a court of law for their crimes against their own citizens and made to suffer their lengthy punishment.

    That is the only justice these despicable and heartless people deserve.

  3. Blond hair blue eyed children is all I can see too, along with the hatred and intolerance. This has been said to me a few times, from non-smokers also, they do not believe the shite being spouted out either.
    This sounds like more of the same crap that Belinda wrote about on the front page of, the so called 1 in 4 success with Big DRAMA queens (haha sorry, just thought of that). nico products.
    27 JULY 2009
    Smokers using Quitline ‘at least five times more likely to quit smoking than those going cold turkey

    Strangly enough Phil, I did think the same about the Olympics. We all know what the black market can millions can be used for also.

    The Temperance movement is rearing it's ugly head again, changing the name, changes nothing.

  4. Forgot to add, will put it on the site also, if some-one has not beaten me to it.

    Now I have read this load of goobly goop 3 times, how much more contradiction can you get in a few paragraphs?
    High Blood Pressure Tricky To Find In Smokers
    Posted on: Sunday, 26 July 2009, 10:45 CDT
    High blood pressure is harder to find in smokers, even though they have at higher risk of heart disease.
    A study of 20,000 British men and women discovered that smokers were not as aware that they suffered from high blood pressure as those who do not smoke.
    The University College London research team stated that finding the condition was incredibly vital in smokers. Finding the condition can also encourage people to stop, heart experts said.
    Smoking and high blood pressure, or hypertension, can cause an early death, the researchers